Maine Genealogy Archives

Early Vital Records of Jefferson (Part 1)

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 73 (April 1919). Notes in double brackets are original to the text; notes in single brackets are my own.

[p. 87]
Communicated by Harold Lewis Bond of Newton, Mass.
The town of Jefferson, in Lincoln Co., Me., was incorporated in 1807. The first volume of the records of the town covers the period from the incorporation to 1819, and the second volume the period from 1819 to 1830. A small, thin, calf-covered book, entitled "Records of Births and Deaths in the Town of Jefferson, Lincoln County, State of Maine," is marked on the inside of the front cover as "Volume 3rd of Records." Most of the records in this third volume were evidently written about 1820, and the writer appears to have been James Sinclair, town clerk of Jefferson for a number of years, who was born in Scotland and whose family record is entered in the book. There are, however, many additions of later date. The volume is badly worn, as a result of frequent handling, and in some cases the dates are obscure. A copy of "Volume 3rd of Records," made with great care in 1898, was given in 1899 by Mr. Harold Lewis Bond to the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and the first part of it is printed below. The publication of these records will be continued in a future number of the Register.

Jonathan Linscott and Hannah Clark, married 23rd Dec. 1808.
Their children.
Mary Linscott born 5th August 1809.
Hiram [born] 12th March 1811.
Joseph [born] 9th April 1813.
Nabby [born] 2nd Octobor [sic] 1815.
Ephraim [born] 6th [October] 1818.
Jane [born] 29th November 1820.
John [born] 6th May 1823.
Sarah E. [born] 6th August 1825.

Alexander Hall and Zelpha Hatch married the 24th Octobor [sic] 1810.
Their children
Hatch Hall born 18th January 1812.
Almira [born] 3rd March 1814.
Jesse [born] 24th June 1816.

Elisha I. Ford and Abigail Cobb married the 30th June 1811.
Their children
Rebecca C. Ford born 20th July 1812.
Nathaniel [born] 11th January 1813.

John Jones 2nd. and Lydia Clark married [__] December 1795.
John Jones died 28 Sept 1838
Their children
Hawks Jones [born] 19th February 1796.
Hannah [born] 6th October 1798.
Lucinda [born] 21st July 1801.
Joseph [born] 29th January 1805.
James [born] 18th September 1806.
Lydia [born] 6th October 1809.

Zacheus Hatch and Mary Glidden
Polly Hatch their child born [no date given]

[p. 88]
Zacheus Hatch and Persis Dunbar married in 1777.
Their children
Eliza Hatch born 29th June 1782.
Sally [born] 17__.
Sebra [born] 17__.
Priscilla [born] 10th February, 1789.
Charles [born] 2nd September, 1792.

Jonathan Trask and Elizabeth Hodge married the 11th April 1784.
Jonathan Trask born 19th April 1764.
Elizabeth Hodge [born] 31st October 1767.
Their children
John Trask born 5th February 1785.
Betzey [born] 16th [February] 1787.
Jotham [born] 6th July 1789.
Dummer [born] 26th December 1791.
Nancy [born] 21st March 1793.
Jonathan [born] 29th [March] 1796.
Nancy [born] 6th May 1798.
Sophia [born] 19th [May] 1800.
Lucinda [born] 29th [May] 1802.
Jane [born] 12th June 1804.
Jefferson [born] 28th [June] 1806.
John [born] 21st March 1808.

Daniel Hodgkins and Sebra Hatch married the 26th March 1807.
Daniel Hodgkins both 1st November 1784.
Sebra Hatch [born] 1st April 1786.
Their children
Sebra Hodgkins born 17th December 1807.
David [Hodgkins] [born] 1st June 1809, died 25th March 1883.
Zacheus [Hodgkins] [born] 11th April 1811.
Sally [Hodgkins] [born] 27th [April] 1813.
Daniel [Hodgkins] [born] 6th [April] 1815.
Josiah M. [Hodgkins] [born] 4th May 1817.

Charles Hatch and Sally Hatch married the 4th April 1816.
Charles Hatch born 2nd September 1792
Their children
Mark Hatch born 28th February 1817.

Nathaniel Johnson
Jane [Johnson]
Their children
Nathaniel Johnson Jr. born 20th February
Jane [born] 1st November 1805.
Francis [born] 8th May 1806.

