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North Yarmouth Scholars, 1847-48

Source: A. W. Corliss, ed., Old Times [later The Westcustogo Chronicle]: devoted to the publication of documents relating to the early history of North Yarmouth, Maine, including Harpswell, Freeport, Cumberland, and Yarmouth, all offshoots of the old town: also genealogical records of the principal families in each town, Vol. 5 (Yarmouthville, Me.: A.W. Corliss, 1881).

[p. 773]
SCHOOL-LIST, 1847-8.
Names of the scholars in District No. 4, Corner Village, North Yarmouth, Maine, 1847 and 1848; William Osgood, Teacher.

[p. 774]
List made by George Alvah Humphrey. This district-school, then in North Yarmouth, now in Yarmouth, was kept in the brick school-house (with a bell in the gable), near the old town-house, near the junction of the Sligo and Walnut Hill roads. [Furnished to OLD TIMES by Capt. James J. Humphrey.]

Edwin Edes.
Charles Rich.*
Sumner T. Gooch.
Jacob B. Mitchell.*
George A. Humphrey.*
George York.
Nathaniel [G.] Corliss.*
Addison G. Prince.*
William W. Gooch.*
Payne E. Cleaves.
Ansel [L.] Loring.
Martin [F.] Noyes.
James W. York.*
Andrew J. Hill.
William White.*
John [E.] Brooks.
George [W.] Brooks.
William F. Humphrey.*
Augustus [W.] Corliss.
Norman [N.] Pratt.*
Grenville [M.] Jefferds.
George W. Humphrey.
George S. Haven.
Franklin Pratt.
Edward Russell.
John H. Humphrey.
Edward [F.] Thompson.
Josiah Lane.*
Sidney H. Lane.
William C. Sweetser.
Charles H. Russell.
John [R.] Prince.
Gustavus Storer.
Charles [H.] Storer.*
[Asa] Lyman Lane.
Frank Bartlett.
Charles [W.] Sawyer.
Thomas Harvey.
Enos True.
Edward True.
Edward [G.] Storer.
Rufus [T.] Twombly.*
Algernon [O.] Smith.
Henry C. Webster.
Jacob Hayes.
David [M.] Hayes.*
Amos Homson[?]
John White.*
John [A.] Gray.
Henry [S.] Humphrey.
George [D.] Loring.

Angelia Humphrey.*
Ellen F. Prince.*
Francis York.
Julia [E.] York.
Clarissa [B.] York.
Prudence Gooch.
Eliza Harvey.
Lucy E. Haven.*
Frances M. Prince.
Ellen [H.] Newell.*
Susan York.
Esther [W.] Newell.
Lucy G. Humphrey.
Betsy York.*
Harriet Marston.
Rachel [W.] Lane.*
Helen [A.] Mitchell.
Leah [M.] Humphrey.
Abby [M.] Jones.
Sarah Harvey.
Eliza [G.] Storer.
Rachel [W.] Gray.*
Abby Shirley.

*Those marked thus are dead.