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Windham Poll List, 1864

Source: Windham Secretary of State Poll List, Box 13, Maine State Archives, Augusta.

This transcription was completed on September 30, 2008, by Jean Pendexter from a photocopy of the original poll list held by the Maine State Archives.

Forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching.

[p. 1]
Check List of the Town of Windham in the County of Cumberland

Names of VotersSeptember 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Joel Allenvotedvoted
Cyrus K. Allenvotedvoted
Josiah S. Allenvotedvoted
Isaiah P. Allenvotedvoted
William H. Allenvotedvoted
Thomas L. Allenvotedvoted
Jacob Allenvotedabsent
Reuben Allenvotedvoted
Henry W. Allenvotedvoted
Edward C. Allenvotedvoted
Benjamin F. Allenvotedabsent
Isaac E. Allenvotedvoted
Elbridge Allenvotedvoted
Leonard Allenvotedabsent
Cyrus P. Allenabsentabsent
George W. Andersonvotedvoted
George Andersonvotedvoted
Peter Andersonvotedvoted
Edward F. Andersonvotedabsent
Edward Andersonvotedvoted
Edward A. Andersonvotedvoted
John F. Andersonvotedvoted
Charles Andersonvotedvoted
Valentine Andersonvotedvoted
William Andersonvotedvoted

[p. 2]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Thomas Andersonvotedvoted
John Adamsabsentabsent
James W. Anthoinevotedabsent
Joseph H. Anthoinevotedabsent
Amos Anthoinevotedvoted
Nicholas Anthoinevotedvoted
William Anthoinevotedvoted
Charles A. Austinvotedabsent
William Austinvotedvoted
Jonah Austinvotedvoted
Stephen Austinvotedabsent
Stephen H. Austinvotedabsent
Theodore Atkinsonabsentvoted
William Akersabsentvoted
John Akersvotedvoted
Charles M. Akersvotedabsent
John M. Akersvotedvoted
William Andrewsvotedvoted
Edwin W. Berryvotedvoted
Joseph Brasiervotedvoted
William Baconvotedvoted
John Baconvotedvoted
John R. Briggsvotedvoted
John Babbvotedvoted
Seward M. Bakervotedvoted
Elias Bakervotedvoted
Benjamin Bakervotedvoted
Benjamin M. Bakervotedvoted

[p. 3]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
William Bakervotedvoted
Loring Bakervotedvoted
Josiah R. Bradyabsentvoted
Jesse Babbagevotedvoted
Josiah Babbagevotedvoted
John P. Baileyabsentabsent
Levi Baileyvotedvoted
Levi Bailey, Jr.votedvoted
H. C. Baileyabsentabsent
Thomas L. Bickfordvotedvoted
Liba Bachelderabsentabsent
William Bacheldervotedabsent
George Bacheldervotedvoted
Charles Bachelderabsentabsent
John Brown, Jr.votedvoted
Ira Brownvotedvoted
John Bodgevotedvoted
John J. Bodgevotedvoted
Josiah Bodgevotedvoted
Edwin A. Bodgevotedvoted
Albert S. Bodgeabsentvoted
Thomas Bodgeabsentabsent
Thomas Brackettabsentabsent
Jeremiah Brackettabsentvoted
Sewall Boodyvotedvoted
Henry H. Boodyvotedvoted
Israel Boodyvotedvoted
Samuel Bragdonvotedvoted

[p. 4]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Levi Bragdonvotedvoted
Jacob S. Bragdonvotedvoted
William Buxtonvotedvoted
Cotton M. Bradburyvotedvoted
Charles H. Bennettvotedvoted
Abram A. Cloudmanvotedvoted
Nathan Cloudmanvotedvoted
David Cloudmanvotedabsent
F. A. Cloudmanvotedvoted
Daniel Cobbvotedabsent
Lewis Cobbvotedvoted
Heman Cobbvotedvoted
Ephraim Cobb, Jr.votedvoted
Elias Cobbabsentabsent
Charles Cobbvotedabsent
Isaac Cobbvotedvoted
Nathaniel Cobbabsentabsent
William Cobbvotedvoted
George W. Cobbvotedvoted
William Cobb, Jr.votedvoted
William S. Cobbabsentabsent
John A. Cobbabsentabsent
Ansel Cobbvotedvoted
Ephraim Cobbvotedvoted
G. Randall Cobbvotedabsent
Frances E. Cobbvotedabsent
George R. Cobbvotedabsent
Algernon L. Coleabsentabsent

