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Leeds Marriage Intentions, 1876-1901

Source: J. C. Stinchfield, History of the town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine (Lewiston, Me.: Press of Lewiston Journal Co., 1901).

[p. 354]

Elisha Sampson and Sarah A. Keith, March 20.
William D. Borneman and Ella E. Libby, April 28.
George Caswell of Monmouth and Nancy J. Libby, June 13.
Henry F. Woodman and Mary F. Whitemore, July 16.
Frank E. Andrews of Winthrop and Lizzie D. Turner, Sept. 22.
John J. McKarthy of Lewiston and Mrs. Nora Powers, Oct. 26.
Lafayette C. Wing and Luella Burnham, Nov. 29.

Edwin W. Morris and Nancy E. Vose of Winthrop, Jan. 10.
Wesley Welch of Wayne and Arobine Churchill, April 21.
Frederick H. Knight and Lenora L. Prince, May 16.
David P. Freeman and Edith Rose, August 4.
David Sturtevant and Mrs. Elmira Folsom, August 11.
Joseph A. Trask and Addie J. Holt of Augusta, August 22.
John A. Beales of Brunswick and Clara D. Coolidge, Sept. 7.
A. J. Nash of Greene and Inez Rose, Oct. 6.
Alonzo House of Wayne and Nellie Fuller, Nov. 13.
Mellen J. Hanscom and Rosa V. Gilbert, Nov. 21.

Cyrus B. Howe of Greene and Rosilla Bishop, March 13.
Alvin D. Morris and Mary A. Richards of Salem, April 15.
Willis A. Knapp and Julia A. Carver, June 14.
George T. Howe and Mrs. Edith W. Church, July 2.
William A. Bowers and Nellie L. Fabyan, Sept. 6.
Charles H. Raymond of Fayette and Clara A. Jennings, Sept. 21.
Willis G. Magner and Eva E. Borneman, Sept. 28.
Charles K. Leadbetter and Ella F. Stinchfield, Sept. 29.
James W. Lindsay of Auburn and Hannah L. Davee, Nov. 17.

Otis K. Prescott of Monmouth and Elvira J. Pettingill, Feb. 10.
William Churchell and Emily B. Armstrong, March 7.
Abial D. Knapp and Ella C. Millett, April 2.

[p. 355]
Fred A. Parker and Lois V. Gilbert of Lewiston, May 3.
Alvah D. Ames and M. Etta Spofford of Greene, June 6.
Joseph Torrey of Lewiston and Flora E. Maguire, July 6.
Oliver A. Johnson of Wayne and Minnie A. Foss, July 7.
Charles M. Pettingill of Monmouth and Etta E. Beals, August 23.
Lewis M. Larrabee and Angelia Bryant, Oct. 15.
Franklin E. Carver of Canton and Etta L. Sprague, Nov. 24.
George J. Potter of Monmouth and Jennie L. Rose, Dec. 8.
Daniel P. Hall of Monmouth and Lucilla D. Day, Dec. 9.
George S. Buck of Hopkinton, Mass., and Mary J. Libby, Dec. 17.

John H. Bates and Serena E. Sumner, Jan. 16.
Lot Howard and Ella T. Millett, May 3.
Martin V. Burgess and Albina V. Burnham, May 18.
Frank Parker of Lewiston and Laura Etta Nichols, April 29.
Frank H. Gooch of Yarmouth and Letitia E. Curtis, May 15.
T. C. Libby and Mrs. Esther L. Lothrop, June 5.
Uriah F. Libby and Lucy Ann Sumner, July 24.
John R. Millett and Mrs. Orinza Potter, Nov. 17.
Walter Hutchinson of Turner and Ada M. Gilbert, Dec. 16.

