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Graduates of Farmington Normal School, 1872

Source: George C. Purington, History of the State Normal School, Farmington, Maine : with sketches of the teachers and graduates (Farmington, Me.: Press of Knowlton, McLeary & Co., 1889).

"The address given at the beginning of each sketch is that taken from the records of the School when the graduate entered. At the close of the sketch, the present [1889] address is given." [p. 70]

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Seventh Class.—Graduated Dec. 29, 1871.
Susan J. Delano, Canton, Me.

Taught about eighty weeks, all in Maine. Married, March 26, 1876, Mr. Andrew J. Marsh of Dixfield, and lived on a farm in that town about five years, then sold and went to Cleveland, Ohio, where Mr. Marsh went into the manufacture of chemicals. For the last six months they have been visiting the Pacific Coast. They have two children: Florence, born Sept. 17, 1881; Harold N., born May 2. 1887.

25 Longwood Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

Florence E. Hamlen, New Sharon, Me.

Has taught 412 weeks, in Calais, Freeport, Winthrop, New Sharon, and other Maine towns. Attended the Waterville Classical Institute one year, completing all but one year's work of the course. Is teaching in New Sharon.

New Sharon, Me.

Etta Kilbreth, Livermore Falls, Me.

Has taught over 200 weeks, — in the primary grade in Calais for sixty weeks, in the Normal for one year as Principal of the Model School, and 128 weeks in the primary schools of Melrose, Mass. Has completed the Chautauqua Course. Married, Dec. 25, 1876, Mr. F. M. Hallowell, at that time of Bath, a graduate of the Class of 1871, and has four children. (See Class of 1871).

Kearney, Neb.

Dora M. Norton, Farmington, Me.

Has taught more than ten years. After graduating she taught primary and grammar schools in Maine for six years, in Waterville,

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Bridgton, Farmington and Calais, remaining over four years in the latter place. She then spent three years in the Massachusetts Normal Art School at Boston, receiving certificates A, B and C, also certificates for best sets of work in classes A and C. In the fall of 1881, went to Columbus, Ohio, to teach in the Columbus Art School, then just established, and remained there four years. Feeling the need of further study, she spent a year in New York, working in the Cooper Union life class, where she received a first grade certificate, and in the life and painting classes at the Art Students' League under Kenyon Cox, Walter Shirlaw and William Chase. During the following summer, she taught classes in painting and drawing in Middletown. Conn. Returned to Columbus in the fall of 1886, and is still teacher of drawing and painting in the Art School.

Art School, Columbus, Ohio.

Anna E. Paddack, North Fairfield, Me.

Taught sixty weeks, in Skowhegan, Norridgewock, Fairfield, Cornville, Wilton and Calais. Has taken the four years' course of reading and study prescribed by the C. L. S. C., and also some of the "seal courses" of the same. Married, Sept. 6, 1874, Mr. Samuel Covel, a merchant of North Fairfield. They have lived some time in Dexter since their marriage.

North Fairfield, Me.

Uriah Proctor, Eustis, Me.

Present occupation, shoemaking. Is unmarried. 90 Howe Street, Lewiston, Me.

Myra A. Whitney, Strong, Me.

Has taught about 400 weeks. After teaching four years in Calais in the intermediate and third grammar grades, she resigned in March, 1876. In the fall of that year she obtained a position in Westboro, Mass., in the third grammar grade, where she remained until the fall of 1878, when she was elected to a position in Melrose, and was promoted to the first grammar grade, holding that position during the remainder of her teaching. While in Melrose she availed herself of the advantages of the Massachusetts Normal Art School, receiving the highest grade of diploma awarded to evening students. Married, Nov. 30, 1882, Mr. F. C. Reed of Astoria, Oregon, whose business has been salmon canning until two years ago, when he was appointed President of the Board of Fish Commissioners for the State, and has since devoted his time

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to the artificial propagation of salmon in the waters of the Columbia River.

Present address, 3 Marion Street, Salem, Oregon ; hofne address, Astoria, Oregon.

Eighth Class. — Graduated June 28, 1872.
Mariana Bailey, Farmington, Me.

