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Maine Railroad Accident Reports, 1888

Source: Reports of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of Maine for the Year 1888 (Augusta, Me.: Burleigh & Flynt, printers, 1889).

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Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad.
G. Burbank, switchman, ankle sprained by jumping off train at Bethel, while in motion.

Unknown man injured at Mechanic Falls by getting on train while in motion.

C. W. Sawyer, brakeman, Danville Junction, foot caught in frog, hand injured.

T. H. Rawson, Oxford, injured while driving across track.

William Pottle, Oxford, injured while driving across track.

S. E. Curry, brakeman, Yarmouth, hand injured while coupling.

P. Audly, trackman, Mechanic Falls, injured by scraper running off track.

William J. S. Rowley, passenger, Lewiston Junction, fell of train, leg injured.

J. S. Kneeland, conductor, Yarmouth Junction, hand injured while coupling.

Joseph Porter, trespasser, West Paris, stealing a ride, body injured.

G. H. Wilson, switchman, Pownal, hand injured while coupling.

E. Wood, brakeman, South Paris, hand injured while Bangor & Piscataquis Railroad Company.

July 3. John Clark and wife of Parkman, attempted to cross the track at Farmer Crossing in Abbott, between two parts of a moving train, in full daylight and against the

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warning of the train men. Mr. Clark was slightly injured and his wife seriously so, and she subsequently died. Mr. Clark admitted seeing the train, but claimed that his horse became unmanageable. The matter has since been settled with him, and he has given the company a writing discharging them from any further liability in the case.

Boston & Maine.
January 14, 1888. John McMenamin, a trespasser walking on the track near Arundel station, was struck by a passing train, receiving injuries from which he soon afterwards died.

February 9, 1888. The mutilated body of an unknown man was found on the know-nothing crossing, near North Berwick station, showing signs of having been struck by some passing train.

April 19, 1888. Patrick Buper, was found dead in a mutilated condition, between the tracks near Scarboro' Beach station. It is supposed that he was a passenger on train No. 75, and fell or jumped off at this point.

July 19, 1888. Peter Morris, an employe of Forepaugh's circus was found mutilated and dead on the track near Elliot station. He is supposed to have fallen off the circus train.

July 20, 1888. Fred Perkins, a passenger on a train, attempting to jump off at the camp ground near Old Orchard station, after the train had started, fell under the wheels receiving injuries from which he soon afterwards died.

Lewiston & Auburn Branch.
J. A. Rawson, trespasser, Lewiston, on track, leg broken.

F. McMulliken, brakeman, Lewiston, coupling, hand injured.

J. Mills, brakeman, Lewiston, coupling, hand injured.

E. C. Duner, trespasser, Auburn jumping off train in motion, head injured.

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Maine Central.
October 24, 1887. E. T. Welch, flagman at Main street
crossing, Brunswick, while attempting to cross the track ahead of an approaching locomotive, was struck and so badly injured that he died about two weeks later.

November 18, 1887. The bodies of two unknown men were found at Kingman. Circumstances indicated that they were tramps who were stealing a ride on top of car and were struck by the bridge. Coroner called, but he deemed an inquest unnecessary.

December 10, 1887. William Welch, switchman at Waterville, while uncoupling car was run over and instantly killed.

January 3, 1888. William Hammond, a locomotive engineer employed by the company, while off duty was run over in Brunswick station and died in about half an hour. No one saw the accident but it is supposed he attempted to board train after it was in motion.

January 27, 1888. The Bucksport train ran over a man named Joseph Porter in Front street, Bangor, and injured him so that he died soon after. The coroner's jury exonerated the company and its employes from all blame.

January 27, 1888. A man named Joseph Devoial, while shoveling snow from track, new Lewiston Upper station, was struck by snow plow and killed.

February 13, 1888. Willard Wood of Augusta, jumped from moving train on trestle bridge at Gardiner, struck on hand rail of bridge and died in a short time. Wood was stealing a ride. Coroner's jury exonerated the company and its employes from all blame.

June 6, 1888. James Roach of Leeds Centre, brakeman on Farmington freight train, was run over near Leeds Centre and died same day. No one saw accident or knew how it happened.

June 7, 1888. Walter Paine, a machinist in the employ of this company while attempting to get on a moving freight train in Waterville yard was run over and killed.

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June 11, 1888. Sherman Jordan, a switchman in Portland yard was run over and killed while making up a train.

June 24, 1888. The dead body of Jacob Brett was found on track near State Home siding. It was supposed that he was run over by No. 71, but no one on train saw him or knew anything about the accident.

July 25, 1888. P. W. Carter, section foreman at Etna attempted to get on to a moving train at Etna but fell under, was run over and died next day.

August 11, 1888. Frank W. Knight, foreman of car repairs, and Ira L. Pierce, blacksmith, who were standing on track in Portland yard, were struck by a car which was being pushed by a locomotive. Mr. Knight died in about two weeks and Mr. Pierce died Sept. 9.

Portland & Rochester.
February 18, 1888. S. G. Stickney, brakeman, hand slightly injured on a freight train.

August 16, 1888. Albert Guppy, struck and killed by passenger train; deaf and walking on track.

September 13, 1888. E. Rilledeau, arm jammed by shackling cars on freight train.

Portland & Ogdensburg.
July 7, 1888. George Adams, a passenger, had his left leg cut off below the knee while attempting to board a moving train at Sebago Lake.

August 8, 1888. E. L. Pun, freight brakeman, fell under the cars at Stickey Run and had his left leg badly crushed.

Portland Horse.
Lady fell while trying to get on an open car; bruised about the head and face but not seriously injured.

John H. Webster struck by a train while walking on track and killed.