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Greene Marriages and Marriage Intentions, 1851-1900

Source: Walter Lindley Mower, Sesquicentennial history of the town of Greene, Androscoggin County, Maine: 1775 to 1900 with some matter extending to a later date (Auburn, Me.: Merrill & Webber, 1938).

Note that only those dates given in full are marriage dates.

[p. 157]

Aaron Brawn and Sophronia B. Beals, September 25.
Augustin P. Bailey of Cambridge and Sylvina F. Richmond, May 11.
Joseph W. Creassy of Lewiston and Abby Pierce, June 25.
Orison W. Hackett and Mary F. Lovejoy, November 27.
Abisha H. Benson and Deborah C. Hillman of Monmouth, June 8.
William D. Ames of Lewiston and Marinda L. Greenwood, August 24.
Henry P. Curtis of Portland and Mary E. Parker, November 9.
Westbrook G. Rogers of Casco and Isabel Sprague Bates, November 30.
Lorenzo P. Stetson and Lucy S. Bates of Leeds, December 8.

[p. 158]
David B. Moulton of Lewiston and Georgiann G. Fogg, February.
John F. Gray and Zilpha A. Rose of Leeds, May 6.
Horatio N. Wood of Turner and Sarah A. Gurney, June.
William Beals and Euphema Peare, June.
Abiatha Richmond and Mary Robinson of Oxford, October.

Elias T. Merrill of Parkman and Mary A. Sprague, February 3.
John Foss of Monmouth and Jenette F. Brawn, December 4.
William Folsom of Hartland and Adeline E. Barrell, September 28.
Ingerson Parker and Ann W. Whitman of Auburn, February 1.
John B. Staples of Carthage and Lois D. Parker, April.
Charles M. Washburn and Louisa Briggs of Turner, July 5.
Duane Mower and Cynthia Allen, June 6.
George C. Howlett of Cambridgeport, Mass. and Esther Ann Parker, November 6.
Sylvanus Hammond and Sophrona Beals of Leeds, December.

John Nason and Mrs. Olive M. Peavy of Sanford, January.
Benjamin A. Eaton and Mary J. Dill, January.
Albert F. Jones of Webster and Sarah J. Jewell, February.
Melville C. Mower and Hannah L. Jennings of Leeds, May 28.
Madison Sprague and Julia McKenney of Webster, May.
John L. Merrill of Danville and Anna M. Parker, October 26.
Davis K. Bubier and Caroline S. Bubier, November 30.
Loren Smith and Almira Peare, April.
Zebedee Shaw and Emeline Harris, September 25.
Leonard Griffin and Caroline Cunningham of Lewiston, November.

Josiah C. Hammond and Ann M. Howe of Leeds, March.
Elias Adams and Mary Weymouth, March.
Solomon McKenney and Louisa Starbird, March.
Melzar S. Dwelly of Lewiston and Caroline McKenney, May.
Thomas Starbird and Harriet Holland of Danville, June.
Ezekiel Wakefield of Lewiston and Louisa A. Griffin, July.

[p. 159]
Lafayette Hackett of Danville and Lucy J. Wentworth, November.
Elisha M. Nash of Danville and Mary E. Wright, December.
Sumner H. Cole of Lewiston and Osca Gilbert, December.

Albion K. P. Mower and Nancy R. Longley, February 2.
Capt. Greene Sprague and Mrs. Paulina Haskall, May 17.
William C. Stevens and Harriet Ann Mower, March 3.
Robert S. Ellms and Florilla Coburn, June 21.
Nathaniel Harris and Lydia Jane Curtis of Leeds, August 19.
William Ray and Lorana Sprague, October 14.
Sylvanus Hammond and Sophronia Beals of Leeds, January 2.
Benjamin Chadborn of Cambridge and Emily A. Chadborn, March 7.
Washington F. Herridan of Lewiston and Sally Parker, September 4.
Francis O. Bean of Lewiston and Sophronia Briggs, February.
Barnum L. Townsend of Auburn and Sarah A. Pettengill, February.
William Parker and Dorcas M. Bishop of Leeds, February 18.
Reuel W. Jenkins and Rosanna W. Small of Freedom, April.
Josiah Owen of Wales and Matilda J. Harris, May.
Jeremiah Lowell and Sarah Wilson, July.
William H. Washburn and Osca Briggs of Turner, August.
Charles Maxwell of Wales and Lydia Caswell, September.
Isaiah Wakefield and Lydia O. Stewart, October.
John O. Harris of Turner and Ellen J. Patten, November.
Francis C. Shaw and Rebecca S. Smith of Peru, November.

