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Fairfield Civil War Soldiers

Source: Harry Edward Mitchell, et al., comp., The Fairfield register, 1904 (Kent's Hill, Me., The H. E. Mitchell publishing company, 1904).

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The following list is intended to contain the names of all the soldiers from this town who served in our armies for the suppression of the Rebellion. There may be omissions; but the list is as nearly perfect as the data at hand will enable us to make it.

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John H. Avery, F. M. Ames, Hiram E. Allen, Amos Avery, Moses Avery, Nathan Avery, J. W. Aderton, Marshall Avery, Alfred F. Allen, Rufus B. Atwood, Gorham E. Bryant, Edwin Bradbury, Elias Brownell, T. B. Brown, Oliver H. Bessey, Augustus Bradbury, John Butterfield, Dumont Bunker, Jesse Burnes, R. D. Burnham, John F. Brooks, Orin Bates, F. Benton Brown, William F. Bates, E. B. Bryant, Daniel W. Bowman, William W. Bowman, Abram S. Brooks, Franklin Burrell, John W. Burrell, Hosea Butterfield, Jackson Cayford, H. P. Clossen, John W. Chase, James S. Connor, William H. Connor, Lemuel H. Cannon, Benjamin G. Cannon, H. H. Cain, Henry P. Cannon, Luther B. Crosby, Alfred Chase, Daniel Chase, Henry C. Chase, O. W. Chamberlain, Geo. M. Cotton, F. A. Crosby, Gen. Selden Connor, Ansel Clark, Robert Clark, J. W. Channing, A. P. Cleveland, Aquilla Chase, M. S. Cleveland, Riley Cochran, Chas. Choate, John H. Davis, Martin R. Drew, G. P. Dunbar, Ephraim Drew, Charles S. Deering, Thomas Dearborn, Henry Dearborn, Geo. Dixon, Joseph R. Emery, Geo. W. Emery, Daniel W. Emery, M. D. Emery, A. F. Emery, W. W. Eaton, William H. Emery, Geo. F. Emery, Preston M. Emery, Augustus T. Emery, Samuel Emery, Edwin A. Emery, Henry Emery, Geo. C. Emery, James H. Emery, Josiah B. Emery, W. W. Foster, F. H. Foss, Eben S. Fogg, Henry Fogg, Jr., James Fly, Joshua Freeman, James B. Ford, Geo. E. Ford, John Farnham, Allen C. Goodwin, Russell B. Gray, Reuben Gibbs, Llewellyn Goodwin, William P. Gibson, F. S. Garland, Albert J. Gray, Charles H. Gibson, Charles C. Grow, William O. Howes, Llewellyn Howes, James A. Henderson, W. W.

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Haywood, Peter Huntoon, Joseph Harvey, Samuel Hanscom, P. Huntoon, John S. Hall, Joseph Haskell, Geo. M. Hubbard, Gustavus B. Haskell, William H. Hubbard, Moses Hubbard, Philander Hubbard, Watson Holway, Jr., Thomas Henderson, John H. Henderson, Ellis T. Hinds, James R. Hussey, Horace Holmes, Lester Holway, Benjamin F. Hatch, W. H. Jewell, James H. Jacobs, Robert H. Jacobs, Rodney Jones, William C. Judkins, Henry F. Judkins, Henry Jones, George Keep, George Keef, B. T. Knox, Charles E. Lord, Alexander W. Lord, Charles M. Loan, W. E. Lewis, Hiram Lawrence, John Lawrence, Frank Leavitt, Benjamin Libby, George H. Lord, Milford T. Lewis, Cornelius A. Luce, Chas. A. Luce, Geo. W. Lander, Benjamin F. Luce, Henry Lawrence, Rev. John Mitchell, John Merrow, Hezekiah Merrow, Timothy Merrow, Ezra F. McIntire, Charles Manter, Samuel Mack, O. F. Mayo, E. M. Mayo, Oscar F. Mayo, Hosea R. Mayo, Edwin R. Mayo, Samuel Mack, Edwin Marston, William P. Nye, F. H. Nye, A. K. Nelson, Samuel Nelson, Jr., E. F. Nye, N. D. Nye, O. M. Nason, A. N. Stevens, J. S. Nye, Henry W. Nye, Frank A. Nye, James L. Nye, Edward Nye, N. D. Nye, Geo. W. Nye, Frank H. Nye, Alphonzo Nichols, Hiram H. Nelson, Harrison H. Nelson, Samuel Nelson, Jr., Alfred H. Nelson, Ansel L. Nye, James S. Nye, Albert Nickerson, B. H. B. Nock, William H. Newell, Andrew Nock, H. H. Noble, Harris Noble, Geo. A. Osborne, Ivory C. Otis, Henry D. Otis, J. M. Oliver, I. M. Oliver, W. H. Oliver, E. P. Pratt, Benjamin F. Priest, W. H. Pearson, Llewellyn Potter, William Potter, Alexander Pauquette, John A. Philbrook, Thomas H. Perkins, Gott Pooler, Joseph Preaux, Davis Priest, H. S. Pollard,

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Llewellyn Pattee, Chandler Reynolds, Rufus R. Reynolds, Henry S. Rideout, Wiiliam J. Racklieff, Ormandel Robinson, Preston Robinson, Everett Robinson, Manly Rann, Charles H. Rowell, John Rider, C. H. Rowell, H. M. Rideout, Daniel Sanborn, Addison Stevens, Geo. F. Stevens, William B. Snell, Chas. B. Seavey, Nathan Smith, A. N. Stevens, C. V. Seavey, N. R. Shepherd, Valorus P. Stevens, David Sinclair, Edward F. Tukey, Cyrus D. Tuck, C. H. Thompson, G. W. Tuttle, S. P. Tuttle, Warren W. Tuttle, William C. Tuttle, Elmer P. Tuttle, Samuel R. Tuttle, Charles A. Tibbetts, Washington Tuttle, Albion P. Thompson, Gustavus L. Thompson, Horace B. Tibbetts, A. H. Thompson, John W. Varney, John A. Vandeets, Geo. E. Wing, F. E. Wilkins, Bray Wilkins, Samuel B. Webster, Humphrey Webster, William C. Webster, Albion P. Webb, David Washburn, S. B. Webster, T M. Wagg, H. E. Webster, William Webster, Joseph Whitney, Increase Wyman, Samuel Whipple, Ephraim A. York, Benjamin G. York, Ephraim M. Young, Geo. P. York.

List of men, residents of the town of Fairfield, who died in the service or in consequence of wounds or sickness contracted thereby since April 12, 1861.

Geo. W. Nye, Chas. E. Lord, Hosea K. Mayo, William C. Judkins, John H. Davis, Henry C. Chase, Samuel R. Tuttle, Benjamin F. Luce, Rufus B. Atvvood, Timothy Minow, Hezekiah Minow, Abram S. Brooks, John W. Varney, Henry F. Judkins, William T. Bates, Jas. A. Henderson, Elbridge P. Pratt, Alexander W. Lord, G. L. Thompson, Hiram Lawrence, E. A. York, Alfred F. Allen, Newell D. Nye, Reuben Gibbs, Watson Holway, Jr., Hiram E. Allen, Nathan Avery, B. G. York, Geo. W. Lander, Daniel W. Brown, George McHub-

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bard, Joshua Freeman, F. E. Wilkins, Ansil T. Clark, Lieut. Chas. C. Grow, Chandler Reynolds, Samuel Emery, Edwin A. Emery, Ser., Henry D. Otis, Geo. W. Emery, H. S. Haskell, Geo. E. Wing, B. W. Fish, Llewellyn Potter.