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Some Marriages in Winthrop, 1781-1890

Source: Everett S. Stackpole, History of Winthrop, Maine, with genealogical notes. (Auburn, Me.: Press of Merrill & Webber Co., [1925?]). Notes in parentheses are original to the text; notes in brackets are my own.

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Not found in preceding genealogical notes.
1786, March 16, Solomon Adams and Hannah Butterfield, both of Sandy River.

1791, Jan. 6, William Allen and Esther Laughton, both of Washington.

1818, Dec. 3, Samuel Allen and Mary Moore, both of Readfield.

1839, May 1, Joseph Additon of Wilton and Emma Hinds of Livermore.

1854, Dec. 3, Geo. W. Albee of W. and Augusta Pearl of Mt. Vernon.

1860, Nov. 1, Ichabod Allen and Ann J. Chase, both of Turner.

1880, Aug. 19, 1880, Emery S. Adle and Evora L. Coffin, both of W.

1861, Nov. 10, Willard S. Axtell and Lucy A. Robinson.

1864, March 29, Alpheus Alden of N. Bridgewater and Olive Bass of Wilton.

1881, Jan. 31, Edwin Atkinson of Wilton and Mary P. Poor of Littleton, N. H.

1860, May 27, Moses Alton Bailey of Manchester and Lovesta Bailey of W.

1789, about, Church Brainerd of Sandy River and Nabby Hall of Washington.

1789, Dec. 30, Zephaniah Bump of Shepardfield and Hannah Blackwell of New Sandwich.

1791, March 10, Knell Bean and Mary Pearl, both of Washington.

1799, March 7, Zachariah Butterfield of Farmington and Rebecca Gilbert of W.

1789, March 12, Jeremiah Bragdon and Hannah Judkins, both of Wyman's Plantation.

1799, Sept. 22, Jesse Bishop and Patience Titus, both of W.

1790, April 12, Sylvanus Boardman and Phebe Dana, both of Livermore.

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1792, Dec. 19, Isaac Brown of Tyngstown and Sarah Floyd of Hallowell.

1799, Aug. 8, Timothy Burnham and Sally Prescott, both of Monmouth.

1800, March 26, Joshua Brown and Anna Sanborn, both of Goshen.

1824, April 28, Nathaniel Bachelder of Chesterville and Catherine P. Manley of W.

1817, Nov. 3, Henry Bishop of Wayne and Sarah Carleton.

1824, March 2, Rouse Bourne Jr. and Hannah Gray, both of Readfield.

1825, Nov. 24, Francis Bowles of Wayne and Sophronia Haines of W.

1827, Nov. 19, Nathan Bartlett of Livermore and Mary Lowell of W.

1843, Oct. 18, Hosea Blaisdell and Nancy E. Ladd, both of W.

1848, Sept. 28, Thomas J. Burgess of W. and Laura M. Leadbetter of Wayne.

1831, Oct. 23, Josiah Broad and Mary Whiting, both of Albion.

1831, Dec. 1, Isaac Bailey and Mary Ann Hawkes.

1844, Nov. 3, Geo. Butterfield of Farmington and Sarah Jenness of Readfield.

1849, May 19, Ephraim S. Besse of Monmouth and Julia Ann Bese of Wayne.

1851, Oct. 7, Charles H. Berry of W. and Deborah Chandler of Wayne.

1854, Nov. 29, Thomas A. Beals and Mary E. Lewis, both of W.

1855, Jan. 10, Robert Blake Jr. and Abbie Batchelder, both of W.

1855, Nov. 22, James W. Boyle and Louisa J. Lewis, both of W.

1851, July 27, Samuel Brown and Amelia Mace, both of Readfield.

1852, March 18, William H. Burgess and Sylvena P. Foss, both of Wayne.

1852, June 13, Sylvanus J. Blanchard and Belinda Dudley, both of Readfield.

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1857, Aug. 31, Salmon Brewster of Leeds and Lavorna B. Gilmore of Wayne.

1851, April 6, Thomas A. Bates and Frances E. Campbell, both of W.

1851, Aug. 3, John W. Bailey and Elizabeth R. Kelley, both of W.

1859, March 8, Aversion G. Bates and Anna P. Day, both of Greene.

1865, June 14, Geo. W. Brown of Monmouth and Alvira J. Gammon of W.

1866, Nov. 29, Elisha S. Baker of W. and Ella F. Fairbanks of Hallowell.

1880, Dec. 19, Ebenezer Besse and Mrs. Betsey W. Friend, both of W.

1882, March 12, Eugene A. Bailey of Manchester and Annie Wallace of W.

1882, Nov. 11, Shepherd A. Bean and Jennie H. Rankin, both of W.

1882, Nov. 22, Rufus H. Buzzell of W. and Etta Rankins of Monmouth.

1883, Feb. 26, Robert H. Blake of Harpswell and Olive E. Howard of W.

1864, Aug. 17, Samuel W. Bishop and Avis Gould, both of Wayne.

1865, June 27, Charles R. Bartlett of Byron and Mary J. Wilson of Mexico.

1879, June 6, Charles F. Brown of Kennebunkport and Mary E. Martin of Monmouth.

1880, Sept. 4, Horace S. Bent and Eliona M. Foss, both of Monmouth.

1881, Nov. 15, J. L. Bourne of Readfield and A. W. Fiske of Mt. Vernon.

1792, July 12, Moses Cooledge and Sally Morrill, both of Phips Canada.

1796, April 14, Richard Colburn (?) and Prudence Barnes, both of W.