James Taylor and Martha Tripp, March 27.
Wesley Carville of Lewiston and Mary J. Brawn, February 17.
Alfred Beals and Maria A. Howe, November 19.
Hiram Brawn and Mary Foss of Wales, February 17.
Lewis Beals and Fanny E. Allen, February.
Darius Peare and Paulina H. Knowles [no date given].
Henry P. Curtis and Lois Stone Parker, April.
George W. Parker and Eliza Beals, May 11.

[p. 160]
Wm. H. F. Libby of Readfield and Rachel C. Richardson, September.
Sewall A. Allen and Lovisa Additon of Leeds, September.
William S. Daly and Aulanah J. Harris, October.
James S. Sanborn and Harriet N. Small, November.

Jefferson O. Ellms and Marcia Hatch, January.
Dea. Samuel Maxwell and Mrs. Mary Cleaves, January.
Isaac Furbush and Betsey Hatch, January 27.
Elbridge G. Thomas of Lewiston and Lydia Lane, January 28.
Aretas Harris and Mrs. Jemima Hannaford of Augusta, April 30.
Joseph H. Hackett and Sarah Jane Totman of Richmond, June 15.
Virgil H. Sprague and Julia R. Mower, October 4.
Franklin N. Mower and Helen O. Shaw, January 11.
Jonathan Aberton and Lydia McFarlin, March.
Charles Diblack of Readfield and Clary Bubier, April.
Allen F. Pratt and Jane E. Bradbury, November 7.
Jesse N. Eaton and Mrs. Hannah C. Stetson, July.
Isaac W. Wardwell and Harriet E. Hutchinson of Oxford, August.
Alvin Sprague and Susan Rogers, November.

William Sprague and Helen L. Tibbets, October 19.
George W. Anderson and Ellen P. Merrill of Lewiston, December 30.
Almon A. Manson and Louisa G. Lombard of Wales, March.
Howard Sylvester and Joanna Adams, June.
Charles H. Hubbard and Rhoda J. Berry, June.
James H. Thompson and Bethiah J. Buker of Auburn, October.
Charles L. Thomas and Hannah M. Maxwell, January 2.

Levi W. Farewell and Eliza G. Allen, June 13.
Stephen Larrabee and Louisa H. Philbrook of Lewiston, September.

[p. 161]
Septimus P. Greenwood and Rachel J. Lowell of Lewiston, November 30.
Aaron Mower and Ann Augusta Rackley of Leeds, September 15.
Averson G. Bates and Ann P. Day, February.
Elbridge Chadbourn and Mehitable C. Adams of Bowdoin, March.
Charles H. Pratt and Ellen L. Davis of Auburn, March.
Joseph J. Gurnery and Julia Rose of Turner, March.
Alvin H. Pettengill and Elizabeth Taylor of Lewiston, May.
James S. Cushing of Freeport and Hellen M. Wilkins, May.
Abisha Sturtevant and Phebe R. Bates, June.
Calvin C. Hussey of Lewiston and Olive E. Stevens, July.
Robert S. Thomas and Helen A. Ballou of Leeds, July 27.
Alfred Beals and Sarah A. Curtis of Turner, August.
Sidney S. Wright and Nancy Perkins of Lewiston, September.
Robert H. Niles of Webster and Jane Sprague, September.
Stephen McDonald and Esther Raymond, October.
Wesley D. Wheeler of Leeds and Dora R. Wardwell, October.
Almeran B. Parker and Eliza A. Howe, October.
Albion K. P. Moulton and Emily B. Fogg, October.
Merrick Lamb and Susan P. Roak of Auburn, November.
Lebbeus B. Jennings and Caroline F. Cooper of Wakefield, November.
Josiah H. Mower and Elvira E. Harris, November 24.
Nathaniel E. Peare and Anna A. Cook, December.
Heman P. Bradbury of Auburn and Vesta A. Pratt, December.
Charles B. Beals and Mary E. Lane, December.
Joseph R. Ellms and Harriet E. Soul, December.

