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Record of Marriages by Rev. John Tripp of Hebron

Source: Collections and proceedings of the Maine Historical Society. Second Series, Vol. IV. (Portland, Me.: Maine Historical Society, 1893).

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[Rev. John Tripp was ordained September 28, 1791, and until 1798 supplied the Baptist churches in Carver and Middleboro, Mass. October 20, 1798, the Baptist church in Hebron, District of Maine, extended to him a call to become its pastor. He accepted the call January 5, 1799, and spent the remainder of his life as pastor of the church at Hebron. He died September 16, 1847, aged eighty-six years and six months.]

DECEMBER 1, 1791, married Lieut. Ellis Mendall of Plymouth to Miss Hannah Hammond of Carver.

October 10, 1793, married Mr. Joel Shurtleff to Miss Hannah Attwood, both of Carver.

March 20, 1794, married Mr. John Clark of Plymouth to Miss Eloner Shurtleff of Carver.

June 5, 1794, then married Mr. Huit McFarlaine to Miss Mary Tilson, both of Carver.

January 28, 1795, then married Mr. Caleb Wright of Plymouth to Miss Agatha Shaw of Carver.

July 5, 1795, then married Mr. Moses Thomas jr., to Miss Hannah Smith, both of Middleborough.

September 3, 1795, then married Mr. Joshua Macomber to Miss Chloe Le Barron, both of Middleborough.

February 27, 1796, then married Mr. Asa Pierce of Rochester to Miss Esther Hunt of Middleborough.

March 2, 1796, then married Mr. Southworth Gammons to Miss Nabby Ingraham, both of Middleborough.

April 17, 1796, then married Mr. Seth Robbins of Thomson, in Connecticut, to Miss Mary King of Rochester.

April 29, 1796, then married Mr. Timothy Shurtleff to Miss Polly Le Barron, both of Middleborough.

May 15, 1796, married Mr. Moses Benson to Miss Experience Gibbs, both of Middleborough.

September 13, 1796, married Rev. Ebenezer Nelson to Miss Betsey Shaw, both of Middleborough.

March 19, 1797, married Mr. John Gammons and Mrs. Jane Ingraham, both of Middleborough.

November 30, 1797, married Mr. Ebenezer Benson to Miss Susanna Hunt, both of Middleborough.

November 30, 1797, married Mr. Lazarus Le Baron of Middleborough to Miss Nabby Muxham of Rochester.

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December 31, 1797, married Mr. Zebedee Cobb to Miss Susanna Benson, both of Middleborough.

January 27, 1798, married Mr. Joseph Look of Bridgewater to Miss Susanna Rider of Middleborough.

February 21, 1799, married Mr. Elnathan Packard of Poland to Miss Rebekah Dunham of Hebron.

March 10, 1799, married Mr. Jacob Whitman and Dorcas Berry, both of Buckfield.

April 30, 1799, married Mr. James Donham jr., to Miss Synthia Packard, both of Hebron.

December 29, 1799, married Mr. Robert Hilborn jr., to Miss Elizabeth Stockman, both of Hebron.

June 4, 1800, married Mr. Israel Richmond to Miss Chloe Crooker, both of Hebron.

October 23, 1800, married Mr. Seth Crooker of Buckfield to Miss Priscilla Keen of Hebron.

November 6, 1800, married Mr. Freeman Ellis jr., of Hartford, to Miss Lydia Fuller of Hebron.

March 5, 1801, married Mr. Daniel Ricker to Dolly Caldwell, both of Hebron.

July 9, 1801, married Mr. Joseph Hutchinson to Miss Deborah Fuller, both of Hebron.

September 20, 1801, married Mr. Elizah T. Dacy to Miss Lydia Thomas, both of Hebron.

December 1, 1801, married Mr. John Cox and Miss Hannah Keen, both of Hebron.

December 20, 1801, married Mr. Jacob Decoster jr., to Miss Susanna Row, both of Hebron.

January 14, 1802, married Mr. Jonathan Lucas to Miss Elizabeth Robbins, both of Hebron.

March 17, 1802, married Mr. Dimmick Day Row to Miss Hannah Drake, both of Hebron.

March 29, 1802, married Mr. Caleb Cushman jr., of Hebron to Miss Polly Buck of Buckfield.

April 21, 1802, married Mr. John Frost to Miss Jane Richmond, both of Hebron.

October 10, 1802, married Mr. Calvin Bucknam to Miss Zilpha Barrows, both of Hebron.

October 17, 1802, married Silas Bumpus to Miss Kezia Packard, both of Hebron.