1815, Nov. 23, Jacob Cochran of Readfield and Cynthia Hains of W.

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1819, Aug. 1, William Churchill and Deborah Robinson, both of W.

1792, Aug. 26, Moses Carr and Mehitable ______, both of Hallowell.

1792, Nov. 29, Samuel Cram and Lydia Smith, both of Mt. Vernon.

1793, Jan. 22, Mr. Carver and Dinah Luce, both of Livermore.

1814, March 26, Lathrop Chase and Abigail Lake.

1817, July 1, Isaac Case of Hampden and Abigail Page of Readfield.

1822, Feb. 13, Nathaniel Chapman of Mt. Vernon and Mary Sewall of Chesterville.

1827, June 21, Ira Cass and Diana Laughton, both of Hallowell.

1829, April 30, Guy Carleton of Sangerville and Clarissa Pierce of Monmouth.

1831, April 22, Edward Cook and Lois Goddard.

1832, March 21, Henry G. Cole and Esther Pope.

1842, Nov. 17, Abel C. Crosby of Milford, N. H. and Joann S. Trufant of W.

1850, Nov. 15, John W. Crawford of Sidney and Chriscinda S. Prescott of W.

1853, June 8, Andrew E. Conant of Dexter and Elizabeth P. Philbrook of W.

1856, May 4, Jabez J. Chandler and Emeline E. Keith, both of W.

1862, Jan. 8, Samuel Cunningham and Lucinda Hunton, both of Readfield.

1864, Dec. 23, Samuel G. Clark of W. and Sarah E. Plummer of Monmouth.

1868, Nov. 2, Charles B. Cobb of Waterville and Agnes M. Berry of W.

1874, March 14, Henry A. Cole and Mary A. Whittier, both of W.

1876, Feb. 19, Reuben H. Crosby and Caroline F. Besse, both of W.

1878, Dec. 28, Joseph E. Clarke and Elsie J. Hyson, both of W.

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1879, Aug. 30, George W. Caldwell and Mary L. Munwell, both of W.

1880, Jan. 1, E. R. Campbell of Winthrop and Angie Foster of Farmingdale.

1880, June 26, Frank A. Corthell and Ida M. McGrath, both of W.

1881, Sept. 28, Charles Campbell of Worcester, Mass. and Camilla Hoyt of W.

1883, Nov. 8, Thomas S. Coffin of W. and Clara Van Lower.

1866, Feb. 27, George E. Caldwell of Lovell and Emma L. Wing of Wayne.

1882, June 11, Isaac L. Closson of ______ and Helen M. Wallace of Searsport.

1820, Jan. 25, Abraham Dean Jr. of Hebron and Susannah Bridgham of W.

1826, June 12, Isaac Doughty of Hallowell and Sibyl Runnels of Waterville.

1828, Sept. 15, Nathan Dennett of Lewiston and Louisa Orcutt of W.

1831, March 15, Jonathan S. Davenport of Canton and Mary H. Sinkler of W.

1831, July 7, 1831, Samuel Deane and Catherine Bailey.

1836, Oct. 20, Henry W. Dearborn and Judith Bacheler.

1847, March 2, John H. Dudley of Hallowell and Sophronia D. Brann of Belgrade.

1852, Nov. 26, George E. Diplock and Louisa Hunt, both of Readfield.

1854, Jan. 4, Patrick Doherty and Catherine Donovan, both of W.

1860, June 16, Loren A. Donnell and Mary E. Murch, both of Monmouth.

1861, Oct. 9, James E. Day and Esther Ann Wyman, both of Mt. Vernon.

1862, June 14, Thomas M. Daniels and Ada M. Thurston, both of W.

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1862, Aug. 24, Joshua E. Davis and Susannah H. Packard, both of Readfield.

1865, Jan. 6, Charles H. Dearborn and Olive Magner, both of W.

1868, April 26, Frank S. Dwyer and Matilda Magill, both of W.

1868, Jan. 21, Jonas P. Dudley and Kate C. Berry, both of Readfield.

1864, Sept. 14, Oren J. Doyen and Georgianna C. Stevens, both of Monmouth.

1871, April 15, Leonard M. Dixon and Alfaretta Ames.

1872, Sept. 23, Calvin M. Dearborn and Vesta R. Demerritt, both of W.

1876, March 11, Joseph Dubby and Clara McCoy, both of W.

1879, May 23, Charles W. Dillingham and Effie J. Place, both of W.

1881, Feb. 1, V. Delwar and Carrie Gilbert, both of W.

1882, Oct. 29, Charles C. Davis of Boston and Eva J. Gower of Portland.

1883, April 4, Charles P. Davis and Emma J. Page, both of W.

1883, Dec. 22, John Dearborn and Emma Levenbeth, both of W.

1814, Oct. 20, Elijah Elmes of Augusta and Betsey Carleton of W.

1841, Nov. 14, Charles D. Elmes of Taunton, Mass. and Sarah H. Danforth of W.

1844, July 21, William Elder and Laura A. Peabody, both of W.

1852, March 22, Joseph W. V. Eaton of S. Reading, Mass. and Frances Upton of W.

1855, Feb. 17, Alexander Earl and Sarah E. Drew, both of W.

1863, Nov. 5, John H. Ellis of Canton and Elizabeth Bourne of W.

1823, March 23, Daniel Ford of Leeds and Jemima Bridgham of W.

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1827, Dec. 25, Edward S. Fowler and Mary Hardison, both of W.

