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Embden Marriages, 1800-1829

Source: Ernest George Walker, Embden town of yore: olden times and families there and in adjacent towns (Skowhegan, Me.: Independent-Reporter Co., 1929).

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The lists here from 1805 to 1891 are comprehensive for Embden records and include most, if not all, records of Embden brides and grooms who wedded at Anson, with or without Embden licenses. Here also are marriages of some Embden persons at Norridgewock, nearly all before 1805; and marriages, particularly at Anson, where both parties, although not then from Embden belonged there before or after the wedding.

Where marriage intentions and the issuance of licenses at Embden are followed by records of marriages performed in Embden, only the latter record is given here. Thus: "1813 April 17 John Savage and Fanny Colby, by Benjamin Thompson, J. P." means those two, both of Embden, filed their intentions, got their license a fortnight later, or thereabouts, and on April 17 were married by Justice of the Peace Benjamin Thompson in Embden. Generally the justice of the peace was the town clerk. An asterisk (*) before the date as: "1806 — *April 15 — Charles Felker and Hannah Foss" means those two of Embden filed their intentions of marriage with the town clerk, got from him their license to wed but, as far as the records indicate, were not married in town. Occasional items in these lists about contracting parties — one or both of whom were of Embden or were of Embden interest — are wholly from other records, like Anson or Norridgewock.

These are shown by a following parenthesis like (Anson Rec-s) or (Nor. Rec-s). An example is: "1816 — Nov. 7 — Stephen Howard and Moddy Row (Anson Rec-s)," which means these two of Embden are thus recorded at Anson as married there but did not get their license in Embden.

Entries from the Norridgewock records belong mostly to the date before upper Kennebec towns had their modern names, when Greenstown appeared on deeds to land now in Embden, when Seven Mile Brook was a term that covered parts of Embden, Anson and New Portland, when Solon was Spauldingtown, Madison was Barnardstown and Caratunk Settlement was used at times to indicate portions of northeast Embden as well as parts of Solon and Concord adjacent to the Kennebec.

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With a marriage performed elsewhere, particularly at Anson, on an Embden license, the form on these lists is: "1815 — *Aug. 21 — Foster S. Palmer of Solon, and Mercy Wells (M. at Anson Sept. 28)," which means that Foster S. Palmer filed his intentions in Embden, got his license August 21, and on September 28 had the marriage ceremony performed at Anson. There are certain seeming inconsistencies in the record and Foster S. Palmer is also an example. When he married a second time in 1817, he wrote himself as of Embden. He did reside there at one time, and the name of his second wife was put down as Nabby Hilton. When he rode again to Anson to have the later ceremony performed the Anson town clerk wrote the name of the bride as Abigail Hilton. Now and then the Embden town clerk entered the date when intentions were filed but neglected to give the date of the license, merely writing that "the certificate was granted" and now and then the magistrate who officiated at the ceremony omitted the date thereof, but these are so few as to be of negligible importance. For more than 50 years the records of licenses and marriages were entered in confused order, straggling along wherever there was a blank space on the pages of town meeting warrants and the like. The necessary data was nevertheless quite accurately given.

No place of residence after the name of either the bride or of the groom in these lists means the name was entered as of Embden. The spelling below follows generally the original text:

Feb. 1 — James Jewett and Meriam Walker both of Seven Mile Brook (Nor. Rec-s).
June 10 — Alfred Walker of New Portland and Abigail Rowe of Greenstown (Nor. Rec-s).
Sept. 4 — John Kealiher, Jr., and Deborah Jackson both of Greenstown (Nor. Rec-s).
Oct. 9 — Abel Cleaveland of Greenstown and Rosanna Quint of Anson (Nor. Rec-s).

March 31 — Reuben Hill of New Portland and Sally Hutchins of Greenstown (Nor. Rec-'s).

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Feb. 25 — Isaac Row and Nabby Allen both Greenstown (Anson Rec-s).
March 29 — Benjamin Thompson and Lydia McFadden (Anson Rec-s).
July 6 — Samuel Briggs of Greenstown and Rachael Rowe of Barnardstown (Nor. Rec-s).

June 2 — James Burns, Jr., and Nancy Gitchell both Anson (Anson Rec-s).
Oct. 20 — Caleb Williams of Green Town and Betsey Whitman of Carritunk (Anson Rec-s).

