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Original Members of the Eastport Female Benevolent Society

Source: William Henry Kilby, Eastport and Passamaquoddy: a collection of historical and biographical sketches [] (Eastport, Me.: E. E. Shead & Co., 1888).

[p. 499]
On page 260, the formation of the Eastport Female Benevolent Society is noticed. From a small pamphlet published by Benjamin Folsom in 1822, the following list of original members and the first board of officers is copied:—

Mrs. Aaron Hayden, First Directress.
Mrs. William Shackford, Second Directress.
Mrs. Samuel Wheeler, Treasurer.
Miss Hannah C. Hayden, Collector.
Miss Sally L. Wheeler, Secretary.

Mrs. Thomas Johnson.
Mrs. Robert Mowe.
Mrs. Benjamin King.
Mrs. John Webster.
Mrs. Micajah Hawks.
Mrs. William Clark.
Mrs. John Clark.
Mrs. Silas Thayer.
Miss Margaret Wortman.
Miss Deborah Crosby.

Miss Mary Allen.
Mrs. Philip Bell.
Mrs. Thomas Burnham.
Mrs. Jonathan Bartlett.
Mrs. Edward Baker.
Mrs. Anthony Brooks.
Mrs. John Clark.
Mrs. William Clark.
Mrs. Joseph Coney.
Mrs. William Delesdernier.
Mrs. John Burgin.
Mrs. Jerry Burgin.
Miss Eliza A. Burgin.
Mrs. Samuel Buck.
Mrs. John A. Bowman.
Miss Rachel Bowman.
Miss Deborah Crosby.
Mrs. Elizabeth Coombs.
Mrs. Elizabeth Davidson.
Mrs. Hiram Earl.

[p. 500]
Mrs. Benjamin Folsom.
Mrs. Jesse Gleason.
Mrs. Aaron Hayden.
Miss Hannah Hayden.
Miss Sarah Harrod.
Mrs. Arthur Howard.
Mrs. Stephen Jones.
Mrs. Benjamin King.
Miss Sarah Lynde.
Mrs. John Millikin.
Mrs. McCarter.
Mrs. Darius Olmstead.
Mrs. Robert Parker.
Mrs. Thomas Parker.
Mrs. Jacob Shackford.
Mrs. John Shackford.
Mrs. William Shackford.
Mrs. Robert Tetherly.
Mrs. John Webster.
Mrs. Jonathan Weston.
Mrs. Edward Williams.
Miss Margaret Wortman.
Mrs. Ezekiel Foster.
Mrs. Jonas Gleason.
Mrs. George Hobbs.
Mrs. Isaac Hobbs.
Mrs. Nathan Higgens.
Mrs. Thomas Johnson.
Mrs. Daniel Kilby.
Mrs. Daniel Low.
Mrs. William Maybee.
Mrs. Robert Mowe.
Miss Ann O. Nelson.
Mrs. Ethel Olmstead.
Mrs. Leonard Pierce.
Mrs. Ebenezer Starboard.
Mrs. Abel Stevens.
Mrs. Samuel Stevens.
Mrs. Silas Thayer.
Mrs. John Todd.
Mrs. Samuel Wheeler.
Miss Sally L. Wheeler.
Mrs. Ezra Whitney.
Mrs. Jerry Young.