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Georgetown Marriage Intentions, 1743-1762

Source: >Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 3 (Portland, Me.: S.M. Watson, 1886)

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communicated by rev. h. o. thayer.
Georgetown as originally constituted, comprised simply Arrowsic Island.—or more precisely, that compact defensible settlement on the southern part of the island, known as the Watts Settlement. Hence in the first years, in documents and letters, it was frequently denominated, "Georgetown on Arrowsick Island."

It gained legal incorporation as the tenth town in the "District of Maine," June 13, 1716. The evident origin of the name appears in the fact, that a year and a half previous, a prince of the house of Hanover, was crowned king of England, with the title, George the First. These loyal settlers now engaged in building new homes by the Kennebec, honored their new Sovereign by giving his name to their infant town,—the first to gain municipal rights in Maine after his accession. In further honor to the new house, an attempt was made, futile indeed, to displace the aboriginal name of the island, and to call it "Hanover Island."

In June, 1738, a new tract of incorporation joined the adjacent territory on both sides of the river, as high up as Merry-meeting Bay to this Georgetown on Arrowsic island. The town records now existing begin with the first town meeting, Dec. 26, 1738.

No records of birth were attempted, so far as appears, until many years later. Then evidently the clerk gathered what he could for previous years, and a few names are found of a date previous to 1730. Marriages were not recorded until 1760, and deaths later and in meager numbers.

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The following Intentions of Marriage were a few years ago discovered among an unfortunately small remnant of early town papers now preserved. Their value as early records of Eastern Maine seems to demand their publication.

They are in the peculiar handwriting of the noted official,—clerk, selectman, captain, major, judge,—Samuel Denny, Esq. They are written on eight sheets of paper, sewed together, covered with rough brown paper, making a small folio, 6x7 in. The twine loop at the upper corner indicates that it hung on a convenient peg or nail in the living-room, bar-room, magistrate's room, of Denny's garrison.

The names are reproduced literatim, though missing capitals are supplied. In this matter, Esq. Denny was as lawless as his spelling was unique.

Every entry was written out in full, as shown in these examples. The early ones are in this form,—as No. 7. "february. 16—1744-5 William Lithgo of st georges and sarah noble of georgetown Intends mariage—published and sertificate given according to law pr samuell Denny Tn clk." A later form appears in his own case:— "York ss July—1751 an Intention of marriage between samuell Denny of georgetown Esqr and madm Rachel White of north yarmouth Entred published and sirtificate given pr samuel Denny Town Clark."

In the Intentions, the residence of the parties will be in all cases Georgetown, unless otherwise noted. The letter (R) after a name denotes "Residenter," or "residing in," by which clerk Denny evidently designated persons having a temporary, not legal, residence in the town.

It appears that many "Intentions" failed to be realized. At least the record shows in a number of cases, only the entry and publishment, but no certification, or in a few cases not the publishment.

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The evidences of the clerk's official precision will not allow all these, perhaps not any, to be assigned to neglect in completing the record. Plainly, causes intervened to nip the bud of ardent hope. How many a romance is hidden under these withheld certificates, none can tell. It may however be noticed, that the name of the expectant bride in No. 8, appears again seventeen years after, as that of a bride in reality, of none other than the honored Magistrate Denny himself. Similar cases show that the first disappointment was healed by a second choice.

Dec. 1, 1743. John Reede, of Topsam, and Hanah Savage.

[Dec.] 10, [1743.] John Neele and Jane Evins.

Jan. 7, 1743-4. Patrick Mehanney and Jane Grase.

Aug. 26, 1744. Samuell Grenlief and Hepsibath Prebel.

Sept. 5, [1744.] John Briant and Mary Coliard.

[Sept.] 18, [1744.] William Fillbrook and Mary Grant.

Feb. 16, 1744-5. William Lithgo, of St. Georges, and Sarah Noble.

[Feb.] 19, [1744-5.] William Inglish and Catrin Linsey.1

May 23, 1745. Daniel Farrell and Mary Hoy.

Oct. 15, [1745.] Hew (Hugh?) Dalley and Elizabeth Oadley.