Feb. 9 — Isaac Salley of Anson and Sally Savage of Savage Island (Anson Rec-s).
Nov. 24 — Jonson Thompson and Rachel Burns both Anson (Anson Rec-s).

March 21 — Joseph Thompson of Anson and Polly Wilson (Anson Rec-s).
April 9 — Benjamin Young and Lucy McFadden (Anson Rec-s).

The first marriage record in the Embden books is signed by "B. Colby, jur" and reads: "April 15, 1805 I informed the public that there was an intention of marriage intendid between Daniel Williams and Abigail Maynard, both of Carritunk, and on the 29th. gave him a certificate of the same." Daniel Williams was the second son of old Jacob, the pioneer. If Daniel at that time resided outside of present Embden borders, he probably was not far from his father and Caratunk Falls. He and Abigail were married at Anson May 30. With the amendments, as explained above, the records continue:

*May 15 — Josiah French of Spaulding Town and Hannah Gill of Salisbury.
*May 21 — Adkins Ellis and Betsey Church (M. at Anson Dec. 5).
*June 11 — Edward Howes and Etenah (?) Chace both of Carritunk Settlement.
July 15 — Silas Parlin of Carritunk Settlement and Polly Page of Readfield.
*July 22 — William Huston and Betsey Freeman of New Sharon.

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*Aug. 17 — Abel Towne and Sary Adkinson both of Carritunk.
*Sept. 10 — Morrel Green of Madison and Sally Colby (M. at Anson Nov. 24).
*Sept. 21 — Joseph Littlefield and the Widow Polly Benjamin both of Carritunk.
*Nov. 9 — James Hubbard of Lisbon and Betsey Allbee (M. at Anson, Jan. 16, 1806).
*Dec. 2 — Moses Ayer, Jr., and Sally Gray (M. at Anson Dec. 9).

*Jan. 24 — Asahel Hutchins and Polly Savage of Anson (M. at Anson Jan. 28).
*March 16 — Thomas Houghton of Anson and Bridget Heald of Carritunk.
*April 15 — Charles Felker and Hannah Foss.
*April 21 — John McFaden and Nancy Daggett, "lately from the New Vineyard." (No license was issued according to the record and date given is for filing of intentions.)
*Aug. 13 — Abel Parlin and Lydia Goodridge both of Carritunk Settlement.
*Aug. 18 — Benjamin Churchill of Carritunk and Cinthia Parker of New Portland.
*Sept. 9 — Aaron Daye and Patty Tibets of New Sharon.
*Sept. 18 — Jacob Lowell of Carritunk and Grace McFaden.

*Feb. 4 — Samuel Towne of Carritunk and Elizabeth Rowe.
*Feb. 25 — Tilston Bosworth of Carritunk and Lucy Robbins of Norridgewock.
*March 13 — Aaron Rice of Carritunk and Martha Ayer of Ayer's Island.
*June 10 — John McFaden and Lucy Dunlap of New Milford.
June 27 — Abil Town of Carritunk and Elizabeth Row (Anson Rec-s).
*Sept. 28 — William Thompson and Betsey Ayer of Ayer's Island.
*Sept. 28 — Francis Foss and Lydia Fowler (M. at Anson Nov. 26).
*Sept. 30 — Roger Chase and Polly Benjamin both of Carritunk.
*Oct. 18 — James Savage and Betsey Rowe (M. at Anson Nov. 1).
Oct. 29 — Stephen Ayers of Spaulding Town and Zilphia Eames of Madison (Anson Rec-s).
Nov. 16 — John Burns of Madison and Polly Gray (Anson Rec-s).
Nov. 26 — William Thompson and Betsey Ayers of Spaulding Town (Anson Rec-s).
*Dec. 12 — Josiah French and Jane Eaton both of Spaulding Town.
*Dec. 16 — John Williams and Sally Maynard both of Carritunk.
*Dec. 20 — Thomas McFaden and Ruth Spinney of Georgetown, County of Lincoln.

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*Feb. 18 — James Hutchins of New Portland and Lucy Hayden of Madison, formerly of Canaan.
*Feb. 26 — Alpheus Parlin of Carritunk and Elizabeth Pomeroy of Starks.
Sept. 11 — William Quint and Sukey Pain both Anson (Anson Rec-s).
*Sept. 24 — Ebenezer Colby and Nancy Daggett (M. at Anson Jan. 12, 1809).

*Jan. 14 — John Rowe and Thankful Stevens (M. at Anson April 10).
*Sept. 12 — Joshua Felker of Carytunk and Nancy Savage.

