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Dennysville Voters, 1815

Source: Memorial of the 100th anniversary of the settlement of Dennysville, Maine, 1886 (Portland, Me., B. Thurston and company, printers, 1886).

The format of the data has been changed. Forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching.

[p. 115]
list of persons qualified to vote for senators and representatives in plantation number two, march 10, 1815

} Assessors

Theodore Lincoln,
Ebenezer C. Wilder,
William Kilby,
Mark Allan
Christopher Benner
Christopher Benner jr.
Daniel Bosworth
James Blackwood
James Blackwood jr.
Abraham Bridges
Solomon Cushing
James Carter
John Clark
James Denbow
Clement Denbow
Jacob Dunbar
Thomas Eastman
Daniel Gardner
Joseph Gardner
Warren Gardner
Isaac Gardner
Abner Gardner
Zadoc Hersey
Perez Hersey
William Hersey
Caleb Hersey
Ebenezer Hersey
Adna Hersey
Isaiah Hersey
William Kilby
William Kilby jr.
Daniel Kilby
John Kilby
Theodore Lincoln
Jacob Lippincott
Abner Lincoln
Abner Lincoln jr.
Hatevil Leighton
Clement Leighton
John Leighton
Samuel Leighton
Edmund Mahar
James Mahar
William Mayhew
William Norwood
Nathan Preston
William Preston
Simon Page
John Palmer
William Parrott
David Prescott
Jonathan Reynolds
Samuel Sprague
John Sprague
Andrew Sprague
John Smith
Samuel Thaxter
Theophilus Wilder
Theophilus Wilder jr.
Theophilus Wilder, jr.
Theophilus Wilder 4th
Zenas Wilder
Zenas Wilder jr.
Eben. C. Wilder
Piam Wilder
Bela Wilder
William Wilson

Total, 64.