John Johnson Senior and Martha Whitehouse married the 4th October 1772.
John Johnson born 2nd March 1750.
Martha [born] 28th Augusta 1752.
Their children
Samuel Johnson born 24th December 1772, died 7th February 1847.
John [born] 24th January
Jacob [born] 4th March
Ephraim [born] 10th November
Nabby [born] 24th March

[p. 89]
John Johnson Jr. and Nancy Linscott married the 7th March 1796
John Johnson born 24th January
Nancy [born] 1771.
Their children
Mary H. Johnson born 6th June 1797.
Patty [born] 14th March 1799.
John [born] 14th January 1801, died 4th March 1882.
Mariah [born] 3rd November 1802.
Caroline [born] 30th June 1805.
Nancy [born] 3rd October 1807.
Isaiah [born] 25th March 1810, died 19th December 1884.
Aaron [born] 3rd February 1812.
Luke [born] 3rd June 1814.

The late Gideon Ford family.
Sarah Ford born 3rd February 1794.
Mary [born] 14th October 1797.
Gideon [born] 21st [October] 1795 [sic].
Sumner M. [born] 25th July 1809.

Jacob Johnson and Esther Linscott married the 24th December 1805.
Jacob Johnson born 4th February 1781.
Their children
Jacob Johnson born March 1807.
Nabby [Johnson] [born] August 1811.
Nehemiah [born] April 1813.
Nathaniel [born] 3rd [April] 1815.
Jacob Johnson and Nabby Johnson married the 19th July 1816
Esther Johnson born 21st March 1817.

Ephraim Johnson and Sally Knowlton married the 19th July 1807.
Ephraim Johnson born 10th November 1786.
Their children
Experience Ann Johnson born 3rd August 1808
Sally [born] 4th February 1810.
Ephraim [born] 19th September 1811.
Orris [born] 9th [September] 1813.
Warren [born] 10th August 1815.

John Hall and Experience Whitehouse married the 10th October 1799.
John Hall born 15th February, 1776, died July, 1812.
Experience [born] 14th January 1780.
Their children
Lydia Hall born 22nd February 1802.
Sarah [born] 30th June 1804.
John [born] 21st January 1807.
Eliza [born] 26th June 1809.
Experience [born] 7th January 1812.

John Weeks 2nd and Sarah Peasley married the [__] June 1809.
John Weeks born the 20th April 1784.
Sarah [born] 1st November 1784, died 5th November 1859.
Their children
Rebecca Weeks born 12th April 1810, died 3 February 1826.
Eleanor [Weeks] [born] 31st August 1812.
Ira [born] 30th September 1814.
Elbert [born] 29th January 1817.
Alden [born] [no date given]

William Allen and Sarah Beckford married the 4th October 1809.
William Allen born 15th April 1771, died 10th April 1836.
Sarah [born] 12th July 1781, died 20th September 1859.

[p. 90]
Their children
Louisa Allen born 19th August 1810.
Lorenzo [born] 14th June 1812.
Aurelia [born] 20th October 1813.
Harriet N. [born] 18th August 1815.
Elizabeth C. [born] [no date given]
William P. [born] [no date given]
Sarah Ann [born] [no date given]

Thomas Weeks and Ruth Taylor married the 23rd December 1785.
Thomas Weeks born 4th February 1762, died 11th January 1846.
Ruth [born] 3rd February 1764, died 3rd February 1857.
Their children
Ephraim Weeks born 30th November 1786.
David [born] 31st December 1788, died 31st August 1838.
Thomas [born] 5th April 1791, died 13th May 1885.
Joseph [born] 7th March 1793.
Benjamin [born] 27th January 1795
Thankful [born] 8th September 1797, died 18th Mch. 1820.
John T. [born] 29th May 1799, died 22nd August 1882.
Abigail [born] 26th April 1801.
George [born] 15th October 1803, died 2nd March 1879.
Washington [born] 10th November 1805.

Marks Weeks and Sally Moody married the [__] June 1788.
Marks Weeks born 23rd May 1766.
Sally [born] 13th August 1764, died May 1840.
Their children
John Weeks born 22nd November 1789.
Mary [born] 27th June 1792.
Daniel [born] 20th May 1794.
Lot [born] 30th November 1797.
Joseph [born] 3rd May 1800.
Sally [born] 27th September 1802.
Mark M. [born] 19th July 1810.

Benjamin Young and Hannah Pierce married [no date given]
Benjamin Young born 8th March 1750
Hannah [born] 6th September 1751.
Their children
Susannah Young born 10th [[sic, see page 93]] October 1777.
Hannah [born] 22nd May 1786.
Johnson [born] 28th December 1792.
Sarah [born] 28th September 1795, died 22nd March 1828.

Thomas Weeks 2nd. and Mary Otis married the 23rd February 1815
Thomas Weeks born 5th April 1791, died 13th May 1885, at Windsor, Me.
Mary [born] 31st March 1793.
Their children
Samuel P. Weeks born 15th December 1815.
Mary O. [born] 16th October 1818.
Thankful P. [born] 1st [October] 1822, died 20th October 1834.
Warren [born] 13th [October] 1824, died 13th August 1825.
Thomas W. [born] 13th April 1829.
Otis T. [born] 4th March 1831.
John Weeks 3rd. and Nancy Jackson married the 6th January 1814.
John Weeks born 22nd November 1789, died 20th February 1844.
Nancy [born] 8th December 1792, died 20th January 1883.

