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Greene Marriages and Marriage Intentions, 1900-1937

Source: Walter Lindley Mower, Sesquicentennial history of the town of Greene, Androscoggin County, Maine: 1775 to 1900 with some matter extending to a later date (Auburn, Me.: Merrill & Webber, 1938).

Note that only those dates given in full are marriage dates.

[p. 174]

Joseph E. Whittemore and Minnie A. Potter of Monmouth, January 1.
Wendell M. Daly and Grace Ella Bonney of Winthrop, February 6.
Charles Hirsch and Lola Bragg, June 1.
John Alva Merrill and Lucy May Pettingill of Leeds, June 12.
William H. Cummings and Myrtie I. Ricker, June 19.
Stephen R. Sylvester and Mabel R. Carver of Turner, August 3.
Levi A. Tripp of Poland and Mrs. Rose Smith, August 17.
Samuel W. Adams and Florinda Moulton, August 28.
Guy W. Parker and Flora May Coburn, October 5.
Charles W. Steele of Portland and Alice Jane Bradbury, October 23.
Fred Gamage and Bertha Viola Works, October 28.
Alton B. Hodgkins and Velma G. Moore, October 28.
Arthur F. Stuart and Maud M. Otis of Oakland, December 7.
Herbert W. Mitchell of Webster and Edith Beal, December 24.

J. Melvin Caswell and Mrs. Annie E. Marston, February 22.
Louis Labbe and Cordelia Gairain, February 11.
Fred L. Wheeler and Florence Rose, March 2.
Andrew R. Dorr and Mrs. Rose E. Jennings, March 18.
Joseph M. Tanguay and Adelia Croteau, May 19.
Rev. George H. Johnson of Monroe, Conn. and Edith Stone Parker, June 10.
Edwin L. Rose and Alice M. Bishop of Monmouth, June 26.
Jerry Haley and Maggie L. Barton of Lewiston, October 3.
Frank E. Merrill and Alice Lura Wills of Lewiston, October 15.

[p. 175]
William E. Curtis of Auburn and Inez May Furbush, October 30.
Joseph D. Fuller and Rose E. Blaisdell, November 10.
John Dexter Lane and Addie Bertha Merrill, November 10.
Fred C. Bragg and Grace M. Knight of Auburn, December 24.
Reid R. Coburn and Nina Mabel Parker, Big Timber, Mont., June 11.

Eugene K. Beal and Ethel May Littlefield, March 7.
Fred C. Richmond and Edna P. Edwards, March 15.
Arthur D. Mountfort and Katie Bragg, April 8.
John M. R. Murray and Annie F. Partridge, April 21.
John Knowles and Louise J. Hirst, July 4.
Edward E. Davis and Eunice Ida Moulton, October 5.
Phillip A. Mower and Alice D. Libby, November 12.
Gilbert C. Martin of Webster and Myrtle I. Bragg, November 21.
George W. Coffin and Florence M. Mower, December 31.

Herbert A. Pease of Leeds and Myrtie M. Hartford, March 2.
Walter L. Mower and Mrs. Etta May Nute of Wiscasset, June 1.
Carrol A. Poole and Adelaide C. Day of Turner, June 15.
George Fred Poole and Grace Vernon Mower, October 12.
Walter H. Stevens and Nellie L. Carver, November 5.

Herbert L. Ray and Mary A. McKenney, March 25.
David Jalbert and Celannie Turcott of Lewiston, May 7.
John M. Sawyer and Annie M. Hill, July 1.
Albra E. Odiorne, Jr. and Hannah May Wilkins, September 23.
Lewis C. Mendall and Bertha M. Alden, September 27.
Herbert B. Wright of Leeds and Alida M. Goss, October 4.

Seward F. Mower and Laura E. Bishop of Leeds, January 1.
Ernest B. Sanderson and Jennie M. Ridley of Leeds, January 11.
Harry A. Goss and Abbie W. Blaisdell, January 17.
Edwin B. Beals and Eva M. Tribou, April 11.
Alton H. D. Middleton and Gwendolyn M. Howatt, July 10.
Aubrey E. Pettingill and Lena E. Merchant of Wilton, July 18.