Dec. 23, [1745.] Porl Raimant (R)2 and Abigel Patte.

May 9, 1746. Ebenezr Hall and Marah Greene.

Sept. 11, [1746.] Thomas Williams and Margarate Drummond.

[Sept.] 25, [1746.] Ebenezer Preble and Mary Harnden.

Apr. 10, 1747. Ignatious Jordan (R) and Mary McFadien.

July 11, [1747.] John Tozer (R) and Sarah Patte.

Aug. 4, [1747.] John Olover and Mary Shortwell.

Aug. 19, [1747.] Timothy Roak and Margarate McCarty.

Sept. 12, [1747.] Ezra Brown (R) and Mary Bober.

Jan. 16, 1747-8. Andrew Bowman and Patience Farnham.2

Feb. 13, [1747-8.] William Malcom and Elizabeth Smarte of Brunswick.

1Paul Raymond?
2No certificate given.

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Mar. 12, [1747-8.] Pompy, a negro belonging to benjamin laraby Esqr, of Brunswick, and Silky, a negro belonging to Mr. mikel malcom.1

April __, 1749. Daniel Mors and Margaret Crane.

May 27, [1749.] Jonathin Philbrook and Mary Card.

July 14, [1749.] Joseph Bober and Martha Grover (R).

Nov. 2, [1749.] John Dunn (R) and Meriam Heale.

[Nov.] 10, [1749.] Silvanus Whitford (R) and Joannah Woods (R).

[Nov.] 11, [1749.] Daniel Lankester, Jr., and Sarah Hood.

Jan. 18, 1749-50. John Wise and Elizabeth Malcom.

[Jan.] 15, [1749-50.] Silvanus Combs and Martha Walker.

Feb. 13, [1749-50.] Simon Crosby (R) and Sarah Sewill.

[Feb.] 23, [1749-50.] John Coliard and Hanah Robins (R).

Mar. 10, [1749-50.] William Marshall (R) and Margaret Drummond.2

Mar. 30, 1750. William Rodgers and Ruth Gray (R).

Apr. 2, [1750.] Martin Haley and Hanah Hollevan (R).

[Apr.] 27, [1750.] Daniel Brown and Rebaca Mock.2

May 22, [1750.] Joshua Philbrook and Elizabeth Alaxander.

June 30, [1750.] Andrew McFadien and Abegel Mustard, a place called Topsam, Co. of York.

July 14, [1750.] John Coliard and Sarah Mock.

[July] 16, [1750.] William Walis (R), of Wiscasick so-called, and Jane Kelly. The said Jane not pursonally giving orders for the above Entry and publishment ordered it should be taken down which was done accordingly. July 27th the said Jane came and desired to be published as above.

[July] 24, [1750.] John Clary, Newcastel, Province of New Hampshier, and Jane Mehanney.

Aug. 4, [1750.] Edward Marsfield and Jane Whalan (R).

Sept. 5, [1750.] Isaac Savage and Below Alon.3

Oct. 24, [1750.] Isaiah Crooker, dwelling at Georgetown, and Betsy Phillbrook.

[Oct.] 29, [1750.] William Kelly and Catrin Brown, of N. Yarmouth.

Nov. 12, [1750.] Job Phillbrook and Mary Trewfant.

1Not published, nor certificate given.
2No certificate given.
3Sibella Allen probably.

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Nov. 30, [1750.] John Coliard and Mary Mock.

Jan. 1, 1750-51. Walter McDonald and Elizabeth Wilson, of Topsam.

Feb. 1, [1750-51.] James Blin and Jane Gillmore.

Mar. 25, 1751. Benjamin Whitney and Jane Brown,1 both (I suppose) of Georgetown.

May 26, [1751.] John Whalan and Mary Spratt.

July 4, [1751.] Samuell Denny, Esqr, and Madm. Rachel White, N. Yarmouth.

[July] 5, [1751.] Jeremiah Patte and Jane Stuard.

[July] 13, [1751.] George Rodgers, junr, and Margarate Campbell.

Sept. 23, [1751.] Timothy Whitton and Hanah Hombs, both of Swan Island, nere Georgetown.

