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Baptisms by Rev. Paul Coffin, 1796-1800

Source: Collections of the Maine Historical Society, 1st Series, Vol. 4. (Portland, Me., 1856). These baptisms were performed and recorded by Rev. Paul Coffin, while on his "missionary tours" of the Maine frontier in 1796, 1797, 1798, and 1800.

[p. 301]
Sabbath, 19th [1796, at "Raymondton," now Raymond and Casco]. [...] One baptism, Peter Staples, an infant.

[p. 309]
[July] 14th [1796]. Middletown [now Strong]. [...] Four baptisms, Polly and Sally, children of Edward Flint and Elizabeth, and Jane and Elizabeth McClintock, children of Joshua Humphreys and Catharine.

[p. 315]
[July] 28 [1796]. Fairfield. [...] Five baptisms. Mercy, child of Nymphas Bodfish, and Mercy Noble, child of Benj. Davis, and Elizabeth Daniel, Joseph and Mercy, children of Daniel Chase and Elizabeth.

[p. 317]
[July] 31st [1796]. Clinton. [...] Four baptisms. Samuel and Polly, children of Timothy and Jane Hudson; Elizabeth, child of Ezekiel and Mary Brown; Eleanor, child of David and Olive Kimball.

[p. 324]
[Aug. 10-11, 1796]. Belfast. [...] Four baptisms. George Patterson, son of Robert and Elizabeth. Sarah Houston, daughter of Samuel and Sarah. James Miller, son of James and Elizabeth. Sarah Tuft, daughter of Joseph and Sarah.

[p. 340]
II. Sabbath, Sept. 10 [1797]. Livermore. [...] Baptised Isaac, child of Hastings Strickland and Sally.

[p. 349]
[Oct. 2, 1797. Norridgewock.] Baptised Leoma, daughter of Seth and Judith Spaulding.

[p. 368]
Sep. 19. Carritunk. [...] Admitted to a full profession of christianity, Bridget, wife of Ephraim Heald, and baptised her four children; Ephraim, Mehitable, Bridget and Eleanor.

[p. 403]
Raymondton, Aug. 23 [1800]., baptised Samuel, son of John Cash and Alice, his wife.

Hebron, Sept. 2 [1800], baptised Verres, son of John Greenwood Esq., and Lucy his wife.