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Women's Suffrage Petition, 1858

Source: Maine woman suffrage petition, 1858, contributed by the Maine State Archives to the Maine Memory Project.

The subscribers appear to have come from the town of Ellsworth.

To the Senate & House of Representatives in the Legislature assembled:

Whereas according to the Declaration of our National Independence Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, we the undersigned inhabitants of the State of Maine respectfully petition your Honorable Body to take measures for so altering the Constitution of our State as to allow Women the same rights at the Ballot Box that are now exercised by men.

Ann F. Greely
Charlotte L. Hill
Adelia L. Macomber
Miriam C. Kent
Alvonia D. Perry
Grace D. Irving
Sarah R. Dutton
Helen Grant
Frances M. Dutton
Louisa J. Chase
Mary A. Royal
Elizabeth R. Hopkins
Matilda Hall
Geo. B. Joy
Charles Lowell
Fenelon G. Barker
Sarah Jarvis
Otis W. Kent
Abby G. Joy
Almira Hopkins
Isabell H. Moor
Chas W. Moor
J. B. Moor
H. N. Whitcomb
Nath'l J. Moor
J. M. Grant
Joseph N. Hodges