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Hiram Vital Records, 1905-06

Source: Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Hiram for the Year Ending February 20, 1906. (Fryeburg, Me.: The H. G. Freeman Co., printers, 1906).

[p. 25]
Jan. 22, To the wife of Frank Merrifield, a daughter.

Feb. 22, Clement Hartford, a daughter.

Mar. 22, Chas G. Ridlon, a son.

Feb. 15, Nelson T. Sanborn, a daughter.

Apr. 11, Albert E. Smith, a son.

Apr. 28, Bert Gilpatrick, a son.

May 16, Herbert Moulton, a son.

June 16, Chas. F. Stevens, a son.

July 18, Chas. H. Flint, a son.

July 22, Ira Gilpatrick, a daughter.

Sept. 29, Jacob Pendexter, a daughter.

Oct. 28, Walter P. Ward, a son.

Nov. 24, Arthur W. True, a son.

Aug. 1, Edwin W. Burgess, a son.


Jan. 5, Marshall Parker, a son.

Jan. 21, Weston Wadsworth, a son.

Jan. 27, Henry N. Burbank, a son.

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Feb. 3, In Hiram, Lawrence L. Chipman, 21[y] 7[m]

Feb. 8, In Hiram, Geo. W. Babb, 62[y] 11[m] 20[d]

Feb. 28, In Hiram, John Clark, 72[y] 10[m] 2[d]

Mar. 19, In Hiram, Betsy Lombard, 72[y] 19[d]

Mar. 24, In Hiram, J. Monroe Libby, 67[y] 18[d]

Mar. 31, In Hiram, Clement B. Gilpatrick, 82[y] 6[m] 4[d]

May 1, In Winchester, Mass., Almon T. Kimball, 32[y] 4[d]

May 22, In Hiram, Albert Lowell, 83[y] 2[m] 7[d]

July 18, In Hiram, Baby Son of C. H. Flint.

Aug. 5, In Hiram, Rebecca H. Gilpatrick, 38[y] 10[m] 20[d]

Aug. 20, In Hiram, Rebecca S. Taylor, 63[y]

Sept. 10, In Hiram, Phoebe Sarah Kimball, 33[y]

Sept. 19, In Hiram, Edwin Harriman, 73[y] 1[m] 26[d]

Sept. 4, In Bridgton, Abbie C. Knight, 68[y] 7[m] 11[d]

Aug. 15, In Portland, Frank P. Goodwin, 49[y] 3[m]

Dec 4, In Hiram, Louise R. Putnam, 84[y] 7[m] 15[d]

Oct. 23, In E. Conway, N. H., Daniel Mason, 70[y] 10[m]

Sept. 8, In Porter, Olive Willard Sawyer, 73[y] 5[m] 1[d]

Dec. 30, In Hiram, S. Abbie Warren, 63[y] 12[d]


Jan. 11. In Porter, Stephen P. Fox, 71[y] 8[m] 19[d]

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Feb. 27, Fulton Babb of Hiram, and Mary Peters of Hiram.

May 10, Hartley Clough of Sebago, and Mary L. Allen of Sebago.

[May] 17, Irving L. Merrifield of Hiram, and Frances A. Richards of Portland.

[May] 18, Everett Hartford of Hiram, and Gertrude E. Jewell of Baldwin.

July 25, Loring F. Sawyer of Malden, Mass., and Flossie M. Ridlon of Hiram.

Aug. 6, Frank Guy Staley of Bridgton, and Dora Nancy Bryant of Bridgton,

[Aug.] 30, Eugene L. Wescott of Hiram, and Mamie E. Kelly of Baldwin.

Sept. 5, Geo. F. Brooks of Bridgton, and Alice M. Hood of Bridgton.

Nov. 19, Harold C. Butterfield of Brownfield, and Ella Clemons of Hiram.

Sept. 17. Chas. Bertwell Thurlow of Hiram, and Phoebe A. McLucas of Hiram.