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Brunswick Marriage Intentions, 1740-1769

Source: Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine, Vols. 5 and 6 (new series vols. 3 and 4) (Salem, Mass.: The Salem Publishing and Printing Company, 1895, 1896).

Punctuation has been standardized in places.

Brunswick was incorporated in 1738. The following year Merepoint was set off from North Yarmouth to form part of Brunswick.

Those entries starred are crossed out in the original. Where no place is given Brunswick was the residence.

Samuel Gatchel and Joanna Drisco, 24 March, 1740.
*John Ross and Ezelpeney Storr, 27 June 1741.
Thomas Barrey and Bathsheba Attwood, of Falmouth, 12 Dec., 1741.
(Philine Durken, daughter of Dr. Samuel Durken and Hannah his wife, departed this life 19 Dec., 1775. Dr. Durken died 30 June, 1784.)
Sepron Cornish and Anne Woole, 24 Sept., 1742.
Philip Jenkens and Sarah Brown, 4 Oct., 1742.
John Gatchel and Mary Barber, of Falmouth, 6 Nov., 1742.
John Ross and Mary Hall, both of Sebascodegan, 31 Dec., 1742.
James Potter and Margaret Dulap, both of Topsham, 14 Dec., 1743.
David Stanwood and Mary Reed, of Topsham, 30 Dec., 1743.
David Jenkins and Mercy Aston, 17 May, 1744.
Clemont Hinkly and Sarah Smith, 9 Aug., 1744.
Benj. Thompson and Abigail Filbrook, of Georgetown, 17 Sept., 1744.
James Purrinton of Boston and Ezephen Tar, of Merryconeag, in North Yarmouth, 1 Sept., 1744.
(D—J-in-then) of Georgetown and Elizabeth Hebron, 12 Feb., 1744-5
Joseph Smith and Patience Wood, of Berwick, 7 Sept., 1745.
Jacob Anderson of North Yarmouth and Agnes Spinney, 12 Sept., 1745.
Isaac Hall of Sebascodegan and Johanna Coombs, 18 Nov., 1745.
Aaron Hinkley and Mrs. Mary Larrabee, 18 Jan., 1745-6.
*Mr. George Fisher of his majesty's fort at Richmond and Elizabeth Willson, 22 May, 1746.
Alexander Willson and Katherine Swainsy, 19 Aug., 1746.
Francis Smith and Elizabeth Herald, 21 Feb., 1746-7.

John Cornish and Rebecca Spooner, 19 March, 1746-7.
Capt. William Woodsid and Jean Christy of Boston, 30 April, 1747.
Abijah Young of York and Mary McNeess, of Merryconeag, 2 July 1747.
*Thomas Stodard and Mary Catton, 1747.
John Reed of Topsham and †Susanna Stanwood, 20 Jan., 1747-8.
William Malcum of Georgetown and Elizabeth Smart, 5 Feb., 1747-8.
Jona. Webber of North Yarmouth and Margery Combs, 14 May, 1748.
William Tarr of Merryconeag and Sarah Feney,‡ not in bounds of any town, 11 July 1748.
Peter Woodward and Judith Getchel, 13 Aug., 1748.
William Gamon of Falmouth and Dorcas Getchell, 29 Aug., 1748.
James Roye and Hannah Mather of North Yarmouth, 22 Nov., 1748.
Reuben Tuper and Anna Wooden of Topsham, 9 Dec., 1748.
John Dunlap and Jennat Wark, of Birch Island, 12 Dec., 1748.
Charels [sic] Smeth and Lydia Woodeen, of Topsham, 17 Dec., 1748.
William Stanwood and Elizabeth Reed, of Topsham, 7 Jan. 1748-9.
James Beviridge and Jean Write, of Georgetown, 6 Feb., 1748-9.
*Pampy Larrabee and Priscilla Malcum, of Georgetown, 16 June, 1749.
Daniel Levit, of Hingham, and Susannah Hall, of Sebascodegan, without bounds of any town, 19 June, 1749.
Samuel Lumbert and Sara Fink, 3 July, 1749.
William Willson, of Topsham and Isabella Larrabee, 29 July, 1749.
William Patton and Eleanor Mcfarland, 12 Aug., 1749.
John Mustard, of Topsham and Sarah Jackson, of Falmouth, 29 Aug., 1749.
Thos. Means, of Biddeford and Alice Finney, 26 Sept., 1749.
John Oulton, Esq., and Mary Larrabee, 29 Sept., 1749.
Samuel Kennady, of Newcastle and Mary Simpson, 4 Oct., 1749.
Isaac Hinkly and Agnes Smith, 31 Dec., 1749.
Andrew Mcphaddeen, of Georgetown and Abigail Mustard, of Topsham, 29 June, 1750.

