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Rateable Polls in Friendship, 1817

Source: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 83 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1929).

[p. 375]
List of Polls in Friendship, Me., 1817.—The following list of 150 names was found among some papers in an old house owned by the grandfather of Mrs. W. J. Whitney of Friendship, Knox Co., Me. In 1817 the present Knox County was a part of Lincoln County.

A List of the Rate able polls in the
Town of Friendship on the 1st        1817
Obed Brasier
Joshua Bradford Jr
Jerom Marble
John Studley
Jacob Hofses
Philip Wade
Ary Simons
Abraham Conant
Carpenter Bradford
Samuel Morse
Weltington Gay
Jonah Gay
Thomas Gay
Daniel Davis
James Davis
Daniel Davis Jr
William Davis
Benjamin Burton
Thomas Burton
John Burton
James Morton
William Morton
Solomon Bickmore
Ebenezer Morton
John Morton
Samuel Wotton
Joshua Bradford
Cornelius Bradford
Joseph Penrice
Elijah Cook 2d
Charles Palmer
Ward Harthorn
Cornelium Morton
Isaac Morton
Andrew Morton
Joseph H Beckett
Robert Jameson
Thurston W Jameson
Henry Winchenpaw
John Winchenpaw Jr
Jeremiah Jameson
Matthew Watson
Charles Conner
Charles Conner Jr
Ebenezer Conner
James Morton Jr
Robert Bradford
Josephus Morse
Simeon Morse
John Morse 2d
Elijah Cook
Zenas Cook
Cornelius Cook
James Cook
Francis Cook
Bradford Cook
Frederick Bradford
William Jameson
Isaac Jameson
James A Cook
Melzar Thomas
Zedock Thomas
Samuel Alby
John Winchenpaw
Andrew Winchenpaw
Daniel Winchenpaw
Isaac Winchenpaw
William Miller
William Miller Jr
Charles Miller
George Wolsgrover
Christopher Wolsgrover
Alpheus Delano
Judah Delano
Nathan Delano
Edward Lincoln
Edward Lincoln Jr
William Lincln [sic]
Perius Simons
Benjamin Wotton
Benjamin Davis
Martin Geyer Jr
Frederick Geyer
John Geyer
Martin Geyer
Nicholas Davis
Joshua Morton Jr
Nathaniel Wotton
Moses Wotton
George Condon
Samuel Condon
Daniel Condon
George Condon Jr
Joshua Condon
Cornelius Morton
James Fry
James Fry Jr
Simon Parker
David Parker
Benjamin Lawry
Benjamin Lawry Jr
Isaac Lawry
James W Chadwick
William Condon
William Condon Jr
James Condon
William Motte
Edward Lawry
Edward Lawry Jr
John Lawry
Joseph Clark
Edward Card
George Card
Edward Card Jr
Jonah Morse
Oliver Morse
Ebenezar Morse
Elijah Morse
John Morse
James Bradford
John P Trefry
Robert Davis
John Davis
Lemuel Davis
Jacob Davis
Bradford Davis
Samuel Davis
Zebulon Davis
Aaron Davis
James Davis 2d
Moses Horn
Andrew Horn
John Horn
Samuel Geyer
William Thomson
James Thomson
James Thomson Jr
James Thomson 3d
Ebenezer Thomson
Ezekiel Thomson
James McCobb
Alexander McCobb
David McCobb
Thomas Polland
Seward Polland
Josephus Anderson
John Brasier
Charles Bradford
John Card
Runey Rogers

Somerville Mass. Belvin Thomas Williston.