March 13 — Reuben Savage and Martha McFaden (M. at Anson April 6).
April 19 — Joseph Jackson and Nancy Briggs both of Carrytunk, by Joseph Russell, J. P.
*Oct. 21 — Paul Row of Carrytunk and Mary Stevens (M. at Anson Nov. 30).

*Feb. 23 — Mark S. Blunt of Norridgewock and Polly Felker of Carrytunk (M. at Norridgewock Feb. 26).
March 9 — Ephraim Elise and Lydia Rowe of Carrytunk, by Joseph Russell, J. P.
March 18 — Nathaniel Walker of Madison and Hannah Hunnewell of Solon (Anson Rec-s).
April 1 — David Quint, Jr., of Gilman Pond and Olive Allbee of Anson, by Simeon Cragin, J. P.
*Aug. 13 — Thomas McFaden, Jr., and Ana Savage of Madison.
*Aug. 16 — John Willson, Jr., and Hannah Adams of Canaan.

*March 15 — James Adams and Rachael Stevens (M. at Anson April 5).
April 8 — Joseph Barron of Madison and Rachel Quint of Anson (Anson Rec-s).
July 23 — Joseph Foss and Sukey W. Russell both of Million Acres, by Joseph Russell, J. P.
*Sept. 12 — Benjamin C. Atwood and Elsa Williams.
*Oct. 26 — Christopher Thompson and Anna Gray (M. at Anson Nov. 12).
*Dec. 26 — William Colby and Lucy Dennis of New Portland.

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*Feb. 18 — John Hilton and Lucinda Williams Anson.
Feb. 21 — Elisha Hilton and Phoebe Crosby both of Anson, by Benjamin Thompson, J. P.
*March 4 — Israel S. Savage and Martha Savage of Anson (M. at Anson May 23).
*March 15 — Josiah Paine of Anson and Sally Cragin (M. at Anson April 1).
April 7 — John Savage and Fanny Colby, by Benjamin Thompson, J. P.
*Oct. 9 — John Mullen and Apphia Hilton.
Nov. 4 — Jonathan Jackson and Jane Kealiher both of Carritunk, by Joseph Russell, J. P.
Dec. 30 — Joseph Walker and Levina Allbee both of Anson (Anson Rec-s).

*Jan. 26 — Andrew McFaden and Elizabeth Reirden of Georgetown, County of Lincoln.
*July 23 — Edward Lock of Chesterville and Olive Hutchins (M. at Anson Aug. 16).
*July 30 — John Pierce, Jr., and Anna Cragin (M. at Anson Jan. 15, 1815).
*Dec. 3 — Naum Quint and Judith Adkins of New Portland.

Jan. 15 — John Perce and Anna Cragin (Anson Rec-s).
*Feb. 14 — Nathan Thompson and Rachael Adams (M. at Anson Feb. 23).
*April 21 — Henry Daggett and Abigail Cleaveland (M. at Anson July 16).
*May 3 — Joseph Hilton and Betsey Nutter (M. at Anson May 4).
*Aug. 21 — Reuben Thompson and Rebecca Hilton of Wiscasset.
*Aug. 21 — Foster S. Palmer of Solon and Mercy Wells (M. at Anson Sept. 28).
*Aug. 24 — Daniel Mullen and Nabby Moulton.
*Sept. 10 — Matthew Taylor of Starks and Mariah Thompson.
*Nov. 3 — James Wentworth and Hannah Blackman of Augusta.
*Nov. 20 — John Mullen and Jane Sallee of Madison.
*Dec. 2 — Joseph Patten and Susannah Metcalf of Anson (M. at Anson Dec. 4).

*Jan. 22 — Hartley Colby and Sally Dennise (M. at Anson Feb. 1).
*March 19 — Ebenezer Williams and Mahalia Richards of Norridgewock (M. at Anson March 26).

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*March 22 — Joseph Durrell of Solon and Olive Thompson (M. at Anson March 30).
*March 30 — John Hunnewell and Margaret Jones of Madison (M. at Anson April 14).
*May 22 — Joseph Young and Sally Savage (M. at Anson June 25).
*July 2 — Abram Reed and Nancy Muncy.
*July 19 — Jesse Rowe and Aby Green.
*July 20 — Nathan Thompson and Mindwell Michael of Clinton.
Nov. 7 — Stephen Howard and Moddy Row (Anson Rec-s).
*Dec. 6 — John Libbee and Maryann Felker (M. at Anson Dec. 25).
*Dec. 16 — William Savage and Lucy Smith of Hope, Lincoln County.