Willard F. Maguire and Mary L. Knapp, Jan. 31.
Joseph L. Taylor and Mrs. Lucretia D. Burnham, Feb. 24.
George D. Whittier of Chesterville and Minnie J. Morris, Feb. 28.
Frank E. Pettingill and Edith M. Coffin, April 28.
Charles H. Berry and Julia A. Griswold, June 7.
Manly M. Coffin and Emily A. Pettingill, June 17.
A. F. Tinkham of Augusta and Jennie M. Brewster, Aug. 11.
Leander M. Howard and Clara E. Boothby, Sept. 30.
George E. Merrill and Mary E. Burnham, Oct. 29.
Gustavus W. Burnham and Vesta E. Wing, Nov. 17.

William H. Thomas of Greene and Luetta M. Additon, Feb. 13.
Fred W. Walton and Emma F. Remick of Wayne, May 13.

Lewis M. Larrabee and Lillian W. Keith, Jan. 25.
Benjamin Lord of Peru and Mrs. Mary J. Trask, Feb. 15.
Charles S. Parker and Isabelle E. Rose, Feb. 22.

[p. 356]
J. Henry Moore of Winthrop and Oleva E. Sumner, March 24.
Junius C. Wing and Mary E. Hamond, April 18.
William C. Taylor and Judith Burnham, April 23.
John E. Gordon and Nellie A. Briggs, April 30.
Dole B. Wiley of Greene and Elvira E. Deane, Sept. 5.
Gustavus W. Lane and Susan E. Lothrop, Sept. 8.
Henry F. Woodman and Martha Deane, Sept. 15.
Richard Clemonds and Mercy I. Canwell, Dec. 15.
Herbert W. Bates and Clara E. Beals of Greene, Dec. 20.
Orin E. Curtis and Ermina A. Pettingill, Dec. 22.

Joel E. Taylor and Caroline R. Burnham, Jan. 15.
Frank Wadsworth of Monmouth and Iva S. Caswell, March 1.
John H. Parker of Greene and Mary J. House, March 22.
George C. Coolidge and Mrs. Viora A. Foss, March 29.
Thomas C. Foss and Abby J. Cox of Farmingdale, March 31.
Leander Patten of Greene and Nancy E. Caswell, April 19.
Hiram F. Kincade of East Livermore and Mary F. Wing, May 17.
Jeremiah Donnally and Annie Foss of Farmington, July 26.
Daniel Maguire and Allura Carver, August 23.
Charles L. Bates and Clara A. Bates, Sept. 12.
Abial F. Deane and Julia A. Woodman, Nov. 17.
George L. Beals of Greene and Alena M. Wing, Nov. 22.
Bert Merrill and Clara R. Cary of Turner, Nov. 26.
Ralph L. Knapp and Nettie M. Lindsay, Dec. 19.
Fred C. Foss and Eugenia E. Jennings, May 12.
Asa G. Gordon and Melintha G. Pettingill, Dec. 29.

Thomas S. Carver and Elnora Y. Parsons, April 16.
Wills Libby of Auburn and Cora E. House, July 4.
Albertus Nichols and Annie F. Taylor of Freeman, Sept. 19.
Joseph E. Maxim of Wayne and Susan J. Burnham, Oct. 3.
Augustus S. Tuck of Fayette and Mrs. Vesta W. Jones, Dec. 24.

Fred C. Jackson of Auburn and Flora A. Leavitt, Jan. 16.
Elwin E. Additon and Mary A. Thomas of Greene, Feb. 4.
Hartland F. Gray of Monmouth and Lovina E. Morris, March 5.
Fred A. Perry and Ellen E. Smith, March 5.
Benjamin M. Norton and Laura E. Parker, March 13.

[p. 357]
Leonard F. Additon of Roxbury, Mass., and Rosa E. Grant, April 25.
Austin H. Wing and Betsey A. Burnham, May 10.
Eugene Kincade of Livermore and Betsy M. Wing, June 11.
E. H. Wagner of Monmouth and Edith Currier, Nov. 2.
Andrew L. Johnson of Livermore and Lillian Trask, Dec. 31.