1839, June 19, Horatio W. Fairbanks of Farmington and Caroline Ladd of Hallowell.

1846, June 15, Samuel G. Fogg of Readfield and Mary Ann Stevens of Monmouth.

1860, Oct. 31, Lincoln D. Farr and Hannah M. Bailey.

1866, June 12, George H. Fabyan of Portland and Elmira F. Jackson of Wales.

1867, Oct. 21, James L. T. Files and Mary C. Hight, both of Portland.

1869, Oct. 21, Charles M. Foss of Dexter and Mary A. Judkins of Monmouth.

1873, Oct. 25, Chester A. Frost and Drusilla Ladd, both of W.

1877, Sept. 10, Fred C. Flanders and Mary Seabury.

1879, May 5, John P. Ferran of Monmouth and Augusta P. Stanley of W.

1879, Oct. 19, Charles M. Fowler and Lena A. Buzzell, both of Gardiner.

1880, Aug. 21, Hartwell J. Frederick of Monmouth and Jennie F. Rollins of W.

1881, Aug. 16, Henry W. Farrish and Jennie E. Goldthwait, both of W.

1884, Jan. 1, Melzar W. Fish and Edna F. Stevens, both of Mt. Vernon.

1781, June 17, Joseph Greeley and Susanna Hastings, both of W.

1799, April 18, Robert Gilman and Lydia Straw, both of Monmouth.

1817, Feb. 6, Samuel Glidden and Hannah Mace, both of Readfield.

1820, April 16, John Gray and Marinda Taylor, both of W.

1836, Nov. 22, John C. Gaslin and Eliza Jane Burgess, both of W.

1839, Dec. 30, William A. Griffith and Nancy Sampson, both of W.

1843, Dec. 24, Albion P. Gibbs of Livermore and Mary T. Howard of W.

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1845, Nov. 2, Thomas D. Goodwin of Pittston and Louisa J. Jewell of W.

1846, May 7, Matthias Glynn and Hannah E. Lord, both of W.

1847, Nov. 25, Alexander Gray of Woolwich and Martha Shaw of W.

1853, Sept. 29, Sewall H. Graves of Wayne and Harriet N. Richards of W.

1859, Jan. 1, Charles H. Gale and Maria H. Bridgham, both of W.

1854, Aug. 31, John C. Gaslin and Ellen Ballou, both of W.

1856, May 20, Herman Goldthwait and May Ann Wilson, both of Portland.

1860, July 1, George C. Goodale and Sarah E. Day, both of W.

1861, Nov. 9, Elijah S. Gove and Mrs. Eliza A. Chaffee, both of W.

1862, March 27, Freeman L. Given and Henrietta D. Marr, both of W.

1863, Nov. 14, Prince B. Gifford and Lizzie H. Glynn, both of W.

1869, Feb. 5, Charles A. Giles and Annette B. Morrill, both of W.

1874, Aug. 29, Charles B. Grover of W. and Julia P. Varnum of Wayne.

1875, Nov. 16, James H. Gilpatrick and Wealthey C. Esters, both of W.

1879, Aug. 4, William H. Grover and Lizzie Pottle, both of W.

1882, Sept. 16, Nelson D. Getchell and Kate E. Eldredge, both of W.

1864, July 10, Howard C. Gott of Wayne and Ellen M. Pettingill of Monmouth.

1864, June 7, Andrew J. Getchell and Lucretia Getchell, both of Augusta.

1865, April 22, Charles E. Hanscom and Mary E. Donnell, both of Wales.

1789, Dec. 13, Zephania Hix of New Sandwich and Sarah Stinchfield of Littleborough.

1801, Aug. 27, Timothy Henderson and Patty Howe, both of W.

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1806, Nov. 127, Thomas Hewitt of Harlem and Lydia Woodcock of W.

1808, Sept. 19, Jonathan Haines of Hallowell and Sarah Sawyer of Readfield.

1818, March 15, Ralph Harley Jr. of Newcastle and Hannah Case of Readfield.

1824, May 5, James S. Hanna of W. and Abigail Stanley of Readfield.

1828, Feb. 29, Roland B. Howard and Eliza Otis, both of Leeds.

1845, May 29, Washington Hanscom of W. and Rectina Judkins of Roxbury.

1848, Jan. 23, Capt. John R. Hodgkins of Gardiner and Elizabeth Black of W.

1848, April __, Flavius A. A. Heath of Augusta and Sylvina Lane of Fayette.

1851, Feb. 4, John N. Hanscom and Marinda Gilbert, both of Leeds.

1852, March 21, Charles Haines of Readfield and Eliza A. Low of Kennebec.

1852, Sept. 5, Washington Hanscom and Lucy Ann Fogg, both of W.

1854, Jan. 10, John Hubbard and Sarah R. Morrison, both of East Livermore.

1854, March 26, William Harding of Braintree, Mass., and Leonora Ludden of W.

1856, Sept. 7, Henry Horscraft of Readfield and Mary Knowles of Manchester.

1856, Dec. 28, James Hawes Jr. and Philena Bean of New Sharon.

1858, Nov. 1, Alfred W. House and Juliett Thurston, both of Monmouth.

1860, May 12, Geo. S. Hutchinson of Readfield and Lucetia A. Folsom of Monmouth.

1860, Oct. 16, Apollos Hammond and Allura A. Downing, both of W.

1860, Oct. 21, William H. Hodgdon and Mary E. Prescott, both of W.

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1860, Oct. 25, Joseph F. Hodges of Foxboro, Mass., and Caroline E. Andrews of W.