November 18, 1802, married Elder James Hooper to Miss Betsey Hubbard, both of Paris.

June 6, 1803, married Mr. Thomas Barker jr., to Mrs. Abigail Ward, both of Hebron.

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July 21, 1803, married Mr. Abraham Heath to Miss Sarah Robbins, both of Hebron.

August 28, 1803, married Mr. Rogers Decoster to Miss Betsey Row, both of Hebron.

September 25, 1803, married John Best jr., of Paris to Betsy Tripp of Hebron.

November 27, 1803, married Mr. Asa Ricker to Miss Charlotte Bartlett, both of Hebron.

May 17, 1804, married Mr. Richard Dole, resident at Hebron, to Mrs. Judith Holmes of Hebron.

July 1, 1804, married Mr. William Pratt to Miss Martha Gurney, both of Hebron.

November 29, 1804, married Mr. Chandler Decoster of Turner to Miss Anna Jordan of Hebron.

July 7, 1805, married Mr. Zebulon Bryant to Miss Desire Richmond, both of Hebron.

October 27, 1805, married Mr. Ebenezer Donham to Miss Lucy Bearce, both of Hebron.

February 20, 1806, married Mr. David Bolster of Paris to Miss Sarah Cushman of Hebron.

September 28, 1806, married Mr. Elias Tubbs to Miss Patience Barrows, both of Hebron.

November 27, 1806, married Mr. Josiah Jordan of Poland to Miss Ruth Fuller of Hebron.

January 18, 1807, married Mr. George Bryant of Buckfield to Miss Deborah Bicknell of Hebron.

April 2, 1807, married Mr. Oliver Perkins to Miss Sally Elms, both of Hebron.

May 21, 1807, married Mr. Solomon Russell to Miss Nabby Wright, both of Hebron.

June 4, 1807, married Mr. Stephen Myrick to Miss Zilla Glover, both of Hebron.

October 15, 1807, married Mr. Stephen Washburn of Paris to Miss Louisa Cushman of Hebron.

November 22, 1807. [married] Mr. Daniel Macomber of Paris to Miss Mary Bowker of Hebron.

November 26, 1807, married Mr. William Bumpus jr., to Miss Phebe Washburn, both of Hebron.

November 26, 1807, married Mr. William Mayhew of Buckfield to Miss Anna Packard of Hebron.

May 13, 1808, married Mr. Stephen Perry to Miss Nabby Cushman, both of Hebron.

August 14, 1808, married Mr. Isaac Washburn jr., to Miss Polly Dean, both of Hebron.

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October 6, 1808, married Mr. Shepherd Churchill of Buckfield to Miss Polly Dudley of Hebron.

December 1, 1808, married Mr. William Bruce of Brunswick to Miss Phebe Sturtevant of Hebron.

December 11, 1808, married Mr. Isaac Roberts to Miss Abigail Merrill, both of Hebron.

December 11, 1808, married Mr. Stephen Pratt to Miss Lucy Fuller, both of Hebron.

February 20, 1809, married Mr. Gideon Cushman jr., to Miss Phebe Barrows, both of Hebron.

February 23, 1809, married Mr. Nathaniel Gerrish jr., of Falmouth to Miss Charlotte Morrill of Hebron.

September 14, 1809, married Mr. Peleg Randall to Miss Betsey Whitman, both of Hebron.

October 19, 1809, married Mr. Amaziah Reed of Plantation No. 5 to Miss Jedidah Bumpus of Hebron.

November 30, 1809, married Mr. Isaiah Whittemore to Miss Nabby Ripley Bearce, both of Hebron.

December 21, 1809, married Mr. Ashley Curtis, jr., to Miss Betsey Packard, both of Hebron.

March 25, 1810, married Mr. Peleg Washburn to Miss Mercy Landers, both of Hebron.

April 26, 1810, married Mr. Chesley Leighton of Falmouth to Miss Ruth Cushman of Hebron.

October 25, 1810, married Mr. Abel Stetson of Sumner to Miss Hannah Benson of Hebron.

January 17, 1811, married Mr. Francis Sturtevant jr., and Miss Sally Chandler, both of Hebron.

January 27, 1811, married Mr. Samuel Benson and Miss Judith Bartlett, both of Hebron.

February 2, 1811, married Mr. Jacob Roberts of Vassalborough and Miss Huldah Myrick of Hebron.

February 21, 1811, married Mr. Jabez Barrows and Miss Sarah Dane, both of Hebron.

April 7, 1811, married Mr. Henry C. Dean of Paris and Miss Celia Dean of Hebron.

November 7, 1811, married Mr. Hosea Cushman and Miss Polly Washburn, both of Hebron.

