Maine Genealogy Archives

Marriages Solemnized by Oliver Wood, Esq., of Lincoln County

Source: Collections and proceedings of the Maine Historical Society, Second Series, Vol. VI (Portland, Me.: Maine Historical Society, 1895).

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From the Archives of the Maine Historical Society

Sept. 4. Amos Shepardson and Rebecca Winslow, both of Norridgewock.
Nov. 23. Charles Fay and Roany Keith, both of Norridgewock.

Jan. 1. Seth Spaulding and Judith Richards, both of Norridgewock.

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Feb. 8. Benjamin Kitteridge and Ruth Richards, both of Norridgewock.
Feb. 19. William Pain and Parmelia Parker, both of Hebron.
Feb. 22. John Leighton, jr., and Lydia MacGraugh, both of Norridgewock.
Feb. 26. John Steward of Canaan, and Mrs. Abigail Whitcomb, both of Norridgewock.
Apr. 18. Henry Beakford and Jane Witham, both of Norridgewock.
Nov. 8. Jason Russell and Mrs. Rebecca Leighton.

Mar. 18. John Ireland and Mrs. Sally Hunt, both of Canaan.
Mar. 25. William Boynton and Mrs. Rebecca Baker, both of Sandy River.
Apr. 2. Amos Fletcher and Mrs. Betsy Baker, both of Carratunk.
Apr. 2. Daniel Foster and Mrs. Dorcas Fletcher, both of Carratunk.
Apr. 16. Joseph Green and Sally Daniels, both of Sandy River.
Sept. 27. Amos Gray and Mary Ball, both of Sandy River.
Oct. 8. Samuel Hinckley and Mrs. Lydia Greenleaf, both of Sandy River.
Oct. 29. Isaac Albee and Rispah Davis, both of Seven Mile Brook.
Nov. 12. Jeremiah Chamberlain of Seven Mile Brook, and Mrs. Sally Roberts of Vassalborough.

Feb. 18. Simeon Cragin and Mrs. Sally McKinnee, both of Seven Mile Brook.
Mar. 23. Johnathan Russell of Seven Mile Brook, and Mrs. Betsey Nutting of Norridgewock.
Apr. 29. James Bickford and Mrs. Zeriah Piper, both of Norridgewock.
July 13. Thomas Steward of Canaan, and Mrs. Olive Moore of Norridgewock.
Sept. 21. Charles Pishon and Lucy Wyman, both of Hancock Plantation.

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Sept. 28. James Fairbrother and Rebecca Moore, both of Seven Mile Settlement.
Oct. 12. Joshua Greenleaf and Hannah Williamson, both of Sandy River Settlement.

Jan. 8. Daniel Homested and Sybil Oaks, both of Canaan.
Feb. 19. Henry McKinne and Mrs. Betty Gray, both of Seven Mile Brook Settlement.
Mar. 20. David Wentworth of Sandy River, and Mrs. Betsey Brown of Norridgewock.
June 2. Joseph Russell and Mrs. Betty Goodridge, both of Carratunk.
June 15. Peter Witham and Armela Brann, both of Sandy River.
July 22. Alpheus Parlin and Polly Spear, both of Carratunk.
Aug. 4. Samuel Fling and Abigail McFadden, both of Seven Mile Brook.
Aug. 18. Samuel Richards and Dorcas Brown, both of Norridgewock.
Sept. 22. Charles McKinnee and Melinda Keith, both of Norridgewock.
Aug. 7. James Smith and Nancy Davenport, both of Norridgewock.
Sept. 8. Eleazer Whipple and Mrs. Alice Peirce, both of Carratunk.

Apr. 28. Calvin Piper and Zariah Parker, both of Norridgewock
Oct. 3. Joshua White and Mrs. Margaret Jackin, both of Hancock.

Apr. 12. James McKinnee and Mrs. Esther Beal, both of Seven Mile Brook.