1861, June 31, Ivory Hanson and Mary C. Luce.

1864, March 12, Henry M. Hannaford and Harriet A. Trufant, both of W.

1864, Nov. 4, Corydon C. Hannaford of Lisbon and Emma F. Chase of Monmouth.

1865, April 22, Charles E. Hanscom and Mary E. Donnell, both of Wales.

1867, Nov. 24, Homer H. Higgins and Laura E. Lothrop, both of W.

1869, Jan. 19, Charles Hussey of Skowhegan and Adeline Pierce of W.

1874, March 17, Charles Hurd of Rochester, N. H. and Annie E. Shaw of W.

1875, March 30, Julius L. Hutchins of W. and Jennie M. Woods of Manchester.

1877, Nov. 28, Thomson J. Hyson and Nellie S. Durgin, both of W.

1880, Feb. 5, Isaac Hacker of Brunswick and Delia F. Newell of Durham.

1880, Nov. 9, William R. Hurlbutt of Framingham and Annie M. Jennings of Wayne.

1881, Jan. 8, Frank H. Hammond and Annie M. Frederick, both of W.

1881, Aug. 6, Frank Hawes of Sidney and Nellie Taylor of Manchester.

1882, Sept. 23, Amos Hammond and Effie M. Welch, both of W.

1792, April 15, William Johnson of Readfield and Diadama Haton of W.

1793, Feb. 18, Nathaniel Jennings and Tabitha Ford, both of 30 Mile Pond.

1793, Sept. 19, Levi Johnson and Mercy Longfellow, both of Readfield.

1818, May 10, John Jennings Jr. of Leeds and Hannah Carlton of W.

[p. 715]
1824, June 8, Martin Johnson and Louisa Blake, both of Readfield.

1825, Oct. 27, Robert L. Jackson and Nancy Richmond, both of W.

1833, July 22, Lemuel Jenkins Jr. and Lydia Fowler.

1843, Sept. 3, William M. Jose of Readfield and Lucy Sedgeley of W.

1849, Oct. 8, Alfred Jewell of W. and Betsey Gilbert of Wayne.

1852, June 10, Horace Johnson of Lewiston and Nancy M. Nash of W.

1869, June 2, James N. Jones and Cynthia M. Farr.

1871, Oct. 19, Isadore Jollion of Paris, France, and Mrs. Elizabeth Vigue of St. Francis, Quebec.

1791, July 29, Elisha Knowles and Peggy Gordon, both of Readfield.

1851, Sept. 28, Bimsley S. Kelley of W. and Osca Bradford of Turner.

1860, Dec. 13, Harrison F. Kimball of Bloomfield and Ann E. Russell of Skowhegan.

1877, Jan. 6, Leslie A. Kilbreth of W. and Nellie J. Thomas of Manchester.

1862, May 21, Hiram Keenan of Greene and Emeline Crowell of Brooks.

1875, Feb. 27, Arthur L. King and Margaret J. Dyer, both Lewiston.

1882, Jan. 14, Benj. H. Kimball of Waterville and Lucy A. Prescott of Monmouth.

1855, Nov. 20, John Keyes and Hortense E. White.

1842, Nov. 16, H. Kimball and Mary Jane Smith.

1789, Sept. 6, Giddings Lane of Littleborough and Jemima Noris of New Sandwich.

1794, Jan. 29, James Lane of Littleborough and Abigail Leadbetter of Livermore.

1805, Dec. __, Erastus Loomis of Monmouth and Sally Soule of W.

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1792, May 14, Andrew Leighton and Molly Marley, both of Washington.

1792,July 12, William Ladd and Sally Stevens, both of Washington.

1794, Jan. 9, Hezekiah Lovejoy and Hannah Atkins, both of Sterling.

1821, Jan. 1, Eliab Lyon Jr. of Readfield and Eliza Sanford of Augusta.

1822, March 10, Reuben W. Lane and Mary Stevens, both of Readfield.

1826, May 2, Daniel D. Lakeman and Eliza Shepherd, both of Hallowell.

1828, July 7, P. (Jonas P.) Lee and Ann Otis, both of Leeds.

1831, March 15, Owen Lawrence of Wayne and Mehitable B. Sinkler of W.

1844, Dec. 5, Samuel W. Libby of Litchfield and Lovina Hopkins of W.

1847, March 23, Alvin Loomis and Sarah J. Martin, both of Hallowell.

1847, Aug. 15, Jotham S. Lane and Hannah R. Merrill, both of Augusta.

1848, Jan. 17, Jonathan Leighton Jr. and Martha Packard, both of Vassalboro.

1863, Dec. 28, John O. Lawrence of W. and Mary E. Wright of Jay.

1869, Jan. 12, Zenas Lougee and Ella Savage, both of W.

1862, June 18, William H. Lyon and Betsey Worcester.

1862, Nov. 2, George G. Luce and Helen M. Smith, both of Readfield.

1873, Aug. 23, Oliver A. Lawrence of Wayne and Mrs. Annie W. Austin of Augusta.

1874, Oct. 26, Alden Luce and Sarah E. Wing, both of Monmouth.

1789, ____, William Mower and Temperance Rackley, both of Lewiston.

1789, April 25, John Murphy and Mary Bonney (Berry?), both of Washington.

[p. 717]
1796, Sept. 24, Nathaniel Marston and Eleanor Watson, both of W.

1790, Oct. 17, Samuel Melvin and Polly Whittier, both of W.