Lucian F. Berry and Mrs. M. Anna Coburn, April 10.
Jason Carver and Mrs. Augusta W. Curtis, April 16.
J. F. Burnham and Lena B. Hallowell, Nov. 5.
James F. Burnham and Lucy A. Wing, July 8.
John H. Burnham and Lizzie A. Merrill, August 11.
Truman M. Shaw of Greene and Annie S. Additon, Sept. 9.
Joseph F. Moody and Louise S. Bragdon of Monmouth, Sept. 13.
William H. Morris and Ella C. Millett, Sept. 17.
C. A. Whitehouse and Mary L. Woodman, Sept. 28.
A. C. B. Keene and Vesta A. Gilmore of Turner, Oct. 1.
Charles M. Fish and Hannah E. Ridley of Wayne, Oct. 20.
Josiah F. Burnham and Betsey Hollowell, Nov. 5.
Fred N. Howard and Alura F. Abbott of Deering, Nov. 7.
Daniel E. Haynes and Lenora M. Hallowell, Jan. 22.

Albion H. Hodsdon of Turner and Hattie M. Brewster, Nov. 14.
William J. Wing of Peru and Ida M. Burnham, Feb. 18.
Anson G. Knapp and Alice M. Dascomb, August 24.
Fred L. Additon and Lenora J. Howe, August 31.
Clarence F. Greeley and Ella A. Lovell, Sept. 9.
Daniel Maguire and Grace Anthony, Sept. 9.
John M. Turner, M. D., of Gardiner and Olive M. Lothrop, ["Sept. 26" written below next entry].
Chester C. Farmer and Cassie B. Lane, Oct. 22.
Stillman N. Dixon of Clinton and Alice M. Carver, Nov. 11.
Victor A. Rose and Etta M. Gill, Dec. 21.

Forest Morris and Emma Brown, March 4.
N. P. Gould and Mae G. Pease of Fayette, March 25.
Joshua H. Sumner and Mrs. Asenath C. Martin of Monmouth, Dec. 31.
Harry N. Gould and Mary E. Roach, June 22.
Alexander Ramsay and Etta G. Burnham, July 2.
Seth F. Carver and Effie M. Rose, July 13.

[p. 358]
Edward L. Grant and Myra M. Carver, August 18.
Francis A. Wing and Augusta R. Burnham, Oct. 14.
John R. Newcomb and Lizzie B. Burnham, August 31.
Freeland Q. Wing and Nellie F. McCulla, Sept. 6.
Fred A. Wade and Grace L. Libby of Exeter, Nov. 15.

Stephen L. Mayo of St. Albans and Betsey B. Rose, Jan. 6.
Frank H. Hussey and Sarah A. Purington of Jay, Feb. 16.
Elmer E. Burgess and Lulie L. Libby, April 13.
George L. Delano of Monmouth and Bertha H. Watson, April 26.
Alton L. Thomas and Annie E. Lincoln, May 9.
John A. Gordon and Adelia C. Hartt, May 22.
W. S. Gilmore of Turner and Sadie M. Keene, May 23.
Fred W. Adams of Auburn and Nellie M. Sprague, Nov. 5.
Herbert S. Wadsworth of Wales and Ella M. Ridley, June 14.
Irving R. Canwell and Ella F. Hinkley, July 3.
Lenord L. Rose and Mrs. Emma Jordon, Dec. 29.

Albion Brewster and Lilla N. Beal of Monmouth, Jan. 28.
Jeremiah H. Sullivan and Hannah A. Bates, March 9.
Frank E. Pettingill and Georgia A. Beal of Monmouth, March 7.
Oscar W. Merrill and Lula L. Edgecomb, April 1.
Peter L. Turner and Adelaide C. Abbott of Medway, Mass., July 24.
Ralph L. Knapp and Eva J. Carville of Lewiston, Oct. 9.
Almond N. Gordon of Mt. Vernon and Eva J. Maxim, Oct. 29.
Junius C. Wing and Dora L. Howard, Nov. 24.