Also Mr. John Farris and Miss Lucinda Bearce, both of Hebron.

May 21, 1812, married Mr. Joseph Glover and Miss Sally Whittemore, both of Hebron.

June 14, 1812, married Mr. Amos Bartlett and Miss Olive Cushman, both of Hebron.

July 20, 1812, married Mr. Joseph Perkins jr., and Miss Sarah Perkins, both of Hebron.

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November 26, 1812, married Mr. Alden Bumpus and Miss Polly Crafts, both of Hebron.

Also Mr. Joshua Whitman of Buckfield and Miss Catherine Davie of Hebron.

April 15, 1813, married Mr. Samuel Andrews of Buckfield to Miss Ruth Benson of Hebron.

May 2, 1813, married Mr. Nathaniel Sturtevant of Hebron and Miss Melinda Chandler of Minot.

May 9, 1813, married Mr. Caleb Cushman jr., and Miss Betsy Bumpus, both of Hebron.

September 12, 1813, married Mr. John Fish Chandler of Minot and Miss Anna Washburn of Hebron.

September 19, 1813, married Mr. Reuben Chandler of Paris to Miss Abigail Barrows of Hebron.

September 26, 1813, married Mr. Ebenezer Jewel of Paris and Miss Rebekah Curtis of Hebron.

Same day, married Mr. Seth Besse and Miss Susanna Pratt, both of Hebron.

October 17, 1813, married Mr. Samuel Buck of Buckfield to Miss Betty Cushman of Hebron.

November 28, 1813, married Mr. David Staples and Miss Nabby Gardner, both of Hebron.

February 13, 1814, married Mr. Moses Young of Buckfield and Miss Vesta Drake of Hebron.

June 19, 1814, married Mr. Jonathan Simonton of New Gloucester to Miss Charlotte Ricker of Hebron.

September 8, 1814, married Mr. Arden Tubbs and Miss Ruth Cobb, both of Hebron.

November 8, 1814, married Mr. John Marshall and Miss Sally Gurney, both of Hebron.

February 2, 1815, married Mr. Zebedee Pratt and Miss Celiee Brown, both of Hebron.

August 31, 1815, married Mr. Barnabas Pratt and Miss Polly Barrows, both of Hebron.

September 10, 1815, married Mr. Ezra Wright and Miss Esther Richardson, both of Hebron.

October 19, 1815, married Mr. Joseph Bryant and Miss Sally Jordan, both of Hebron.

January 18, 1816, married Mr. Nathan Pratt of Paris to Miss Polly Washburn of Hebron.

February 4, 1816, [married] Mr. Isaac Washburn and Miss Jane Dudley, both of Hebron.

May 2, 1816, married Mr. Ira Fuller and Miss Sally Merrill, both of Hebron.

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May 16, 1816, married Mr. Ephraim Packard of Jefferson and Miss Sarah Barrows of Hebron.

August 29, 1816, married Mr. Robert Deering of Denmark and Miss Rhoda Whittemore of Hebron.

August 29, 1816, married Mr. Thomas Crooker of Minot and Miss Lucy Whittemore of Hebron.

February 9, 1817, married Mr. Nathan Beals and Miss Mary Barrows, both of Hebron.

February 23, 1817, married Mr. Reuel Packard and Miss Patience Bowker, both of Hebron.

March 19, 1817, married Mr. Francis Clark of Freeport and Miss Katherine Macomber of Hebron.

August 17, 1817, married Mr. Simeon Dane jr., and Miss Mehitable Stinchfield, both of Hebron.

October 30, 1817, married Mr. Samuel Whittemore jr., and Miss Jerusha Nelson, both of Hebron.

November 6, 1817, married Mr. Benjamin Spaulding of Buckfield and Mrs. Mary Bumpus of Hebron.

April 28, 1818, married Lt. Eliphalet Sturtevant and Miss Polly Pratt, both of Hebron.

July 16, 1818, married Mr. Jacob Records and Miss Lorry Bumpus, both of Hebron.

December 3, 1818, married Mr. William Whittemore and Miss Sally Merrill, both of Hebron.

February 28, 1819, married Mr. Joseph Sturtevant and Mrs. Molly Donham, both of Hebron.

April 4, 1819, married Mr. Elkanah Irish of Buckfield and Miss Polly Decoster of Hebron.

June 24, 1819, married Mr. Cyprian Pratt and Miss Betsey Dunham, both of Hebron.

July 18, 1819, married Mr. Richard Morton and Miss Hannah C. Perry, both of Hebron.

December 2, 1819, married Mr. John Packard of Buckfield and Miss Susanna Dane of Hebron.

