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Columbia Marriages and Marriage Intentions, 1796-1806

Source: Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 4 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1888).

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[Contributed by Seward Bucknam, Esq., of Columbia Falls.]
In the course of the year preceding April 12, 1796.
Ephraim Whitney and Sally Noyes.
William Bucknam and Abigail Drisko.

In the course of the year preceding April 30, 1798.
George Whitaker and Lucy Wilson.
Moses Hinckley and Polly Wallace.
William Haycock and Dorothy Hall.
Daniel McKenzie and Hannah Drisko.

In the course of several years up to April 24, 1799.
John Wright with Katharine Irish, both of Addison, August 11, 1796.
Robert Allan with Sarah Ingersoll, both of Columbia, April 11, 1797.
James Wass with Anna Dyer, both of Addison, May 9, 1797.
John Drisko, Jr., of Addison to Miss Pheber Parker, of Steuben, Nov. 22, 1799.
Nathaniel Jordan with Polly Bailey, both of Harrington, Feb. 11, 1799.
Samuel Allen, of Columbia with Lois Look, of Addison, Mar. 31, 1799.

Between April 1, 1801 and April 20, 1802.
William Gray with Hannah Whitney.
Matthew Coffin with Lidia Whitney.
Thomas Tabbatts with Katharine Crowley.
Thomas Sinclair with Dorothy Allen.
Elisha Tinney with Mrs. Lydia Calaghan.
Ephraim Keen with Miss Anna Shepard Wilson.
Joseph Kelley, with Olive Beal.

Jno. Right to Katherine Irish in July, 1796.
Holmes Nash to Polly Drisko, September, 1796.
Temple Coffin to Anna Thorndike, September, 1796.
Samuel Tinney to Rhoda Nickles, Oct. 2, 1796.

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David Joy to Susannah Tabbatts, Oct. 2, 1796.
Levi Parrit (?) to Patty Worster, Oct. 16, 1796.
Jonathan Drisko to Sarah McKinsey, Oct. 22, 1796.
Judah Drisko to Lucy Plummer, Nov. 7, 1796.
Joseph Nash to Lydia Noonan, Nov. 7, 1796.
William Haycock to Dorothy Hall, Nov. 17, 1796.
Capt. Thomas Ruggles was published to Miss Ruthy Clapp, of Rochester, Mass., Nov. 20, 1796, it being the 29th year of his age and birth day.
Robert Allen to Sarah Ingersoll, Mar. 30, 1797.
Polly Carper Jacobs to Rebecca Coffin, April 15, 1797.
James Wass to Anna Dyer, April 22, 1797.
Nathaniel Cox, Jr., to Johannah Tiernay, Aug. 19, 1797.
David McKenzey to Hannah Drisko, Aug. 22, 1797.
John Holmes to Lydia McDaniel, Jan. 13, 1798.
Benjamin Ruggles to Miss Azubah Clapp, of Rochester, Mass., Jan. 31, 1798.
John McKenzy to Susannah Knowles, Feb. 3, 1798.
George Tenney to Lydia Archer, August, 1798.
John Worster, of Columbia to Polly Fernold, January, 1799, of Gouldsborough.
Samuel Allen, of Columbia to Lois Look, of Addison, Mar. 16, 1799.
Thomas Sinclair to Dorothy Allen, June 27, 1801.
Elisha Tenney to Mrs. Lydia Callaham, August, 1801.
Ephram Keen to Anna S. Wilson, Nov. 11, 1801.
Edward Bennet to Susannah Whitney, May 29, 1802.
Justice Smith, of Gouldsborough and Molly Allen, of Columbia, Sept. 11, 1802.
Joseph Whitney, of Columbia and Mary Libbey, of Plantation No. 22, Mar. 19, 1803.
John Carlton to Emma (?) Noonan, Nov. 26, 1803.
Adial (?) Farnsworth and Gracey Hale, Dec. 10, 1803.
Henry Look and Lucy Watts, March, 1804.
Barnabas Beal to Margarett Beal, (?) June, 1804.
Wm. Ingersoll, Jr., to Susannah Wass, both of Columbia, in June, 1804.
Thomas Kelley, of Plantation, No. 22* to Mrs. E. Steel, of Addison, July 13, 1804.
Joseph Warren Chase, of Boston to Sally Fellows, of Plantation No. 22, in July, 1804.
Jeremiah Bucknam, of Columbia, to Nancy Yates, of Addison, Sept. 30, 1804.
Wm. McDonald and E_____ Merritt, both of Plantation No. 22, in October, 1804.
Pheneas Norton to Sally Kelley, both of Plantation No. 22, November, 1804.
William S. Hall to Mercy Cummings, both of Addison, in February, 1805.

*Now Jonesborough.

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Sewall Labararee to Sally Sawyer, both of Plantation No. 22, Mar. 21, 1805.
Jonathan White to Viney Marston, both of Addison, October, 1804.
Moses Worster, of Columbia, to Mrs. Susannah Knowles, of Addison, Mar. 30, 1805.
L. Anson Smith, of Machias to Martha Whitney, of Columbia, June 11, 1805.
John Tabbatts to Betsey Tabbatts, of Harrington, August 24, 1805.
Moses Davis, of Wells to Deborah McKinzey, of Columbia, March 1, 1806.
Thomas Low to Susannah Small, Mar. 22, 1806.
Samuel S. Merritt, of Plantation, No. 22, to Jane Guptell, of Grandmenan, April 1, 1806.
Moses Leighton to Prudence Allen, both of Columbia, April 8, 1813.
John Springer, of Trenton to Lucy White, of Columbia, July (5) 1813.
Stephen Emery* to Miss Jennette Loring, of Buckfield, Aug. 14, 1824, "as the law directs."
Elijah L. Hamlin† Esq., of Columbia to Miss Eliza B. Choate, of Salem, Sept. 3, 1825, "as the law directs."

*Hon. Stephen Emery, who resided in Columbia for a year or two; father-in-law of Hannibal Hamlin, who married two of his daughters, one Sarah Jane, by first wife, Sarah Stowell; and one Ellen Vesta, by second wife, Jennette Loring. Judge Emery, died in Paris, 1863.
†Afterward of Bangor.