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Portland Temperance Petition, 1845

Source: Temperance petition, 1845, contributed by the Maine State Archives to the Maine Memory Project.

To the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled,—

The undersigned, Ladies, Inhabitants of the City of Portland most respectfully represent, that the vice of Intemperance is one of the greatest evils with which society is afflicted. It bears especially with great weight upon the female portion of the community, in the Intemperance of Fathers, Brothers, Husbands and Sons.

The happiness of Women, depends almost entirely upon fire-side enjoyments, and the peace and comfort of Home; and these can never be found under the same roof with Intemperance. Women suffer more, probably, from the Intemperance of those upon whom their happiness depends, than from all other causes combined.

They therefore feel that they have a right to come before the Legislators of our State, to represent to them the terrible evils which they are made to suffer from this vice, and to pray for protection. Without the traffic in Intoxicating Drinks, Intemperance would be unknown among us; but there is a small class of citizens of this State, who persist in this business, for the sake of pecuniary gain, though it carries misery and wretchedness unutterable, home to thousands of their fellowmen.

We therefore come before you, and in the name of heart-broken Wives, Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, of starving Children, entreat you to pass a Law which may effectually suppress that business, which is the cause of all their wretchedness and misery.

Sarah E. Hudson
Fanny N. Hayes
Maria H. Buttrick
Harriet P. Rounds
Harriet A. Rounds
Sarah Millican
Mary Rice
Susan S. Beckett
Jane Crie Dodge
Laura Maddox
Betsey Purinton
Therene Hayes
Adeline Hubbard
Dorcas Jones
Jane Brackett
Susan J. Trott
Huldah Persons
Adeline Sawyer
Lucy Coffin
Mary Jane Stevens
Betsey Brackett
Caroline Welch
S. A. G. Welch
Amelia Joseph
Emily Sweetser
Harriot Chase
Lousia Rice
Anna J. Dyer
M. N. Paine
Susan Paine
Mary Phillips
Lucretia Phillips
Mary Parker
Jane Hubbard
Mary Jane Hubbard
Elisabeth Melcher
Elizabeth Sterling
Maria Reed
Louisa Brackett
Olive Brackett
Julia Ann Shute
Clara Shute
Harriet Reed