Steven L. Morse and Julia A. Adams, January 1.
Thomas B. Packard of Winthrop and Lois Mower, February 12.
Elisha P. Ramsdell of Leeds and Lucy C. Michell, May 6.
Thomas L. Bubier and Abby Rose, March 7.
Jefferson Sprague and Celestia A. Wilkins, February 13.
Abraham McKenney and Sally Jackson, March 15.
Alanson Rose and Mary G. Rose, February 3.
Jefferson C. Wilson and Rebecca Lowell, April.

[p. 162]
Silas Gurney and Mary E. Wentworth of Farmington, May.
George Brown and Arvilla A. Brown, June.
Leonard C. S. Dillingham and Dora P. House of N. Monmouth, July.
Roscoe L. Gilbert of Turner and Deborah H. Gurney, August.
Joel H. Weymouth and Nancy B. Chadbourn, September.
Calvin Keen and Mary A. Magna, September.
Ziba Alden Gilbert and Clara Bradford of Turner, November 5.
Edwin Andrews and Sarah E. Richmond, November.
George E. Fogg and Octavia E. Maloon of Leeds, December 21.
Thomas F. Alexander and Mary E. Hutchins of Lewiston, December.
Charles Rose and Mary A. Maloon, December.

John H. Hodgkins and Sarah J. Longley, July 13.
Howard M. Kimball and Cynthia M. Talbot of Stoughton, Mass., September 29.
John Brawn and Mary J. Sargent of Lewiston, October 20.
Joshua Gray of Monmouth and Annie E. Kendrick, January.
Charles F. Nichols and Martha J. Manson, May.
Washington L. Hackett of New Vineyard and Georgianna S. Magna, May.
William J. Merriman and Lydia L. Berry, July.
William P. James and Sarah J. Foote of Lewiston, August.
Thomas F. Stevens and Harriet E. Fogg, August.
Reuben Beals and Octavia F. Wheeler of Leeds, October.
Moses G. Beal and Lavina Pickens of Lewiston, December 12.
Charles H. Eaton and Abby E. Fogg, November.
Thomas G. Pratt and Lizzie P. Rounds of Danville, November.
Irison Briggs and Lucy J. Pickering of Lewiston, December.
Moses Stewart of Monson and Marcia J. Pullen, December.

Virgil P. Dillingham and Mary J. Coburn, January 18.
Augustine Wilkins and Josephine E. Farwell, February 7.
Dr. Albion Pierce and Olive Ann Clark, June.
Stephen B. Rackley and Ellen W. Moulton, June 8.
Roscoe V. Shaw and Emma Deane of Leeds, August 24.

[p. 163]
Benjamin A. Eaton and Rebecca D. Marble of Minot, August.
Charles H. Briggs of Turner and Charlotte B. Stevens, August.
Charles H. Gooding of Marion, O. and Miriam M. Jordan, December 1.
Edmond Miller of Durham and Julia Beals, September 28.
Elbridge Ray and Jennie Hammond, May 11.
Howard M. Gamage and Emeline Quimby, May 11.

Everett L. Mower and Julia A. Alexander, February 1.
William H. Merrill and Olive E. Murray, March 22.
Hosea S. Mace and Isabelle H. Stevens, November 29.
Charles A. Wentworth and Nancy M. Perkins of Auburn, February.
Noah L. Cross and Sarah J. Howard, September 8.
Augustus B. Caswell and Ann M. Mann of Leeds, May 30.
Nahum F. Dicker and Esther Boutelle of Auburn, September.
Wm. H. Johnson of Newburyport, Mass. and Ellen A. Clark, September.
John W. Varney of Winthrop and Ann Maria Andrews, October 4.
Samuel R. Miller of Durham and Elizabeth Hodgkins, October.

