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Durham War of 1812 Soldiers

Source: Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole, History of Durham, Maine (Lewiston, Me.: Press of Lewiston Journal Co., 1899).

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There seems to have been no use other than ornamental for the Durham militia until 1814, when there was an alarm at Bath to the effect that the British were to land an expedition there. Durham sent two companies to the rescue. They gathered at the North Meeting House Sunday morning, where Rev. Jacob Herrick, chaplain of the Regt., offered a fervent prayer before their departure. The pay roll of one company is in the possession of E. H. Gerrish of Lewiston. It is of great interest as

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bearing the autograph signatures of the members of the company. This pay-roll shows that the Lieut. was paid $30 per month; the Ensign $20; Sergeants $11; Corporals $10; fifer and drummer $9; and privates $8. The total cost of this company for a campaign of twenty days was $478.50. Even miniature warfare is an expensive business. No enemy appeared, though many of the militiamen were frightened by false alarms. The following names appear on the "Muster-Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Warren's Company of Infantry of the 2nd. Regt. 1st. Brigade, Division in the service of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, under command of Lt.-Col. Charles Thomas, from the 10th of Sept. to the 29th of Sept. 1814,—called into actual service under Regt.'s orders of Sept. 10th, 1814, and stationed and discharged at Bath."

Ebenezer Warren, Capt. (Lame at home)
Francis Harmon, Lieut.
William Newell, Ensign,
Zebulon York, Sergt.
Ebenezer Roberts, Sergt.
Henry Warren, Sergt.
Joshua Gerrish, Corp.
John Fifield, Corp.
Lemuel Nichols, Corp.
Ivory Warren, Corp.
Israel Newell, Fifer,
James Woodbury, Drum.
William Gerrish, Sergt.

Andrew Adams, Jr.,
James Booker,
John Blethen,
Joseph Beal,
Francis Bennet,
Andrew Blethen,
James Cushing,
William Davis,
Nathaniel Duran,
James Dyer,
Richard Dyer, (Sick on furlough, Sept. 22.)
John Farr,
O. Israel Fifield,
Samuel Goodwin,
Charles Gerrish,
Benjamin Gerrish, Certificate,
Reuben Higgins,
John Hoyt, Jr., Certificate,
Joseph Hoyt,
Timothy M. Hibbard,
William Harrington,
William Johnson, Certificate,
Francis Knight,
George Littlefield,
Joseph Malcom,
James Maxwell,
Jabez Merrill. (Notified to appear, Sept. 10.)
Peter Mitchell. (Absent on furlough, Sept. 22.)
Benjamin M. Moses,
John Newell. (Servant to Ensign Newell.)

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John Gerrish,
James Gerrish, Certificate,
Moses Gerrish,
Daniel Harmon,
O. Israel Harmon, (Servant to Lieut. Harmon)
Robert Harmon, at Portland
Nathaniel Osgood, Jr.,
Samuel G. Osgood,
Seth Pierce,
Wm. Porterfield,
John Rourk,
William Roak,
Thomas Runnels,
Andrew Scott, (Substitute Rowland Hill.)
Ebenezer Snow,
Isaac Stetson,
Charles Stetson,
Ebenezer Strout, (Notified to appear, Sept. 10.)
Theophilus Thomas,
James Nichols,
Clement Orr,
Aaron Osgood, Jr. Discharged Sept. 16.
David Osgood, Jr.,
Moses Osgood,
Jacob Herrick, Jr. (Notified to appear Sept. 10.)
Benjamin True,
Benjamin Vining,
William Vining,
Stephen Wesson,
Rufus Warren, (On furlough Sept. 22.)
Samuel Wagg, (Notified to appear Sept. 10.)
Henry Wormell,
Simeon Snow,
Moses Snow,
Job Sylvester, 3rd.,
Joseph Sylvester,
Samuel Tracy, Certificate,
Total, 82.

The following Roll was prepared by Z. K. Harmon and placed in the Adjutant Geueral's Office at Augusta.

Roll of Capt. William Webster's Co. of Militia in Lieut.-Col. Charles Thomas' Regt., raised in Durham and in service at Bath 13th to 27th Sept. 1814.
William Webster, Capt.
Elias Staten, Lieut.
Samuel Roberts, Ensign,
Jeremiah Dingley, Sergt.
Thomas Waterhouse, Sergt.
Luther Plummer, Sergt.
John Stackpole, Jr., Sergt.
Nathaniel Bragdon, Corp.
Edmond Dow, Corp.
John Mitchell, Corp.
Joshua Robinson, Fifer.

Thomas Austin,
David Bowie,
George Bowie,
Simeon Blethen,
Andrew Hunnewell,
Benjamin Hunnewell,
John Hunnewell,
Moses Hunnewell,

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John Bragdon, Jr.,
Ephraim Bragdon,
John Dingley,
John Ellis,
Thomas Fabyan,
Joshua Fickett,
Rishworth Pickett,
Reuben Gross,
Andrew Harriden,
Dennis Libby,
Moses Libby,
William Libby, Jr.,
Orlando Merrill,
Isaac Martin,
Charles McKenny,
Jedidiah McKenny,
William Mclienny,
David Miller, Jr.,
Samuel Nichols, Jr.,
Amos Parker,
Nathaniel Parker,
Elijah Proctor,
George Proctor,
Samuel Putney,
George Rice,
Robert Hunnewell,
Joshua Jones, Jr.,
Isaac Lambert,
John Larrabee,
Jonathan Larrabee,
Joseph Larrabee,
Nathaniel Larrabee,
William Larrabee,
William Larrabee, Jr.,
Reuben Roberts,
Samuel Roberts, Jr.,
Samuel Sawyer,
Samuel Skinner,
Samuel Stackpole,
Jeremiah Stoddard,
James Strout,
Jonathan Strout,
Ammi Vining,
Samuel Ward,
William Webster, Jr.,
Nathaniel Wilbur,
Thomas Roberts, 3rd.,
Samuel Turner,
Daniel Rice,
Total, 68.

Durham is said to have furnished the following volunteers in the War of 1812. I am unable to give authority for the statement.
Nathaniel Bragdon,
Jarvis Beal,
Theophilus Knight,
Asa Lambert,
Simeon Sanborn,
Barstow Newell.
Ezekiel McIntosh
John Nason,
William Roak,
William Weeks,
Samuel Goodwin.