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Marriages of Mainers Recorded in Pembroke, Mass.

Source: Vital records of Pembroke, Massachusetts to the year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1911).

Isaac Chase of Portsmouth, Newport Co., R. I., s. Zacheus dec'd and Elizabeth of Portsmouth, and Deborah Barker, d. Prince dec'd and Hannah dec'd of Newcastle, Lyncoln Co., Sept. 24, 1818.* C.R.4. [p. 252]

Pelatiah Hussey of Vassalborough, Lincoln Co., Mass. [sic], s. Ebenezer and Meriam dec'd of Barwick, Yorick Co., and Marcy Howland, d. William and Dorathea, Jan. 5, 1797.* C.R.4. [p. 295]

Nathaniel Josselyn of Freeport and Mercy House, Sept. 18, 1803.* [p. 301]

Dennis Newbegin of Hartford and Sarah Howland, Mar. 31, 1801.* [p. 322]

Dimond Perry of Minot and Hannah House, Dec. 25, 1803.* [p. 327]

Benjamin Randall, Esq., of Bath, Me., and Sarah A. Whitman, Sept. 12, [1824].* [p. 334]

Silas Smith of Portland and Lucy D. Josselyn, int. June 3, 1819. P.R.2. [p. 347]

*Intention not recorded.
C.R.4. — records of the Society of Friends of Pembroke, now in the possession of the Society at New Bedford.
P.R.2. — private record, from a list of marriage intentions kept by Oliver Whitten, Town Clerk of Pembroke, now in the possession of Mrs. Josiah Cook of Hanson.