March 30, 1820, married Mr. Jonathan Glover and Miss Rebeckah Chipman, both of Hebron.

May 4, 1820, married Mr. Joseph Irish of Paris and Miss Miriam Marshall of Hebron.

May 7, 1820, married Mr. Joseph Tupper of Leeds and Miss Lucy Dunham of Hebron.

August 13, 1820, married Mr. Ichabod Bryant jr., and Miss Betsey Stinchfield, both of Hebron.

November 30, 1820, married Mr. Ezra Tubbs of North Yarmouth and Miss Polly Bartlett of Hebron.

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January 21, 1821, married Mr. Samuel Benson and Miss Huldah Cushman, both of Hebron.

March 10, 1821, married Mr. Cornelius Barrows and Miss Anna Packard, both of Hebron.

March 22, 1821, married Mr. Benjamin Merrill and Miss Izalla Benson, both of Hebron.

March 25, 1821, married Mr. Aaron Marshall and Miss Bethany Bumpus, both of Hebron.

May 10, 1821, married Mr. Amasa Stedman and Miss Sally Washburn, both of Hebron.

June 17, 1821, married Mr. Abijah Hall of Paris and Mrs. Eleanor Barrows of Hebron.

August 12, 1821, married Mr. Thomas Davee and Miss Ruth Barrows, both of Hebron.

August 26, 1821, married Mr. Moses Couillard of Bath to Miss Martha Bumpus of Hebron.

November 4, 1821, married Mr. Moses Merrill jr., and Miss Sally Perry of Hebron.

November 29, 1821, married Mr. John Morton of Otisfield and Miss Betsey Perry of Hebron.

January 6, 1822, married Mr. Asa Steward Fuller and Miss Charlotte Merrill, both of Hebron.

January 17, 1822, married Mr. Caleb S. Barrows and Miss Rebekah Bearce, both of Hebron.

January 22, 1822, married Mr. Attwood Barrows and Miss Mary C. Webster, both of Hebron.

February 24, 1822, married Mr. Isaac Mason of Leeds and Miss Eliza Dunham of Hebron.

February 24, 1822, married Mr. Jonathan G. Hawke and Miss Polly Cushman, both of Hebron.

March 31, 1822, married Mr. Comfort Crooker of Minot and Miss Judith Bucknam of Hebron.

July 7, 1822, married Mr. Nathan Newman and Miss Lois Sturtevant, both of Hebron.

September 22, 1822, married Alden D. Dwinel of Minot and Miss Betsey Whittemore of Hebron.

October 6, 1822, married Mr. Paul Bowker of Minot and Mrs. Mary Bearce 2d, of Hebron.

February 27, 1823, married Mr. Ebenezer Thayer of Albany and Miss Mary Faunce of Buckfield.

June 26, 1823, married Mr. William Chipman of Hebron and Mrs. Jane Samson of Turner.

January 8, 1824, married Mr. William Bowker of Monson and Miss Elizabeth Crafts of Hebron.

[p. 442]
February 17, 1824, married Mr. Reuben Cushman of Monson and Miss Betsey Merrill of Hebron.

May 16, 1824, married Mr. Ira Faunce of Buckfield and Miss Sally Holmes of Sumner.

May 18, 1824, married Mr. Ebenezer Dudley and Miss Ruth Churchill, both of Hebron.

June 12, 1824, married Lieutenant Nathan Dudley and Mrs. Sylva Washburn, both of Hebron.

June 20, 1824, married Mr. Micah Allen of Paris and Mrs. Eliza Mason of Hebron.

December 2, 1824, married Mr. William Merrill and Miss Elvira Bumpus, both of Hebron.

December 2, 1824, married Mr. Ervin Glover and Miss Orrilla Pickard, both of Hebron.

January 6, 1825, married Mr. Cyrus Packard of Monson and Miss Sarah Barrows of Hebron.

January 27, 1825, married Mr. Richard W. Houghton and Miss Lucinda Barrows, both of Hebron.

February 20, 1825, married Mr. John Richard 3d, and Miss Almina Perry, both of Hebron.

April 6, 1825, married Mr. Jonathan B. Merrill and Miss Elizabeth Bearce, both of Hebron.

November 21, 1825, married Mr. Martin Bisbee of Buckfield and Miss Sophia Cushman of Hebron.

December 4, 1825, married Mr. Giles Merrill jr., and Miss Prudence Jordan, both of Buckfield.

February 20, 1826, married Lieutenant Silas Maxim jr., of Paris and Miss Hannah Packard of Hebron.