[p. 91]
Their children
Rachel Weeks born 12th September 1815.
Ambrose C. [born] 30th November 1818, died 26th August 1825.
Jackson [born] 17th February 1822.
John A. [born] 1st July 1826.
Mark L. [born] 4th November 1829.
Nancy E. [born] 18th August 1833.

Joseph Partridge and Abigail Weeks married the 8th March 1800
Joseph Partridge born 2nd July 1775, died 24th September 1852.
Abigail [born] 2nd October 1786.
Their children
Margery Partridge born 5th August 1801.
Joseph [born] [no date given]
Jerome [born] 12th August 1805.
Hiram [born] 16th January 1807.
Jane [born] 6th December 1807.
Mary [born] 6th April 1810.
Joseph [born] 10th January 1811.
Lucinda [born] 1st June 1813.
Lydia [born] 15th November 1814.
Albert W. [born] [no date given]
Abram [born] 2nd May 1816.

Daniel Weeks and Martha Taylor married [____] 1796.
Daniel Weeks born 25th November 1774, died 7th October 1854.
Martha [born] 25th June 1776, died 10th November 1858.
Their children
Thaddeus Weeks born 10th February 1799.
Daniel [born] 20th December 1800.
Freeman [born] 4th January 1803.
Asrenath [born] 3rd February 1805.
Horace [born] 20th June 1807.
Ruth [born] 1st January 1811.
Myrick L. [born] 7th February 1813.
Basinah [born] 28th October 1814, died 3rd August 1837.
Martha J.

Joseph Weeks and Margary Hussy married [no date given]
Joseph Weeks born 11th July 1757.
Margary [born] 3rd August 1760.
Their children
Sarah Weeks born 14th August 1782.
John Weeks [born] 20th April 1785.
Abigail [born] 2nd October 1786.
Jane [born] 7th September 1787.
Lydia [born] 24th December 1790.
Margary [born] 24th December 1790.
Joseph [born] 29th June 1793.
Eleanor [born] 14th January 1795, died 18th November 1881.
Patty [born] 16th November 1798.

John Rice and Jane Jones married the 14th April 1785.
John Rice born 29th March 1762, died 24th February 1829.
Jane [born] 25th May 1764.
Their children
John Rice born 24th September 1785.
George [born] 3rd January 1787.
Polly [born] 26th December 1788.

[p. 92]
Sally born 24th October 1790.
Alice [born] 5th July 1792.
Clarissa [born] 3rd September 1793.
Harriet [born] 20th March 1796.
The above born in Newcastle
Nancy born 13th January 1798.
Abiel [born] 7th December 1799.
Zelpha [born] 14th [December] 1800.
Ephraim [born] 12th October 1803.
Francis [born] 7th June 1806.
The last five born in Jefferson

Elijah Linscott and Lucy Linscott married the 4th November 1806.
Elijah Linscott born 13th June 1785.
Lucy Linscott [born] 31st July 1785.
Their children
Hannah Linscott born 22nd March 1807.
John [born] 22nd November 1808.
Lucinda [born] 11th January 1811.
Charles [born] 2nd April 1813.
Zoa [[?]] [born] 19th May 1815.
Betsey [born] 21st [May] 1817.

Winthrop Weeks and Hannah Hopkins married the 4th April 1793.
Winthrop Weeks born 4th February 1772, died 12th November 1856.
Hannah [born] 30th April 177_.
Their children
David Weeks born 2nd November 179_.
Daniel H. [born] 19th April 1796.
Nancy [born] 26th September 179_.
Jane [born] 9th August 180_.
Winthrop [born] 25th November 180_.
Hannah [born] 9th June 180_.
William [born] 15th September 181_, died 21st December 1898.
Stenson [born] 1st December 181_.

John Cunningham and Mary Murray married the 4th July 1786.
John Cunningham born 4th December 1758.
Mary [born] 20th May 1765.
Their children
Robert Cunningham born 5th May 1787.
Elizabeth [born] 19th February 1789.
Sarah [born] 18th May 1791.
Murray [born] 1st [May] 1793.
William [born] 2nd [May] 1795.
Mary [born] 1st August 1797.
Peggy [born] 26th January 1800.
David [born] 24th May 1802.
Franklin [born] 21st July 1804.
Ephraim [born] 13th [July] 1808.

William Cunningham and Mary Clark married the 25th February 1790.
William Cunningham born 19th September 176_.
Mary [born] 15th March 176_.
Their children
Charles Cunningham born 27th April 1791.
Patty [born] 1st June 1791_.
Alexander [born] 14th March 179_.
Henry [born] 3rd May 1797.