[p. 5]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Richard M. Chaplinvotedvoted
Enoch C. Crawfordvotedabsent
Joseph Cookvotedvoted
Abel D. Cookvotedvoted
Sylvanus B. Cookvotedvoted
Elijah Cookvotedvoted
James M. Cookvotedvoted
Erastus Cramvotedvoted
Caleb S. Cramabsentvoted
Samuel Cramvotedvoted
John Cramvotedvoted
John Craguevotedabsent
Benjamin Cragueabsentabsent
Thomas Cragueabsentabsent
Peter Craguevotedvoted
Stillman A. Craguevotedvoted
James Craguevotedvoted
Jacob Cashabsentvoted
James P. Cashvotedvoted
Hiram C. Chasevotedvoted
Thaddeus S. Chasevotedvoted
John Chasevotedabsent
George W. Chutevotedvoted
Joseph C. Chutevotedvoted
Clark Cannelvotedvoted
Willis Clayabsentvoted
Samuel T. Dolevotedvoted
Daniel W. Dolevotedvoted

[p. 6]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Oliver Dolevotedvoted
Daniel H. Dolevotedvoted
James L. Davisvotedabsent
George W. Davisvotedabsent
George C. Davisvotedvoted
Charles Deeringvotedabsent
Edward H. Dolleyabsentabsent
William M. Dolleyvotedvoted
Edward C. Dolleyvotedvoted
Samuel Dolleyvotedvoted
Timothy Dolleyvotedvoted
Ebenezer Dolleyvotedabsent
Joseph Dolleyvotedvoted
John W. Dolleyvotedabsent
John Dolleyvotedvoted
Ivory Dayvotedabsent
Henry G. DeWittvotedvoted
John Douglassvotedabsent
Edmund Douglassvotedvoted
Joseph Douglassabsentabsent
Charles R. Danielsvotedvoted
Rea H. Eldervotedvoted
Rea Eldervotedvoted
Joseph Eldervotedvoted
A. Leonard Eldervotedvoted
Richard J. Eldervotedvoted
Edwin S. Eldervotedvoted
Josiah Eldervotedvoted

[p. 7]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Marshal Eldervotedvoted
Isaiah Eldervotedvoted
Caleb Eldervotedvoted
Hiram Eldervotedvoted
George W. Elderabsentabsent
William Elkinsvotedabsent
John Elliottvotedvoted
Francis Elliottvotedvoted
James Elliottvotedvoted
Elijah Emeryvotedvoted
Charles E. Emeryvotedvoted
Robert Estesvotedvoted
Samuel Freeman, Jr.votedabsent
Samuel Freemanvotedvoted
Samuel L. Freemanabsentvoted
Josiah Freemanvotedvoted
Stephen W. Freemanvotedvoted
Joseph P. Freemanvotedabsent
John A. Freemanvotedvoted
Howard C. Freemanvotedabsent
Almon L. Freemanvotedvoted
Willard A. Fairbanksvotedvoted
Alvin Frankvotedvoted
George Fieldvotedvoted
Jeremiah Fieldvotedvoted
William W. Fieldvotedvoted
Ebenezer Fieldvotedvoted
James Fieldvotedvoted