†From here on the clerk has universally given the title of Mrs. to the women and Mr. to the men.
‡That part of Merriconeag between Brunswick and North Yarmouth bounds.

*Indicates scratched in original.
Reuben Starbord and Anna ______, Oct. 19, 1750.
Abel Eaton and Dorcas Coombs, Oct. 22, 1750.
James Winslow and Ruth Getchell, Nov. 30, 1750.
Walter McDonald, of Georgetown, and Elizabeth Winslow, of a place called Topsom, Dec. 31, 1750.
Benjamin Whitney and Jean Brown, of Georgetown, Mar. 16, 1751.
Caleb Coombs and Mrs. Harvey Coombs, of Corhester, May 29, 1751.
Samuel Jack and Elizabeth Willson, of a place called Topsom, Aug. 12, 1750.
Capt. James Thompson and Mrs. Lodin Harris, of Ipswich, Oct. 2, 1751.
Daniel Hopkins of Newcastle and Mrs. Jeunath Simpson of Brunswick, Oct. 11, 1751.
Judah Chase and Margaret Woodside, Apr. 8, 1752.
William Hesey,‡ of Chelford and Mehitable Hall, of Sebascodegan Island, Apr. 25, 1752.
Daniel Eaton and Jean Dunlap, of Topsom, May 27, 1752.
Benja Whitney and Mercy Hinkley, June 15, 1752.
Daniel Weed, of Newbury and Elizabeth Thompson, Aug. 8, 1752.
Anthony Coombs, Jun. and Ruth Getchell, Nov. 18, 1752.
Berya Rideout, of Smallpoint and Mary Getchell, Nov. 25, 1752.
James Mustard and Charity Reed, both of Topsham, Mar. 19, 1753.
Peter Woodward and Sarah Mariner, of Falmouth, May 15, 1754.
Vincent Woodside and Mary Lamond, of Georgetown, Dec. 1, 1758 [sic].
John Snow and Hannah Larrabee, June 29, 1754.
Francis Carman and Lydia Whitney, Aug. 13, 1754.
Sam'l Williams, of Georgetown, and Mercy Coombs, Aug. 24, 1754.
William Reed, Jun. of Topsom, and Mary Dunning, Sept. 8, 1754.
Ebenr Hinkley and Susanah Brown, Sept. 16, 1754.
Mathew Patten of Biddeford and Susanna Dunning, Oct. 30, 1754.
Archibald Heney‡ and Margret Howard, Dec. 4, 1754.
William Woodside, Jr. and Elizabeth Hunter, of Topsom, Jan. 4, '55.
Sam'l Allen, of Topsham and Rosanna Asten, Mar. 8, 1755.
Rob't Lamont and Sarah Godfrey, May 10, 1755.
*Jonathan Prible of Abigadassett and Ester Hervey, June 7, 1755.
George Headon, of Richmond and Elizabeth Potter, of Topsham, Oct. 11, 1755.
Richard Knowly, of Topsham and Mary Orr, Oct. 27, 1755.
Charles Robinson and Martha Malcom, both of Topsham, Jan. 24, 1756.

‡Impossible to state whether Heney or Hesey.

Robert Dunning and Sarah Speer, Feb. 14, 1756.
Stephen Getchell and Sarah Tibbets, both of Cathance, June 6, 1756.
John Hall of Scibascodicon and Mary Jurdan of Brunswick, Dec. 24, 1756.
John Man of Northyarmouth and Esther Hervey of Brunswick, Dec. 24, 1756.
Charles Cavenagh Marmer and Elizabeth Dolly of Brunswick, July 5, 1757.
Mr. Nathaniel Whitney of Gorumtown [(Gorham) and] Susanna Whitney of Brunswick, Sept. 26, 1757.
Mr. Joseph White of Abagaduset and Mary Hinkly of Brunswick, Oct. 19, 1757.
Lieut. Samuel Moody of Fort George and Mrs. Hanah Minot of Brunswick, Oct. 25, 1757.
Mr. Tho. Cotton and Mrs. Agnes Hinkly, both of Brunswick, Nov. 5, 1757.
Mr. William Quningham of Skeepscut and Mrs. Mary Clark of Brunswick, Nov. 12, 1757.
Mr. Samuel Thompson of Brunswick and Mrs. Abiel Parrington of Georgetown, Dec. 2, 1757.
Mr. William Moorage of Mericonoig and Mrs. Sarah Starbird of Brunswick, Dec. 31, 1757.
Mr. Nathaniel Larrabee of Brunswick and Mrs. Elizabeth Harden of Georgetown, Feb. 6, 1758.