[p. 93]
Cushing born 11th June 180_.
Nathan [born] 24th February 180_.
Mary [born] 9th September 180_.
Robert [born] 24th October 1809.

Robert Clary Jun. and Nancy Moody married the 26th of August 1813.
Robert Clary born 22nd December 1787.
Nancy [born] 18th [December] 1791.
Their children
John M. Clary born 5th February 1814.
Edward [born] 12th June 181_.

James Campbell and Prudence Carr married the [__] November 1793.
James Campbell born 20th January 1756, died 1836.
Prudence [born] 29th June 1761.
Their children
Charlotte Campbell born 20th November 1794.
Samuel [born] 7th August 1796.
Joseph [born] 28th February 1797.
Michael [born] 16th January 1799.
John [born] 15th October 1801.
Betsey [born] 15th [October] 1804.
Elmira [born] 2nd September 1812.

William Cargill and Nancy Henry married the 9th January 1804.
William Cargill born 2nd February 1780.
Nancy [born] 22nd March 1789.
Their children
William Cargill born 22nd November 1806.
Robert [born] 25th May 1805.
James [born] 16th September 1808.
George [born] 27th August 1810.
Jane [born] 15th February 1813.
Samuel [born] 30th June 1815.

Benjamin Ayres and Ann Nelson married the 3rd November 1797.
Benjamin Ayres born 9th March 1774.
Ann [born] 25th August 1773.
Their children
Benjamin Ayres born 19th July 1798.
Mary Ann [born] 3rd February 1800.
Jacob [born] 25th [February] 180_.
Thomas N. [born] 19th May 1808.
Abigail [born] 19th February 1811.

Thomas Cunningham and Elizabeth Cunningham married the 9th June 1812.
Thomas Cunningham born [no date given]
Elizabeth [born] 18th December 1772.
Their son
Stenson Cunningham born 19th May 181_.

James Cunningham and Susannah Young married the 27th October 1798.
James Cunningham born 17th May 1769.*
Susannah [born] 16th [[sic, see page 90]] October 1777.
Their children
Benjamin Cunningham born 31st Auust 1799.
James [born] 28th July 1801.
Benjamin [born] 29th September 1803.
Daniel [born] 17th Auust 1805.
For James Cunningham's father, brothers, and sisters vide infra, Note entitled Cunningham-Jarvis-Hopkins.

[p. 94]
Hartley born 22nd July 1807.
Joseph [born] 5th March 1809.
William [born] 22nd April 1811.
Johnson [born] 12th September 1813.
Samuel [[? Sewil]] [born] 22nd May 1816.

Solomon [Hopkins] and Esther Plumer married the [__] February 1784
Esther born November 176_, died 19 December 1824.
Their children
David P. Hopkins born 17th July 1785.
Bedfield [born] 27th August 1786.
James [born] 5th March 1787.
Solomon [born] 23rd October 1789.
John [born] 17th [October] 1791.
Samuel [born] [no date given]
William [born] 18th April 179_.
Robert [born] 29th October 179_, died 29th May 1836.
Alexander [born] 19th April 179_.
Lois [born] 9th September 1799.
Daniel [born] 21st February 1801.
Josiah [born] 29th April 1803.
Jane [born] 26th December 1804.
Esther [born] 28th September 1806.
Sarah [born] 13th June 1808.
Nancy [born] 12th November 1810.

Bedfield Hopkins and Hannah Hopkins married the 27th September 1816.
Bedfield Hopkins born 27th August 1786.
Melinda Hopkins born 27th December 1816.

Samuel Toll and Hannah Bryant married the [__] September 1802.
Hannah born [__] 1770.
Their children
Hannah Toll born 25th September 1803.
Victoria [born] 22nd February 1806.
Betsey [born] 2nd November 1808.

Archibald McAlister and Ruth Cunningham married the 26th December 1791.
Archibald McAlister born 25th February 176_.
Ruth [born] 5th [February] 177_.
Their children
Betsey McAlister born 13th November 179_.
Mary [born] 10th February 179_.
Archibald [born] 14th [February] 179_.
Frank [born] 11th [February] 180_.
Alexander [born] 19th September 180_.
Ruth A. [born] 9th March 180_.
Hiram [born] 24th July 180_.
Sarah [born] 22nd October 180_.
Rosannah [born] 5th Jne 181_.

Samuel Pinto and Ann Cunningham married the [__] April 1803.
Samuel Pinto born 18th August 1771.
Mary Ann Pinto born 15th November 1813.

