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Some Durham Marriages, 1789-1839

Source: Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole, History of Durham, Maine (Lewiston, Me.: Press of Lewiston Journal Co., 1899).

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10 Sept. 1789 Josiah Jones of Bowdoin and Eleanor Mitchell.

6 Dec. 1792 Henry McKenney and Mehitabel Vining.

20 Jan. 1793 Benjamin Avery of Gilmantown, N. H., and Sally Parker.

6 Nov. 1794 Jedediah Robinson and Polly Nichols.

18 Nov. 1795 Seth Mitchell, Jr. of North Yarmouth and Ruth Merrill.

9 Feb. 1796 James Jordan of Bowdoin and Abigail Dingley of Pejepscot.

12 Feb. 1796 Isaac Peaks of Brunswick and Thankful Coombs of Poland.

9 Mch. 1796 Solomon Dyer and Sarah Woodbury, both of Pejepscot.

24 Mch. 1796 Edward Oakes and Elizabeth Mitchell, both of North Yarmouth.

26 May 1796 Joseph Larrabee and Abigail McKenney, both of Little Gore.

20 Nov. 1796 William Dingley, Jr. of Pejepscot and Sally Atkins of Lewiston.

26 Jan. 1797 Thomas Row and Polly Gross, both of Pejepscot.

19 Mch. 1797 James Parker and Betty Vining.

6 Apr. 1797 Charles Moody and Mrs. Sally Blanchard.

26 Apr. 1797 James Aymes and Rebecca Crockett.

27 Nov. 1797 Abraham McKenney and Molly McKenney.

20 Mch. 1798 John Larrabee and Mrs. Huldah Brown.

17 June 1798 Thomas Goss and Betsey Witham.

30 Oct. 1798 Timothy Dunton and Phebe Getchall.

6 Jan. 1799 John Orr and Lissa Bragdon.

10 Apr. 1799 James Winslovv of New Gloucester and Mary Eaton.

25 Aug. 1799 Joshua Moody and Betty Moody, both of Pejepscot Gore.

21 Nov. 1799 Matthias Vickery and Sally Dingley.

19 Dec. 1799 James Douglas and Eliza Millbanks.

25 Dec. 1799 Moses Brown and Hannah Larrabee.

23 Feb. 1800 Clement Orr and Nancy Knight.

23 Mch. 1800 David Davis of Lewiston and Molly Pierce.

21 Aug. 1800 Jeremiah Smith and Dolly Jackson.

3 Dec. 1800 Elijah Galusha of Bowdoin and Anna Fisher.

22 Aug. 1802 Edmond Knight of Pittstown and Jane Eaton.

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3 Oct. 1802 Phinehas Frost of Pejepscot and Nelly Witherell.