Mr. Thomas Springer and Mrs. Abigail Tibbets, both of Cathance, Mar. 4, 1758.
Mr. Philip Caul and Dolvoirance Wyman, both of Rousbick (Arrowsic?), Mar. 11, 1758.
Dr. Daniel Goodwin and Prudence Wyman, both of Rousbick, Mar. 11, 1758.
Mr. John Hunt of North Yarmouth and Mrs. Mary Standwood of Brunswick, Apr. 29, 1758.
Mr. Joseph Mezorvy of a place called (Pierceeutown?) and Mrs. Mary Martin of Brunswick, May 5, 1758.
Ensign John Jurdan of Brunswick and Mrs. Mary Young of Harpswell, Sept. 9, 1758.
*Mr. David Reed of Topsham and Mrs. Margaret Dunning of Brunswick, 23 Dec., 1758.
Mr. James Macmanus of Brunswick and Mary Corragan, or Corbet, of Falmouth, March 17, 1759.
Mr. Wait Herrick of Noble Town and Mrs. Martha Dunning of Brunswick, Apr. 5, 1759.
Mr. Robert Clark of Brunswick and Mrs. Mary Thorne of Topsom, July 2, 1759.
Mr. Thomas Cammell of North Yarmouth and Mrs. Margret Dunning of Brunswick, Aug. 25, 1759.
Mr. Heuh Wilson of Topsham and Mrs. Elizabeth Hervey of Brunswick, Sept. 5, 1759.
Mr. Elizha Snow of Brunswick and Mrs. Elizabeth Jurdan of Falmouth, Sept. 15, 1759.
Mr. James Curtis of Falmouth and Mrs. Rachel Thompson of Brunswick, Nov. 17, 1759.
Mr. Robert Dunlap of Topsham and Mrs. Mary Eaton of Brunswick, Nov. 28, 1759.
Mr. James Potter, Jun., of Topsham and Mrs. Mary Speer of Brunswick, Dec. 5, 1759.
Mr. Thomas Grey and Mrs. Sarah Thompson, Dec. 8, 1759.

*Crossed out.

Mr. Robert Speer, Jun., and Anne Skolfield, Dec. 15, 1759.
Mr. John Bakeman of Harpswell and Mrs. Christian Smart of Brunswick, Feb. 9, 1760.
Mr. Samuel Whitney, Jun., and Mrs. Mary Astin, Feb. 9, 1760.
Mr. Jabez Nevery of a place called Jeremy-Squam Island without the bound of any town and [M]rs. Hannah Thompson of Brunswick, May 26, 1760.
Mr. Thomas Joy and Mrs. Elizabeth Genson, both of a place called Abigadaffett, July 5, 1760.
Mr. John Orr and Mrs. Elizabeth Work, both of Topsham, Aug. 1, 1760.
Mr. Jonathan Bell of Georgetown and Mrs. Mary Joy of Brunswick, Sept. 5, 1760.
Mr. John Pennill of Topsham and Mrs. Hanah Graham of Brunswick, Nov. 24, 1760.
Mr. Joseph Snow of Brunswick and Mrs. Hannah Bayley of Falmouth, Feb. 6, 1761.
Mr. Subel Hinkly of Brunswick and Mrs. Sarah Young of Gruro, Mar. 24, 1761.
Mr. William Speer and Mrs. Frances White, both of Brunswick, Mar. 27, 1761.
Mr. Robert Cleaves and Mrs. Mary Smith, both of Brunswick, March 28, 1761.
Mr. Subell Hinkly Jun of Georgetown and Mrs. Mary Slew of Brunswick, Aug. 28, 1761.
Mr. Jno Martin, Jun., of Brunswick and Mrs. Lettice Wilson of Topsham, Sept. 24, 1761.
Mr. Abiezer Holebrook of Georgetown and Mrs. Elizabeth Snow of Brunswick, Sept. 24, 1761.
Mr. Jonathan Whitney and Mrs. Henderson [sic], both of Brunswick, Sept. 30, 1761.