William Avery and Sarah Cunningham married the 22nd October 1812.
William Avery born 25th July 1783.
Sarah [born] 18th May 1791.
Their children
Isaac Avery born 17th September 1813.
Elizabeth [born] 17th June 1815.
Willard [born] 23rd August 1817.

[p. 95]
William Hopkins and Hannah Plumer married [no date given]
Their children
Bedfield Hopkins born 28th December 1780.
Jenny [born] 8th June 1784.
David [born] 2nd February 1786.
John [born] 14th November 1787.
William [born] 23rd April 1791.
Hannah [born] 3rd February 1793.
Mary A. [born] [__] July 1794.
Oris [born] 6th January 1797.
Lydia H. [born] 29th October 1798.

John Varna and Margaret Montgomery married the 30th January 1797.
John Varna born 17th August 177_.
Margaret [born] 30th December 1777_.
Their children
Mary Varna born 28th February 179_.
Robert [born] 26th November 180_.
Eliza [born] 26th December 180_.
James [born] 26th [December] 180_.
Lucretia [born] 20th October 18__.
Amasa [born] 3rd March 18__.
William [born] 31st January 18__.
John [born] 31st [January] 18__.

Eli Crockett and Sarah Hopkins married the 11th August 1806.
Eli Crockett born 4th March 1785.
Sarah [born] 20th [March] 1785.
Their children
William Crockett born 21st December 1807.
Linscott [born] 5th February 1809.
Eli Noyes [born] 5th [February] 1810.
Thomas U. [born] 25th November 1811.
Simeon [born] 21st April 1814.
Adaline [born] 29th December 1816.

Ephraim Weeks and Nabby Peaslee married the 16th August 1812.
Ephraim Weeks born 30th November 1786.
Nabby died 15th November 1862.
Their children
Sewil Weeks born 10th August 1813.
Edward [born] 17th February 1815.
Suky [born] 9th October 1817.

Samuel Cunningham and Eunice Day [[?]] married the [no date given]
Samuel Cunningham born [no date given]
Eunice [born] 2nd June 177_.
Their children
Susannah Cunningham born 12th April 179_.
Alice [born] 15th March 179_.
George [born] 16th August 179_.
Nancy [born] 19th May 180_.
Samuel [born] 9th January 180_.
Washington [born] 15th May 180_.
Austin [born] 26th November 180_.
Elbridge [born] 26th March 181_.
Mary [born] 17th June 18__.
William Linscott and Lydia Jones married the 26th December 1811.
William Linscott born 8th September 1789, died 23rd December 1848.
Lydia [born] 20th February 1794, died 4th March 1848.

[p. 96]
Their children
Martin Linscott born 16th March 1812.
Mellon [born] 10th December 1813, died 7th February 1894.
Lydia [born] 20th June 1816.
Betsy Ann [born] 9th March 1819.
Susannah [born] 6th April 1820.
Susannah [born] 29th March 1821.
William H. [born] 7th September 1823.
Albert L. [born] 18th August 1824.
James [born] 4th September 1827.
John G. [born] 1st December 1828.
Mary J. [born] 10th July 1834.
Clorinda [born] 28th October 1837.

William Burbanks and Nabby married the 29th December 1798.
William Burbanks born 11th August 1777.
Nabby [born] 23rd September 1770.
Their children
Mary Burbanks born 11th July 1802.
Johnson [born] 22nd February 1806.
Thomas [born] 27th April 1808.
Jane [born] 20th November 1810.

Francis Eames and Mary Douglass married the 10th May 1809.
Francis Eames born 18th April 178_.
Mary [born] 21 June 178_.
Their children
Thankful Eames born 10th February 1811.
William [born] 12th April 1814, died 20th May 1883.
Maria [born] 22nd August 1815.
Jonathan [born] 5th February 1817.
Paul [born] 9th [February] 1819.
Moses [born] 12th January 1823.
Elizabeth [born] 8th March 1825.
Francis [born] 8th [March] 1829.

Benjamin Noyes and Lois Turner married [no date given]
Lois died 28th January 1830.
Their children
Abiel Noyes born 13th January 1792.
Susannal [[sic]] [born] 8th [January] 179_.
Lois [born] 18th April 180_.
Joseph [born] 16th March 180_.

John Perham and Dorcas Burnum married the [____] 1793.
John Perham born 17th December 1770.
Dorcas [born] 10th May 1771.
Their children
John Perham born 24th October 1793.
Joanna [born] 13th April 1795.
Samuel [born] 6th December 1796.
Jane [born] 10th August 1798.
Sally [born] 1st October 1800.
Darius [born] 4th June 1802.
Mary [born] 14th July 1804.
Betsey [born] 21st October 1806.
Thais [[?]] [born] 31st May 1809.
Enoch [born] 10th November 1812.