29 Nov. 1802 Ebenezer Guardner and Hannah Sawyer.

10 Jan. 1803 Samuel Merrill and Betsey Wilbour.

3 Feb. 1803 Walter Fogg and Dolly McIntire.

3 Mch. 1803 Thomas Preble of Bowdoinham and Elizabeth Douglas of Freeport.

30 Mch. 1804 William Goddard of Brunswick and Patience Clough.

27 May 1804 Thomas Heze (?) and Joanna Woodman, both of Freeport.

7 Oct. 1804 Thomas Henderson of Lisbon and Phebe Stoddard.

27 Oct. 1805 Thomas Trafton of Lewiston and Sarah Crabtree.

2 Feb. 1806 Josiah Libby of Freeport and Lydia Davis,

16 Nov. 1806 Asa Gould of Brunswick and Hannah Orr.

30 Sept. 1807 William P. Allen and Peggy Randall.

14 Nov. 1807 Joseph B. Allen and Susannah Roberts.

9 Nov. 1809 Richard Hustin and Polly Douglas.

26 Jan. 1810 Rushworth Fickett and Hannah Dyer of Cape Elizabeth.

14 Oct. 1810 William Blake and Abigail Plummer.

29 Nov. 1810 Aaron McKenney and Phebe McKenney.

3 Jan. 1811 Stephen McKenney and Eleanor Bragdon.

6 Jan. 1811 William Brumajoin of Monmouth and Mary Fisher.

7 Apr. 1811 John Hinkley of Brunswick and Hannah Clough.

2 Feb. 1812 Isaac Cox of Brunswick and Desire Estes.

26 Aug. 1812 Peter Kelley and Maria Foss.

1 Sept. 1812 John H. Leach and Sally Hill.

15 May 1813 Wm. Tuttle of Pownal and Deborah Sylvester.

29 Sept. 1813 Samuel Ward and Annie Bailey.

24 Jan. 1814 Shubael Hinkley and Betsey Spade.

12 Jan. 1815 James Dyer and Sarah Dunham.

22 Oct. 1815 Calvin Cowin of Lisbon and Tamar Dyer.

27 Dec. 1815 Nicholas Varney of Brunswick and Sarah Langdon.

15 Nov. 1815 Samuel Garcelon of Lewiston and Hannah Robinson.

25 Jan. 1816 Samuel Browning and Mary Burgess.

12 Mch. 1816 Joshua Bangs of Brunswick and Mary Creasy.

11 Apr. 1816 Sylvanus Harrington and Lucy Douglas.

4 Dec. 1817 Levi Bragdon and Mary Sawyer.

1 Jan. 1818 John Lunt and Phebe Goddard, both of Brunswick.

1 Feb. 1818 John Francis of Lisbon and Miriam Cooper.

23 July 1818 Daniel Douglas and Sarah Bailey, both of Freeport.

20 Dec. 1818 John Sylvester of Freeport and Lydia Ward of Brunswick.

12 Feb. 1819 Silas Kemp of Harpswell and Betsey Bishop.

30 Aug. 1819 Charles Dicker and Rhoda Francis.

26 Sept. 1819 Amasa D. Morlin and Hannah Hinkley.

Jan. 1820 Benjamin Burgess and Almira Sawyer.

8 Feb. 1820 Wm. Estes of Brunswick and Lydia Libby of Pownal.

12 Nov. 1820 Levi Bragdon of Falmouth and Sally Pettengill.

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20 Nov. 1820 Matthew Campbell of Bowdoin and Hannah Douglas of Freeport.

21 Nov. 1820 Rufus Moses and Margaret Freeman.

1 Feb. 1821 Daniel Lunt of Brunswick and Esther Tuttle.

8 Mch. 1821 Sylvanus Harrington and Hannah Lord of Lisbon.

30 Apr. 1821 Jonathan Richardson and Elizabeth Wagg,

30 Sept. 1821 Jonathan Libby of Scarborough and Eveline Tyler of Pownal.

20 Nov. 1821 Joseph Ward of Brunswick and Leah Sylvester of Freeport.

28 Nov. 1821 James Brown and Mary Thoits, both of Pownal.

3 Dec. 1821 Benjamin Peterson of Lisbon and Hannah Merrill.

6 Dec. 1821 Thomas Coombs and Rhoda Douglas, both of Brunswick.

30 Dec. 1821 Eleazer McKenney and Martha Spaulding.

31 Dec. 1821 Stephen C. Dyer of Unity and Esther Spaulding.

14 Feb. 1822 Francis Merrill of Peru and Asenath Hayes of New Gloucester.

10 Mch. 1822 James Bishop and Mary Estes.

29 Aug. 1822 Sewell Brown and Eleanor Libby, both of Pownal.

30 Oct. 1822 David Starboard and Nancy Malcomb.

5 Nov. 1822 Benjamin Weymouth and Mary Davis, both of Pownal.

10 Nov. 1822 Ebenezer Sylvester of Freeport and Eliza Tyler of Pownal.

10 Nov. 1822 Jeremiah Cotton and Salome Sylvester.

21 Jan. 1823 John Duran and Martha Whitmore.

23 Jan. 1823 Samuel Matthew and Sarah Welch, both of Harpswell.

5 Mch. 1823 Ebenezer Frye and Lydia Austin.

3 Apr. 1823 Caleb Hawkes and Rachel Philbrook.

17 June 1823 Josiah Walker of Pownal and Joanna Brown.

24 Aug. 1823 Addison Metcalf of Lisbon and Elizabeth Varney of Brunswick.

2 Nov. 1823 Holway Allen of Fairfield and Hannah Page.

6 Nov. 1823 John Jordan 3d of Raymond and Thirza Brown of Pownal.

4 Dec. 1823 Daniel Dill and Polly Sawyer.

23 Dec. 1823 Nathaniel Curtis and Hannah Davis.

29 Jan. 1824 Joseph Frye of Bowdoin and Ann Bishop.

6 May 1824 Nathaniel Sweetser of North Yarmouth and Susan Allen of Pownal.

11 May 1824 George Newbegin and Mary Gee.

31 Aug. 1824 David Allen of Pownal and Sophronia Watts of New Gloucester.

23 Sept. 1824 John C. Hinkley and Lorania Orr.

6 Jan. 1825 Nathan Hanson and Sarah Austin.

27 Jan. 1825 Benjamin Sawyer of Pownal and Lydia Field of Freeport.

3 Mch. 1825 Cyrus Buffam and Lydia Estes.

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14 Mch. 1825 David Rogers of Raymond and Susannah Harmon.

