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Record of Marriages by Rev. Jonathan Adams in Woolwich, 1817-1831

Source: Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 5 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1890).

[p. 218]
(Contributed by his son, Rev. J. E. Adams, D.D., of Bangor.)
Anno Domino 1817.
June 29, Mr. Lemuel Trott Jr., to Miss Betsey Bean.
October 15, Mr. Solomon Walker, Jr., to Miss Sarah Blackman.
October 19, Mr. David G. Stinson, to Miss Sally Preble.
November 9, Mr. Caleb Wade, to Miss Mary M. Smith.
Dec. 18, Mr. Nehemiah Hodgkins, to Miss Sally Mariner.
Dec. 25, Mr. Charles Trott, to Miss Joanna Curtis.

Feb. 25, Mr. Abner Lowell, of Alna, to Miss Mary McKown Smith, of Woolwich.
March 28, Mr. Albert Delano, to Miss Olive Grow Farnham.
April 28, Mr. Levi Curtis, to Miss Elizabeth Partridge.
May 23, Dr. Cleaveland Buck, to Miss Charlotte Preble.
Aug. 3, Mr. Charles Newell to Miss Eliza G. Hathorn.
Sept. 12, Mr. Ebenezer McLoon to Miss Jennette Fullerton.
Oct. 3, Mr. Huston Stinson to Miss Susanna W. Delano.

Nov. 9, Steven Wyman and Lydia Reed, both of this town.
Nov. 28, John Carlton and Elizabeth McClintock.

Jan. 27, Louis Allen of Dresden and Mary Leeman of Woolwich.
April 26, James Blinn, 2nd, and Pamelia Springer.
Sept. 20, Mr. Lemuel White Harnden and Elizabeth Grace McKown.

Sept. 26, Benjamin F. Tallman and Alice McGown.
Oct. 22, Henry Brown White and Priscilla Perkins.
Dec. 3, Thomas Blair and Mary Reed.
Dec. 31, Alfred Reed and Mary Lilly.

May 20, John Cross and Mary Green.
Nov. 20, John Goodwin of Dresden and Jane Lilly.

Sept. 21, Capt. Horatio Smith and Eliza Sophia Tollman.
Oct. 20, Capt. Joseph Cargill of New Castle and Clarasa Harlow Delano.

[p. 219]
Mov. [sic] 6, Benjamin Grover, Jr. and Martha Lilly.
Dec. 8, George Lilly and Widow Mary Palmer of Gardiner.
Dec. 26, Alexander Gray and Clarisa Goss.

July 17, Huston Stinson and Jane C. Farnham.

[no date given] Samuel H. Fullerton and Ann Carlton.

June 6, Stephen Curtis of Bowdoinham and Apphia Curtis.
June 10, Christopher T. Otis and Sarah W. Carter.

Jan. 20, James C. Tallman of Bath and Jane R. Green of Woolwich.
March 11, Isaac Thwing and Sarah White.
June 1, William Gilmore and Harriet Preble.
Sept. 4, Frederic Bates of Bowdoinham and Joanna Thwing.
Sept. 28, James Gilmore and Rachel Wade.
Oct. 21, Capt. John R. Stinson [and] Mrs. Joanna T. Ryan.
Nov. 24, Capt. Samuel Reed and Mrs. Mary White.

1828 [sic].
June 9, Ephraim Carlton and Jane Gilmore.
Nov. 8, Samuel G. Eaton an[d] Mary Partridge.

Nov. 12, John Thwing and Mrs. Sarah Jenkins.
Dec. 20, Lemuel Trott and Nancy Webb.

Jan. 21, William K. Libby Jr. and Margaret Williams.
May 15, Charles Fairservice and Rebekah Perkins.
June 3, John M. Bailey Jr. and Margaret Williams.
June 10, married at Dresden, Mr. Isaac Otis of Waterville and Meribah W. Tallman of Dresden.
Dec. 5, Henry Starkey of Wiscasset and Jonna B. Partridge.

April 7, John Percy Jr. of Phippsburg and Elizabeth Gilmore.
June 16, Benjamin Trott 2nd and Esther H. Gilmore.
Aug. 10, William P. Stinson and Mary Preble.
Aug. 28, David C. Farnham and Fanny Trott.
Aug. 30, Lincoln Webb of Dresden and Rachel M. Day.
Oct. 19, Orlando L. Delano and Rachel Grover, both of Woolwich.

Married 57 in all.
Here closes the record for Woolwich.
Mr. Adams went to Deer Isle in May 1832.
*All of Woolwich unless otherwise named.