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Maine Railroad Accident Reports, 1880

Source: Reports of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of Maine for the Year 1880 (Augusta, Me.: Sprague & Son, printers, 1881).

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Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad.
July 1, 1879, Portland, A. W. Willman, struck by overhead bridge, head injured.

July 1, 1879, Portland, P. Welsh, laborer, platform between two cars gave way, side injured.

September 4, 1879, Portland, Thomas King, porter, case of marble fell on finger and crushed it.

October 27, 1879, Portland, Thomas Lee, coupler, shoving cars with a plank, injured in stomach.

October 31, 1879, Portland, A. McCallum, stranger, crossing in front of engine, legs broken and cut.

November 4, 1879, Portland, M. Cavenaugh, street conductor, making up train, slipped, foot injured.

December 16, 1879, Portland, George Porin, stranger, climbing between cars, hips injured.

December 27, 1879, Portland, John Hogg, laborer, slipped while carrying grain, back injured.

December 30, 1879, Portland, J. B. Wright, checker, jambed between cask and iron, bruised about thigh.

January 15, 1880, Portland, J. H. Salmond, brakeman, coupling cars, hand crushed.

February 16, 1880, Portland, George Hayes, coupler, caught between car and chain, hip broken.

February 19, 1880, Portland, W. Entwistle, coalman, coupling cars, thumb jambed.

March 10, 1880, Bethel, P. C. Evans, baggageman, pulling pin, leg, side and arm injured.

March 11, 1880, Portland, A. Brown, laborer, unloading cars, hand injured.

March 22, 1880, Portland, H. Green, laborer, slipped while working, ear injured.

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March 30, 1880, Portland, A. J. Peterson, laborer, lifting flour, back strained.

April 24, 1880, Portland, R. McAuley, laborer, loading timber, chest injured.

April 27, 1880, Portland, J. Anderson, laborer, girder fell on foot and injured it.

April 3, 1880, W. Gloucester, A. J. Lyon, brakeman, getting on train when in motion, arm injured.

May 15, 1880, Portland, W. Price, porter, slipped stepping off car, leg broken.

Boston and Maine Railroad.
October 3, 1879, Myron P. Stevens, walking on the track near Scarboro station, was struck by a train and killed.

August 5, 1880, John Murray jumped of a moving train at Biddeford, was run over, and died the same day.

Bucksport and Bangor Railroad.
July 14, 1880, at night, Michael Carline, while lying on or near track in Bangor yard, was run over and had one leg taken off. He died the next day. He was not on or near a street or road crossing.

European and North American Railroad.
The only accident during the year resulting in injury to any person, occurred on the morning of September 13, when Conductor Edward D. Lunt, in making up his train, received injuries which resulted in his death.

Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad.
Saturday, October 25, 1879, mixed train collided with three box cars on main track at Low's Bridge, and F. W. Green, engine driver, was injured so that he died October 28, caused by the forgetfulness and disobedience of orders on the part of the engineer, who died, and the conductor and brakemen, who were discharged.

Tuesday, October 28, 1879, B. F. Hodgkins, brakeman on the mixed train, fell from the train near Milo station, about 5.30 o'clock

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P. M., and was injured so that he died about 11 o'clock the same night.

Knox and Lincoln Railroad.
June 23, George W. Mulligan, a child twenty-six months old, was run over by a passenger train and instantly killed. He was lying on the track, and was not discovered by the engine driver in time to stop the train, which had just passed a curve and was on down grade at the time.

Maine Central Railroad.
May 1, Frank Vigue, brakeman, foot hurt.

May 2, William Sprague, baggage master, hand badly injured.

August 2, Enoch Alexander, aged 41, walking on railroad bridge at Brunswick, killed.

August 17, Elmer E. Drew, brakeman on special train, shackling cars, killed.

August 18, Arthur Philbrick, brakeman, injured by bridge at Pittsfield.

September 11, James H. Skillings, section man, jumped from train and was killed.

Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad.
June 14, 1880, Joseph Paine, foreman Sebago Lake ice houses, fell from the top of box car and was run over. He died the same night.

June 15, 1880, Peter Bufore, gravel train hand, unloading car at Crawford Notch Trestle in New Hampshire, fell about forty feet upon the rocks and was killed.

September 80, 1880, O. J. Riley, section foreman, caught his hand in his car crank and was so badly injured as to require the amputation of his arm.

August 20, 1880, Daisy M. Bessom, a child twenty-two months old, was run over and killed near the Glen station in Bartlett, N. H.

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Somerset Railroad.
June 15, 1880, a Mrs. Bunker and child were struck by the engine in attempting to cross the track in a carriage near Old Point. She was slightly injured, and the child's arm broken.

August 11, 1880, Abel Wood, jr., an employe, was injured while in the discharge or his duty, so that he died the next day.