Rufus Draper of Livermore and Delora A. Morse, January.
Capt. Frank L. Lamont and Ellen R. Barrell, January 27.
Cyrus W. Bates and Vesta A. Day, January.
Thomas H. Mower and Laura E. Ballou of Leeds, April 9.
Louis Keen of Turner and Harriet C. Rose, September 17.
Winfield S. Wright and Mary A. Fuller of Pittsfield, April.
Sewall N. Pierce of Mars Hill and Rachel Mower, June 22.
John Martin Robbins and Louisa Allen, December 25.

Lowell Mason Mower and Mary Clark Small of Limington, January 1.
William H. Harris of Auburn and Susan E. Mower, January 9.
William Beal and Nancy J. McDonald, January 20.
Isaac C. Merrill of Lynn, Mass. and Augusta A. Daggett, January.

[p. 164]
John Knowles and Emma R. Turner, February 13.
Frank A. Brooks of Lewiston and Lizzie J. Fuller, January 1.
Solomon McKenney and Mrs. Jane P. Harris, October 22.
John C. Wright and Elizabeth Bates, November 20.
Byron G. Hill and Octavia H. Lowell, June 20.
Samuel Watts and Sophia Miller, March.
Henry R. Perkins of Fairfield and Cinderella Hackett, April.
Thomas J. Chadbourne and Sylvia J. Walker of Lewiston, April.
Daniel W. Coburn and Emma E. Ham of Wales, May.
Col. Aaron S. Daggett and Rose Bradford of Turner, June.
Gustavus V. Todd and Clara M. Turner of Lewiston, December.
Moses A. Dunton of Lewiston and Sarah E. Thompson, December.
Andrew J. Nash and Victoria Lander, December.
Samuel L. Newell and Flora Lander, December.

Alfred W. Pierce and Mrs. Isabella H. Rackley, April 11.
Charles Richardson and Emma Brawn, April 3.
George W. Jones and Mrs. Orrilla Skillen, December 25.
Horace Bradford of Turner and Ellen Gilbert, January.
Thomas S. Rose and Hortencia W. Rose of Leeds, February 20.
Ireson Briggs and Hannah D. Andrews of Lewiston, February.
Ruel S. Stone and Mary J. Larrabee, April.
Amzi Sanborn of Webster and Emma Davis, April.
Thomas J. Chadbourne and Margaret E. Bodge of Turner, April.
George Fox Rowell of Monmouth and Harriet E. Mower, April 29.
Albert L. Additon and Florence A. Turner of Leeds, May 1.
Charles A. Fogg and Josephine F. Murray, May 1.
Alonzo E. Jackson of Lewiston and Rebecca J. Wilkins, June 10.
Charles E. Thompson and Lucy E. Hackett, June.
Orrin Austin of New Sharon and Jennie Sprague, June.
Rufus L. Wright and Nellie M. Stetson, August.
J. Byron Murray and Minerva Durgin of Mexico, October.
Daniel L. Weymouth and Maria L. Morrell of Readfield, December.
David O. Libby and Mira D. Allen, December.
Oren P. Cole and Clara A. Wright [no date given].

[p. 165]
Charles A. Bradbury and Lillie E. Barrell, December 6.
Almon B. Donnell of Lewiston and Anna Maria Mower, December 1.
Dana F. Beals and Ella A. Additon, September 10.
Calvin G. Estes of Lewiston and Rhoda F. Ray, October 26.
Thomas A. Ray and Mary F. Larrabee, August 25.
Luther C. Chadbourne and Mrs. Mary A. Perry of Wrentham, Mass., February.
Marshall Sawyer of Levant and Araxine Wilkins, February.
George W. Tabor and Roxanna B. Galusha of Lewiston, March.
Leander Patten and Angie S. McKay of Lewiston, March 19.
William E. Longley and Augusta M. Thompson of Topsham, May 28.
George E. Wardwell and Elvetta D. Gilbert of Leeds, June 6.
Benjamin P. Winslow of Leeds and Emily F. Quimby, September 7.
Alfred Richardson and Elizabeth A. Bond of Lewiston, September.
Isaac N. Spofford and Emmer Costell of Lewiston, September.
Frederick B. Pollard and Sarah Crowell [no date given].
Edward Sedgley and Ann J. Stevens, September.
Cyrus Beals and Phebe C. Parsons of Turner, October.
Henry H. Coburn and Charlotte E. Robinson, October.
William D. Southwick of Newport, R. I. and Nancy E. McKenney, December.
William H. Hamlin of Lewiston and Mary E. Lowell, December.