1818, March 17, John Marshall and Susannah Dearborn, both of Monmouth.

1809, March 6, Isaiah Morrell and Betsey Hutchins, both of Readfield.

1831, Oct. 13, John March and Thirza L. Pratt, both of W.

1831, Oct. 27, Ebenezer C. Milliken of Farmington and Keturah G. Norris of Monmouth.

1841, Sept. 26, Capt. John McClintock of Bristol and Mary B. Shaw of W.

1855, Oct. 25, Rufus Moores of W. and Sophia Staples of Readfield.

1860, May 14, Luke Major and Jane E. Smith.

1874, Oct. 22, John Macomber of W. and Mrs. Hannah Cole of Monmouth.

1845, Feb. 26, Seth Martin of Poland and Mary Morse of W.

1870, April 2, Franklin G. Merrill and Emma E. Hale, both of W.

1870, Aug. 10, Isaiah Morency and Mary A. Pooler, both of W.

1873, June 9, Robert R. Moore of W. and Mrs. Florinda Bryant of Wayne.

1873, Sept. 21, Daniel McGrath and Mrs. Hannah Hammond, both of W.

1875, Nov. 20, Luther G. Morrill of Readfield and Mrs. Lucy M. Maxwell of W.

1877, Jan. 24, George E. Macomber of Augusta and Sadie V. Johnson of W.

1878, Jan. 1, J. W. Mitchell of Auburn and Mary F. Getchell of W.

1879, Sept. 20, Joseph Maurice and Delphina R. Cheney, both of W.

1880, Oct. 9, Charles F. Moody and Ella M. Robinson, both of Monmouth.

1890, Dec. 2, Eugene J. Mumford and Clara A. Winslow.

[p. 718]
1789, March 26, Wooden Norris and Polly Wing, both of New Sandwich.

1792, Jan. 19, Nathaniel Norcross and Lydia Lane, both of Littlesborough.

1792, July 12, Enoch Noyes and Betty Danscomb, both of Phips Canada.

1794, Feb. 9, Josiah Norris and Milley Smith, both New Sandwich.

1799, Jan. 17, James Nichols and Nabby Bridgham, both of Monmouth.

1815, Oct. 7, Joseph Neal of Monmouth and Betsey Reed of W.

1820, July 20, Joseph Norris Esq. and Sarah E. Cram, both of Monmouth.

1826, June 4, Dr. Amos Nourse of Hallowell and Clarissa A. Chandler of Monmouth.

1842, Oct. 17, Charles H. Nourse of Bolton, Mass. and Malvina Houghton of W.

1841, June 14, Daniel O. Nelson of Byfield and Eunice F. George.

1846, Dec. 31, Lewis G. Norris and Mary Ann Smith, both of Wayne.

1848, Jan. 5, Ichabod C. Norris of E. Livermore and C. Amelia Wood of W.

1856, May 30, John D. Neal and Margaret J. Hanson, both of Readfield.

1861, April 30, Solomon A. Nelke and Pamelia Raymond, both of W.

1861, June 1, George A. Nye and Carrie F. Golden, both of Hallowell.

1866, Oct. 15, George Norcross of Monmouth and Ada M. Thurston of W.

1869, Jan. 23, Henry H. Nichols of East Livermore and Mrs. Rose H. Hankerson of W.

1870, Feb. 1, Samuel H. Noble of Monmouth and Emilie Beale of W.

1872, Nov. 27, Samuel Nichols of Boston, Mass. and Mrs. Alice C. Staples of W.

[p. 719]
1853, Sept. 14, Gustavus Owen of Lowell, Mass. and Ruth A. Fogg of W.

1864, June 2, Mark Osborne and Hannah E. Bailey.

1873, April 3, Mark Osborne and Martha B. Magoon.

1792, Sept. 30, Joshua Packard and Phebe Ford, both of Readfield.

1794, March 20, Libeus Packard and Betsey Mitchell, both of Readfield.

1782, Jan. 8, Samuel Perham and Lydia Fuller.

1789, ____, David Paul and Lucy Swift, both of New Sandwich.

1791, April 6, Benjamin Palmer and Lois Chaplin, both of Sterling.

1793, April 21, Sewall Prescott of Monmouth and Lucy Owen of W.

1808, Feb. 25, Sewall Page and Polly White, both of Readfield.

1812, Nov. 24, Dr. Josiah Prescott of Mt. Vernon and Mary French of Monmouth.

1826, May 22, Tristrum Prescott of Monmouth and Roxanna Orcutt of W.

1826, June 6, Jesse Parker of Augusta and Clementine E. Chandler of Monmouth.

1826, June 20, Oliver M. Pierce of Monmouth and Rebecca Carlton of Gardiner.

1830, Aug. 2, Samuel Page Jr. of Hallowell and Margaret Ann Page of Readfield.

1830, Oct. 25, Horace Partridge of Holliston, Mass. and Esther Adams of Readfield.

1819, May 12, David W. Pierce and Ruth Andrews, both of W.

1808, Sept. 27, Jere Page and Peggy Johnson, both of Readfield.

1832, Nov. 15, Charles S. Parsons of Orono and Alice Hardison of W.

1833, Dec. 17, Moses Philbrook of Levant and Mary Ann Thomas of W.

[p. 720]
1834, Sept. 23, Addison B. Page of Hartford, Ct., and Sophronia Page of W.

1834, Dec. 16, Sylvanus Pratt of Berlin and Prudence Handy of Wayne.

1835, Jan. 20, Elijah Page of Livermore and Catherine S. Hilton of W.