Nov. 25 about, [1751.] Joseph Smith, junr, Brunswick, and Susanah Williams.

Feb. 13, 1751-2. Joseph Rose and Mary Patte.

July 1, [1752.] George McKenny and Sarah Tarr.2

Aug. 15, [1752.] James Campbell, of a place called Shepscut, now residing in Georgetown, and Sarah Malcom.

Oct. 3, [1752.] Joseph Liniken and Elizabeth George,2 both of Shepscut river so called and adjasant to Georgetown.

[presumably the same date as above] Samuell Barter and Margarate Davis, both of a place called Shepscut river and adjasant to Georgetown.

[Oct.] 14, [1752.] Jonathin Carlton and Hanah Leman.

[Oct.] 18, [1752.] Arther Pearsey and Ann Gillmore.

Nov. 26, [1752.] Moses Waymouth, of Richman, nere Georgetown, and Damaris Right.

[Nov.] 29, [1752.] Benjamin Rideout and Mary Getchel, Brunswick.

Feb. 19, 1753. John Guing and Lusey Withers.2

Mar. 22, [1753.] William Chism and Sarah Stinson.

[Mar.] 31, [1753.] Thomas Trafton and Lidia Pebegrow (R).

Apr. 8, [1753.] Shubel Hinkly and Elizabeth Worster (R).

May 21, [1753.] James Labaree and Mary Staens (?).

[May] 25, [1753.] Philip Corl (Call) and Joannah Whitford, both of Richman, nere Georgetown.

July 6, [1753.] John Springer (R) and Hanah Trufant.

1Not published nor certificate given.
2No certificate given.

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Oct. 20, [1753.] Ezra Davis and Rebeckah Pumroy.

Nov. 16, [1753.] Daniel Savage and Elizabeth Robinson of Topsam.

Jan. 8, 1754. Vinson Woodside of Brunswick and Mary Lemont.

Feb. 19, [1754.] Edward Coffey and Catrin Kelly.

May 1, [1754.] Joseph Wright and Mary Alaxander.

June 25, [1754.] Peter Merry and Elizabeth Tarp.

July 8, [1754.] Stephen Kelly and Sarah Glover.1

[July] 18, [1754.] Walter McFarlind of Fort Richman and Margaret Tarp.1

Sept. 14, [1754.] Samuell Williams and Mary Combs of Brunswick.

[presumably the same date as above] Samuell Meloney and Mary Sedgly.1

Nov. 16, [1754.] John Hinkley and Hanah Olover.

Dec. 6, [1754.] Thomas Hegen and Mary Holland, both inhabiting nere Georgetown.

[Dec.] 13, [1754.] David Olover Junr and Agnis Campbell.

Jan. 14, 1755. John Low and Mary Low Springer.

[Jan.] 18, [1755.] Nathaniel Berry and Mary Michel.

Feb. 5, [1755.] Pears Denning and Hanah McMaharn.2

Apr. 23, [1755.] Mathew McKenny Junr and Hanah McFadien.

May 17, [1755.] Jacob Olover and Abigel Glover, of Salem, Essex Co.

June 26, [1755.] Jeremiah Bowin and Abigel Johnsen.

July 22, [1755.] Ephraim McFarlind, of a place called Townsend nere Georgetown, and Margaret Tarp.

Sept. 23, [1755.] Morris Fling and Elizabeth Conway,1 both of a place called Richman nere Georgetown.

Oct. 29, [1755.] Marke Welch and Hanah McMaharn.

Nov. 18, [1755.] John Tarp and Kezia Cheney,1 of a place called Swan Island.

[Nov.] 12, [1755.] Jonathin Preble Junr and Elizabeth Harden.

[presumably the same date as above] Thomas Carrel and Juda Briant.1

[Nov.] 22, [1755.] Samuell Leman and Abigel Slowman, of a place called Mountswage nere Georgetown.

Dec. 4, [1755.] Frances Wyman Junr and Sarah Blifith.

Jan. 3, 1756. Thomas McKeney and Hanah Harnden.

[Jan.] 5, [1756.] John McKune and Mary McFarling, both of a place called Fort Halifax without any town (Georgetown being nearest).

