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Quakers in Kittery, 1734-1737

Source: Everett S. Stackpole, Old Kittery and Her Families (Lewiston, Me.: Press of the Lewiston Journal, 1903).

[p. 205]
A list of Quakers allowed by the Selectmen is found in the town records under date of 10 May 1734. They were

[p. 206]
Francis Allen
Francis Allen, Jr.
Peter Brawn
James Davis
Benjamin Frye
Joseph Frye
William Frye
William Frye, Jr.
Daniel Furbush, Sen.
Reynold Jenkins
Samuel Johnson

Samuel Hill, Sen.
Michael Kennard
Sarah Mitchell, Wid.
John Morrell, Sen.
John Morrell, Jr.
Jedediah Morrell
Nicholas Morrell
Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal, Jr.
John Neal
Thomas Weed
Peter Wittum
Edward Whitehouse

In 1737 another list is recorded and the following names are added, James Fenix, John Frye, Jabez Jenkins, and James Whittam. The following names found on the above list do not appear on the list of 1737, Peter Brawn, William Frye, Reynold Jenkins,

[p. 207]
James Davis, Sarah Mitchell, Jedediah Morrell, Thomas Weed and Peter Wittum. They had probably died or moved out of town.