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Early Casualties in Acton

Source: Joseph Fullonton, The history of Acton, Me. (Dover, N. H.: W. Burr, printer, 1847).

[p. 35]
The following is probably not a full account, but in the absence of any bill of mortality, or any record, it embraces all that could well be collected.

Jacob Emery was drowned while bathing at Emery's Mills about the year 1775. His age was about 16.

Wm. Rog-

[p. 36]
ers was suffocated while attempting to arrest a fire in the woods. The date cannot be given but it was probably before the year 1800. His age was between 18 and 20.

Alexander Thompson and Samuel Thompson, brothers, were drowned in attempting to cross a pond on the ice about 1817. The first was twenty-one and the other not far from eighteen years of age.

Timothy Remick died instantly while on his way to Great Falls, in the Summer of 1829. He was about 70.

Hamilton E., son of Maj. A. Hubbard, and Sarah, daughter of Mr. Dearborn Brackett, each about 3 years of age, were drowned in a mill pond, Sept. 21, 1833.

Sarah Sanborn was arrested by death while riding from Wakefield to her home in this town, Sept. 22, 1837. Her age was 70.

Benjamin Sanborn was found dead in a pasture near Mr. Zebulon Gilman's in Nov. 1837. He was between 50 and 60 years of age.

Nathaniel Ricker was drowned while attempting to cross the pond at Horn's mills, in Feb. 1838.

Daniel Horn, Jr. died while travelling the road towards his home, in the winter of 1838, aged 33.

Joseph Remick, Jr. was drowned while bathing in Great East pond in June, 1840, aged 17.

Benjamin Titcomb was taken apparently faint while at work in the woods, Dec. 29, 1842, and in ten minutes he was still in death. His age was 66.