April 18, 1826, married Captain Jacob Dwinel jr., of Minot and Miss Sarah Cushman.

May 27, 1827, married Mr. William Pratt jr., and Miss Zilpha Bryant, both of Hebron.

June 1, 1828, married Mr. Abel Bisbee of Paris and Miss Polly Record of Hebron.

February 6, 1830, married Mr. Luke Bickwell and Miss Grace Decoster, both of Hebron.

May 23, 1830, married Mr. Daniel Bucknam of Minot and Miss Christiana Benson of Hebron.

October 12, 1830, married Mr. Cornelius B. Knight of Paris and Miss Salvina Dunham of Hebron.

December 2, 1830, married Mr. John Kennard of Windham and Miss Phebe S. Crafts of Hebron.

February 24, 1831, married Mr. Erastus Besse and Miss Sarah Smith, both of Hebron.

[p. 443]
May 9, 1831, married Mr. Thomas Stevens of Paris and Miss Mahala Bartlett of Oxford.

July 10, 1831, married Mr. Orra Hall and Miss Phebe Bumpus, both of Hebron.

September 7, 1831, married Mr. Lorenzo Stone and Miss Betsey Richards, both of Hebron.

October 16, 1831, married Mr. Benjamin F. Pratt and Miss Rhoda P. Bryant, both of Hebron.

November 30, 1831, married Mr. Alonzo Tubbs and Miss Mary Donham, both of Hebron.

December 9, 1831, married Mr. Elias Tubbs of Hebron and Miss Eunice D. Mugford of Buckfield.

November 22, 1832, married Isaac Harlow of Buckfield and Miss Elizabeth Maxim of Paris.

December 6, 1832, married Mr. Lorenzo Merrill and Miss Hope Bucknam, both of Hebron.

January 17, 1833, married Mr. Alonzo Crafts and Miss Charity Cushman, both of Hebron.

January 26, 1834, married Mr. Zebulon Briant jr., and Miss Lydia Richardson, both of Hebron.

October 23, 1834, married Rev. Allen Barrows of Hallowell and Miss Sarah C. Faunce of Buckfield.

October 4, 1835, married Mr. Lorenzo S. Bumpus and Miss Lydia York, both of Hebron.

November 26, 1835, married Mr. William W. Bumpus and Miss Caroline Monk, both of Hebron.

January 27, 1836, married Mr. John E. Barrows and Miss Hariot G. Myrick, both of Hebron.

January 26, 1837, married Mr. Nekemiah Bryant and Miss Irene Gould, both of Hebron.

June 7, 1837, married Mr. Isaac Packard and Miss Susanna Faunce, both of Hebron.

April 29, 1838, married Mr. Leonard Donham and Miss Olive Tubbs, both of Hebron.

April 30, 1838, married Mr. Ephraim Maxim of Paris and Miss Lucy Bearce of Hebron.

June 18, 1838, married Mr. John Howard and Miss Mary B. Sturtevant, both of Hebron.

January 1, 1839, married Mr. Aratus Mixer and Miss Abigail K. Tribou, both of Paris.

February 22, 1839, married Reverend Dudley P. Bailey of Greene and Miss Hannah B. Cushman of Hebron.

May 19, 1839, married Mr. Eliphalet Sturtevant and Mrs. Eunice Field, both of Hebron.

[p. 444]
September 29, 1838, married Mr. William B. Tubbs and Miss Hariot Crocker, both of Hebron.

May 17, 1840, married Mr. Oliver Thomas and Mrs. Laura Nelson, both of Hebron.

September 13, 1840, married Joseph Barrows esq., and Miss Susan Buck, both of Hebron.

December 9, 1841, married Mr. Roswell Howard and Miss Mary Ann Tubbs, both of Hebron.

October 12, 1843, married Mr. Isaac W. Marshall and Miss Mehetable F. Carr, both of Hebron.

July 4, 1844, married Mr. Charles F. McKenny and Miss Hariot N. Tribou, both of Paris.

September 1, 1844, married Mr. Hiram N. Everett of Norway and Miss Cordelia B. Marshall of Hebron.

November 20, 1844, married Mr. Joel Haskal and Miss Margaret D. Tubbs, both of Paris.

December 5, 1844, married Mr. John Whitman and Miss Sarah De Albra Bumpus, both of Hebron.

July 2, 1846, married Mr. John Manloon of Bowdoin and Miss Martha J. Briggs of Hebron.

April 2, 1847, married Mr. Benjamin Dudley and Miss Caroline W. Merrill, both of Hebron.

May 30, 1847, married Mr. William T. Marshall and Miss Mary Elizabeth Packard, both of Hebron.