[p. 176]
Walter L. Wilkins and Edna E. Beal, August 21.
John R. Morrell of Auburn and Gladys W. Moore, September 12.
B. Phillips Rackley and Ada May Longley, November 10.
Frank V. Mendall and Annie P. Fuller of New Vineyard, September 26.

Chester W. Daggett of Belgrade and Nellie L. Jillson, March 23.
Delbert Rose and Grace M. Fish, May 29.
Peter Girard and Victoria Bennett of Lewiston, July 8.
Fernald L. Jillson and Alice M. Beal, August 21.
Arthur E. Coburn and Ada Louise Hill, September 2.
John E. De Meyer of Situate [sic], Mass. and Maud A. Read, October 1.
Ralph P. Howe and Mrs. Nellie L. Stevens, October 30.

Pearl L. Stevens and Ida Belle Hodgkins, September 19.
Joseph Brule and Alice Martel, March 2.
Ernest Tame and Leila M. Blaisdell, September 30.
George Peaslee Blaisdell and Amelia C. Sprague, October 17.
Theodore N. Howe and Ethel N. Poole, December 30.

Lebbeus B. Jennings and Elizabeth R. Maloon, February 3.
Rendall O. Conant and Marilla E. Witham, May 13.
H. Arthur Witham and Isabel A. Witham of Somerville, Mass., May 29.
Owen W. Larrabee and Mrs. Lilla M. Clifford of Webster, June 6.
Clarence I. Gilbert and Mrs. Nellie E. Gould of Lewiston, July 3.
Palidore Pepin and Lumina Brule, July 5.
Edward C. Rackley and Jennie Maud Odiorne, December 15.

John W. Smith and Mrs. Alida M. Wright, February 7.
Frank J. Smith and Natalie C. Eveleth of Lewiston, March 22.
Oliver N. Rose and Sadie E. Jordan of Bowdoin, June 1.
Silas H. Harris and Mrs. Flora E. Coburn, June 7.
Leon A. Martin of Mechanic Falls and Stella L. Foss, September 27.

[p. 177]
Harry A. Goss and Ruby E. Edwards, January 4.
B. F. Howatt, Jr. and Lillian B. Stewart of Webster, February 11.
William L. Davis and Edith G. Hitchin of Melrose, Mass., June 2.
William Falkner and Caro E. Beverage, September 6.
Ernest E. Higgins of Auburn and Jennie M. Hurd, September 14.
Rev. George Kincaid and Frances L. Pettingill of Leeds, October 28.

John B. Solley of New York City and Nellie Louise Crosby, February 8.
James Albert Jillson and Grace Augusta Nute, May 1.
Frank E. Engelman of Durham and Eva M. Howe, May 15.
Edgar S. Barrett of Sumner and Nellie L. Gould, August 29.

Israel J. Girard and Marianne Cloutier of Lewiston, January 7.
James H. Judd and Mary Eda Caswell, March 31.
Oliver N. Rose and Eliza V. Lawrence of Portland, June 18.
William E. Sturtevant and Clara E. Moulton, July 4.
Ira B. Hull and Laura M. Webster of Lewiston, July 20.
Charles L. Cronkhite of Wytopitlock and Lilla A. Ray, July 30.
Lewis C. Mendall and Inez A. Lothrop of Auburn, October 8.
Henry Martelle and Josephine St. Cyr of Lewiston, October 13.
Roy T. Furbush and Mildred G. Foster of Durham, November 12.
Henry N. Russell and Gladys Davis of Monmouth, December 27.