7 Apr. 1825 Holmes Winslow of New Gloucester and Abigail Duran.

5 May 1825 John Rogers and Lucy Jones.

25 Aug. 1825 Job Merrill and Asenath Stetson.

28 Sept. 1825 Josiah Jones and Mary Austin.

29 Sept. 1825 Elijah Cole and Elizabeth Jones.

29 Sept. 1825 Reuben Cole and Mary Jones.

24 Nov. 1825 Samuel Foss and Sally Sawyer.

1 Mch. 1826 John Brown and Betsey Winslow.

2 Mch. 1826 Amos Bailey of Topsham and Narcina Estes.

6 Apr. 1826 Harry Atkins and Thankful B. Foss.

11 Oct. 1826 Benjamin Lemont and Mahala Brown.

28 Dec. 1826 David G. Nore of Hampden and Martha G. Nichols.

20 Feb. 1827 Amos Lambert of Parkman and Martha Kimball.

18 Apr. 1827 Jeremiah Sawyer of Pownal and Elizabeth M. Merrill of Westbrook.

19 Apr. 1827 Levi Clough of Pownal and Priscilla Merrill of Westbrook.

20 May 1827 Nehemiah Allen, Jr. and Ann Tuttle, both of Pownal.

22 May 1827 Eli Wood and Mary Ann Dunn, both of Gorham.

18 June 1827 Joseph Hamlin and Phebe Libby, both of Gorham.

5 July 1827 Wm. Jones 2d of Lewiston and Data Sawyer.

13 Sept. 1827 Samuel Sawyer 3d and Rhoda Ann Nutting of Pownal.

4 Oct. 1827 Wesley Thompson and Betsey Tyler.

8 Nov. 1827 George W. Morse and Lydia Douglas, both of Brunswick.

11 Dec. 1827 Mark Allen of Pownal and Olive Marston of North Yarmouth.

15 Mch. 1828 Daniel Weston of Cumberland and Nancy Randall of Pownal.

21 Sept. 1828 John Moulton and Peace Jones.

21 Sept. 1828 Daniel Gould and Lydia W. Wyer.

9 Oct. 1828 Jeremiah Dain of Parkman and Louisa Talbot of Freeport.

22 Mch. 1829 Zenas Weston of Cumberland and Sally N. Dresser of Pownal.

23 Apr. 1829 Ammi M. Cotton of Freeport and Mary Lake of Pownal.

13 July 1829 Melzer F. Dillingham and Jane B. Reed, both of Durham.

22 Sept. 1829 David Bailey of Poland and Nancy Allen of Pownal.

1 Oct. 1829 True Tuttle and Mary Brown, both of Pownal.

24 Dec. 1829 Eliphalet W. Davis and Abigail Dresser, both of Pownal.

11 Feb. 1830 David Estes and Mary Ann Grant, both of Pownal.

21 Apr. 1830 Thomas Wright, Jr. of Strong and Helena True of Pownal.

2 May 1830 Jeremiah D. Estes of China and Sarah J. Kendall of Durham.

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12 Oct. 1830 James S. Rice of Pownal and Eunice S. Johnson of North Yarmouth.

