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Thomaston Marriage Intentions, 1777-1811

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 2 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1887).

[p. 83]
Alex Jameson, of Campden, and Sarah Blackington, October 10, 1777.

Samuel Williams, of Harpswell, and Ruth Lassell, of Thomaston, May 22, 1777.

Ebenezer Buck, of Penobscot, and Elizabeth Mitchell, late of Belfast, October 17, 1779.

William Philbrook, of Thomaston, and Diodama Lassell, of Warren, May 6, 1780.

Ebenezer Buck, of Penobscot, and Molly Brown, of Thomaston, December 19, 1780.

John Nickels, of Newcastle, and Sarah McLellan, January 27, 1781.

Abraham Jones, of Campden, and Mary Jameson, of Medumcook, both plantations, October 6, 1781.

Leonard Metcalf, of Camden, and Susannah Wall, May 20, 1782.

Elijah Bradford and Sarah Jones, both of Camden, June 29, 1782.

John Harkness and Elizabeth Ott, both of Camden, July 27, 1783.

(Elder) Thomas Ames and Mrs. Betsey Jordan, November 2, 1812.

Joseph Richards and Elizabeth Young, both of Camden, August 14, 1783.

George Brooks and Polly Wadsworth, both of New Canaan, January 7, 1785.

Robert Dunning, of Thomaston, and Betsey Bucklin, of Warren, February 14, 1794.

Ebenezer Hale and Mary Ames, both of Montinicus, September 17, 1801.

Benjamin Snow, of Thomaston, and Lucy Davis, of Warren, November 14, 1792.

Nath. Palmer and Sarah McGlathery, both of Camden, May 15, 1788.

Samuel Jacobs and Peggy McGlathery, both of Camden, March 17, 1789.

Atherton Oakes, of Pownalboro, and Betty Jordan, June 14, 1786.

Joshua Fuller, of Castine, and Mary Adams, of Thomaston, November 26, 1808.

Ben Snow, of Thomaston, and Mrs. Eliza Wiggins, of Warren, April 8, 1811.