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Foxcroft Civil War Soldiers

Source: Mary Chandler Lowell, Old Foxcroft, Maine: traditions and memories, with family records (Concord, N.H.: Printed by the Rumford Press, c1935)

Punctuation has in some places been standardized.

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The first company raised in Foxcroft and Dover was recruited by Charles H. Chandler, Addison P. Buck and Charles Kimball and became Co. A. 6th Me. Vol's. The 6th Me. Regt. was mustered into the U. S. service July 1861 and formed a part of the Army of the Potomac and was in nearly every battle in which that grand army had a part. Col. Charles Peleg Chandler, a Foxcroft boy, going to the front as Major of the 1st. Mass. Inf. wrote to his mother during encampment at Great Falls that the 6th Maine formed a part of his Brigade, and on every side did he hear warm praise of his former Foxcroft mates.

Recruits from "old Foxcroft" who served in the 6th. Maine Vols :—

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Charles H. Chandler, mustered as 1st. Lieut. Co. A, promoted to Capt. and Lieut. Col. Died in Seattle Washington.

Addison P. Buck, mustered as 2rd. Lieut. promoted to 1st. Lieut. and Quartermaster. Served on Staff of Maj. Gen. Sedgewick of the 6th. Corps as Chief Forage Master, was serving his second term as Postmaster of Foxcroft when he was finally mustered out.

Edward L. Emery. Sergt. Co. A. was a resident of "old Foxcroft" at the time of his decease.

Oliver L. Brown, Corp'l. Co. A. afterwards served as Sergt. in the 13th. Maine. Died at Auburn Maine.

James E. Holmes. Corp'l Co. A. promoted to Principal Musician. He was a son of James S. Holmes Esq., the leading legal light of "old Foxcroft" for many years.

Wellington Besse, Private. Discharged for disability. Died.

Newton Blanchard, Private. Severely wounded and discharged. Died in Abbot Maine.

Otis Chamberlain. Private. Discharged for disability. At time of decease was Asst. Engineer in U. S. Army.

Franklin H. Daggett. Private, Discharged for disability. Deceased.

George W. Dawes, Private. Killed at Spottsylvania Court House Va., May 10, 1864.

Charles E. Edes, Corp. Transferred to Navy. Had served with Commadore Perry in Japan prior to the War. Died in Foxcroft.

Hiram F. Lebroke, Private, Wounded at Marye's Hg'ts. Died from effects of wounds.

Joseph D. Mansfield, Private. Afterwards served in the 16th Maine. Died in Worcester Mass.

Ichabod Macomber, Private, Discharged for disability. Deceased.

Fernando G. Pratt, Private, Served full term of enlistment. Died in Foxcroft, Mch. 11, 1911

Fred E. Plummer, Private, Served his term. Disappeared in New York on his return to Foxcroft.

Wm. G. Sewell, Private. Lived in Fresno, Cal. Died 1912.

Rufus G. Chase, Private Co. A. Joined Regiment Dec. 4 1861. Killed at Spottsylvania Court House, Va. May 10, 1864.

Thomas M. Chase, Private, Discharged for disability. Living in N. H. when last heard from.

Dr. William Buck, appointed Ass't Surgeon 6th Me. Vols. Promoted Surgeon. Served in Maine Legislature and filled many offices of trust in town. A faithful, conscientious physician Died ____19__.

Dr. Freeland S. Holmes, son of Salmon Holmes, Esq. a pioneer settler of Foxcroft. Dr. Holmes was commissioned Surgeon 6th Me. His wife, Caroline, was a sister of the War Governor of Maine, Israel Washburn Jr. Dr. Holmes died in service of diphtheria. Dr. Buck succeeded him.

George Thatcher Holmes, joined the 6th Me. as Hospital Steward, Served with his brother, Dr. Holmes and with Dr. Buck. Died in Foxcroft.

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First Maine Cavalry was the next regiment to enter service with a number from Foxcroft mustered in Dec. 31. 1861. This regiment was in more battles and skirmishes than any other in the Army of the Potomac.

Charles S. Sturgis, Sergt. Co. M. discharged for disability. Son of Benaiah Sturgis of Foxcroft. Married Mary Pillsbury, dau. of Col. Samuel Pillsbury of Foxcroft. Lived in Haverhill Mass.

Alonzo B. Briggs, Private Co. M. Discharged for disability. Died.

Henry Dexter Thayer, Private Co. M. Discharged for disability. Died.

Cyrus M. Gerry, Private Co. M. Died from wounds.

George W. Plummer, Enlisted in D. C. Cavalry. Transferred to 1st. Maine Cavalry. Died in Dover.

The 7th. Maine Regt. mustered into service Aug. 21, 1861. A distinguished record in Army of Potomac. The only Foxcroft citizen was Henry F. Daggett, who served as Sergt. and Q. M. Sergt. Died in Milo.

The 9th Maine Inf. mustered into service Sept 22, 1861 saw active and meritorious service in So. Carolina and Virginia in the Army of the Potomac.

Justin E. Batchelder, Private Co. D, 9th Me. Lost an arm. Died in Barnard Me.

Joseph Tucker, Co. D. Wounded, Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps. No record.

John A. Hoyt, Private Co. I. Discharge at close of war. Deceased.

The 13th Maine Volunteers was mustered into service Dec. 4. 1861. Saw active service in the Dept. of the Gulf. In the Red River Campaign and at the siege of Vicksburg was transferred to the Army of the Potomac where it did valiant duty under Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley.