Chas. A. Austin and Carrie May Clinton Keene, March 5.
Wm. H. Wing and Emma M. Place, Lewiston, April 17.
Eli Edgecomb and Eva May Fickett, Auburn, April 30.
Geo. H. Knowles and Mrs. Albina V. Burgess, May 7.
Perry Grant and Mrs. Genie Morgan, Auburn, May 13.
Alfred A. Mower, Greene, and Jennie M. Bates, August 6.
Arthur C. Leadbetter, Wayne, and Grace H. Turner, Sept. 20.
Fred E. Burnham and Eva Maxim, Oct. 9.
Loretus L. Churchell and Mira H. Gulliver, Readfield, Oct. 30.
George Calley, Poland, and Kate Hayes, Nov. 7.

[p. 359]
Thomas H. Boothby and Estella Stinchfield, Nov. 23.
Warren L. Smith and Georgie A. Walton, Nov. 26.
Benjamin F. Burgess and Mary L. Mitchell, Lisbon, Dec. 31.

Benjamin R. Ramsdell and Susie G. Wood, Westford, Mass., May 1.
Isaiah Henry Mann and Esther Augusta Rose, Greene, May 21.
Albert Bryant and Flora E. Lovewell, Livermore, June 24.
James C. Gordon and Sarah E. Swift, East Livermore, July 4.
Perley Wing and Georgianna P. Wing, July 20.
Ernest W. Russell, Lewiston, and Caroline H. Sumner, August 29.
George E. Wills, Auburn, and Sophia B. Sumner, August 29.
Sanford Adams, Monmouth, and E. Gertrude Pettengill, Sept. 14.
Wm. H. Howard, Manchester, and Georgia E. Farrington, Sept. 30.
Philip Long, Chelsea, and Mrs. Francina J. Latio, Dec. 23.
Edson Waite, Livermore, and Bertha A. Grant, Dec. 24.
Bertus E. Wight and Luta M. Dyer, Dec. 30.

Joseph L. Grant and Lizzie Mabel More, Lewiston, Feb. 23.
Ernest A. Russell and Kittie Lane, March 18.
Ray L. Harvey and Eva B. Lothrop, Auburn, April 5.
James I. Simpson and Lucretia D. Taylor, April 5.
William H. Roach and Sadie Jane Hadley, July 7.
Andrew S. Clark and Nettie May Peare, July 12.
Fred S. Grant and Effie A. Cooper, Roxbury, July 21.
Frank H. Herrick and Lucy M. Sylvester, Turner, August 15.
Chas. H. Lane and Mrs. Nellie M. Wright, Greene, Oct. 20.
William A. Jennings and Hannah A. Adams, Greene, Nov. 26.
Denis Carter, East Livermore, and May A. Knapp, Dec. 27.

John L. Raymond, Wayne, and Mrs. Ada J. Trask, Jan. 21.
Benjamin K. Alden, Greene, and Mrs. Etta B. Dudley, Jan. 10.
Charles B. Brewster and Lizzie L. Boothby, March 1.
Carroll G. Parker, Greene, and Blanche M. Pinkham, Aug. 17.
James S. Magner and Mrs. Ella F. Pearce, Nov. 24.
John F. Gilmore and Vesta E. Hammond, Greene, Dec. 18.

[p. 360]
Israel H. Herrick and Alice Hanson, Biddeford, Jan. 15.
Charles H. Lord and Lillie Gooldrup, Feb. 25.
Rodger E. Dalton and Mrs. Addie F. Lymes, Livermore, March 21.
Ernest E. Jordan, Turner, and Emma A. Carver, March 25.
Thomas H. Nevens, Portland, and Sadie E. Lane, May 22.
Fred A. Sedgley and Susan J. Wyman, June 6.
Roland M. Maxim and Sarah E. Burnham, July 12.
John C. Houghton and Harriet A. White, Aug. 26.
John T. Collins and Lina Hobbs, Oct. 27.
Melville G. Libby and Glennie Bishop, Dec. 28.
Ora Allen Knox and Blanch M. Wing, Nov. 26.
Howard Elliott Lincoln and Gertrude E. Howie, Whitneyville, Dec. 1.
Carrol Albion Bryant and Rosilla P. House, Dec. 23.
Stephen A. Taylor and Mrs. Lizzie A. Taylor, Dec. 12.

