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Somerville Vital Records, 1921-22

Source: Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Somerville for the Municipal Year 1921-22 (Augusta, Me.: Press of Charles E. Nash & Son, 1922).

[p. 11]

July 21 Elmer E. Smith to Annie Welch.
Aug. 28 John L. Grotton to Gladys V. Glidden.
Oct. 16 William M. Wilson to Annie Howard.


July 30 To the wife of Arthur Light, a daughter.


Mar. 2 To the wife of Delbert Cooper, a son.
Jan. 16 To the wife of Arnold A. Bartlett, a daughter.
July 20 To the wife of Frank Hisler, a daughter.
July 20 To the wife of Charles Chase, a son.


Feb. 8 To the wife of Guy M. McGuyre, a daughter.


May 30 Wilbert L. Boynton, aged 84 years 3 mos. 3 days.

Oct. 2 Sterling E. Moore, aged 7 years 3 mos. 29 days.