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Machias Marriages, 1796-1805

Source: Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 6 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1891).

It is noted on page 300 that "Machias Marriages were sent to me as such, but I am not sure but they were Publishments." Other errata from page 300 have been incorporated below.

[p. 143]
Oct. 30, William Ellis Smith and Hannah Lyon.
Nov. 20, Josiah Harris and Lucy Talbot.
Dec. 11, Jonathan Longfellow and Sally Boynton.
Dec. 13, Robert Cain and Hannah Eastman.

Jan. 1, Enoch Longfellow and Anna Longfellow.
Jan. 15, Thomas Kelly and Polly Sawyer, of Plantation 22.
Feb. 15, John Dearborn Folsom and Hannah Gooch.
Feb. 18, Isaac Longfellow and Sally Boynton.
March 12, Daniel Foster and Hannah Gardner.
April 2, Simon Elliott and Betsey Nickels, of Narraguagus.
April 23, John White and Fanny Foster.
April 25, Corneilus Cole and Polly Coolbroth (?).
July 9, Joel Seavey and Lorena Holmes.
Aug. 20, Robert Elliot and Ruth Scott.
Sept. 17, Richard Sanborn, of Harrington, and Polly Aylwood.
Oct. 26, Jirah Phinney and Rebecca Tobey, his second wife.
Nov. 4, David Pineo and Priscilla Hill.
Nov. 26, James Miller and Phebe Fogg, of Plantation No. 22.

Mar. 18, Alonzo Holmes and Ruth Conolly.
Mar. 19, Alphonso Chase and Mary Scott.
April 4, James Miller and Sarah Conner. (?)
April 8, Elisha Tobey and Hannah Phinney.
April 8, Thomas Watts and Susannah Noyes, Chandler's River.
April 19, John Holmes and Polly Burnam.

[p. 144]
April 28, John Palmer and Mary Albee.
July 20, Daniel Smith and Phœbe Larrabee, Bucks Harbor.
July 20, Phillips Clark and Sophia Fellows, Plantation 22.
July 23, Ichabod Farnsworth and Anna Cummings.
Oct. 7, William Sanborn and Priscilla Mayhew.
Oct. 20, Fred Huntley and Hilma Nickerson.
Nov. 15, Jona. Longfellow and Mrs. Peggy Longfellow.
Nov. 4, (?) Joseph Dwelly and Hannah Seavey.
Dec. 9, George Sevey, Jr., and Phœbe Meserve.

Jan. 16, Stephen Munson and Sally Hoit.
Jan. 29, William Flinn and Rebecca Burnam.
May 6, Theodore Lincoln, Esq., and Hannah Mayhew.
May 12, Samuel Ackley and Meribah Seavey.
May 25, Andrew Brown and Snsannah [sic] Niles.
June 2, Ralph Haycock and Elsie Watts, both of Chandler's River.
July 7, Arthur Albee and Betsey Foster. (?)
July 14, George K. Foster and Cynthia Chase.
July 23, Robert Munson and Ruth Elliot.
July 23, Jacob Palmer and Polly Kelly.
July 29, John Haycock and Fanny Scott.
July 29, Joseph Farnsworth and Sally Fenlason.
Nov. 9, Thomas Bryant and Mrs. Lydia Seavey.
Nov. 9, Thomas Waldron and Polly Scott.
Dec. 19, Daniel Libby and Hannah Eastman.

Jan. 19, John Richards, of Gouldsborough, and Susanna Coffin Jones.
Feb. 21, Israel Harreg (?) and Nabby Seavey.
Feb. 21, Samuel Clark and Lydia Smith.
April 30, William Chalmers and Polly Prescott.
July 6, Abial Holmes and Betsey Phinney.
Aug. 30, William Noyes and Hannah Boynton.
Sept. 23, Benjamin Foss and Hannah Miller.
Nov. 1, Capt. Eben Ingle and Eliza Otis Smith.
Nov. 20, Daniel Palmer and Polly Albee.
Dec. 7, James Foster and Lucy Gooch.

Jan. 29, Joseph Simpson and Hannah Longfellow.
Feb. 22, Edwin Phinney and Temperance Tobey.
Feb. 22, John Lincoln and Nabby Meserve.
Mar. 10, John Wright and Deborah Chase.
May 15, Wm. Whittemore and Deborah Gooch.
July 20, Daniel Huntly and Rachel Gardner.
July 24, Japhet Harmon and Betsey Getchell.
Aug. 27, Green Brown and Amelia Andrews.
Oct. 1, John Berry and Elizabeth Simpson.
Oct. 25, Daniel Putnam Upton, of Eastport and Hannah Bruce.
Oct. 25, Jere (?) Scott and Sarah Kirk.
Oct. 26, Joseph Libby Meserve and Elizabeth Burnham.

[p. 145]
Jan. 11, John Brooks and Sally Hill.
April 14, Robert Stimpson of Bangor and Lydia Longfellow.
May 1, Daniel Berry and Hannah Berry.
May 6, Timothy Weston, of Bristol and Anna Gooch.
May 20, Edward Burnett and Susannah Whitney, of Columbia.
July 10, Edward Bryant and Molly Bonney.
Aug. 6, Amos Ackley and Thankful Foster.
Aug. 29, Nathaniel Babb and Ruth Thompson.

Feb. 7, Simon Foster and Katharine Farnsworth.
April 3, Sylvanus Hanscom and Eda Averill.
April 16, Wooden Foster and Mehitable Meserve.
April 21, Abel Hadley and Jane Barry.
April 23, Thomas Goodno, of Fitswilliam, and Betsey Prescott.
May 1, Pelham Drew and Hannah Bryant.
May 20, Ichabod Perry and P_____ Ennis. (?)
May 28, Ebenezer Gardner and Sally Albee.
May 27, Levi Marston and Rebecca Richardson.
June 5, Daniel Hoit, Jr. and Eleanor Hawes.
June 28, Elisha Chaloner and Lydia Gooch.
July 17, Daniel Hanscom and Anna Hoit.
July 24, Jabez Huntley and Dorcas Tracey.
Aug. 5, John Seavey and Abigail Libby, 2d wife.
Aug. 20, Nathan Foster and Sally Crocker.
Sept. 3, George Harmon and Polly Gooch.
Oct. 21, Matthias Tobey, Jr., and Pamelia Andrews.
Nov. 26, Nath'l Phinney and Charity Holmes.
Nov. 18, William Emerson and Nancy Simpson.

March 3, John Sevey, Jr., and Esther Chase.
April 1, Joseph Goodhue and Lydia Boynton.
April 15, William Meserve and Pamelia Burnham.
May 14, Pearl Howe and Mary Foster.
May 20, Stephen Brewer and Sophia Hill.
May 20, Joseph Otis Smith and Elizabeth Coffin, of Addison.
May 22, Daniel Ackley and Eunice Collins.
Sept. 9, Moses Hovey and Susan Foster.
Sept. 11, Robert West and Mehitable Foss.
Sept. 17, Enoch Waterhouse and Abigail Gibbs, of Sandwich.
Sept. 17, Jacob Penniman and Mary O'Brien.
Sept. 17, John Burnham and Betsey Libby.
Sept. 17, Israel Foss and Betsey Connor.

March 31, Joseph Averill, Jr., and Dolly Fogg.
March 31, James Cook and Fanny Thompson.
March 31, Francis Lowe and Sally Seavey.
March 31, John Berry, Jr., and Abigail Getchell.