Mr. Samuel Tibbitts and Mrs. Margret Russell, both of Brunswick, Sept. 30, 1761.
Mr. Robert Duglass and Mrs. Barbara Alexander, both of Topsham, Oct. 2, 1761.
Mr. William Getchell of Brunswick and Mrs. Zeviar Rideout of Georgetown, Oct. 10, 1761.
Mr. John Marriner and Mrs. Abigail Getchell, Oct. 10, 1761.
Mr. John Wisswell of Falmouth and Mrs. Mercy Minot of Brunswick, Nov. 14, 1761.

Mr. David Geevy and Mrs. Hannah Mahom (Malcom?), both of Brunswick. Brunswick, Nov. 25, 1761.
Mr. Saml Willson and Mrs. Mary Reed, both of Topsham. Brunswick, Dec. 11th, 1761.
Mr. John Neele and Mrs. Abigail Hall, both of Topsham. Brunswick, Jan. 16, 1762.
Mr. Robert Alexander and Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, both of Topsham. Brunswick, Mar. 24th, 1762.
Mr. Edward Moss, of this town, and Mrs. Huldey Aldrew, of Georgetown. Brunswick, April 5, 1762.
Mr. Jonathan Perrey and Mrs. Margret Roberson, both of Topsom. Brunswick, Apr. 17, 1762.
Levi Ebenazer Standwood, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Hannar Tosset, of Topsom. Brunswick, July 19, 1762.
Mr. Ebenazer Fellows, of Harpswell, and Miss Rachal Coombs, of this town. Brunswick, Aug. 4, 1762.
Mr. Benjamin Larrabee, of Brunswick, and Miss Lidah Balley, of Falmouth, Aug. 5th, 1762.

Mr. Daniel Curtis and Miss Ruth Thompson, both of Brunswick. Brunswick, Aug. 5, 1762.
Mr. Samuel Heath, of Boston, and Mrs. Margaret Shepard, of Brunswick. Brunswick, Oct. 8th, 1762.
Mr. Andrew Duglass and Miss Jeane Elaxander, both of Topsom, Oct. 30th, 1762.
Mr. William Potter and Miss Phebe Hinkly, both of Brunswick, Dec. 9, '62.
Mr. Samuel Nevers and Mrs. Anne Burrill, both of Brunswick, Apr. 2, '63.
Mr. William Ellett and Mrs. Keziah Gray, both of Brunswick, Apr. 14, '63.
Mr. Richard Bryar and Mrs. Abigail Check, both of Brunswick, Apr. 14, '63.
Mr. Peter Coombs, Jun. and Mrs. Cha. Coombs of Harpswell, June 8th, 1763.
Mr. Peter Coombs Jun. alters his mind and intends marriage with Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, of Harpswell, June 25th, 1763.
Mr. Benja. Ham and Mrs. Martha Moulton, both of Brunswick, July 2, 1763.
Mr. Benoni Astin and Mrs. Jean Andrews, both of Brunswick, July 29, '63.
Mr. James Thompson Jun. and Mrs. Mary Andross, both of Brunswick, Aug. 6th, 1763.
Mr. John Blyffin and Mrs. Dorcas Getchell, both of Brunswick, Oct. 22, 1763.
Mr. Paul Randall, of Topsham, and Mrs. Mary Mai Jarlan, of Brunswick, Nov. 7th 1763.
Mr. Gidion Orvins and Mrs. Jane White, both of Brunswick, Nov. 7th, 1763.
Mr. James Dunning and Mrs. Jane Woodside, both of Brunswick, Nov. 29th, 1763.
Mr. Anthony Woodside and Mrs. Sarah McFarland, both of Brunswick, Dec. 15th, 1763.
Mr. James Curtis, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary Dumrill, of Georgetown, Jan. 4, 1764.
The Rev. Mr. Ino. Miller,* of Brunswick, and Miss Margaret Rogers, of Georgetown, Mar. 3, 1764.
Capt. James Thompson and Miss Mary Higgin, both of Brunswick, Mar. 7th, 1764.

*[Rev. John Miller, of Brunswick, died in Boston, January, 1789. Mass. Magazine.Ed.]