Rev. Charles M. Emery of Newton, Mass. and Frances I. Barrell, July 5.
Virgil H. Sprague and Mrs. Ellen R. Lamont, July 5.
William H. Bates and Nellie M. Chandler of Auburn, June.
Wilbur F. Mower and Clara A. Hill, December 27.
Samuel W. Adams and Mary Mitchell, November 18.
Daniel P. Eaton and Etta J. Cole, June 3.
Col. Augustus Sprague and Mrs. Adeline S. Barrell, November 12.
J. Wesley Maxwell of Webster and Clara F. Moulton, October 17.

[p. 166]
Rev. Hamor Getchell of Gardiner and Jane L. Parker, September 6.
Lemuel C. Parker and Julia A. Jepson, January.
George T. Howe and Mrs. Lydia A. Ufford, February.
Charles H. Hamilton and Mary P. Bryant of Webster, February.
George E. Longley and Susan J. Thompson of Topsham, February 22.
Nathan D. Hoxie of Lewiston and Saraphine C. Wright, March.
Moses Fogg of Leeds and Lizzie D. Williamson, September 13.
Francis E. Howe and Elenor C. Pettingill of Leeds, December 29.
Alfred A. Parker and Eliza L. Gorman, December.

Samuel H. Marrow and Emma Mower, February 18.
Foxwell C. Sedgley and C. Augusta Stevens, January.
William H. Starbird of Lisbon and Sebelia McDonald, April.
Charles W. Coburn and Louisa M. Fuller of Lewiston, May.
Barthalomew Coburn and Mrs. Eliza A. Young, June.
Orville D. Wing and F. Augusta Abbott of Etna, July.
Samuel L. Moody of Webster and Rosetta A. Spofford, September.

Westbrook G. Rogers and Nancy Cook of Portland, January.
Cyrus G. Lowell and Christiana Smith, January.

Charles H. Osgood of Lewiston and Henrietta A. Parker, June 27.
Roscoe Libby of Wales and Frances A. Cole, March 25.
Joseph M. Keen and Emma Haskell of Auburn, September 30.
Charles L. Thomas and Mary Deane of Leeds, October 5.
Jonathan Davis of Wales and Izanna Moulton, October 3.
Alfred E. Maxwell and Emma F. Stanton, October 15.
Oliver H. Durelle of E. Cambridge, Mass. and Sophia G. Eaton, October 18.
Alfred P. Hodgkins and Lizzie J. Staples of Bowdoin, February.
Rev. Herbert Lee Stetson and Mary A. Clifford of Monmouth, March.
Abraham McKenney and Martha A. Walker of Litchfield, April.

[p. 167]
John C. Daggett and Abby C. Fogg, May.
Samuel C. Jones of Auburn and Julia M. Harris, May.
Norton J. Stover of Harpswell and Lois J. Pratt, September.
James W. Libby and Rosa V. Burnham of Wayne, September.

Benjamin Wilbur and Mrs. Mary Gould, November 8.
Horace Fogg and Ida Louise Seabury, January 25.

Jonathan Allen and Frances A. Allen, February 19.
Solomon M. Rose and Ida Rose, January 1.

John L. Kent and Orlena M. Burgess, March 1.
George W. Spofford and Adelade Hammond, March 17.
Westbrook G. Rogers and Lorinda L. Moody of Webster, March 17.
Samuel M. Pratt and Abbie Moody of Livermore, January 1.
James S. Pollard and Mary E. Smith, April 11.
Ludlow W. Bois of Auburn and Lois W. Stevens, August 16.

Samuel Oakes and Eveline H. Sprague, October 28.
James L. Garside and Lucy White, July 24.
Samuel L. Bonney of Winthrop and Ida A. Wakefield, October 3.
Frank Starbird and Cora Ella Ray, October 16.

Julius K. Briggs of Lewiston and Sobrina P. Rackley, January 1.
Albion F. Wright and Elizabeth E. Wright, May 1.
William B. Wright and Lydia Jane Greenwood, May 1.
Greenwood Harris and Ada M. Gorman, April 24.