1No certificate given.
2Not published nor certificate given.

[p. 170]
Jan. 19, 1756. Andrew Benit and Lidia Bran.

[Jan.] 21, [1756]. Joseph White and Mary Willbean Chapman.

[Jan.] 23, [1756]. Philip AuBeirs, Scarborow, and Mary Purinton.

Feb. 4, [1756]. James Stinson "Tarsious" and Mary Robinson, Topsam.

[Feb.] 4, [1756]. Jonathin Preeble "Tarsious" and Jane Mcfatres.

[Feb.] 7, [1756]. Daniel Farrell (R) and Sumerset Salley.

[Feb.] 19, [1756]. William Sewell and Sarah Chisam.

Apr. 13, [1756]. Philip Hodskins Junr and Hanah Robinson.

[Apr.] 24, [1756]. William Briant and Rebekah Crane.

[Apr.] 30, [1756]. Joseph Lankester and Hanah Boober.

May 31, [1756]. William Gillmore and Elizabeth Pearsey.

June 21, [1756]. Joseph Preeble and Mary Hodgkinson.

Oct. 29, [1756]. James McKobb and Lidia Woodin.1

Nov. 11, [1756]. William Rideout, of Georgetown (as he saith) and Mary Blaxtone, Falmouth.

[Nov.] 13, [1756]. Joseph Mackintire and Sarah Wales.2

[presumably the same date as above] Nathaniel Mahew (R) and Mary Jordan (R).

Jan. 19, 1757. James Hunter, Topsam, and Abigel Williams.

[Jan.] 22, [1757]. John Maynes and Mary Day.

[presumably the same date as above] John Fisher and Dorcas Speney.

Apr. 27, [1757]. Frances Conaway and Julian Pearsey.

July 30, [1757]. James Bliffins and Meriam Day.

Oct. 15, [1757]. Seth Tar and Agnis McKenny.

Nov. 8, [1757]. Jeremiah Speney and Mehitable Hinkley.1

[Nov.] 12, [1757]. Charles Coliard and Margaret Hood.

Dec. 1, [1757]. Samuel Tompson, Brunswick, and Abiel Purington.

[presumably the same date as above] Benjamin Lemont and Susanah Hunter, Topsam.

[Dec.] 19, [1757]. Benjamin Frizel (R) and Mary Silvester, a place called Wiscasick nere Georgetown.

[Dec.] 23, [1757]. George Young and Margaret Campbell.

Feb. 9, 1758. Left Nathaniel Larabee, Brunswick, and Elizabeth Harding.3

[Feb.] 24, [1758]. Samuel Harnden and Jane Motherwell.

Nov. 18, [1758]. Edward Savage and Mary Hele.3

1No certificate given.
2Wallis probably.
3Not published, nor certificate given.

[p. 171]
Nov. 20, [1758]. David Purinton and Mary Scales.

Dec. 11, [1758]. Alaxander Campbell and Elizabeth Neekals, (?)1 Newcastel.

[Dec.] 30, [1758]. William Martin, Fort Halifax, and Mary Stuard.

Jan. 5, 1759. Samuel Berry and Sarah Thorne, Topsham.

[Jan.] 22, [1759]. Stephen Day and Elizabath Gatshel.

Feb. 1, [1759]. John Stinson Junr. and Patience Patte.

[Feb.] 18, [1759]. Patrick Brine and Mary Rivis.

Mar. 5, [1759]. John Pumery and Ann Tarr.

May 11, [1759]. Nathaniel Purinton and Prisilia Woodbery.

[May] 17, [1759]. Richard Hunniwell, Mountswage, and Sarah Rowell.2

June 2, [1759]. David Rede, Topsam, and Ann Rodgers.

July 12, [1759]. William Maken and Hannah Whittum, both of a place called Jeremesequam Island nere Georgetown.

Aug. 3, [1759]. Nathaniel Foster, Nubury, and Bridget Slowman, Mountswage.

[Aug.] 6, [1759]. Jonas Jones and Hanah Scales.

[Aug.] 28, [1759]. Jonathan Michel and Kezia Libbee,3 Searborough [sic].