[p. 8]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Silas H. Fieldvotedvoted
George A. Fieldvotedvoted
Thomas J. Frostvotedvoted
Ezra D. Felkervotedvoted
Josiah Foggvotedvoted
James L. Foggabsentabsent
Nathaniel G. Fryevotedvoted
Charles B. Frankabsentabsent
Eben Frankvotedvoted
William Filesvotedvoted
Samuel Garlandvotedvoted
William F. Greenvotedvoted
Charles M. Gustinvotedvoted
William Gooldvotedvoted
George Gooldvotedvoted
Oliver A. Gooldvotedvoted
Oliver Gallisonabsentabsent
Joseph A. Graffamvotedabsent
John Graffamvotedabsent
John Graffam, Jr.absentabsent
William Grayvotedvoted
James G. Hansonvotedvoted
Edmund Hansonvotedvoted
Amos Hansonabsentabsent
Joshua Hansonvotedvoted
Jason Hansonvotedvoted
Stephen Hansonvotedvoted
Joseph Hansonvotedvoted

[p. 9]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Oliver Hansonvotedvoted
Jonathan Hansonvotedvoted
Henry Hansonvotedvoted
Lewis Hansonvotedvoted
William P. Hansonvotedvoted
Newell P. Hansonabsentvoted
Franklin Hansonvotedabsent
William Hansonvotedabsent
Nathan Hansonvotedvoted
Warren Hansonvotedabsent
Bradbury Hardyvotedvoted
William Halevotedvoted
Samuel Hawkesvotedabsent
William Hawkes, Jr.votedvoted
George Hawkesvotedvoted
Daniel L. Hawkesvotedvoted
Joshua L. Hawkesvotedvoted
Ebenezer Hawkesvotedvoted
John Hawkesvotedvoted
Samuel Hawkesvotedvoted
Peter Hawkesvotedabsent
Amos Hawkesvotedvoted
Joshua R. Hawkesvotedabsent
David F. Hawkesvotedvoted
Levi Hawkesvotedvoted
Thomas C. Hawkesvotedvoted
Alley Hawkesvotedvoted
William Hawkesabsentabsent

[p. 10]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
George E. Hawkesvotedvoted
Aaron Hawkesvotedvoted
Cyrus Hawkesvotedvoted
Joshua L. Hawkes, Jr.votedabsent
Joseph Hawkes, Jr.votedvoted
Joseph Hawkesvotedvoted
Moses M. Hawkesvotedabsent
Albert R. Hawkesvotedvoted
Hamilton Hawkesvotedabsent
Lindley Hawkesabsentvoted
George H. Hardingabsentabsent
Daniel H. Harmonvotedabsent
William Harmonvotedvoted
Valentine C. Hallvotedvoted
James Hallvotedvoted
William F. Hallvotedvoted
Peter R. Hallvotedvoted
Webb Hallvotedabsent
Amos K. Hodsdonvotedabsent
John B. Hodsdonabsentvoted
David Hatchvotedabsent
Charles Hunnewellvotedvoted
Edwin Hunnewellvotedabsent
John W. Hunnewellvotedabsent
Stephen Harrisabsentabsent
Francis Harrisabsentabsent
Levi Harrisabsentabsent
Byron Hamblenabsentabsent

[p. 11]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
George W. Hamblenvotedvoted
John Husseyvotedvoted
Joseph A. Husseyvotedvoted
Daniel Husseyvotedvoted
Daniel F. Husseyvotedvoted
Albert A. Husseyvotedabsent
Oliver P. Haskellvotedvoted
Samuel V. Haskellvotedvoted
John Hamiltonvotedvoted
Christopher C. Huntvotedabsent
Columbus Huntvotedvoted
David Hoopervotedvoted
William B. Hoopervotedabsent
Charles F. Hoopervotedvoted
Clinton C. Hooperabsentabsent
Benjamin Hoopervotedvoted
Timothy Hainesvotedvoted
Eben M. Hainesabsentabsent
Benjamin Hainesabsentabsent
Abram A. Ingersollvotedvoted
Daniel Ingersollabsentabsent
Isaac Irishvotedabsent
John Irishvotedvoted
Benjamin Irishvotedvoted
William Irishvotedvoted
Frank E. Irishvotedvoted
Jacob Irishvotedvoted
Lindley Jonesvotedvoted