John Ervin Foss and Almira Louisa Rackley, January 30.
Elijah S. Daly and Mrs. Octavia G. Dailey of Turner, February 13.

William Illingworth of Lewiston and Sarah Bennett, April 6.
Nathaniel P. Ames and Martha J. Trask, April 13.

[p. 168]
William Pitt Sawyer and Rosetta R. Austin, May 1.
Francis Wright and Sarah N. Stevens of Auburn, May 17.
Earl Richardson and Mary A. Vickery of Auburn [no date given].
Wilbur Fisk Mower and Esther Ann Longley, September 7.
David O. Libby and Alice J. Parker, November 2.
Andrew J. Harris and Alice A. Starbird, December 6.
Isaac C. Cole of Lewiston and Addie F. Hunt, February 13.

Edward A. Mower and Lizzie E. Griffin, March 15.
Herbert F. Woodward and Carrie L. Mower, March 20.
Austin B. Seabury and Anne Eliza Parker, May 10.
Frank Y. Hammond and Nancy A. Thurston of Bristol, September 17.
Nehemiah Thompson and Mrs. Jemima Harris, October 5.
James H. Stetson and Alice C. Mower, December 18.

Winfield S. Mitchell and Mrs. Georgia Lowell, January 1.
Jacob Coburn and Ella Rowe, March 20.
Charles A. Gassett and Mary E. Taylor of Lewiston, May 19.
Frank M. Keen and Abbie M. Reynolds of Winslow, December 25.
Dr. Albion Pierce and Charlotte I. Bailey of W. Newbury, Mass., December 25.

Arthur D. Coburn and Louisa J. Owen, January 1.
Wyman Stevens and Annie Haley, April 2.
Charles H. Berry and Julia A. Griswold of Leeds, June 11.
Henry W. McAvery of Charleston and Lizzie W. Beal, September 4.
Bartholomew Coburn and Mrs. Eliza Hutchins, November 16.
Isaiah Wakefield and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Richardson of Lewiston, December 4.

Nelson H. Coburn and Flora E. Caswell, January 17.
William H. Thomas and Luetta M. Additon of Leeds, February 15.

[p. 169]
Levi A. Tripp and Alice L. Richardson, May 11.
Herbert A. Andrews of Oxford and Cedora J. Chadbourne, October 18.
Fred Tristram Hill and Stella A. Washburn, November 15.
Oscar E. Furber of Saco and Lizzie E. Murray, November 30.
Elijah Stevens and Mrs. Maria S. Getchell, April 24.
Rev. George N. Musgrove of Kings Co., N. B. and Florence L. Manson, December 13.

Solomon M. Rose and Lydia D. Wright, September 9.
Nathaniel T. Littlefield of Webster and Margaret E. Chadburne, October 18.
Dole Benjamin Wiley and Elvira Ellen Deane of Leeds, September 16.
Joseph Thorpe and Hattie S. Hurd of Webster, December 23.

Isaac W. Coburn and Hortense A. McKenney, January 6.
Davis Sanborn of Wales and Arabella Thompson, January 13.
Benj. Evans Allen and Lucinda R. Harris, March 1.
Fred M. Niles of Webster and Lizzie Ashton, April 5.
Walter H. Hill of Lisbon and Gracia R. Newell, November 15.
Herbert W. Bates of Leeds and Clara E. Beals, January 1.
Walter E. Rose and Minnie R. Parker, January 1.
John Herbert Parker and Mary J. House of Leeds, March 30.
Leander Patten and Nancy E. Caswell of Leeds, April 23.
John M. Ayer and Ada M. Dresser of Lewiston, June 2.
George L. Beals and Alena M. Wing of Leeds, November 23.
Frederick P. Spofford and Alice J. Parker, December 4.
Fred L. Gilman of Monmouth and Minnie R. Keenan, December 24.

Edmund Fogg and Carrie A. Atwood of Buckfield, January 11.
Carroll L. Packard of Webster and Ruth A. Dodson, May 30.
Josiah Frank Wilkins and Lydia Etta Rowe, April 11.
Alonzo Ray and Cora E. Mottram, August 9.
Frederick F. White of New Castle, Pa. and Clara E. Murray, July 5.