Nov. 5, [1759]. John Potter, Topsam, and Sarah Snipe.

[Nov.] 10, [1759]. John Nouclend (R) and Mary Blifith.3

[Nov.] 12, [1759]. Samuel Colomor, (R) at Topsam, and Deborah Michel.

[Nov.] 15, [1759]. Joseph Barter and Lidia Matthews, both of Townsend, so called nere Georgetown.

Dec. 26, [1759]. Josiah Brookins and Anna Rives, both of Mountswage.

[Dec.] 26, [1759]. Seth Ring and Sarah Mcfhetres.

Mar. 21, 1760. Jonathin Norcross and Martha Springer.

May 24, [1760]. Ezekiel Patte and Margaret Haiward, both of Fort Halifax.

July 31, [1760]. John Cramet and Rebeckah Tibet, both of a place called Townsend.

Oct. 4, [1760]. Stephen Chase junr and Hanah Blifeth.

[Oct.] 16, [1760]. James Springer junr and Rachel Chapman.

[Oct.] 21, [1760]. Richard Hiscock, place called Walpole nere Georgetown, and Jane McFadien.

[Oct.] 29, [1760]. Patrick Worl and Jude Cliff, Harpswell.

1Nickels, probably.
2No certificate given.
3Not published, nor certificate given.

[p. 172]
Lincoln ss.1

Nov. 3, 1760. David Thomas, Pounalborough, and Mary Wright.2

[Nov.] 26, [1760]. Benjamin Gatchel and Mary Day.

[Nov.] 29, [1760]. Elathan Raiment and Dorcas Jelson, both of a place called Abadguset nere Georgetown.

Feb. 21, 1761. Jacob Parker and Ezballar McCobb.

Mar. 14, [1761]. John Hele and Rachel Brooks, Jeremesaquam.

May 22, [1761]. Michel Maharn, Fort Halifax, and Unis Tarr.2

[May] 30, [1761]. Daniel Ladd (R) and Dorithy Fott (R).

June 13, [1761]. Isaiah Crocker3 and Hanah McKeny.

Aug. 13, [1761]. Samuell Parsons, Isle of Shouls, and Isabellah Rodgers.4

[Aug.] 28, [1761]. Shubel Hinkley and Mary Solon, Brunswick.

Sept. 5, [1761]. Thomas Stevens and Mary Olover.

Oct. 16, [1761]. Samuel Denny and Catrin Linsey.5

[Oct.] 15, [1761]. William Getchel, Brunswick, and Zeruiah Rideout.6

[Oct.] 16, [1761]. James Lemont and Mary Hunter, Topsam.

[presumably the same date as above] Samuel Marshal, a place called Capelwagen, and Sarah Day,2 (R) at said place.

[Oct.] 17, [1761]. William Silvester and Mary Low.

[Oct.] 31, [1761]. Abiezer Holebrook and Elizabeth Snow, Brunswick.

Nov. 6, [1761]. Nicolas Rideout junr and Sarah Olover.

[Nov.] 13, [1761]. Thomas Hinkley and Elizabeth Michel.

[Nov.] 21, [1761]. James Drummond junr and Hanah Snipe.

Jan. 2, 1762, Charles Brown and Alic Gatchel.7

[Jan.] 4, [1762]. Samuell Hall and Grase Ollover.

[Jan.] 16, [1762]. Alexander Drummond and Jane Drummond.

[Jan.] 29, [1762]. George Rodgers junr and Alles Meens, North Yarmouth.

Mar. 26, [1762]. Nicolas Rideout and Sarah Wallis.

July 17, [1762]. Nathaniel Tarr and Marcy Copp.

Aug. 25, [1762]. Joshua Purington and Anna Birril.6

Oct. 30, [1762]. David Curtis, Harspwell, and Hanah Blifith.

1The new county was incorporated June 19. The act took effect Nov. 1.
2Not published, nor certificate given.
3Crooker, doubtless.
4"Forbidden by the girls farther. Aug. 24, Published out and sirtificate given."
5"Entred posted."
6No certificate given.
7"Forbidden or under writt by the womans farther."