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1820 Census: Plantation No. 11, Washington County

Plantation No. 11 was incorporated in 1826 as the town of Cutler.

Source: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Fourth Census of the United States, 1820. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1820. M33. Roll 37.

This transcription was generously provided by Joan Rines, and was proofread by Christopher Dunham. Any errors that remain are solely the responsibility of the proofreader.

Only the first fifteen fields are shown below. Those entries that include additional data are marked with a . Entries followed by a are accompanied by a notation. Click on a name to view an individual's expanded entry.

Key to entries:

a. Free white males under 10
b. Free white males of 10 and under 16
c. Free white males of 16 and under 18
d. Free white males of 16 and under 26
e. Free white males of 26 and under 45
f. Free white males of 45 and upwards
g. Free white females under 10
h. Free white females of 10 and under 16
i. Free white females of 16 and under 26
j. Free white females of 26 and under 45
k. Free white females of 45 and upwards
l. Foreigners not naturalized
m. Persons engaged in agriculture
n. Persons engaged in commerce
o. Persons engaged in manufacturing
[p. 278]
William Grant000100000100100
Jona Ackley200010200100100
John Dennison100010200100100
John Davis Jr100010100100100
Jas H. Peterson001000101000010
John Davison000001000001000
Abijah Grant110201100010120
William Davis100010300101100
A. H. Colville100001100014100
Jerh. Andrews010111112010210
Freeman French300010001000100
Jas. Wright100010000100100
Jas. Marston300010210100010
Jerh. Spicer200001201100100
Jas. Huntley310010010100100
Abial Bonney100010001000100
Ebenr Grover100101122100100
Chas. Dennison100010101000100
Mercy Dennison011100012010100
John Andrews111201010010100
Widow A. Andrews011100100010200
John Bryant201301021100200

[p. 279]
Timo. Cates210010300100100
Ebenr. Small010201001010100
Saml. Dennison300010200100100
Nathl. McGuire000010001000100
Oliver Ackley210010210100100
Joel Sevey112501220100320
Benj. Bryant232501100010230
Merit Huntley200100000100100
Fredk. Huntley000401000010310
Rufus Huntley000010001000100
Jabez Huntley320001100100200
Moses Holmes000010100100100
Ezekial Richardson001201101010210
Chas. Randall000100000000100
Carr Thurlow300001122100100
Jas. Ackley310010300100100
Jacob Huntley310010410000200
John Davis002201001010200
William Davis300010200100100
Nabby Haley000000100100000
Ephm. Cates400010001000100
Jas. Cates000100001010100
Saml Cates420010110100210
Nathl. Sloan010001000002002
Nathl. Mitchell020010311100210
Wm. McConnall000100000012100
Frazer McDonald010001311110100
Edwd. Cates100100000100100
Salathiel Robinson000001000010100
Theodore Maker000100201000100
Saml. Maker410010110100100

[p. 280]
John Maker001101000010100
Reuben Maker000100101000100
John Maker Jr.000010000100100
John Douglass010010410100200
John C. Ollimore120010200100200
Freeman Maker100100101000100
Rebecca Marston000000000010000
Wm. Goulding000010000001010
Danl. Ackley020010310100200
Robert Cates110010320100100
Nathan Andrews100010100100100
Saml. Beverly100010100100100