Alfred E. Buck, Commissioned Capt. of Co. C but was promoted to Colonel of a colored Regt.

Charles M. Buck. Co. C. Served with great credit. Always on duty. Died in ____.

Charles D. Labree, Co. C. Re-inlisted. Transferred to Me. Vol.

Harry Judkins, Co. C, No record.

Cyril N. Walker, Co. C. Deceased.

The 14th. Maine Inf. was mustered into service Dec. 11, 1861. Served in Dept. of the Gulf. Transferred to Army of the Potomac and distinguished itself in the Shenandoah Valley under Sheridan.

Charles E. Washburn, Co. C. Died in New Orleans Oct. 14, 1862

Chauncey C. Lee, Corp. Co. E. Resided in Foxcroft. An officer in Reserve Militia of Maine seven years. Died in Foxcroft.

The 18th Maine, also known as the 1st. H. A. (Heavy Artillery) mustered into service Aug. 25, 1861. Served in defense of Washington

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until May, 1864. Under heavy fire May 18, 1864 with great loss in killed and wounded. And in Grant's famous campaign from the Wilderness to Petersburg, the 18th Maine lost more men killed and wounded than any other Regt in the Army of the Potomac.

Ervin Chamberlain. Co. E, Wounded May 18, 1864. Lived in Lacrosse Wis. after the war. Deceased.

Thomas O. Eaton, Sergt. Co, E. Settled in Montana.

Charles Eaton, Corp. Co. E, Settled in Washington State.

Leonard H. Washburn, Co. E. Sever[e]ly wounded, Died in Foxcroft.

Daniel V. Plummer, Co. F. Transferred from 17th Maine.

Lariston C. Parsons, Co. E, Died Feb 16, 1864.

Stacy T. Mansfield, Co. H. Mustered as a recruit Dec. 9, 1862. Died in Foxcroft.

Benjamin Weaver, Co, H. Wounded My 18, 1864.

William C. Warren, Co. H. joined as a recruit. Wounded. Died in Dover.

Leonard W. Lee Co. H 1st. H. A. joined Regt. Dec. 4, 1863. Killed in action at Petersburg, June 18, 1864 1u [sic] years old.

The 20th Maine Inf. was mustered into service Aug. 29, 1862. Saw their first service at Antietam. At the battle of Gettysburg on Little Round Top they earned undying fame, their thin line withstood the attack of three lines of battle.

Phineas M. Jefferds, Capt. Co, B. Resigned 1863, Settled in Illinois where he died.

John S. Jennison, Sergt. Co. B. died in service July 24, 1863.

Cyrus G. Pratt, Sergt. Co, B. Disabled in 1863. Died in Foxcroft.

Job S. Bearce, Co. B. Wounded but completed service. Died in Foxcroft.

William C. Brown, Corp. Co. B. Served to completion of war.

Thomas Daggett, Co. B. Mustered out June 15, 1865. Died in Foxcroft. Was a prominent agriculturalist. Member of Me. Cattle Commission.

Benjamin R. Field, Co. B. Served term of enlistment.

Jared F. Millet, Co. B. Invalid Corps. Died in Foxcroft.

Hudson S. Oakes, Co. B. Discharged with Regt. Died in Foxcroft.

Alonzo Z. Parsons, Co. B. Killed in action May 6, 1863.

Randall H. Spaulding, Co. B. Served full term. Died in Foxcroft.

Andrew C. Derring, Sergt. Co. B. Re-enlisted. Discharged June 1865.

Wm. H. Jackson, Co. B. Recruit Oct. 2 1862, Disabled

Wm. H. Jennison, Co. B. Disabled Mch. 1863. Re-e[n]listed and served as Sergt. Discharged June 1865, Co. K. 31st Me.

Danville B. Oakes, Co. B. Disabled Jan. 3, 1863, Died in Foxcroft.

Wm. Towne, Co. B. Disabled. Resided in Dover.

The 22rd. Maine was mustered into service Oct. 10, 1862, Served nine months in Dept. of the Gulf. In the Red River campaign and at the siege of Port Huron where they were commended in General orders.

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Gilman E. Fisher, Sergt. Co. I, Graduated from Colby College after the war. Prominent in educational circles. Authority on geography. Supt. of Schools.

John H. Gould, Co. I. Died in Louisiana.

B. F. Pratt, Co. I, Served full term, Died July 1912.

Edwin N. Pratt, Co. H. 1st Me. Regt. Served term of enlistment, Re-enlisted in 18th Me, Died in service. Only son of Roswill [and] Cynthia Pratt.

The 31st. Me. Inf, mustered into service Apr. 29, 1864. Took an active part in the Wilderness campaign, also final work about Petersburg. Loss of killed and wounded heavy.

Joseph S. Harlow, Capt. Co. K, Killed in action Sept. 30, 1864.

Asa F. Davis, Segt. Co, K. Disabled May 22, 1865, Died in Foxcroft.

Alanson Bullard, Co. K. killed in action Oct. 4. 1864.

Wm. C. Kenyon, Co. K. Served term of enlistment.

Lyman V. Lee, enlisted in Boston in Co. M 2rd Mass. H. A. as 1st Sergt. Later commissioned by Gov. Andrew and served during the war.

Mellen G. Prentiss, Co, B. Served from Jan. 16, 1865 to May 15, 1865 Died in Brewer Maine.

James T. Roberts, Musician Co, F. Served from Jan. 6 1865 to July 7, 1865. Died in Dover.

George F. Mayhew, Co. F. Served from Jan. 6, 1865 to July 7, 1865.