Capt. Jno Minot, of Brunswick, and Miss Jemima Bradbury of Falme, Mar. 19th, 1764.
Mr. Peter Coombs and Miss Icanna Coombs, both of Brunswick, May 27th, 1764.
Mr. William Owens, of Falmouth, and Mrs. Mary Dunning, Oct. 6, 1764.
Mr. Andrew Tibbets, of Bowdinham, and Miss Hannah Coombs, of Brunswick, Oct. 15th, 1764.
Mr. Stephen Larrabee, of Brunswick, and Miss Sarah Foster, of Georgetown, Oct. 17, 1764.
Mr. John White, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary Malcolm, of Topsham, Nov. 6th, 1764.
Mr. John Astin and Mrs. Sarah Andrews, both of Brunswick, Nov. 24, '64.
Mr. John Hivey, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Elizabeth Man, of North Yarmouth, Dec. 8th, 1764.
Mr. John Molton and Miss Nanny Cornish, both of Brunswick, June 15, 1765.
Mr. Robert Southerland, of Falmouth, and Miss Margret Dunning, of Brunswick, July 27, 1765.
Mr. Danl. Curtis and Miss Deborah Harmon, both of Brunswick, Aug. 10th, 1765.
Mr. Eliphalet Smith and Mrs. Jean Neal, both of Brunswick, Sept. 14, '65.
Mr. Thos. Minot of Brunswick, and Miss Abigail Waite, of Falmouth, Oct. 5th 1765.
Mr. James Hervey, Jun., and Miss Mary Green, both of Brunswick, Nov., 1765.
Mr. Patrick Cannon and Miss Dority Gray, both of Brunswick, Nov. 29th, 1765.
Mr. Ezekel Sawyer and Mrs. Sarah Hinkley, both of Brunswick, March 29, 1766.
Mr. Daniel Curtis and Mrs. Mary Snow, both of Brunswick, May 10, '66.
Mr. Robert Mcfarland and Miss Jean Stanwood, both of Brunswick, July 26, 1766.
Mr. Thos. Martin and Mrs. Grace Storer, both of Brunswick, Nov. 4, 1766.
Mr. John Winchell, of Thopsham, and Miss Ann Given, of Brunswick, Jan. 7, 1767.
Mr. Joseph Allen and Mrs. _olley Thompson, both of Brunswick, Jan. 7th, 1767.

Mr. John arno and Mrs. Judith ham, both of Brunswick, Mar. 6, '67.
Mr. Clement Scofield, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Mary Adams, of Harpswell, Apr. 13, 1767.
Mr. William Simpson, Jun., of Brunswick, and Mrs. Elizabeth Spear, May 6, 1767.
Mr. Samll. Snow and Mrs. Sarah Dean, both of Brunswick, May 9, 1767.
Mr. Cotten and Mrs. Hannah Hodgkens, both of Brunswick, June 28, 1767.
Mr. Robt Ross and Mrs. Genutt Hervey, both of Brunswick, Oct. 9, 1767.
Mr. Samll Melcher and Mrs. Isabella Hinkly, both of Brunswick, Nov. 30, 1767.
Mr. Jacob Dunnett, of Woolwich, and Mrs. Elizabeth Smart, of Brunswick, Feb. 4, 1768.
Mr. Samll. Woodward and Mrs. Mary Coombs, both of Brunswick, Mar. 4, 1768.
Mr. Stephen Douty and Mrs. Hannah Wolles, both of Brunswick, June 4th, 1768.
Mr. Joseph Ramock and Mrs. Sarah Gray, both of Brunswick, July 9th, 1768.
Mr. Andrew Dunning jun. and Mrs. Margret Ransom, both of Brunswick, July 9th, 1768.
Mr. Daniel Curtis, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Tabitha Ramsut, of Harpswell, July 23, 1768.
Mr. Ebenn. Stanwood, Jun., and Mrs. Martha Given, both of Brunswick, Oct. 8, 1768.
Mr. William Moody and Mrs. Rachel Hodgekins, both of Brunswick, Oct. 29, 1768.
Mr. James Elot, Junr., and Mrs. Ruth Brown, both of Brunswick, Oct. 29, 1768.
Mr. David Sparkes, of Brunswick, and Mrs. Anna Danford, of thopsom, Nov. 6, 1768.
Mr. Andrew Dunning and Mrs. Elizabeth Dunlap, both of Brunswick, Dec. 8, 1768.
Mr. Thomas Thompson and Mrs. Mehitable Hinkly, both of Brunswick, Dec. 5, 1768.
Mr. Robt Simpson and Mrs. Margret Speer, both of Brunswick, Jan. 7, '69.
Mr. Jacobas Baker and Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins, both of Brunswick, Jan. 14, 1769.