1837, March 13, Elijah Page of Livermore and Catherine S. Hilton of W. [sic].

1837, Oct. 30, Horatio N. Page of Norridgewock and Hannah Page of W.

1843, Sept. 1, Daniel Page 3d of ____ and Mary Jones of W.

1844, Jan. 9, Nehemiah Pierce of Monmouth and Mrs. Nancy Ladd of W.

1847, Jan. 1, Benjamin Peterson and Betsey Perry of W.

1849, Feb. 22, Ichabod A. Pettingill of Monmouth [and] Martha Morse of W.

1855, Feb. 4, Alonzo M. Proctor of Augusta and Clara A. Eaton of W.

1860,July 31, William A. Palmer and Frances H. Stevens, both of Monmouth.

1860, Feb. 5, James M. Plummer and Harriet Brown, both of W.

1857, Feb. 11, Caleb Packard and Lovina W. Gaslin, both of Readfield.

1859, Feb. 19, Silas Palmer and Sophronia G. Richardson, both of Winslow.

1859, May 31, David P. Pullen and Susan M. Evans, both of Readfield.

1865, Nov. 30, John P. Putnam of N. Cambridge, Mass. and Kate L. Gardiner of W.

1868, April 28, William W. Parker and Villa I. Norcross, both of W.

1869, Aug. 15, Walter S. Packard and Sarah E. Sampson, both of W.

1872, April 22, Reuel W. Pitts of E. Gloucester, Mass. and Annie A. Brown of W.

1873, Oct. 18, Oliver Parsons and Dora C. Leighton, both of Readfield.

[p. 721]
1870, April 19, Sewall W. Packard of W. and Clarissa C. Ingham of Mt. Vernon.

1789, ____, Reuben Rand and Jane Calso, both of Washington.

1812, Dec. 14, Solomon Ripley and Aurelia Pratt, both of W.

1818, Nov. 5, Simeon Ripley and Rachel Pratt, both of W.

1781, Dec. 13, William Raymond and Elizabeth Wing.

1789, ____, Benjamin Roling and Sarah Porter, both of Sandy River.

1791, March 10, Elisha Rowell and Abigail Smith, both of Livermorestown.

1791, July 14, Stephen Rowe of Washington and Patty Eastman of Pittston.

1793, Jan. 22, Daniel Rowell and Martha Walton, both of Sterling.

1817, Feb. 27, Samuel Reed and Nancy Gay, both of Gardiner.

1820, Nov. 13, Peabody H. Rice of Mt. Vernon and Sally Hovey of Augusta.

1828, Dec. 10, Moses Ricker of Hallowell and Julia Ann Hutchinson of W.

1833, March 28, Benjamin P. Rackley of Greene and Almira Smith of Monmouth.

1839, July __, Calvin A. Richardson and Lucy M. Atkins, both of W.

1842, Jan. 2, Elisha E. Rice of Union and Almira W. Sampson of W.

1842, Sept. 15, Harvey Ramsdell and Sarah Hill, both of W.

1846, Dec. 20, Sylvanus B. Richardson and Sarah A. Remick, both of Gardiner.

1844, Oct. 16, Benjamin Ramsdell and Mary Howe, both of W.

1853, Dec. 19, Joseph G. Rounds of W. and Lucy E. Chapman of Bethel.

1852, Sept. 26, William C. Raymond and Mary Ann Norris, both of Wayne.

1861, Jan. 13, William F. Royal and Clarinda B. Royal, both of W.

1866, July 9, Henry Robinson and Mrs. Eliza J. Barnes, both of W.

1868, Dec. 29, Luke Rideout of Wayne and Anna Neal of W.

[p. 722]
1874, May 24, Horace B. Richardson of Bath and Emily A. Weston of W.

1882, Sept. 19, Charles H. Rogers of Holliston, Mass. and Cora A. Shepherd of W.

1883, July 3, J. H. Richardson of Fort Fairfield and Lucinda W. Ladd of W.

1866, Aug. 11, Jerry Russell and Philena Mitchell, both of Lewiston.

1868, May 10, Ed. A. Richardson and Louisa Hathaway, both of Monmouth.

1879, Feb. 7, Augustus Raynes of Freedom and Lydia E. Snell of Wayne.

1880, Aug. 31, George L. Royal and Martha W. Knapp, both of Readfield.

1880, Sept. 4, W. A. Richardson and L. M. Tinkham, both of Monmouth.

1881, Dec. 18, D. H. Robie and Edith A. Richmond, both of Monmouth.

1848, Oct. 3, Perkins Russell of Readfield and Elizabeth Ann Shaw of W.

1855, Oct. 30, Isaac Ross of Brasher Falls, N. Y. and Seviah Bishop of W.

1861, Nov. 28, Elbridge Randall and Hannah W. Gould, both of W.

1869, Feb. 17, Lorenzo D. Ray of Augusta and Hannah E. B. Thomas of W.

1789, about, John Shed and Batty Hall, both of W.

1789, Sept. 10, Abisha Sturtevant and Mary Billington, both of New Sandwich.

1789, Oct. __, Gamaliel Sturtevant and Hannah Curtis, both of New Sandwich.

1790, Nov. 26, James Smith and Lois Hutchinson, both of Washington.

1818, Oct. 29, Joshua Smith of Monmouth and Nancy Carr of W.

1792, May 30, Job Swift and Jemima Monk, both of Readfield.

1793, Sept. 26, Josiah Stevens and Polly Whittier, both of Readfield.