21 Oct. 1830 Cyrus Royal and Elizabeth Todd, both of Pownal.

24 Oct. 1830 Reuben Grant and Dorothy Grose, both of Freeport.

22 Nov. 1830 John Fogg and Lucy Fogg, both of Freeport.

2 Dec. 1830 Samuel Durrell of Woodstock and Jemima Randall of Pownal.

5 Jan. 1831 John Tyler of Pownal and Sarah H. Lord of Portland.

24 Mch. 1831 Jacob Turner and Rachel Coffin, both of Freeport.

17 Apr. 1831 John N. Stoddard of Lisbon and Mary Blethen of Durham.

29 May 1831 George Allen and Sally Randall, both of Pownal.

23 June 1831 George W. Tobie and Sarah Demerit, both of Orono.

5 June 1831 David N. Frost and Elizabeth Newbegin, both of Pownal.

17 July 1831 John B. Sawyer and Hannah Sawyer, both of Pownal.

18 Aug. 1831 Loring Gould and Mary Littlefield.

13 Oct. 1831 Christopher Dalie of Lincolnville and Lydia Ross of Pownal.

22 Dec. 1831 Joseph Libby, Jr. and Maria Jones, both of Pownal.

30 Dec. 1831 Ephraim S. Hannaford of Lisbon and Dorcas Ayer.

19 Jan. 1832 William Randall of Pownal and Lydia Haskell.

13 May 1832 Joseph Hammond of N. Berwick and Mrs. Betsey Thompson of Durham.

29 July 1832 Ira Mitchell and Mary Ann Soule, both of Freeport.

23 Sept. 1832 Gardner Dyer and Sarah Estes, both of Pownal.

25 Sept. 1832 Joseph Sawyer and Rachel B. Sawyer, both of Durham.

30 Sept. 1832 Charles Gowen of Brunswick and Jane Dyer.

20 Jan. 1833 Simon Getchell and Elmina Davis.

2 May 1833 Samuel Libby and Fatima Larrabee, both of Durham.

12 May 1833 James A. Merrill of Falmouth and Achsah Libby of Durham.

13 June 1833 Hiram Mitchell of Lisbon and Hannah Fickett.

22 Sept. 1833 John Larrabee of Freedom and Mary Bragdon.

6 Apr. 1834 Hanson Bragdon and Ann Ayer, both of New Gloucester.

12 Oct. 1834 Wm. Bacon of Gorham and Jane W. Marston of N. Yarmouth.

9 Nov. 1834 Samuel Libby of Litchfield and Sally Brown of Pownal.

7 June 1835 Wm. P. McKenney of Brunswick and Lucy Thurston of Danville.

18 June 1835 Allen G. Sturdivant of Cumberland and Eliza Lang.

21 June 1835 Reuben Dyer of Strong and Sarah Stanford.

23 July 1835 Elbridge G. Bailey and Betsey L. Warner of New Gloucester.

7 Oct. 1835 Stephen M. Blackstone of Pownal and Susan Warner of New Gloucester.

25 Oct. 1835 Nathaniel Mirch and Mercy Sawyer, both of Westbrook.

26 Nov. 1835 George B. Litchfield and Sarah Ann Field, both of Freeport.

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10 Dec. 1835 Charles Knight of Freeport and Cincinnati Fogg of Bath.

10 Dec. 1835 Samuel F. Hemmenway and Martha Knight, both of Freeport.

3 Jan. 1836 Jacob Larrabee, Jr. of Danville and Jane Larrabee of Durham.

14 Jan. 1836 Hiram Jennings and Sally D. McIntosh.

7 Jan. 1836 Sidney Bailey and Aurillia Benson, both of Durham.

1 Feb. 1836 Thomas Murry, Jr. and Mary Fickett, both of Portland.

12 June 1836 A. Bisbee of Lisbon and Clarissa Gould of Durham.

7 July 1836 Daniel L. Weymouth of Topsham and Eveline T. Herrick of Lisbon.

24 July 1836 Joseph Thrasher, Esq. of Durham and Thirza Tuttle of Pownal.

13 Nov. 1836 Elias Knight and Olive Libby, both of Pownal.

10 Apr. 1837 Alfred Cox and Adaline Estes, both of Lisbon.

11 May 1837 Paul Douglas and Emily Sawyer, both of Durham.

30 Nov. 1837 John Higgins of Cape Elizabeth and Sarah Robinson of Durham.

24 Dec. 1837 Abner Dennison and Eliza Sylvester, both of Durham.

20 Mch. 1838 Thomas Paine 2d and Susan Dresser, both of Pownal.

29 Apr. 1838 James A. Merrill of Falmouth and Eliza Libby.

24 June 1838 Edward T. Cushman of Portland and Mary B. Jones of Pownal.

20 Sept. 1838 Artemas Moody of Standish and Abigail R. Hopkins of Brunswick.

24 Sept. 1838 John R. Plummer of Pownal and Huldah Bragdon.

1 Nov. 1838 Stephen M. Noyes of Falmouth and Thankful Marston of N. Yarmouth.

6 Nov. 1838 Joseph Tuttle 2d and Elizabeth M. Davis, both of Pownal.

11 Nov. 1838 Joseph Hunnewell and Bethina Larrabee of Durham.

29 Nov. 1838 Seward Stoddard and Lois Knight, both of Freeport.

13 Dec. 1838 Aaron L. Rose and Catharine Staples, both of New Gloucester.

24 Jan. 1839 Wm. A. Larrabee and Susan D. Sawyer of Pownal.

17 Feb. 1839 Michael Knight and Jane L. Brown, both of Pownal.

12 Mch. 1839 Joseph E. F. Gower of New Gloucester and Jane Soule of Freeport.

15 Dec. 1839 Jesse Webber of Lisbon and Alice Hammon.