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Gouldsborough Marriages and Marriage Intentions, 1789-1806

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 6 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1891).

[p. 248]
1789, Abijah Cole to Anne Williams.

1790, Nathaniel Allen to Lucy Godfrey.

1791, Job Gibbs to Abigail Libbey.

1792, January, Peter Godfrey to Polly Moor.

[1792,] September, Nahum Gubtail to Sally Rolf.

[1792,] September, Tobias Allen to Mehitable Gammons.

[1792,] September, Joseph Young to Elvi Tracy.

[1792,] September, Alex McCaleb? to Hannah Lockwood.

1794, Jan., Ben Ash Jr., to Bet Ash of Sullivan.

1793, Jan. 10, Ichabod Willie of Narraguagus to Sally Furnald.

1794, Feb. 3, Joseph Moore to Polly Simonton.

[1794,] July 10, Jacob Townsley to Mrs. Hannah Shaw.*

1795, May 22, Bradfield Doar of Pleasant River to Miss Ruth Whitten, of this town.

[1795,] Nov. 12, William Shaw and Dolly Moore, both of this town.

1804, May 6, Capt. S. Mackey to Mrs. Eunice (Jones) Seaman.

1796, Sept. 28, David Joy and Susanna Tibbets, of Ipping.

1796 Nov. 7, Josiah Moore and Dorcas Godfrey.

1797, April 4, John Moore and Hannah Allen of Passamaquoddy.

[1797,] May 10, William Rolf and Lucy Tracy.

[1797,] May 22, George Whitaker of No. 11, commonly called Cherryfield [no bride listed].

[1797,] May 27, Wm. Moore of Sullivan and Lucy Ash.

1798, April 2, Aaron Rolf and Dorcas Tracy, (Joseph Tillinghast, Town Clerk.)

[1798,] April 24, John Joy, Jr., and Hannah Fickett.

[1798,] May 7, Gowin Wilson and Lydia Libby.

[1798,] July 10, Joseph Libbey and Bathsheba Gibbs.

[1798,] Sept. 22, Elisha Goodwin and Polly Tracy.

1799, Jan. 26, John Wooster of Columbia and Polly Furnald.

1804, Oct. 2, Capt. Asa Green of Surry and Lydia Furnald.

[1804,] Lemuel Weeks Crabtree of Sullivan and Eliza Littlefield.

1805, May 25, Joseph Chipman Ward and Mary Noonan.

[1805,] Aug. 31, Andrew Sargent and Sally Pinkham.

[1805,] Nov. 12, Moses Goodwin and Susan Jones.

[1805,] Dec. 15, John Kelly and Polly Sargent.

1806, May 17, Peletiah Moore and Nabby Gammons.

[1806,] May 24, Elisha Jones and Mrs. Lois Taft.

[1806,] June 26, Isaac Bunker, second, and Jenny Lyman, of Eden.

[1806,] Dec. 5, Samuel Hancock of Steuben and Dorcas Tracy.

*Mother of Robert G. Shaw, the eminent merchant and citizen of Boston.