[p. 723]
1794, March 27, Waldron Smith and Sally Dolloff, both of Mt. Vernon.

1804, Aug. 13, William Huse Stevens and Abigail Otis, both of Mt. Vernon.

1805, June 12, James Sprague and Nancy Richards, both of Monmouth.

1806, Feb. 17, James Smith of W. and Betsey Miller of Augusta.

1808, Jan. 3, Timothy L. Stevens and Sally Smith, both of Mt. Vernon.

1816, Nov. 28, Jeremiah Smith of Waterville and Polly Wood of W.

1818, Oct. 29, Joshua Smith of Monmouth and Nancy Carr of W.

1829, Aug. 25, Jesse Stevens of Wayne and Glaphysa (Clarissa?) Lovejoy of W.

1833, Sept. 26, John L. Stevens of Andover, Mass. and Lydia F. Holt of W.

1844, April 22, Amos Stetson of Wayne and Sophronia Carlton of W.

1839, June 22, Giles Straw of Garland and Elvira H. Macomber of Readfield.

1843, Oct. 10, Charles Valmore Smith and F. A. Green.

1843, May 24, Cyrus B. Swift and Martha J. Nelson, both of Wayne.

1848, March 16, Jonathan B. Smith of Wilton and Philena Welch of W.

1848, Sept. 19, Henry Stevens of Dresden and Sophronia White of Readfield.

1851, Oct. 16, Samuel L. Sewall of Sangerville and Hannah C. Trufant of W.

1852, Aug. 10, Albion Stevens and Clementine Taylor, both of Readfield.

1853, Feb. 21, W. G. Sargent of Rockland and Angeline E. Hains of W.

1854, Dec. 17, Edward R. Spear of Rockland and Ellen C. Hains of W.

1855, Feb. 4, Thomas P. Stetson of Hampden [and] Mary C. Holmes of W.

[p. 724]
1854, May 18, Noyes S. Sherbourne and Mary Jane Craig, both of Readfield.

1856, Feb. 28, Thomas Starr and Margaret Campbell, both of Readfield.

1858, June 29, Henry H. Swett and Hannah E. Norris, both of W.

1859, Dec. 5, Samuel W. Sawyer of W. and Mrs. Ellen A. Lamson of Boston, Mass.

1859, Dec. 5, Greenwood Stevens and Francina Morse, both of W.

1862, Jan. 2, Charles J. Stearns of W. and Hannah J. Blake of Hallowell.

1865, March 15, Edward R. Spear of Rockland and Charlotte B. May of W.

1866, July 30, Moses M. Staples of Baldwin and Lucy J. Hutchinson of W.

1867, May 11, Moses Sheldon and Louisa H. Thurston, both of W.

1867, May 23, Emery Skillings and Mary S. Farnham, both of W.

1866, Aug. 4, John W. Sears and Fannie M. Smith, both of Lewiston.

1868, Jan. 1, B. Smart Bradford and Mrs. Mary C. Rackliff, both of W.

1868, May __, Henry H. Stevens of W. and Mrs. Annie E. Buhanan of Gardiner.

1868, July 29, Osgood M. Sampson and Luella F. Dearborn, both of W.

1869, March 13, Alpheus Stetson and Louisa Lawler, both of W.

1870, Feb. 4, Charles B. Stanton of Monmouth and Mittie A. Ladd of W.

1869 Aug. 29, Jonathan E. Sloan of Athol, Mass. and Cynthia G. Whitmore of W.

1871, Jan. 5, Benjamin F. Sewall of Old Town and Luella G. Jackson of W.

1871, June 3, Joseph C. Sanford of W. and Phebe A. McDonald of Lewiston.

1871, Dec. 26, Charles A. Small and Vilettie Smith, both of W.

[p. 725]
1872, Jan. 14, Charles L. Storer of W. and Lizzie A. Sawyer of Brunswick.

1873, Dec. 20, Henry W. Stanchfield of Wayne and Altavela F. Whittier of W.

1876, May 11, W. A. Seekins and Elva E. Gilman, both of W.

1878, Nov. 10, George Smith and Ella M. Thompson, both of W.

1879, Jan. 9, Alfred A. Small of Belfast and Ella A. White of W.

1881, Dec. 3, Joseph Stevens and Mrs. Helen M. Marrow, both of W.

1882, Feb. 9, Charles M. Sanborn and Abby S. White, both of W.

1882, June 12, Charles F. Stain and Fannie M. Batchelder, both of W.

1790, Oct. 7, John Thompson and Betsey Winslow, both of Sandy River.

1792, March 29, Nathaniel Thwing Jr. of Hallowell and Mary Eastman of W.

1801, Nov. 26, Trueworthy Thurston and Priscilla Rial, both of Winthrop.

1815, March 23, Samuel Tufts and Sally O. Neal, both of W.

1789, Feb. 22, Alexander Thompson of Wales and Dorcas Brown of W.

1826, Nov. 29, Capt. John R. Taylor of Mt. Vernon and Betsey Greeley of Readfield.

1848, Nov. 29, James H. Thorn and May Jane Norris, both of Wayne.

1839, Nov. 27, John A. Tinkham of Monmouth and Rosilla A. Rice.

1851, May 20, James H. Tibbetts of Brunswick and Rosanna Newton of W.

1851, May 13, Elisha Towle of Hallowell and Sarah H. Blake of Augusta.

1860, May 13, Andrew W. Tinkham of Monmouth and Maria L. Hanscom of Readfield.