[p. 12]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Charles Jonesvotedvoted
Daniel Jonesvotedvoted
Isaiah Jonesvotedvoted
Elisha Jonesvotedvoted
Charles H. Jordanabsentvoted
Albus R. Jordanvotedvoted
William Jordanvotedvoted
Joseph B. Jordanvotedvoted
Mark Jordanvotedabsent
Frederic N. Jordanabsentabsent
Peter Jordanvotedabsent
Samuel T. Johnsonvotedvoted
Charles Johnsonvotedabsent
Charles P. Johnsonabsentabsent
Lewis Johnsonabsentabsent
Elvin W. Jacksonvotedvoted
Thomas M. Knightvotedvoted
Joseph H. Knightvotedvoted
Robert H. Knightvotedabsent
Lorenzo Knightvotedvoted
Mark Knightvotedvoted
Moses Knightvotedvoted
Daniel Knightvotedvoted
Jason S. Knightvotedvoted
Sargent Knightvotedvoted
William Knight, Jr.votedvoted
Eliakim Knightvotedvoted
William Knightabsentabsent

[p. 13]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Charles Knightabsentabsent
Reuben Knightvotedvoted
Russel L. Kennardabsentvoted
Elijah Kennardvotedvoted
Timothy Kennardvotedvoted
Albert Kennardvotedvoted
Samuel R. Kempvotedvoted
John E. Kempvotedvoted
Henry S. Kallochabsentabsent
Alamanzo Kallochvotedvoted
George L. Kilgorevotedvoted
Hamilton S. Lowellabsentvoted
James Lowellvotedvoted
Daniel Lowellvotedvoted
Nathaniel H. Lowellvotedvoted
Edward J. Lowellvotedvoted
Urban Lowellvotedvoted
John H. Lombardvotedvoted
Charles Lombardvotedvoted
Sylvanus H. Lambvotedvoted
Alexander Lambvotedvoted
James J. Lambvotedabsent
William B. Lambvotedvoted
William Lambvotedvoted
Silas Lambvotedvoted
Richard Lambvotedvoted
William A. Lambvotedabsent
James S. Littlefieldabsentvoted

[p. 14]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
John H. Lombardabsentvoted
Elias Littlefieldvotedvoted
George H. Littlefieldvotedvoted
John Lakinvotedvoted
Samuel Longfellowvotedvoted
Clement M. Legrowvotedvoted
Lewis Legrowvotedabsent
Ebenezer Legrowvotedvoted
Ephraim Legrowvotedvoted
Asa Legrowvotedvoted
Rufus Legrowvotedvoted
Benjn A. Legrowvotedvoted
Jacob Legrowvoted
Samuel Libby, Jr.voted
James Libbyvoted
Gideon Libbyabsentabsent
Gideon Libby, Jr.absentvoted
Lewis Libbyvotedvoted
Peter Libbyvotedvoted
Elias Libbyvotedvoted
Peter Libby, Jr.votedvoted
Albert M. Libbyvotedabsent
Samuel P. Libbyvotedvoted
Arthur Libbyvotedvoted
Isaac Libbyvotedvoted
Isaac Libby, Jr.votedvoted
William Libbyvotedvoted
Joseph Libbyvotedvoted

[p. 15]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Bela Libbyvotedabsent
William H. Libbyvotedvoted
Moses Libbyvotedvoted
Arthur Libby, Jr.votedvoted
James Libby, Jr.votedvoted
Daniel Libbyabsentvoted
Sewall Leavittabsentvoted
Hiram C. Leavittvotedvoted
William H. Leavittvotedvoted
Charles H. Leavittvotedvoted
Richard L. Libbyabsentvoted
Moses Littlevotedvoted
Moses H. Littlevotedvoted
John Littlevotedvoted
James H. Littleabsentvoted
Austin Leonardvotedvoted
Edmund Lordvotedabsent
Elbridge Lordvotedvoted
Andrew A. Leightonvotedvoted
Harry Leightonvotedvoted
Aaron H. Leightonvotedvoted
Adrial Leightonvotedabsent
Joseph Larryabsentabsent
Antonio Lopezabsentabsent
Francis M. Maxwellvotedvoted
William Maxfieldvotedvoted
Sumner C. Maxfieldvotedvoted
Franklin Maxfieldabsentabsent