[p. 170]
C. Jesse Austin and A. Ursula Caswell, July 18.
George W. Parker and Mrs. Martha J. Webster of Lewiston, November 14.
Henry A. Peare and Georgiana W. Maxwell of N. Abbington [sic], Mass., April 30.

Clement S. Stetson and Mary E. Wood of Winthrop, January 27.
Elwin E. Additon of Leeds and Mary A. Thomas, February 9.
Randsom D. Lane and Lucinda Ware of Lewiston, March 15.
Charles A. Washburn and Olive W. Parsons, May 23.
Ralph A. Parker and Mary Etta Merrill, August 5.
George H. Dodson and Annie Aveyard of Webster, September 5.
Harrison Rose and Lottie F. Allen, September 2.
Wyman A. Stevens and Margie E. Haley, December 27.

Timothy Flanders of Monmouth and Isabel Clark, January 31.
Luther Starbird and Mrs. Addie B. Brown, February 1.
Truman M. Shaw and Annie S. Additon, September 27.
Charles A. Additon and Mrs. Mary L. Dugar, October 30.
James A. Ashton and Margaret Marshall of Lewiston, November 23.
Clinton T. Parker and Mary C. Libby, December 31.

Frank E. Sleeper and Helen Nash of Lewiston, February 2.
Will H. Jennings of Turner and Rosetta Hill, January 17.
Ralph Greenwood and L. Etta Ray, April 7.
Charles Smith and Ada M. Caswell, June 10.
Fred L. Additon of Leeds and Lenora I. Howe, September 4.
Charles W. Covell of Lewiston and Clara J. Fogg, September 29.
Herbert A. Stevens and Myrtie May Parker, October 27.
Charles Foss and Mrs. Jennie A. Briggs, October 27.
Isaac M. Jenkins of Wales and Lucy E. Greenwood, December 22.

William H. Mitchell of Waterville, Me. and Emma Keenan, February 9.
Alfred P. Mower and Mrs. Roxana J. Mills of Crete, Ill., June 5.
Emery L. Feero and Mary F. Harraden, June 26.

[p. 171]
Lester B. James of Livermore Falls and Jennie A. Shaw, August 21.
Frank M. Keen and Lottie B. Phillips of Lewiston, September 8.
Nathan S. Taylor of Lewiston and Fannie L. Sprague, November 6.
Walter J. Leavitt of Turner and Flora A. Merrill, December 14.

Dunning C. Briggs and Ellura H. Hammond, August 22.
George S. Hall of Webster and Jennie R. Tibbetts, September 10.
Samuel Lincoln Mower and Dora Ada Murray, October 22.
Merritt C. Rose and Lizzie O. Stackpole of Gardiner, November 26.
Wesley L. Starbird and Sarah Stevens [no date given].
Clarence E. Carville of Lewiston and Mabel A. Thomas, November 26.
Edward E. Davis and Jennie Powell of Brooklyn, N. Y., November 27.
W. C. Albee of Strong and Nellie M. Shaw, September 22.

Herbert F. Davis and Idy L. Goss, December 2.
Edgar E. Ray and Vesta Sprague, November 24.

Lamont E. McKenney of Auburn and Lizzie A. Thomas, February 20.
Ralph D. Ellms and Lena B. Moody, February 20.
Charles H. Williams of Topsham and Lillian A. Hammond, April 18.
Wm. Henry Keates and Laura Belle Perkins of Monmouth, July 25.
Alfred A. Mower and Jennie M. Bates of S. Leeds, August 10.
George W. Goulder of Lewiston and Sarah Mellor, August 29.
William A. Chadbourn and Vesta F. Haly, August 30.
Alfred W. Reed and Effie R. Donald, September 7.
Zina J. Chadburn and Susie Ann Reed, September 10.
William H. Hodgkins and Edith Smith, September 10.
Charles Firth of Lewiston and Lizzie May Goggin, September 15. (Both parents English birth.)

[p. 172]
Frank S. Niles and Addie Avery of Norwalk, Conn., October 6.
Lorenzo P. Stetson and Mrs. Diantha L. Coburn, October 20.
Almon B. Moulton and Emily A. Chadburn, November 24.
John Walter Pratt of Webster and Lilla Jane Thorpe, December 25.
S. Sherman Mitchell of Lewiston and Clara A. Sprague, December 24.

