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Falmouth Scholars, 1771

King, Marquis Fayette, comp., Baptisms and Admission from the Records of First Church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine (Portland, Me.: Maine Genealogical Society, 1898).

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[p. 199]
List of scholars who attended the school in Falmouth in 1771, kept by Theophilus Parsons, afterwards Chief Justice of Massachusetts.

The school house was on the west side of King street, just above Middle street.

John Blanchard (killed by lightning at Harrison, Me.)

William [Blanchard]

John Boynton

Francis Bradbury

Theophilus [Bradbury]

William [Bradbury]

Wyman [Bradbury]

Daniel Cobb

Richard Codman

John G. Cushing

James Day

Jonathan Dow

Joshua Flint

Reuben Gage

Joshua Gordan

Nathaniel [Gordan]

Stephen Harper

William [Harper]

Dorcas Ilsley

Enoch [Ilsley] (lost at sea)

Ferdinand [Ilsley]

Simon Knight

Jonathan Lambert

Hannah Little

Ebenezer Mayo

Jonathan Freeman [Mayo]

Abner Merrill

Benjamin Moody

Judith [Moody]

Nathaniel [Moody]

Polly [Moody]

Sally [Moody]

William [Moody]

Enoch Morse

Joseph [Morse]

Nathaniel [Morse]

Polly [Morse]

Daniel Mountfort

Benjamin Mussey

Edward [Mussey]

Theodore [Mussey]

Thomas Newman

David Noyes

William [Noyes]

William Pearson

Benjamin Pettingell

Hope Pike

Sally [Pike]

Gideon Plummer

Ebenezer Preble

Edward [Preble]

Enoch [Preble]

Joshua [Preble]

Statia [Preble]

Joseph Prout

John Quinby

Levi [Quinby]

Alexander Robinson

Samuel [Robinson]

William Rowland

Francis Small

George Souther

Polly Stone

John Stover

Benjamin Titcomb

William [Titcomb]

Daniel Tucker

Polly [Tucker]

Samuel Waite

Stephen [Waite]

Thomas Oxnard [Waite]

Philip Weeks

Betsey Wiswell

John [Wiswell]

Peleg [Wiswell] (afterwards judge in Nova Scotia)

Jonathan Woodman

Thomas [Woodman]