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Inhabitants of Black Point Garrison (Scarborough), 1676

Source: Charles Thornton Libby, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, Vol. 1 (Portland, Me.: The Southworth Press, 1928).

[p. 24]
'A List of Names of the Inhabitants of Blackpoint Garison, Octo : 12th, 1676.'
Endorsed: 'Handed in by Mr. Jocelyn Oct. 1676'—Original in N. E. H. G. S. Some names obviously interlined for lack of room are here placed at the end of each list.

In the Garison
John Tenney
Henry Brookin
Nathaniell Willett
Charles Browne
Edward Hounsell
Daniell Moore
Francis Sholet

Hampton and Salsbery Soldiers In the hutts without the Garison but joyning to it.
Anthony Roe
Thomas Bickford
Robert Tydey
James Lybbey
John Lybbey
Anthony Lybbey
Samuell Lybbey
George Taylor
Dunken Chessom
William Sheldon
John Vickers
Richard Basson
Robert Elliott
Francis White
John Howell
Richard Moore
James Oglebey
Richard Hunnewell

Living muskett shot from the garison.
Ralph Allison
Mathew Aleyson
Joseph Oliver
Christopher Edgecome
John Edgecome
Micaell Edgecome
Robert Edgecome

Living three muskett shot from the garison.
Henry Elkins
John Ashdon
John Warrick
Goodman Luscome
Tymothy Collins
Andrew Browne Senier
Andrew Browne
John Browne
Joseph Browne
William Burrage
Ambrose Bouden Constable
Tho : Cumming
John Hermon
Samuell Okerman Sen.
Samuel Okeman
John Elson
Peter Hincson
Symond Hincson
Richard Willin
John Symson
Tho : Cleaverly
John Cocke
Richard Burrough

A list of the names of those of the Inhabitants aforesaid that were prest by vertue of Capt. Hauthornes order to be for the service of the Garison.
Edward Hounslow
James Oglebey
John Cocke
Daniell Moore
Dunken Chessom
Richard Burrough
William Burrage
Francis Shealett