Lester G. Austin and Celestia A. Alden, February 14.
Frank W. Philbrook and Margaret E. Clark of Lewiston, April 8.
Frederick M. Burt of Auburn and Bertha Sprague, April 11.
Alfred Fournier and Mary Coolen of Lewiston, April 20.
Ernest Creamer and Lois A. Spofford, May 1.
Edward C. Furbush and Winifred I. Turner, Dorchester, May 20.
Dr. Oscar E. Hanscom and Sadie M. Costello of Wells, May 25.
Fred M. Furbush and Mrs. Nellie M. Field of Lewiston, June 20.
Harold L. Durgin of Lewiston and Etta L. Rose, June 20.
Hugh C. Briggs of Turner and Lucy Lee Adams, August 12.
Jacob Coburn and Lelia A. Davis, August 22.
James H. Stewart of Lewiston and Blanche L. Ray, September 5.

[p. 178]
Ernest L. Waterhouse of Poland and Florence M. Gorman, September 18.
Clarence L. Coburn and Flora I. Morrison of Lewiston, October 5.
Harvey J. Ellis and Rita M. Houston of Bucksport, October 8.
Archie Aselin and Mary Bourassa of Lewiston, November 24.
Lindley E. Wright and Evalina H. Works, November 25.
Daniel W. Jillson and Mrs. Gwendolin M. Middleton, December 9.
Otto M. Newhouse and Alice Underhill of Bangor, December 25.

Ralph E. Caldwell of Leeds and Louise M. Adams, May 5.
Alphonse M. Martelle and Annie Marchand, May 16.
Ernest A. Rose and Harriet E. Bates of Leeds, June 12.
John O. Bates of Leeds and Evelyn L. Poole, June 12.
John C. Wood and Sylvie Parker of Leeds, September 27.
Ernest W. Furbush and Ella M. Sylvester of Auburn, October 17.
Frank J. Sprague and Elsie W. Estes of Lewiston, December 24.

Roger C. Sumner of Leeds and Mrs. Bertha Falkner, January 1.
Royden M. Hill and Mildred E. Weymouth of Webster, January 26.
Louis Howe and Mary E. Clark of Auburn, August 5.
Bert H. Beckler of Leeds and Mrs. Bertha Adams, November 13.

Charles H. Berry of Monmouth and Mrs. Lydia A. Grant, May 4.
Maurice Shapiro and Mrs. Lotta Wadsworth of Boston, Mass., April 7.
James A. Jillson and Matilda M. Bowring, June 11.
Jesse Lee Sanborn and Theo G. Buckley of Leeds, September 1.
Arthur Martineau and Claria Asselin, September 10.
Harold Greenwood Webster of Wales and Jessie Haley Chadburn, September 29.
Ernest E. Higgins and Irene Miller, October 6.
Walter L. Wilkins and Mrs. Margaret Sawyer of Webster, November 3.
Thomas B. Landers of Kennebago and Edith L. Rackley, November 21.

[p. 179]
Irving S. Ridley of Webster and Mrs. Ethel Mae Beal, April 6.
Frederick B. Hobart and Sarah Lois Jillson, August 20.

Chester A. McKenney and Hazel C. Dearing of Webster, March 29.
Merle J. Hodgkins and Helen Irene Shaw, June 28.
Arthur W. Doe of Deerfield, N. H. and Gladys A. Sprague, September 25.

Arthur Moulton and Miriam D. Field, April 10.
Jasper A. Nickerson and Viola Bubier, April 15.
Percy R. Parker of Leeds and Grace Howe, September 18.
Walter Whitney and Stella Mae Green, September 20.
L. Victor Card of Auburn and Dora B. Hobbs, October 9.

George A. Rose and Mrs. Lena Ross of Winn, Me., January 1.
Lucian Bergeron and Beatrice Hallowell, February 4.
Benjamin H. Alden and Edna Wood of Leeds, April 7.
Albra E. Odiorne, Jr. and Glennie E. Moulton, May 4.
Elisha K. Beal and Mrs. Viola V. Beal, May 7.
James O. Sanborn and Ann Frances Dore, May 31.
Henry C. Packard of Auburn and Dorothy C. Porter, June 22.
Thomas E. Monroe and Ethel L. Sanborn, June 25.
Walter P. Leonard of Camden and Helen O. Stetson, August 22.
Ralph W. C. Knowles and Edith M. Merrill, November 8.
Stephen D. Sullivan and Mamie T. Sturgis, November 22.
Charles R. Allen and Sarah J. French of Lewiston, December 24.