Has taught 277 weeks, all in mixed schools in Maine, "believing," as she says, "that trained teachers are more needed in those schools than in others." She has had, we are told, the best of success. Besides other towns, she has taught in Farmington, Phillips, Lisbon, Pownal, Yarmouth, Waterville, Saco and New Gloucester. Although she has not taken any course of study, she has been a constant student and reader of pedagogical books and papers. Like many others, she adds that she owes very much to Dr. Rounds for whatever success she has had, and that the influence of his hearty words is with her yet. Jan. 1, 1883, she married Mr. Albert Caswell, a farmer of New Sharon, where they have since resided. They have one child, Frank P., born April 2, 1884.

New Sharon, Me.

Angie L. Boothby, North Limington, Me.

Has taught forty-four weeks, in Lisbon, Gorham, and Fall River, Mass. Completes this year the Chautauqua Course. Married, Aug. 8, 1872, William R. Smith of Farmington, a carpenter and master builder. They have two children: Helen Gertrude, born May 7, 1876; Hariph Mayhew, born April 18, 1882.

43 Cambridge Street, Fall River, Mass.

Carrie A. Cargill, Augusta, Me.

Has taught about ninety weeks, mostly in the city of Augusta. A growing deafness compelled her to give up teaching in 1876, and for the last eight years she has been further incapacitated for work by an accident. Has done some literary work.

247 Prospect Street Annex, New Haven, Conn.

Celia E. Clement, Smithfield, Me.

From the report of 1874, we find that she had taught four terms in Skowhegan, and was then a book-keeper in Augusta. Since then she

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has learned telegraphy, and in 1886 was in charge of the telegraph department in Victoria Hotel, New York. Married, Feb. 25, 1889, William J. Hayes of Cleveland, Ohio. 705 Prospect Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Clara A. Forbes, Paris, Me.

The two years following her graduation were spent as a teacher in the Normal Department of the Maine Central Institute at Pittsfield. Has been a member of the Boston Home Study Society four years and belonged to the Chautauqua Society of Fine Arts one year. Married, May 28, 1874, Alden E. Bessey, M. D, of Centre Sidney and has one daughter, Lenora, born June 11, 1876. A stepson, Merton W., is a member of the last (1889) graduating class, and another, Earle E., is a member of the School.

Centre Sidney, Me.

Eliza S. Getchell, Belgrade Mills, Me.

Miss Getchell has taught the grammar grade continuously, with the exception of one year in the rural schools, since her graduation,— two years in Bath, three years in Lewiston, five years in Portland, seven years in Cambridge, Mass., where she is now teaching.

2 River Street, Cambridgeport, Mass.

William E. Gorham, Windsor, Me.

Over 200 weeks in mixed, grammar and high schools in Calais, Augusta, Windsor, Bristol, Jefferson and other Maine towns has been Dr. Gorham's experience, besides doing more or less of a great many other things. Pursued medical studies while connected with the Normal and graduated from a New York medical college in 1873. In 1875, was managing physician of the Green Mountain Home for Invalids, and then was Principal of the High School at West Concord, Vt. Returning to Maine, he practiced medicine in Windsor, where he was also Supervisor of Schools for several years. Was a candidate for member of the Legislature, receiving a handsome majority in his own town, but failed of election by reason of an adverse vote in the other towns classed with his. Not liking his practice, after one or two commercial ventures, he studied dentistry in 1884, which, together with surgery, he has practiced since. Literary work has also had charms for him, and he has wooed and won the Muses. In 1882, he married Miss Aura E. Andrews of South Bristol, and has four children: Grace A.; Winnie E.; W. Victor; and Alfred E.

East Jefferson, Me.

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Charles A. Harrington, Parkman, Me.

Has taught 132 weeks, — high and grammar in Solon, two terms; high school two terms, and grammar one term, at South Waterford; and two terms of grammar school at South Yarmouth, Mass. Attended Hebron Academy one term in the summer of 1873, and Maine Central Institute at Pittsfield the following year. Read law at Norridgewock in the office of Hon. S. D. Lindsey, M. C. from the Third District. Admitted to practice at the September Term of the Supreme Court in Somerset County in 1877, and was Mr. Lindsey's partner until his (Mr. Lindsey's) death in April, 1884. Was Chairman of the Board of Selectmen from 1879 to 1885, and member of the House in the Legislature of 1887.