Clinton Abbott and Minnie E. Lowell, January 7.
Frank E. Marr of Wales and S. Luella Woodside, January 14.
Albion F. Ray and Carrie J. Stevens, January 15.
Frank P. Briggs of Auburn and Bertha J. Foss, January 7.
Elbridge W. Beal and Sarah E. Spofford, March 22.
Isaiah H. Mann of Leeds and Esther Augusta Rose, May 21.
Josiah G. Penley of Auburn and Alice M. Fogg, June 21.
Benjamin R. Bigelow and Emma M. Tabor of Auburn, September 19.
James P. Thorpe and Annie Sheridan of Sabattus, November 8.

Charles A. Stevens and Velma Weymouth of Lewiston, March 22.
Ernest I. Dorr of Canton and Lessie A. Rose, January 20.
Arthur C. Wilkins of Webster and Jennie M. Ashton, May 12.
Fred B. Parker and Mrs. Fannie E. Staples [no date given].
Alphonso Greenwood and Laura E. Rideout of Bowdoin, June 3.
Alonzo G. Haly and Bertha Swan of Bethel, July 7.
Eugene Beal and Viola Burnham of Poland, August 14.
Loring Sawyer Lombard and Laura Effie Thomas, August 25.
John W. Wood and Julia Eaton, October 14.
Charles H. Lane of Leeds and Mrs. Nellie M. Wright, October 21.
William A. Jennings of Leeds and Hannah M. Adams, November 29.

Benjamin K. Alden and Ella A. Sprague, March 9.
Thomas Henry Merrill and Mabel Gamage, April 25.
William A. Stevens and Harriet May Brawn, April 27.
Frank A. Rose and Fannie M. Rose, April 30.
Melvin F. Lovejoy of Canton and Bessie R. Rose, June 29.
Carroll G. Parker and Blanche M. Pinkham of Leeds, August 31.

[p. 173]
Fred A. Allen of Industry and Ida M. Carville, September 12.
Andrew J. Harvie and Clara J. Lowell, October 5.
Louis Gerak and Clara Lapointe of Lewiston, October 14.
Lockwood S. Close and Mary H. Mitchell, November 2.
Clarence P. Gowell of Boston, Mass. and Emeline L. Mower, November 20.
John F. Gilmore of Leeds and Vesta E. Hammond, December 21.
Clifton D. Bishop of Livermore and Ella Smith, December 25.
Verres Greenwood and Lizzie A. Norris of Lewiston, December 31.

Frank Smith and Edith E. Todd, March 12.
William R. Beal and Gracie M. Ridley, March 13.
Fred Howard Marr and Alice M. Sawyer, June 3.
Melvin A. Bubier and Lizzie J. Howe, June 20.
Almon W. Fogg and Alice E. Knowles, June 30.
Merton A. Fogg and Annie L. Richardson, September 2.
Charles Mason Mower of Portland and Ida May Litchfield of Auburn, September 3.
George E. Graffam and Celestia A. Jordan, Turner, October 1.

Milton Carville and Mrs. Hannah R. Sprague, January 6.
Herbert W. Ryder of Leeds and Lucy M. Adams, March 4.
Frank C. Tuck and Celia B. Parker, March 13.
Clarence A. Pierce and Mrs. Ada Partridge of Lewiston, March 29.
Geo. W. McKenney and Maud Mabel Sprague of S. Leeds, April 10.
Erenst E. Field and Annie M. Stevens, June 23.

George A. Gagner and Bertha Delamore, November 25.

Henry H. Tibbetts and Ada M. Bragg, January 28.
Ernest W. Furbush of Lewiston and Bertha I. Briggs, February 11.
Wyman A. Stevens and Belle R. Ridley, March 25.

[p. 174]
Fred Linwood Root of Lewiston and Elizabeth L. Rackley, January 17.
Fred A. Richardson and Edith Howe of Leeds, July 7.
Frank E. Durgin of Turner and Blanche H. Hammond, September 22.
Cyrus B. Howe and Ruth P. Norris of Wayne, October 4.
L. Willis Longley and Lillian S. Brooks, December 15.