[p. 16]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Andrew D. Maxfieldvotedvoted
Joseph E. Maxfieldvotedvoted
Rufus Mitchellvotedvoted
Josiah Mayberryvotedvoted
Edmund D. Mayberryvotedvoted
Samuel Mayberryvotedvoted
Richard Mayberryvotedvoted
Stephen Mayberryabsentabsent
Josiah W. Mayberryvotedvoted
Joshua S. Mayberryvotedvoted
Frances W. Mayberryabsentabsent
Thomas Mayberryvotedvoted
Joseph Mayberryvotedvoted
Asa Mayberryvotedvoted
Alvin Mayberryvotedvoted
Leonard Mayberryvotedvoted
James M. Mayberryvotedvoted
John Mayberry, Jr.votedvoted
Daniel Mayberryvotedvoted
Nelson Mayberryvotedabsent
Merritt Mayberryabsentabsent
Francis C. Mayberryvotedvoted
John Mayberryabsentvoted
Ezekiel E. McKeenvotedvoted
Jacob Marstonvotedvoted
Peter McIntoshabsentvoted
Jacob Manchestervotedvoted
Nahum Manchestervotedvoted

[p. 17]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864November 8, 1864
Stephen Manchestervotedvoted
William Manchestervotedvoted
Ephraim Manchestervotedvoted
John H. Mancestervotedvoted
Isaac Manchestervotedvoted
Royal B. Manchestervotedvoted
Albert W. Manchestervotedvoted
Eben F. Manchesterabsentabsent
Nathan Masonvotedvoted
Edward H. McDonaldvotedvoted
Thomas McDonaldvotedvoted
Benjamin Mainsvotedvoted
Benjamin Mains, Jr.votedvoted
David Mainsvotedvoted
Woodbury S. Mainsvotedvoted
Benjamin Marchvotedvoted
Sumner C. Marchvotedvoted
Nathaniel Merrillvotedvoted
Lyman P. Merrillabsentvoted
Cornelius B. Merrillvotedabsent
Eben H. Mayovotedvoted
William W. Mortonabsentabsent
Caleb Mortonvotedvoted
Robert Mortonvotedvoted
Ransom Mortonvotedvoted
Israel Morrellvotedvoted
John Morrellvotedvoted
Thomas Morrellvotedvoted

[p. 18]
[Names of Voters]September 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Andrew J. Morrellvotedvoted
Stephen Morrellvotedvoted
Ai Morrellvotedvoted
Jacob Morrellvotedvoted
Mark Morrellvotedvoted
Charles Morrellvotedvoted
Jacob B. Morrellvotedvoted
Horatio T. Morrellvotedvoted
Calvin Morrellabsentvoted
Cornelius Morrellabsentvoted
Silas Morrellvotedvoted
Nathan Morrellabsentabsent (no such man, Clerk)
Abraham Nasonvotedvoted
James Nasonvotedvoted
Eliakim Nasonvotedvoted
Albion T. Nasonvotedabsent
Charles Nicholsvotedvoted
Charles A. Nicholsabsentabsent
John Newbeginvotedvoted
Barzilla Nashvotedvoted
Edward P. Nashvotedabsent
Nathan G. Nashvotedvoted
John B. Nashvotedvoted
Clement M. Perkinsvotedvoted
Samuel Pagevotedvoted
Stephen D. Pagevotedvoted
Charles G. Parsonsvotedabsent
Joseph A. Parsonsvotedvoted
Joseph Parkervotedvoted

