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Corinth Civil War Dead

Source: Mason S. Palmer, Early gleanings and random recollections of the town of Corinth, Maine: from 1792 to 1883 (Bangor Me.: Press of B.A. Burr, Whig and Courier Job Office, 1883).

[p. 19]
The citizens of Corinth, ever loving the remembrance of their heroic dead who fought in the war of the Rebellion, now most respectfully give to history the names of those killed in battle, or who died from wounds received or disease contracted in the army.

In life they were our loved ones; by death they are embalmed, and live in our thoughts forever.

[p. 20]
George B. F. Hosmer.
Stillman Guppy.
Austin W. Whittier.
Wm. H. Herrick.
*Eli W. Parkman.
Andrew J. Whittier.
Sumner S. Bean.
Rufus H. Gilman.
Henry C. Heald.
Chester Pearson.
David B. Herrick.
Josiah M. Whittier.
Levi Stevens.
Alfred W. Warren.
Nathan Chamberlain.
Asa H. Sawyer.
Charles A. Whittier.
Edgar Sargent.
Evander C. Curtis.
Henry Lyford.
Newell J. Bradley.
Fred J. Rollins.
James Stevens.
Henry J. Hurd.
Moses W. Fiske.
George W. Hurd.
Aaron Houston.
C. Augustus Kesor.
Z. Taylor Reynolds.
Israel Hodsdon.
John Ham.
Allen Hunting.
Frank Roundy.
John Hunting.
Isaac R. Worth.
Chester M. Herrick.
Henry D. Fuller.
Alonzo Batchelder.
Cyrus Perkins.
Walter A. Crowell.
Benjamin Crowell.
Thomas F. Hinckley.
William Eddy.
Stephen Barker.

*Parkman lived in Charleston, but buried with Corinth's dead.