Married, Nov. 5, 1878, Jeannette A. Merrill of Solon, Me., and has one child, Pauline M., born Nov. 12, 1879.

South Norridgewock, Me.

Aldana C. Hatch, Minot, Me.

Has taught 150 weeks, all in Auburn. Married, June 24, 1877, John G. Roberts of Auburn, Class of 1867. Finding that manual labor was much more remunerative than teaching, she has for several years been a stitcher in a shoe manufactory.

37 Seventh Street, Auburn, Me.

Augusta A. Holley, Farmington, Me.

Taught in Lisbon thirty weeks, in the Bridgton Grammar School one hundred weeks, and twelve weeks in the Farmington Grammar School. Married, June 15, 1875, Mr. George E. Murphy of Bridgton. and died Jan. 23, 1883, leaving two children: Charles L., born March 9, 1876; Augusta H., born Jan. 20, 1883.

Georgia F. Howe, Greene, Me.

Taught one year in Lewiston. Has received a diploma from the C. L. S. C. Is now Librarian of the Young Women's Reading Room.

Corner Main and High Streets, Lewiston, Me.

Louie A. Leland, North Jay, Me.

Has taught 300 weeks, in Farmington, Jay, Naples, Bridgton and Deering. Married, Aug. 19, 1879, Mr. Caleb Montgomery of Woodfords, and has five children: Carroll Leland, born Jan. 14, 1881; S. Margaret, born Nov. 12, 1883; Andrew Emerson, born Oct. 4, 1885; Frederic Blake, born March 16, 1887; Mary Julia, born Sept. 27, 1888.

Central Avenue, Woodfords, Me.

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William H. Newell, West Durham, Me.

After graduation he took the Classical Course at the Maine Wesleyan Seminary. Has taught 234 weeks,— one term in Freeport, three in Durham, and six years as Principal of the Brunswick Grammar School. From personal knowledge, having taught three years in the same building with him, the editor feels justified in saying he had no superior in the State as a grammar school master. He was earnest, sufficiently enthusiastic, and an excellent disciplinarian. Studied law with Weston Thompson, Esq., of Brunswick, and since his admission to the bar has practiced in Lewiston, where he has built up an excellent practice and won an honorable place at the bar by his ability and integrity. Was the Democratic candidate for Mayor in the spring of 1889. Married, Sept. 20, 1883, Ida F. Plummer of Lisbon Falls, Me., and has one child, Augusta Plummer, born March 17, 1887.

49 College Street, Lewiston, Me.

Lizzie H. Norton, Farmington, Me.

Few of the graduates can claim a longer or more honorable record as teachers. From four years of age until her marriage, she was in school, as scholar and teacher, without a term's vacation, and, although she lived two miles from the Normal, and walked to and from school, she completed the course in two years, without being absent from a recitation of her class.

She taught one year in Lisbon, one in Turner, eight years in Lewiston (primary and grammar), and four years in one of the Portland grammar schools, — 516 weeks in all. The historian well recalls the regret expressed by the friends of the schools at her departure from Lewiston. Married, July 20, 1886, Mr. George F. French, a bookseller of Portland.

99 High Street, Portland, Me.

Herbert Patten, West Falmouth, Me.

Has taught about 540 weeks,— two years in Maine, three years in Ohio, and the remaining time in California. Is Principal of the Grammar School, Redlands, Cal. Married, Jan. 22, 1879, Miss Mary A. Hobbs of West Falmouth, Me.

Redlands, Cal.

Dicea S. Pierpont, Livermore Falls, Me.

Has taught forty weeks, in Farmington, Livermore, Lisbon, East. Livermore and Lewiston. Married, Nov. 23, 1873, Winfield S. Treat

[p. 76]
of Livermore Falls, and has two children: George W., born July 21, 1875; Edith Louise, born Dec. 27, 1886.

