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Members of the Universalist Church of Winthrop

Source: David Thurston, A brief history of Winthrop: from 1764 to October, 1855 (Portland Me.: B. Thurston, steam printer, 1855).

[p. 241]
Names of the members of the Universalist church.

Rev. Giles Baily and wife,

Rev. Comfort C. Smith and wife,

Nathan Howard and wife,

James Bowdoin Fillebrown and wife,

Mrs. Nancy Richmond,

Shepherd Bean,

Mrs. Oliver Bean,

Noah Currier,

John Elliot Snell and wife,

Benjamin Perkins Briggs and wife,

Mrs. Lewis Wood,

Mrs. Lewis Cobb,

Mrs. Sophronia Chandler,

Lucy Chandler,

Azel Perkins and wife,

Francis Perley,

Nathan Fisher Cobb and wife,

Benjamin Robbins and wife,

[p. 242]
Jerusha Robbins,

Rev. Benjamin Franklin Robbins and wife.

Hiram Pitts,

George G. Fairbanks,

Mrs. Polly Stanley.