Percival G. Draper of Auburn and Flossie Mae Beal, January 5.
Thomas O. Merrill and Emma W. Tripp [no date given].
Charles A. Briggs and Bernice E. Adams, June 1.
Harold D. Sanford and Marion B. Thurston, June 3.
Donald F. Wood of Hallowell and Helen G. Porter, June 14.
Orland H. Field and Marguerite H. Haley, June 24.
Monroe Truesdell and Pearl Locklear of New York City, July 30.
Clayton A. Works and Alice M. Noland, October 7.
Joseph H. Theriault and Blanche N. Lamiette, October 9.

[p. 180]
Henry A. Knight and Mary Armstrong of Sabattus, April 26.
George Nadeau of Lewiston and Julia Cyr, August 6.
Harold M. Gayton and Blanche Thurston, August 20.
Joseph E. St. Clair and C. Fournier, August 7.
William S. Poole and Florence A. Turner of Monmouth, October 17.
Henry Gagne of Leeds and Ada E. Rose, October 31.

Aubrey E. Pettengill and Gertrude Messer, June 23.
Elton W. Libby and Gladys E. Hersom of Oakland, June 25.
Wallace V. Sellick of Portland and Ethelyn E. Thurston, August 9.
Archie M. Wing of Leeds and Louise Bean, December 12.
Winfield S. Hodgkins of Portland and Alma E. Monroe, December 17.
Haraland Spiller of Hebron and Florence Bean, December 22.

Wilfred J. Gagne and Annie Rose, March 8.
Norman B. Reed and Myra Ione Gray, March 28.
George W. Tash of Farmington and Mrs. Ruth P. Howe of Leeds, May 28. (Formerly of Greene.)
Augustus K. McGraw and Verna Etta Gordon of Sabattus, November 2.

Charles E. Hutchins of Lewiston and Beatrice B. Prout, March 12.
Carlton M. Hodgkins and Mrs. Edith M. Knowles, March 13.
Miles R. Parker and Ellen H. Frost of Monmouth, May 8.
Raymond A. Grant of Lewiston and Alberta Reed, August 28.
Ray Foster of Leeds and Bernice Hallowell, September 11.
Jacob Cohen and Mrs. Maud Prout, September 23.

Wallace Webster of Wales and Beatrice Bergeron, January 8.
Rufus Willis of Manchester, N. H. and Beatrice Monk, February 7.

[p. 181]
Herbert Ray Jordan and Isabelle M. Caswell, June 19.
Clarence Beal and Virginia Fowke of Auburn, August 5.
Wendall O. Philbrook and Opal Fowke of Auburn, October 21.
Charles B. Reed and Mrs. Helen Marion Williams, December 21.

Stephen Sullivan and Rachel Rattigan of Lewiston, January 4.
Elzear Chautevert of Lewiston and Dorothy L. Mower, February 22.
Elwood Wing and Lizzie Beal, April 9.
Mellen Clement Howe and Hazel Bubier, May 29.
J. Albert Jillson and Mrs. Bessie Shango of So. Bend, Ind., June 13.
Albert D. Stevens of Sabattus and Hazel M. Wilkins, September 7.

J. Andrea Duguay and Cecile Lemay, February 17.
Lewis C. Britton and Bertha Curtis of West Paris, March 16.
Raymond L. Gammon of Waterford and Marguerite Thurlow, May 15.
Francis S. Field and Arlene A. Parker, September 28.
Joseph C. Brannigan of Topsham and Fern Pearl, November 26.

Jacob Coburn and Alice Edna Davis of Auburn, January 1.
Euger St. J. Bourdelais and Mrs. Eda M. Judd, November 2.
Clifford A. Howe and Nellie G. Mason of Vienna, November 22.
Charles K. Wight of Monmouth and Ruth K. Pottle of Monmouth, December 4. (Formerly of Greene.)
Edwin L. Jordan and Dorothy Alice Cook, December 13.