[p. 19]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Cyrus T. Parkervotedvoted
Walker Parkervotedvoted
Edmund M. Proctorvotedvoted
Harlem Proctorvotedvoted
Daniel Proctorabsentabsent
William Proctorabsentabsent
Edmund B. Pridevotedvoted
Allen Pridevotedvoted
Asa Peacevotedvoted
Wendall S. Peacevotedabsent
Elishu Purintonvotedvoted
Abijah H. Purintonvotedabsent
Richard Purintonvotedvoted
David Plummerabsentabsent
Nehemiah Plummervotedvoted
William E. Pearsonabsentabsent
Oliver Popevotedvoted
Joseph Popevotedvoted
Nathan Popevotedvoted
Isaiah Popevotedvoted
Kingman G. Perhamvotedvoted
Nathan Readvotedvoted
Augustus Readabsentvoted
Joel Randvotedvoted
Appleton Randvotedvoted
John R. Rollinsvotedvoted
Charles O. Robinsonvotedabsent
John Robinsonvotedabsent

[p. 20]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Otis Robinsonvotedvoted
Elijah Robinsonvotedabsent
Oliver Robinsonvotedabsent
John W. Robinsonvotedvoted
Stephen Robinsonvotedvoted
Stephen Robinson, Jr.absentvoted
George Robinsonabsentvoted
Henry Robinsonvotedvoted
Sullivan Robinsonvotedvoted
Albert Robinsonabsentabsent
Timothy Robinsonvotedvoted
George W. Rackliffvotedvoted
John R. Rogersvotedvoted
John Rogersvotedabsent
John Rogers, Jr.votedvoted
William Rogersvotedvoted
Charles Rogersvotedvoted
Sumner Rogersabsentabsent
Cyrus L. Rogersvotedvoted
Osgood W. Rogersvotedabsent
Sawyer Riceabsentabsent
William Rideoutvotedvoted
Jonathan Sanbornvotedvoted
Francis E. Sawyervotedabsent
William F. Sawyervotedvoted
Andrew J. Sawyervotedvoted
William F. Sawyer, 2d
Dennis J. Sawyerabsentabsent

[p. 21]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
John H. Sawyerabsentabsent
Richard T. Sylvestervotedvoted
Zadoc Sylvesterabsentvoted
Joseph Sylvestervotedabsent
Silas E. Sylvesterabsentabsent
John Stevensabsentabsent
Abner Stevensabsentabsent
Isaac Stevens, Jr.absentabsent
William Stevensabsentvoted
Isaac Stevensabsentvoted
Charles A. Stevensvotedvoted
Franklin Stevensvotedvoted
John C. Stevensabsentabsent
Moses J. Smithvotedvoted
James A. Smithvotedvoted
Thomas Smithvotedvoted
Benjamin Smithabsentvoted
Benjamin H. Smithvotedvoted
Jacob P. Smithvotedabsent
William Smithvotedvoted
Andrew F. Smithvotedvoted
William M. Smithvotedvoted
Frederick Smithvotedvoted
Andrew R. Smithabsentabsent
William H. Smithvotedvoted
Thomas L. Smithvotedvoted
Edward T. Smithvotedvoted
Lewis Smithvotedvoted

[p. 22]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
James E. Smithabsentvoted
Leander H. Smithabsentabsent
Henry Smithvotedabsent
Cephas W. Skillinsvotedvoted
John F. Skillinsvotedvoted
William F. Spearvotedvoted
William C. Swettvotedvoted
Samuel Smallvotedvoted
David O. Smallvotedvoted
Francis Smallvotedvoted
Gilbert Smallvotedvoted
Lewis Smallvotedvoted
James Sturgisvotedvoted
Elbridge Saywardvotedvoted
Henry Saywardvotedvoted
William Stewartvotedvoted
Jeremiah Stewartvotedvoted
Peter Stewartvotedvoted
James N. Stewartabsentvoted
Greenlief Sentervotedvoted
Henry F. Senterabsentvoted
George A. Sentervotedvoted
Albion P. Sentervotedvoted
Charles P. Sentervotedabsent
Asa Sentervotedvoted
Hall Staplesvotedvoted
Stephen H. Staplesvotedvoted
William C. Staplesvotedvoted

