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Petition for the Incorporation of Garland

Source: Lyndon Oak, History of Garland, Maine (Dover, Me.: Observer Pub. Co., 1912).

[p. 118]
To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled, at Boston, June Session, 1810.

Humbly Sheweth: The subscribers, inhabitants of Township No. Three in the Fifth Range of Townships North of the Waldo Patent in the County of Hancock, that at present there are between two hundred and two hundred and fifty souls resident in said Town and near

[p. 119]
fifty persons liable to pay taxes. That from the first settlement of said Township which is nearly eight years since, we have been deprived of the benefit and privilege of an incorporation Wherefore your Petitioners pray the Legislature of this Commonwealth to incorporate them into a Town by the name of Garland, with all the rights and privileges that other towns are entitled in this Commonwealth by the Constitution,—Bounded as follows: East by Township No. Two, in the same Range, on the North by Township No. Three, in the Sixth Range; bounded on the West by Township No. Four in the aforesaid Fifth Range; bounded on the South by Township No. Three in the Fourth Range of Townships North of the Waldo Patent aforesaid, conformable to the original lines and corners as run and set up by Government Surveyors in the year of our LORD 1792, originally intended to include a Tract six miles square be the same more or less. Your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.
Township Number three, March, 1810.
Edward Fifield.
Isaac Hopkins.
John Stevens.
John Hayes.
Nathaniel Fifield.
John Trefetheren.
Dudley L. Fogg.
Thom's Gillpatrick, Jr.
John Pratt.
Benj. Gillpatrick.
Thomas S. Tyler.
Silas Libbee.
William Blasdell.
Jeremiah Flanders.
Phillip Greley.
Justus Hariman.
Simeon Morgan.
John Knight.
John S. Haskell.
Edward Pratt.
Joseph Garland.
Theophilus B. Morgan
Thomas Gillpatrick.
Moses Gordon.
Josiah Bartlett.
John Jackman.
Oliver Woodard.
Enoch Jackman.

[p. 120]
Cutteon Flanders.
Enoch Clough.
John E. Gordon.
Jacob Garland.
William Dustin.
Ezekiel Straw.
Amos Gordon.
John Chandler.
William Godwin.
Abraham Bond.
Samson Silver.
Isaac Wheeler.
William Sargent.
James McClure.
John Stevens.
Andrew Kimball.
Eleazer Woodard.