Fred E. C. Robbins, Winthrop, Me.

Has taught nearly 500 weeks. In 1872-3 he taught a high school in Newport, and a mixed school in Bath. From 1873 to 1878, he was Principal of the Westbrook High School, and from 1878 to 1887, Principal of the Deering High School. Since leaving the profession he has been Supervisor of Schools in Deering, and on the editorial staff of the Portland Evening Express. Married, Dec. 15, 1875, his classmate, Lizzie A. Rogers of Richmond, and has two children: Harry Chandler, and Floyd Rogers.

Woodfords, Me.

Lizzie A. Rogers, Richmond, Me.

Has taught over 100 weeks, in Richmond, Lisbon and Yarmouth, in the high schools in the first and last named places. Married, Dec. 15, 1875, her classmate, Fred E. C. Robbins, Principal of the Westbrook High School, and has two children. (See above).

Woodfords, Me.

Herbert E. Stetson, East Sumner, Me.

Has taught 270 weeks. Is now a book-keeper in Earlville, Iowa. Married, June 17, 1879, Miss Hattie E. Smith of that place, and has four children: Eugene J., born Dec. 25, 1880; Ralph H., born Aug. 1, 1883; Ruth A., born Aug. 24, 1886; Edna F., born Sept. 11, 1888.

Earlville, Iowa.

J. Frank Stevens, West Gardiner, Me.

Taught twenty weeks in Westport and Manchester, Me. Is now a Civil Engineer in Minnesota.

3217 Lindley Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.

Lewis A. Thomas, East Rumford, Me.

Went to Illinois in August, 1872, and has been teaching or superintending schools in that State ever since. Has passed the examination and holds the Illinois State Diploma, which licenses him to teach anywhere in the State and is good for life. Is now Superintendent of Schools at La Salle. Married, Aug. 19, 1875, Marianna Reed of Mexico, Me., and has one son, Lewis A., Jr., born May 19, 1880.

La Salle, Ill.

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Lizzie C. True, Hope, Me.

Has taught in Camden and Hope. Married, May 1, 1878, Mr. Lewis Augustine Spear of Rockport, who died April 20, 1887. She has three children: Harold A., born May 4, 1879; Louise N., born Jan. 24, 1884; La Forest T., born Oct. 6, 1885.

Rockport, Me.

Thomas Varney, Windham, Me.

Has never taught, but has been engaged in the lumber business ever since his graduation. Has devoted considerable time to Ancient History and Bible study. Has held some of the minor town offices and is a Justice of the Peace and Quorum. Married, Oct. 7, 1876, Florence M. Goodrich of Farmington, and has three children: Lewis Goodrich, born Dec. 8, 1877; Leona Berard, born May 27, 1880, died July 14, 1880; Perley Wood, born Aug. 7, 1881.

Windham, Me.

Clinton A. Woodbury, Sweden, Me.

Has taught 178 weeks, in Waterford, Bridgton, Springfield and Dennysville, all high schools except in Bridgton. Taught the Dennysville High School four and one-half years. After teaching three years, he was editor of the Somerset Reporter for three and a half years, then went back to teaching for two years. For several years he has been in the insurance business, and is now Manager of the United States Life Insurance Co. for Maine. Is a frequent contributor to the press, and, as he writes, "frequently preaches for tired ministers." He is also a member of the S. S. Committee of Deering.

Married, June 2, 1876, Ida Sumner Vose of Dennysville, and has four children: Carl Vose, born August, 1877; Donald Clinton, born Sept. 30, 1879; Malcolm Sumner, born March 27, 1881; Ruth Lincoln, born Feb. 25, 1889.

Woodfords, Me.

Lewis F. Worthley, Farmington, Me.

As no reply to several circulars and letters has been received, we have to depend on friends for whatever information we can give in regard to Dr. Worthley. He was teacher of Vocal Music in the Normal one year. Studied medicine in Pennsylvania and graduated from the Medical Department of Columbia College, N. Y. Practiced in Glasgow, Pa., and is now in Fiske, Pa. Is married and has one child, Clyde, about five years of age.

Fiske, Pa.