[p. 23]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Freeland A. Staplesvotedvoted
William W. Stroutvotedvoted
Levi N. Stroutvotedabsent
Nathan Stroutvotedabsent
Estes Stroutabsentvoted
Eli Stonevotedvoted
Harrison Swiftvotedvoted
William Sillavotedvoted
Daniel Shawvotedvoted
Nathaniel L. Shawvotedvoted
Jason G. Shawvotedabsent
Edmund Shawvotedvoted
Enoch Shawabsentabsent
Abel Sampsonvotedvoted
Robert Stanfordvotedabsent
George L. Trickeyvotedvoted
Peter Trickeyvotedvoted
William Tukeyvotedvoted
Joseph L. Tukeyabsentvoted
Joshua Tukeyvotedvoted
Daniel R. Tukeyvotedvoted
Charles O. Templeabsentvoted
C. T. Tueroabsentabsent
Levi Tobievotedvoted
John B. Tibbettsvotedvoted
Edward S. Truevotedvoted
Lemuel Thompsonvotedvoted
Emanuel Thomasabsentabsent

[p. 24]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Levi Varneyvotedvoted
James E. Varneyvotedvoted
Timothy Varneyvotedvoted
Johnson Varneyvotedvoted
Ezekiel Varneyvotedvoted
Otis Varneyvotedvoted
Cyrus B. Varneyvotedvoted
Nehemiah L. Varneyvotedvoted
Elijah K. Varneyabsentabsent
Ezekiel Varney, Jr.votedvoted
William H. Varneyvotedvoted
Thomas Varneyvotedvoted
William Varneyvotedvoted
Elijah Varneyvotedvoted
Lindley H. Varneyabsentabsent
Isaac H. Wardabsentvoted
Thomas J. Wardvotedvoted
Ichabod B. Wardvotedvoted
Josiah B. Wardvotedvoted
Jacob Wardvotedvoted
Elbridge G. Wardvotedvoted
Isaac Wardvotedabsent
Charles Walkervotedvoted
Charles B. Walkervotedvoted
Oliver Walkervotedvoted
Howard T. Walkervotedvoted
Enoch Whitevotedvoted
William H. Whitevotedvoted
John M. Whitevotedvoted

[p. 25]
[Names of Voters]Sept. 12, 1864Nov. 8, 1864
Thomas Wrightvotedvoted
Alfred K. Winslowvotedvoted
Nehemiah Winslowvotedvoted
James Winslowvotedvoted
Oliver Winslowvotedvoted
Obadiah H. Whitneyvotedvoted
Isaac R. Whitneyvotedvoted
James H. Whitneyvotedvoted
John Webbvotedvoted
John F. Webbvotedabsent
John Webb, Jr.votedvoted
Jason Webbvotedvoted
John M. Webbvotedvoted
Stephen Webbvotedvoted
Stephen Webb, Jr.votedvoted
William W. Webbvotedabsent
Noah Webbvotedvoted
Josiah Webbabsentvoted
Marshal M. Webbvotedvoted
Mahlon H. Webbvotedvoted
Luther Wiswallvotedvoted
Ephraim Wentworthvotedvoted
Jonathan Wheelerabsentabsent
Joseph R. Wescottabsentabsent
David M. Wescottvotedabsent
Hazen H. Whittiervotedvoted
John Yorkvotedvoted
Levi B. Youngvotedvoted

[p. 26]
Windham Cumberland County Maine
November 13, 1864
I hereby certify that the foregoing is truly copied from the original check lists used in this town at the State and Presidential elections of 1864, and comprises the names of all persons who voted at said elections and those of absentees who were at the foregoing dates, legal voters in said town.

Peter R Hall
Town Clerk of Windham