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Maine Railroad Accident Reports, 1878

Source: Reports of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of Maine for the Year 1878 (Augusta, Me.: Sprague, Owen & Nash, printers, 1879).

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On the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad.
December 14, 1877, J. O'Brien, coupler. Portland, rib fractured slipping on the ice.

December 25, 1877, B. W. Lowe, brakeman, Locke's Mills, foot bruised coupling cars.

January 2, 1878, George Lee, switchman, Portland, finger bru[is]ed pulling pin.

January 30, 1878, G. Small, brakeman, New Gloucester, foot bruised, caught in frog.

March 4, 1878, small boy, not an employee, Gilead, hip shattered jumping on train while in motion.

February 27, 1878, R. Whitman, not an employee, West Paris, hip and back bruised, ox team on crossing.

March 11, 1878, J. McMain, switchman, Portland, finger injured pulling pin.

April 24, 1878, J. King, brakeman, Portland, finger crushed coupling cars.

May 28, 1878, George Hayes, not an employee, Portland, thighs squeezed attempting to jump over cars.

June 19, 1878, J. Lee, coupler, Portland, ankle sprained, car thrown off track.

July 9, 1878, C. Knight, fireman, Bethel, killed striking overhead bridge.

August 16, 1878, J. McMain, coupler, Portland, killed, slipped down and was run over.

Boston And Maine Railroad.
March 21, 1878, Henry Hawley, attempted to cross track at Portland in front of passenger train, was struck by engine and slightly injured.

May 1, 1878. John Quinn, sitting on track near Biddeford was struck by passenger train, and had his skull fractured.

August 29, 1878, Patrick Broderick jumped between two cars of a passenger train at North Berwick, and was instantly killed.

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European And North American Railway.
June 13, 1878, when the through freight train was taking on some freight cars at Milford, James O'Niel, a little son of the section foreman at Passadumkeag, after being warned by the conductor to keep off the train, climbed upon and fell from one of the cars, and the wheels ran over him, injuring him so seriously as to cause his death. A coroner's jury, which sat upon the case, exonerated the railroad company and its servants from blame.

September 16, 1878, Dennis Sheehan jumped on to a train while it was being backed to the engine house from the station at Bangor. His foot was caught and badly crushed.

Maine Central Railroad.
September 16, 1878, an old man by the name of Corson was killed at Belfast by being run over by train. The coroner's jury rendered a verdict that he came to his death by his own carelessness, and that no blame was to be attached to the company.

Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad.
July 13, 1878, M. G. Gilmartin was struck by out passenger train on main line of Maine Central Railroad, in the yard at Portland, and died in consequence.

November 10, 1878. C. Stevens struck by overhead bridge, and died at Maine General Hospital of his injuries.

Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad.
December 20, 1877, S. M. Smart, a lumber dealer, while standing on the Boston and Maine wharf in Portland, was struck by Eastern Railroad engine and slightly injured.

February 26, 1878, William Hayes, trespasser, was standing beside the track at Cape Elizabeth, and fell against a passing train, cutting his hand slightly.

May 9, 1878, Walter Emery, trespasser, attempted to get on to a moving freight train at Hobb's siding. Wells, was thrown between the rails, and received serious injuries.

June 26, 1878, Roger Hanscom, freight brakeman, hit an overhead bridge one-half mile west of North Berwick, and sustained serious injuries.

August 13, 1878, A. J. Leavitt, Road Master, employee, while in discharge of his duties received fatal injuries.

St. Croix and Penobscot Railroad.
May 24, 1878, Charles W. Christie, employee, injured by falling from a ballast train.