*Jan. 13 — Foster S. Palmer and Nabby Hilton (M. at Anson Jan. 19).
*Jan. 16 — David Felker and Sophia Jones of Madison (M. at Anson March 20).
*May 20 — Jonathan Stevens, Jr., and Fanny Thompson.
June 25 — Joseph Young of Madison and Sally Savage (Anson Rec-s).
*June 30 — Nathaniel Moulton and Betsey Williamson of Starks.
*Nov. 14 — Timothy Cleveland, Jr., and Sary W. Pierce.
*Nov. 15 — Benjamin Pierce and Hannah Cragin (M. at Anson Dec. 18).
*Dec. 13 — Andrew Wentworth and Sally Howard of Augusta.

*March 7 — Simeon Cragin, Jr., and Mary Crosby of Fairfore (Fairfield?).
April 5 — James Dawes and Rachel Stevens (Anson Rec-s).
*Apri1 14 — Solomon Knight, Jr., of Carritunk and Amy Hilton.
June 25 — Eli Clark and Anna Sally, by Ephraim Sawyer, J. P.
*July 13 — Asa Witham and Susan Sally of Madison.
*Aug. 20 — Daniel Fling of New Portland and Polly Churchill.
*Sept. 27 — Jonathan C. Moulton and Betsey Berry (M. at Anson Sept. 27 by Bezar Bryant).
*Oct. 11 — Thomas Cleveland and Mary Savage (M. at Anson Oct. 11).
Dec. 6 — Matthew Daggett and Dotty Cleveland, by Ephraim Sawyer, J. P.

*Jan. 11 — James Savage and Betsy Lawry of Anson (M. at Anson Jan. 21).
Aug. 1 — Abraham Savage and Mary Cottam of Anson, by Ephraim Sawyer, J. P.
Oct. 14 — John Dinsmore, Jr., and Nancy Hilden of New Portland.
Nov. 4 — Jotham Smith of Phillips and Susan Wetheren of New Portland, by Ephraim Sawyer, J. P.

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*March 12 — Joseph Gray and Tamson Savage of Anson (M. at Anson March 30 by Dan'l Steward).
*June 17 — Ebenezer Witham and Mary Berry (M. at Anson June 21 by Bezar Bryant).
*Nov. 26 — Ralph Wells and Mercy Clark.

Feb. 6 — Solomon Knight of Poland and Mary Knight of Bingham, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
Feb. 15 — Warren Bumpus and Mary Kealiher both of Moscow, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
June 3 — Josiah Paine and Rebecca Gray 2nd both of Anson, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
Oct. 8 — Joshua Wilson and Martha Baker both of Bingham, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
*Nov. 17 — John Bachellor and Lucinda Stevens (M. at Anson Jan. 1, 1822).
*Dec. — Sanford Churchill and Thankful Eames of Madison.
*Dec. 29 — Ebenezer G. Clark and Elizabeth C. Brown.

*Feb. 9 — Ichabod Dunlap and Betsey Savage of Anson.
*Feb. 13 — Robert Crosby of Concord and Nancy Clark.
*March 5 — Jacob Williams and Parmelia Savage.
*March 24 — Alfred Butler and Betsey Cleaveland.
*May 6 — Benjamin F. Berry and Sally Felker of Concord.
*May 16 — John Haws of Anson and Jane Cleveland.
*Oct. 21 — John Pierce and Sarah Spaulding.
Nov. 15 — Benjamin E. Cleveland and Elizabeth Russell of Concord, by Ephraim Sawyer, J. P.
Dec. 1 — Daniel Wilson and Hannah Baker both of Bingham, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
Dec. 10 — Ambrose Colby and Almira Holden, by Joshua Gray, J. P.

*Feb. 6 — Nathan T. Hanson of New Portland and Polly Cragin.
April 5 — John Cleveland and Lydia Cleveland.
April 21 — Daniel Spaulding and Betsey Colby, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
*June 1 — Wesley Gray and Melinda Colby.
*June 21 — Isaac Smith and Alice Berry.
July 6 — Randall Waugh of Starks and Widow Polly Savage of Anson, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
*Oct. 13 — John Thompson and Clarissa Hutchins.
*Sept. 30 — Robert S. Smith and Phebe Tinker.
*Oct. 14 — William Blagdon and Edith Emery of Concord.

