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Attorneys Admitted to Supreme Judicial Courts, 1801-1819

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 7 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1892).

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In the clerk's office of the Supreme Judicial Court of York County is a book called the Bar Book. (N. J. Herrick in the Biddeford Standard, Oct., 1891. The terms of the Supreme Judicial Court were held at York, Portland, Wiscasset and Castine. At this time I think there was only one Clerk for the Court and he attended at all the Terms.)

The above named book is of great value as it contains the signatures of the following named attorneys, who were admitted 1801 to 1819, inclusive:

"1801—At York, Geo. W. Wallingford, Judah Dana, Nicholas

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Emery; at Portland, John C. Little; at Augusta, Nathan Bridge; at Pownalboro, Andrew Greenwood, Josiah Stebbins; at Castine, Warren F. Call, Thos. S. Sparhawk; at Portland, Ezekiel Whitman; at Pownalboro, Jere Bailey, Jno. Merrill, Jun.

1802—At York, John Holmes; at Augusta, Dudley Todd; at Castine, Bohan P. Field; at Wiscasset, Erastus Foote.

1803—At Ipswich, Edward Little, Wm. Wetmore; at York, Benj. Greene; at Wiscasset, Samuel P. Glidden; at Castine, Dan'l P. Upton; at Portland, Benjamin Orr; at Augusta, Thomas Cobb.

1804—At Ipswich, Joseph Storey, John Varnum; at Portland, Stephen Longfellow, Barrett Porter; at Wiscasset, Ebenezer Thatcher; at Castine, William Abbott, Andrew Morton, Sam E. Dutton; at Alfred, Jacob McGaw, Nathaniel Coffin; at Portland, Joseph Pope, Daniel Howard, Peter Machen; at Augusta, Henry V. Chamberlain, Phillips Trask.

1805—At York, Joseph Dane, William Lambert; at Portland, Nathan Kinsman, Horatio Southgate; at Augusta, Ruel Williams; at Wiscasset, George Reid; at Salem, Sam'l Farrar, Joseph Dana, Andrew Dexter, Jr., Israel Munroe.

1806—At Portland, James Charles Jewett, Oliver Bray, Peter Thatcher; at Augusta, Nathan Cutler, E. W. Ripley, E. T. Warren; at Castine, Archibald Jones, Manasseh Smith, Jr., Joen Dihox, Charles Coffin; at Salem, Luther Lawrence, William M. Richardson, Loammi Baldwin, Rufus Hosmer, John Prince, Jr., Ralph H. French, Samuel Swett, Jno. Pickering, Jr., Tyler Bigelow, Daniel A. White.

1807—At York, William Lambert, John Burnham; at Portland, Samuel Whitmore, Jr., Elisha B. Cutler, Daniel W. Lincoln, Woodbury Storer, Jr., Nathan Weston, Jr., Tho. Hopkins, Jr., Wm. B. Sewall; at Augusta, Sanford Kingsbury, Thomas Bond, Jr., Daniel Campbell, Timothy Boutelle, H. Weld Fuller; at Wiscasset, Elias Phinney, Samuel Bullard, Fred'k Allen; at Castine, John Godfrey, Philo H. Washburn, George Herbert, Samuel Little; at Salem, Ben R. Nichols, Joseph Sprague, 3d, W. B. Damster, Samuel Hubbard; at Portland, Henry Farwell, Nathaniel Howe, Luther Tanor.

1808—At Portland, Samuel A. Bradley, Simon Greenleaf, Israel Gates, Jeremiah Bradbury, William Freeman, Alfred Metcalf; at Augusta, Zachariah Soule, Luther Emerson; at Wiscasset, Benjamin Ames, Eben Clap, Mason Shaw; at Castine, John Pike, Enoch Brown, Wm. D. Williamson; at Salem, Samuel L. Knapp.

1809—At York, Samuel Cushman; at Portland, Jos. Adams, Josiah Whitman Mitchell, Hezekiah Frost, Henry Putnam; at Augusta, Alexander Belcher; at Castine, Samuel M. Pond, Thomas E. Hale, Jonathan D. Weston; at Salem, John Maurice O'Brien; at York, W. A. Hayes; at Augusta, Jeremiah Perley, W. Warren Preston.

1810—At Wiscasset, Abel Boynton, Isaac G. Reed; at Castine, John Dickinson, Anselm Basset; at Salem, Joseph Hovey.

1811—At Portland, Samuel Fessenden, Jacob Sheafe Smith; at Augusta, Thomas A. Hill, Bartlett Allen; at Castine, Geo. T. Chapman.

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1814—At York, Ichd. R. Chadbourne, Jonathan Clarke; at Portland, Levi Whitman, Tristram Gilman, William Barrows, David Stanwood; at Augusta, John Potter, Williams Emmons, Jonathan G. Hunton, David Kidder; at Wiscasset, Samuel E. Smith, Jas. Sprague, Samuel Gray, Alfred Johnson, Jr., James Hill; at Salem, Reuben Washburn, Francis Eaton.

1815—At York, Joseph Woodman, Jr.; at Portland, John Mussey, Jun., Peter C. Virgin, Jacob Hill; at Augusta, Wm. Buckminster; at Wiscasset, Benj. Randall, Geo. Kimball; at Salem, Thomas Stephens, Jr., John Scott, Theodore Eames.

1816—At York, Asa Freeman, Thomas Cobb; at Portland, Edmund Andrews, Enoch Lincoln, William Bradbury, Jr.; at Augusta, W. E. Wiloe, Hiram Belcher; at Wiscasset, Jonas Wheeler, Sam'l S. Wilkinson; at Castine, Zacheus Porter.

1817—At York, Ether Shepley, Chas. Greene, Wm. Burleigh, Rufus McIntire; at Augusta, Jotham Fairfield, J. McLellan, Timothy Farnham; at Wiscasset, Edwin Smith; at Castine, Rufus B. Allyn; at Salem, Stephen W. Marston, Elisha F. Wallace, James H. Duncan.

1818—At York, George Thatcher, Jr.; at Portland, Wm. T. Vaughan, Samuel F. Brown; at Augusta, Peleg Sprague, Edward Fuller, William Clark; at Wiscasset, Lucius Barnard, John Bulfinch, Daniel F. Harding.

1819—At Portland, Peleg Chandler, Jr., Ashur Ware, Nath. Deering, John Anderson, John P. Boyd, Thomas Amory Deblois; at Augusta, Richard Belcher; at Wiscasset, Gorham Parks, Joseph Sewall, Jr.; at Salem, Rufus Porter Hovey."