Lester H. Lombard of Leeds and Bernice M. Thurston, April 22.
Ellsworth L. Manson and Mrs. Jennie A. Foss, April 27.
Harry W. Chadburn and Edna W. Burrell of Hartford, July 25.
George E. Fogg and Nellie S. Wright, August 29.
Richard H. Coburn and Sylvia E. Rackley, October 2.

[p. 182]
George R. Meade of Hartford, Conn. and Mrs. Inez A. Mendall, February 2.
Frank H. Dodge and Lena M. Haley, February 27.
Elmer D. Grant of Farmington and Lelia N. Field, March 18.
Harry A. Bickford and Dorothy A. Trider of Leeds, June 8.
Nelson L. Parker and Jessie L. Keyser, June 11.
Stanley D. Hodgkins and Florence L. Odiorne, June 16.
Romeo H. Brule and Clarinda Winslow of Webster, June 27.
Benjamin A. Turner of Leeds and Ethna L. Fogg, December 24.

Almont A. Wing of Leeds and Clara Mae Veniott, April 27.
Arthur E. Coburn and Mrs. Winifred M. Farmer, May 20.
John Frost of Wales and Bernice M. Foster, May 29.
Franklin P. Bedard of Springfield, Mass. and Gratia B. Tanguay, June 12.
Ward G. Henderson and Ruth Sawyer, August 10.
Charles R. Allen and Abbie E. Allen, September 16.
Frank W. Blaisdell and Eleanor H. Fields, September 22.
Clayton T. Morrisey and Edna W. Jensen, September 30.
Raymond S. Fross of Auburn and Helen F. Russell, October 21.

Frank H. Johnson and Norma F. Stuart, March 23.
Orland H. Field and Hazel B. Ford of West Paris, April 21.
Laurien Brule and Verna Ray, June 23.
Oliver N. Chadbourn and Thelma Perkins, July 12.
E. Franklin Reed and Avis E. Merrow, July 14.
William Rowbotham and Alice Bracy, August 18.
Ralph G. Ray and Grace Isabelle Smith, September 19.
Fernand V. Vaillancourt and Marie J. Gosselin of Lewiston, October 27.
Albion E. Libby of St. Albans and Janet V. Fowke, November 4.
Percy A. Hartford and June B. Tucker, November 4.
Robert Drapeau and Oliva A. Poulin of Augusta, November 26.
Ralph N. Sanford and Eva W. Tapley of Lewiston, November 28.

Mathew J. Cullen and Katherine H. Jones, January 26.
Herbert Ray Jordan and Diana Brule, February 13.

[p. 183]
Earl F. Nickerson and Alvena Hodsdon of Auburn, March 16.
Arthur L. Sylvester and Louise Smith of Mt. Vernon, March 18.
Reginald Drapeau and Marion Howe, March 20.
Edward C. Veinott and Violet E. Newton, June 1.
Lewis R. Beal and Mildred Witham, August 22.
Joseph T. Welch and Ethel P. Duly, September 1.
Ervin H. Blaisdell of Wales and Marion A. Bates, September 6.
Norman L. Harlow of Turner and Eleanor Mae Rose, September 24.
Lucien A. Drapeau and Lucia Comeau of Lewiston, September 28.
Anthony Rais, Jr. of Long Island, N. Y. and Velma Thomas, December 8.

Armand R. Brule and Vera Jillson, February 9.
William E. Niles and Theresa B. Small, February 21.
Charles Willard Dow and Myra Adelaide Lee of Monmouth, May 12.
George A. Dunton and Nathalie Caldwell of Turner, June 13.
Richard Russell Hodgkins and Doris Louise Howe, July 5.
Leon M. Small and Mildred F. Baston, July 19.
Erlon Bragg and Laura Lablond, September 5.
Clyde S. Libby and Laura E. Foster, October 11.
Harold C. Ford and Bernice E. Blaidell, December 19.

Walter H. Channell of Lewiston and Muriel Lois Jillson, January 3.