[p. 97]
Stephen Rollins and Margaret Petin [[?]] married [no date given]
Their children
Margary Rollins born 20th January 1805.
Louisa [born] 24th February 1808
Amor [born] 1st July 1812.
Hiram [born] 10th January 1810.

Moses Noyes and Sarah married [no date given]
Moses Noyes born 7th March 177_.
Sarah [born] 29th July 177_.
Their children
Daniel Noyes born 25th January 179_.
Lydia [born] 11th March 179_.
Hannah [born] 7th [March] 179_.
Martha [born] 25th September 180_.
Fanny [born] 28th July 180_.
Susannah [born] 4th June 180_.
Hezekiah [born] 1st September 180_.
Chandler [born] 20th August 181_.
Eli [born] 27th April 181_.
Isaiah [born] 20th November 181_.

Isaac Davis and Elizabeth [[?]] married [no date given]
Elizabeth died [__] Feb. 1821
Susannah Davis born 4th January 1791.
Isaac [born] 25th April 1794.
David [born] 23rd Agust 1796.
Nancy [born] 13th November 1801.
James [born] 5th [November] 1804.
George [born] 5th October 1805.
Maria [born] 9th April 1808.
Emeline [born] 11th [April] 1812.
Pamelia [born] 30th August 1817.

Timothy Plumer's family
John Plumer born 16th October 1793.
Solomon [born] 16th July 1796.
Betsey [born] 30th April 1798.
Warren [born] 15th January 1802.
Washington [born] 22nd [January] 1804.
Jane [born] 19th February 1806.
Josiah [born] 13th May 1808.

Robert Clary Sr. born 10th March 175_.
Hannah [born] [__] January 1777.
Their children
Susannah Clary born 15th May 1791.
Richard [born] 10th June 1793.
John [born] 6th October 179_.
Rosannah [born] 14th March 179_.
Laura [born] 2nd November 180_.
Miles [born] 21st September 181_.
Harrison [born] 24th August 181_.
Robert [born] 22nd December 17_ [sic].

Benjamin Kenny's family.
Joshua Kenney born 4th April 179_.
Sarah [born] 14th June 1800.
Israel [born] 7th December 1801.
Thomas [born] 25th January 1804.

[p. 98]
Jane born 7th June 1806.
Daniel [born] 4th [June] 1810.
Sukey [born] 16th November 181_.

Peter Dunton's family
Washington Dunton born 13th November 1805.
Lavinia [born] 11th August 1807.
Maria [born] 19th January 1810.
Sarah [born] 19th February 1812.
David [born] 21st December 1815.
Joseph [born] 7th June 1817.

David Murphy's family
Gardiner Murphy born 28th February 1803.
Eliza [born] 5th January 1805.
Sukey [born] 7th April 1809.
Statira [born] 5th May 1814.
Mellen [born] 19th December 1816.
Elmira [born] 13th September 1818.

John Taylor and Susannah Peasley married [no date given]
John Taylor born 10th February 1769, died 29th September 1830.
Susannah born 2nd June 1779, died 21st July 1869.
Their children
John Taylor born 9th February 1807.
Rebecca [born] 13th November 1812.
George B. [born] 27th [November] 181_.
Ephraim [born] 21st June 181_.

John Whitehouse and Hannah Trask married the 26th March 1811.
John Whitehouse born 11th December 178_.
Hannah [born] 24th January 178_.
Their children
Samuel Whitehouse born 19th January 181_.
Daniel [born] 21st June 18__.
Margaret [born] 16th [June] 18__.
George [born] 16th [June] 18__.

Justus Richardson and Jannet Bond married the 9th July 1807.
Justus Richardson born 9th July 1782, died 28th June 1870.
Jannet [born] 31st January 1783, died 19th February 1866.
Their children
Henry Richardson born 25th January 1809.
Mary Ann [Richardson] [born] 12th September 1810, died 15th November 1833.
Lorinda [Richardson] [born] 30th August 1812, died 15th December 1895.
Albert [Richardson] [born] 21st December 1814, died 9th April 1898.
James Young [Richardson] [born] 18th December 1816.
Jennet Gilmore [Richardson] [born] 11th July 1819.
Asa Bond [Richardson] [born] 12th [July] 1821.

Albion P. Bond born 17th April 1823, died 28th December 1893.
Sarah C. Jackson married [no date given]
Their children
Edgar P. Bond
Nettie E. [Bond]

David G. Bond and Sarah O. Nichols married the 26th November 1805.
David G. Bond born June 20 1775, died 20th January 1861.
Sarah [born] 1782, died 25th December 1854.

[p. 99]
Their children
William H. Bond born 29th January 1807, lost at sea.
Eliza A. [born] 14th July 1811, died 23rd December 1892.
John N. [born] 12th August 1812.
Catherine J. [born] 30th August 1813, died 1st August 1898.
Mary N. [born] 1st January 1816, died 12th March 1852.