1864, Nov. 13, Benjamin F. Towle and Isadore F. Davis, both of W.

[p. 726]
1867, March 7, Ferdinand Tinker and Mrs. Elvira Snow, both of W.

1873, Sept. 14, Stephen A. Thurston of Augusta and Mary A. Cummings of W.

1868, Aug. 30, Benj. Tucker of N. Stoughton, Mass. and Jane Jameson of Readfield.

1868, Sept. 28, Van Rensalear Tuttle and Mrs. Helen Tuttle, both of Canaan.

1874, Oct. 7, Ervin T. Townsend of Litchfield and Rose C. Randall of Freeport.

1878, Oct. 8, Charles F. Tinker and Ida M. Stanley, both of W.

1878, Dec. 29, Herbert R. Tinkham and Lizzie M. Robie, both of Monmouth.

1879, Sept. 14, W. C. Tribou of Wayne and Ella M. Cash of W.

1867, Sept. 8, Gilbert Underwood of Fayette and Annie E. Holmes of Readfield.

1846, March 31, Joseph Vines and Sarah Philbrook, both of W.

1850, Jan. 30, Charles C. Vosmus and Ruhama S. Sanborn, both of Readfield.

1787, April 5, Allen Wing and Temperance Perry.

1789, about, John Winter and Beulah Smith, both of Livermorestown.

1792, Jan. 12, Dr. Moses Wing and Martha Maxim, both of New Sandwich.

1807, May 7, William Winslow and Betsey Gilman, both of W.

1814, (1813) Nov. 7, Nathaniel Whittier of Farmington and Alice Sears of W.

1817, April 3, Reuel Willis of Hebron and Lucy Billington of W.

1781, March 22, James Wilson of Harpswell and Keziah Young of W.

[p. 727]
1789, about, Joseph Webber of Pittston and Susanna Porter of Sandy River.

1793, Sept. 17, Samuel White and Polly Wyman, both of Readfield.

1794, March 2, Peter Witham and Elizabeth Atkins, both of Sterling.

1794, March 24, Allen Wing and Cynthia Burgess, both of New Sandwich.

1799, July 4, Samuel White and Sally Hankerson, both of Readfield.

1799, Sept. 22, Levi Wallingsford and Polly Norris, both of W.

1806, Aug. 10, Joseph Whittier Jr. of Athens and Deborah Miller of Augusta.

1807, Sept. 20, John Whittier of Litchfield and Abigail Titus of Monmouth [cf. below].

1814, July 9, William Wight and Dolly Hunt, both of Monmouth.

1817, Aug. 24, Isaac Waterhouse and Hannah Morgan, both of Hallowell.

1819, Sept. 30, Thomas Wendell of Farmington and Susan Lyon of Readfield.

1819, Sept. 30, David Wilbur of Sidney and Rachel Lyon of Readfield.

1821, Oct. 4, Capt. Joel Works of New Sharon and Mrs. Mary Sleeper of W.

1826, Jan. 1, James Woodcock and Shilometh Monk, both of W.

1827, Jan. 25, Henry White of Jackson and Esther Sewall of W.

1839, Nov. 7, Thomas H. Welts and Eliza Ann Smith.

1846, July 9, Paul Wild and Sarah E. Hutchins, both of W.

1847, Sept. 20, John Whittier of Litchfield and Abigail Titus of Monmouth [cf. above].

1845, May 18, John Winslow and Louisa B. Fuller, both of W.

1851, June 1, Albion N. Whittier of Hallowell and Frances E. Kimball of Readfield.

1852, March 10, Amos Welts and Emily J. Allen, both of W.

[p. 728]
1854, Nov., 22, Lyman Weeks of Waltham, Mass. and Sarah E. Jones of W.

1855, March 1, Daniel Weymouth of Monmouth and Rebecca Sylvester of W.

1856, April 13, Charles Wentworth and Diantha Smith, both of W.

1857, June 1, Albion N. Whittier of Hallowell and Frances E. Kimball of Readfield.

1859, Sept. 5, Horace J. Wing of Ilicanville and Anne V. Merrill of Freeport. [Freeport VRs give the groom's residence as "Illinois."]

1860, June 26, John D. Welts and Harriet Smith.

1861, Nov. 29, David Wentworth and Sarah E. Packard, both of Readfield.

1865, July 9, Increase E. Watson of W. and Laura E. Ladd of Mt. Vernon.

1868, June 2, Dr. P. M. Withie of Lewiston and Charlotte Gammon of W.

1869, Oct. 21, Emmons Williams and Emma E. Rand, both of Readfield.

1869, Dec. 25, Archibald T. C. Walker and Emma F. Manwell, both of W.

1865, Jan. 7, Russell H. White and Lettie Frisbie.

1870, Jan. 3, George W. Wilcox and Sarah E. Smith, both of Monmouth.

1870, Feb. 5, Lowell M. Williams and Ella F. Merrill, both of W.

1879, May 1, James H. Wellman and Mary E. Jackson, both of W.

1874, Nov. 12, Obadiah S. West of Lewiston and Huldah Stevens of W.

1881, March 21, James Warren of Albion and Bertha E. Frost of W.

1849, Sept. 19, Joseph Yeaton of Hallowell and Almira Turner of Readfield.

1857, July 19, George G. Young of W. and Martha A. Forbes of Manchester.

1871, Oct. 26, Samuel N. York of Dixfield and Abby Gaslin of W.

1844, Apr. 25, John R. Yale and Phebe J. Jackson, both of W.