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Mechanic Falls Civil War Soldiers

Source: Harry E. Mitchell, comp., The Mechanic Falls register, 1904 (Kent's Hill, Me.: H.E. Mitchell Pub. Co., 1904).

[p. 22]
The following is a list of former residents of Mechanic Falls who served in the war of the rebellion. These men enlisted from the towns of Poland and Minot but, were from the section afterwards incorporated as Mechanic Falls. The record made by these brave boys who went to the front is an honor to their noble ancestry, and a credit to their many descendants in the town:

Wellington Dwinal, H. H. Hutchinson, Charles E. Harris, A. H. Hutchinson, Hiram B. King, Orrin Dwinal, Hiram P. Bailey, Eleazor B. Atwood, Elmer Chipman, Josiah Carr, William A. Tobie, Hamlin T. Bucknam, Charles Andrews, John F. Bancroft, William A. Campbell, Charles W. Campbell, Augustus A. Dwinal, Burbank Spiller, Almund H. Hutchinson, Samuel H. Hutchinson, Henry H. Hutchinson, Charles F. McKenney, Harrison J. Dwinal, Charles Dore, Arthur M. Brown, William E. Morton, William H. Everett, Fabian Churchill, Adelbert Churchill, Joseph H. Durgin, Cyrus M. Lord, Ezra Mitchell Jr., Robert W. Carr, James F. Gerry, Isaac A. Whittemore, Percival D. Herrick, James N. Nason, Lemuel T. Marshall, Lorenzo Mayberry, George J. Fuller, Elmer Chipman, Hiram C. Curtis, Albion A. Drake, Joseph C. Bray, Azel W. Drake, Darius Holt, James R. Holt, Samuel L. Brown, James S. Small, William M. Perkins, Lewis J. Morton, Newton E. Stowe,

[p. 23]
Charles E. Strout, George P. McCarty, Augustus Golderman, A. M. Churchill, Asa L. Downs, Alexander Campbell, James L. Fuller, George F. Perkins, George F. Sawyer, Orrin Whittemore, Otho W. Burnham, George G. Bridgham, John Noyes, Andrew J. Pettee, Tilson Waterman, Josiah Winslow, Hiram Moore, Frank H. Hall, James L. Dingley, Stephen G. Bray, E. D. Chandler, Lemuel T. Marshall, Edwin Woodsum, David Woodsum, William E. Farrar, L. F. Tenney, Dexter D. Skinner, Elmer Chipman, Zebedee Cushman, Francis E. Dwinal, Ronello C. Dwinal, Darius Holt, Jabez T. Denning, Edward F. Ross, Augustus A. Dwinal, Richard E. Maxwell, Horace Perkins.