Isaac Reeves and [____] Brookings married the [___] 1812.
Isaac Reevs born 11th June 178_.
his wife [born] 22nd September 1791.
Their children
Moses Reevs born 17th October 1812.
Gardiner [born] [__] August 1815.

Jonathan Peasly and Betsey Avery married 1st May 1808.
Jonathan Peasly born 7th January 1781.
Betsey [Peasly] [born] 29th [January] 1787.
Their children
Mary Peasly born 14th September 1808.
Myles [born] 9th [September] 1810.
Betsey [born] 25th February 1815.
Washington [born] 4th June 1817.

Elisha Clark and Abigail West married the 21st September 1791.
Elisha Clark born 26th August 1765.
Abigail [born] 4th December 1774.
Their children
Hannah Clark born 25th August 1792.
West [born] 1st November 1794.
Isaac [born] 26th October 1797.
Betsey [born] 11th June 1801.
Nabby [born] 2nd August 1803.
Eli [born] 14th December 1806.
Daniel [born] 9th October 1808.
______ [born] 15th June 1816.

William Shepherd and Lucy Brown married 29th November 1787.
William Shepherd born 4th November 1763, died 17th March 1823.
Lucy [born] 12th May 1770, died 10th September 1838.
Their children
Lucy Shepherd born 22nd November 1788, died February 6, 1821.
Francis [born] 29th April 1790.
Timothy [born] 14th March 1792.
William [born] 16th April 1794.
Timothy [born] 20th September 1796, died 20th August 1882.
John [born] 23rd September 1798, died 1st June 1852.
Clarissa [born] 27th October 1800.
George Washington [born] 29th April 1805.
Allen [born] 19th December 1807.
Elbridge Gerry [born] 28th May 1810.

Francis Shepherd and Eliza Jones married the 16th May 1813.
Francis Shepherd born 29th April 1790.
Eliza [born] 26th June 1794, died 6th February 1821.
Their children
Calista Shepherd born 25th November 1813.
Clarissa [born] 5th May 1815.
Olver Prescott [born] 8th December 1818.

[p. 100]
David Hopkins and Esther Trask married the 4th June 1810.
David Hopkins born 2nd February 1780.
Esther [born] 27th July 1789.
Their children
Thomas Hopkins born 15th October 1810.
Bedfield [born] 11th May 1812.
[______] [born] 22nd March 1814.
Hannah [born] 21st January 1816.
Esther [born] 14th August 1817.

William Day and Jane Perham married the 17th December 1799.
William Day born 19th February 1777.
Jane [born] 18th March 1780, died 28th March 1845.
Their children
Hudson Day born 25th December 1799.
William [born] 19th November 1801, died 4th January 1804.
Susannah [born] 26th August 1803.
Mary [born] 17th July 1805, died 27th January 1807.
John P. [born] 23rd June 1807, died 23rd January 1890.
Jane [born] 2nd April 1810.
Elmira [born] 20th February 1812.
William [born] 17th July 1814.
Betsey [born] 18th [July] 1816.

Samuel Shepherd and Martha Cochran married the 11th October 1797.
Samuel Shepherd born 8th October 1774, died 25th April 1855.
Martha [Shepherd] [born] 15th June 1773, died 4th August 1848.
Their children
Samuel Shepherd born 3rd March 1798, died 15th January 1801.
Hannah [born] 18th February 1800.
Eliza [born] 5th [February] 1802.
Amasa [born] 6th July 1804.
Mary [born] 30th June 1806, died 21st July 1831.
Jotham [born] 30th April 1808.
Amos [born] 8th [April] 1810, died 8th August 1892.
Martha [born] 22nd May 1812, died 20th January 1836.
Lydia [born] 19th December 1815, died 10th May 1848.

Culiver Shepherd and Jane Powers married the 4th July 1799.
Culiver Shepherd born 5th December 1776.
Jane [born] 11th March 1783.
Their children
Pamelia Shepherd born 15th July 1801.
Culiver [born] 26th [July] 1803.
Rosalinda [born] 18th June 1806.
Jane [born] 7th January 1808.
Nancy [born] 18th May 1810.
Alvira [born] 21st [May] 1812.
Emaline [born] 15th September 1814.
Lorenza [born] 23rd August 1816.

Enoch Avery and Margaret Shepherd married the [____] 1803.
Enoch Avery born 7th December 1781, died 25th July 1828
Margaret [born] 7th July 1784.
Their children
Enoch Avery born 5th August 1804.
Lewman [born] 13th June 1806.
Harriet [born] 5th April 1808.
Prentiss [born] 21st [April] 1810.