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June 21 — James Daggett and Christina Gray, by Joshua Gray, J. P.
*Oct. 9 — Warren Colby and Sally Dutton of Vassalborough.
*Nov. 10 — Timothy Cleveland and Mrs. Betsey Marsten.
*Dec. 1 — Sylvanus E. Brown and Sarah Hunnewell.
*Dec. 4 — Abraham Burns and Betsey Foss.
*Dec. 5 — Daniel B. Jones of New Portland and Nancy Cragin.

*Jan. 8 — David Stevens and Sarah Cleveland.
*March 7 — Joseph T. Boyington and Hannah Cook both of Gilman Pond Plantation.
*April 18 — William Watt and Joanna Hunnewell.
*April 25 — Alfred Holbrook and Loisa Cleveland.
*July 4 — Joseph Boyington and Hannah Gray.
*July 6 — Samuel A. Brown and Elizabeth Mills.
*Aug. 29 — Samuel Walker of Anson and Irinda Cleveland.
*Oct. 10 — William Cornwell and Sophia Elliot.
*Nov. 4 — Ephraim Dunlap and Mary Ann Lord of Belfast.

*Jan. 21 — Nathaniel W. Gould and Sophronia Getchell of Anson.
*April 28 — Charles Crymble and Martha Thompson.
July 4 — Oliver P. Moulton and Susan Foss, by Benjamin Colby, Jr., J. P.
*Aug. 20 — Jonathan Eames of Madison and Mary Williams.
*Oct. 10 — John Knowles and Hannah Soule of New Portland.
*Nov. 13 — Dominicus Burns and Abigail Burns.
*Nov. 30 — Dr. Daniel Evans and Susan Bean.
Nov. 30 — Dominicus Getchell and Abigail Burns, by Benjamin Colby, Jr, J. P.

*Feb. 27 — James Y. Cleveland and Edith Cragin.
*March 20 — Thomas J. Fly and Eunice Burns.
*April 16 — Daniel Davidson and Mary Goodridge both of Gilman Pond Plantation.
Aug. 19 — Benjamin R. Moulton and Love Berry, by Minister Edward Savage.
*Oct. 15 — Levi Foss of Concord and Caroline Fowler.

*Feb. 20 — Christopher Columbus Spaulding and Lydia Ann Mapes.
*Feb. 20 — David Stevens and Nancy Bois of Madison.

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*March 17 — Chandler Williams and Rebecca Hunnewell.
*March 31 — Henry S. Parsons and Loiza Boyington both of Gilman Pond.
*June 4 — Jonathan Fowler and Sally Williams of Anson.
*July 6 — David Adams of Unity and Hannah Willson.
*July 6 — James Wentworth and Deborah Burns.
July 15 — Amaziah Getchell and Polly Walker of Anson, by Benjamin Colby, Jr., J. P.
July 31 — Joshua Gray, Jr., and Betsey Williams, by Benjamin C. Atwood, J. P.
Aug. 10 — William Dunton and Mary Fisher, by Benjamin C. Atwood, J. P.
Sept. 15 — Daniel Knowles, Jr., of Gilman Pond and Emaline Foss, by Benjamin C. Atwood, J. P.
*Nov. 24 — Rodney Collins of Anson and Olive Hutchins.
*Dec. 27 — Warren Hutchins and Lucinda Williams.

*Jan. 22 — Fletcher Thompson of Madison and Martha Gray.
*Feb. 8 — Jonas Cleveland and Susan Savage.
Feb. 24 — Sewell Williams and Joanna Savage, by Benjamin Atwood, J. P.
*Ma.rch 11 — Aaron Gray and Reliance Tolcitt of New Vineyard.
*March 25 — Daniel Dutton of Vassalborough and Helena Colby.
*April 24 — Reuben Wilson and Ruth Taylor of Starks.
*May 10 — Joseph Knowlton, Jr., and Hannah Sanborn of New Portland.
*July 3 — Capt. Joseph Knowlton and Lydia Chatman of Nobleborough.
*Aug. 3 — William Thompson, Sr., of Solon and Widow Betsey Moulton.
*Aug. 29 — Jonah Houghton of Anson and Charlotte Williams.
*Oct. 24 — David Morgan and Olive L. Dunton of Augusta.
Nov. 25 — William Sally and Mary Wells.