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Direct Tax of 1798 - Bethel

Source: William Berry Lapham, History of Bethel, formerly Sudbury, Canada, Oxford County, Maine, 1768-1890: with a brief sketch of Hanover and family statistics (Augusta, Me.: Press of the Maine Farmer, 1891).

[p. 62]
In the year seventeen hundred and ninety-eight, a direct tax was imposed by the government of the United States upon the real estate of the country. The assessors for the second division of the fifteenth Massachusetts district were Simon Frye, principal, Moses Ames and Joseph Howard, assistants. At this time there were nineteen taxable houses in town. Cheap houses were not taxed,

[p. 63]
and the list does not comprise those who lived in log houses or those who were not liable to taxation. The following is a list of such owners and occupants of real estate in Bethel at this time, as had taxable houses, each being taxed for forty perches of land in addition to his dwelling house. The land and buildings were taxed according to their assessed value:

Mary Bartlett, $200.00
Thaddeus Bartlett, $180.00
Josiah Bean, $250.00
John Brickett, $120.00
Jonathan Clark, $370.00
Benjamin Clark, $150.00
Oliver Fenno, $180.00
John Holt, $180.00
Asa Kimball, $180.00
Gideon Powers, $110.00
Benjamin Russell, $250.00
Abraham Russell, $120.00
William Russell, $110.00
Joseph G. Swan, $110.00
Nathaniel Segar, $200.00
Eleazer Twitchell, $150.00
Eli Twitchell, $200.00
Ezra Twitchell, $150.00
John York, $200.00