[p. 101]
Edward born 1st June 1812.
Polly [born] 30th October 1814.
Newell [born] 12th [October] 1817.
Judson [born] [no date given]

Richard Brann and Eunice Rollins married the 3rd March 1796.
Richard Brann born 6th June 1773.
Eunice [born] 3rd March 1778.
Their children
Betsey Brann born 8th February 1797.
Sally [born] 2nd January 1801[[?]].
Richard [born] 17th June 1800.
Stephen [born] 6th August 1802.
Thomas [born] 14th [August] 1804.
Sally [born] 3rd November 1806.
Eunice [born] 18th December 1808.
Eleanor [born] 10th September 1811.
John [born] 14th July 1815.

Samuel Whitehouse and Elizabeth Moody married the 17th March 1779.
Samuel Whitehouse born 24th January 1750
Elizabeth [born] 14th September 1758.
Their children
Experience Whitehouse born 14th January 1780.
John [born] 11th December 1781.
Samuel [born] 26th November 1783.
Abigail [born] 24th January 1786.
Daniel [born] 5th November 1788.
Stephen [born] 3rd June 1791.
Sarah [born] 13th November 1793.
James [born] 4th March 1796.
George [born] 8th September 1798.
Elizabeth [born] 26th February 1801.

John Eames and Nancy Shepherd married the 5th January 1813.
John Eames born 28th February 1788.
Nancy [born] 31st March 1793.
Their children
Sally Eames born 13th March 1814
John [born] 22nd October 1815.
Nancy [born] [no date given]
Alden A. [born] [no date given]
Elizabeth [born] [no date given]
Warren G. [born] [no date given]

John Parker and Lydia Rollins married the 11th September1794.
John Parker born 17th July 1769, died 8th December 1851.
Lydia [born] 1st February 1776, died 20th July 1858.
Their children
Hannah R. Parker born 1st May 1801.
Elbridge G. [born] 17th February 1811.
Lydia A. [born] 23rd June 1813.
Mary L. [[?]] [born] 26th [June] 1815.
John Brooks [born] 2nd November 1818.

John Waters and Ruth Avery married the 27th July 1807.
John Waters born 18th May 1784, died 11th September 1824.
Ruth [born] 18th March 1779.
Their children
Nancy Waters born 28th January 1809.

[p. 102]
Samuel born 8th April 1811.
Horace [born] 1st November 1812.
Margaret J. [born] 12th June 1815, died 2nd June 1816.
Ruth A. [born] 12th [June] 1815
Margaret J. [born] 5th [June] 1817, died 26th May 1859.

William Kennedy and Jane Weeks married the 5th December 1807.
William Kennedy born 10th February 1783.
Jane [born] 7th September 1787.
Their children
Joseph Kennedy born 1st August 1809.
Samuel [Kennedy] [born] 30th August 1810
Alden [born] 22nd November 1812.
John [born] 24th October 1817, died 6th November 1868.
Martha J. died 19th October 1888 65 yrs. 7 mos.

William Jackson 2nd. and Abigail Moody married the [__] october 1804.
William Jackson born 24th December 1786, died 14th January 1861.
Abigail [born] 11th February 1784, died 27th June 1854.
Their children
William Jackson born 15th December 1807.
Joseph [born] 20th June 1810.
Clarissa [born] 2nd November 1811, died 7th April 1899.
Eliza [born] 16th February 1814.
Rebecca [born] 10th August 1816.
Edwin M. [born] [no date given]
Zulerna [born] 23rd May 1821, died 10th April 1890.
Hannah E. [born] [no date given]
Albert R. [born] [no date given]

James Robinson born 24th September 1757
Abigail [born] 19th April 1766, died 5th April 1835.
Their children
James Robinson born 23rd May 1784.
Robert [born] 7th August 1785.
Mary [born] 8th January 1788.
Archibald [born] 23rd June 1789.
Charles [born] 24th January 1792.
John [born] 5th April 1793.
William H. [born] 23rd December 1795.
George W. [born] 16th June 1797.
Rufus J. [born] 14th September 1799.
Abigail [born] 21st May 1801.
Elizabeth [born] 21st [May] 1801.
Temperance [born] 28th April 1803.
Lucretia [born] 18th September 1805.
Juliana [born] 3rd [September] 1807.

John Murphy born 10th July 1776.
Elizabeth [born] 3rd August 1783.
Their children
Catharine Murphy born 11th September 1800.
Elizabeth [born] 29th August 1802, died 11th September 1805.
Agnes [born] 8th October 1804, died 13th September 1805.
Elizabeth [born] 9th July 1806.
Mary [born] 3rd May 1808.
Maria [born] 3rd June 1810.

[p. 103]
John born 5th May 1812.
Sarah [born] 4th July 1814.
Agnes [born] 13th February 1817.

[[To be continued]]