Herbert W. Ryder and Lucy M. Adams, Greene, Feb. 27.
Thurston S. Heald and Helen May Curtis, Monmouth, May 16.
John H. Neal and E. Alice Sanborn, June 26.
Tafuest Knowles and Ella M. Williams, Sept. 1.
Frank G. Davis, Readfield, and Annie H. Foss, Sept. 23.
Lafayette A. Cochran, Oakland, and Lucinda D. Burnham, Oct. 28.
Percy L. Fogg, Greene, and Bessie B. Bates, Nov. 20.
Lucius L. Gould, East Livermore, and Mrs. Emily B. Churchill, Dec. 9.
Paul Smith Palmer, Stockbridge, and Lena Howard Foss, May 24.
Arthur W. Hobbs and Mabel H. Alden, Dec. 22.

George W. Maguire and Celia M. Maguire, Augusta, Jan. 10.
Richard Wing and Bertha Maxim, Jan. 22.
Herbert A. Wing and Mrs. Albina V. Knowles, May 31.
Allen H. Sprague and Grace M. Sleeper[,] Litchfield, June 5.
Fred A. Howard and Mrs. Evelyn Merritt, Lewiston, June 14.
Augustus E. Campbell and Alice B. Hamilton, July 2.
Frank Hosea Hall and Eveline Francelia Kelly, Stoneham, Mass., July 1.
George H. Anthony and Gertrude M. Graham, Oct. 2.
Frank L. Carver and Abbie House, Oct. 23.
George F. Cooper and Mrs. Florence A. Nason, Lewiston, Dec. 14.

[p. 361]
Ned R. Bishop and Myrtle M. Grant, Jan. 30.
Alfred S. Wing and Carrie M. Higgins, Feb. 5.
Fred D. Brackett and Mrs. Mertie J. Clemens, Feb. 25.
George H. Wing and Celia May Wing, March 20.
Elwood Richards and Hattie M. Wing, March 25.
Walter B. House and Annie E. Nichols, March 30.
C. H. Brown and Emogene Cushman, May 14.
W. R. Carville, Lewiston, and Fannie Maguire, July 8.
Milton W. Burnham and Vilina J. Anderson, Aug. 15.
Marshal S. Sawtelle and Patea M. Emery, Industry, June 26.
Charles M. Kenny and Lucy C. Hutchins, Oct. 6.
Arthur W. Fish and Grace M. Maguire, Oct. 26.
Nathan D. Merrill, Turner, and Mildred B. Francis, Oct. 27.
Joseph Henley and Kate A. Roach, Nov. 19.
Charles Carpenter (Poland) and Hattie M. Beckler, Dec. 18.
Alton G. Millett and Winifred Pettengill, Dec. 28.

C. Warren Barker and May Emma McClusky, March 26.
Victor Bernier and Cora E. Murry, June 10.
S. A. Richardson, Greene, and Edith Howe, June 28.
John G. Daggett, Wayne, and Mrs. Ella Knapp, July 14.
Tracy L. Barker, Lewiston, and Annie B. Davis, Aug. 4.
Clinton L. Bodge and Mrs. Lizzie R. Homes, Westbrook, Aug. 9.
Leon Mortimer Norton and Alice Clyde Nichols, Sept. 20.
Lemuel Gile (Wales) and Annie Dascomb, Oct. 13.
Albert P. Rose and Florence M. Libby, Oct. 30.
James B. Neal and Mary C. Edgecomb, Nov. 20.

Allie J. Howard and Delia Daggett, Jan. 14.

It will be observed that changes have been made in the spelling of names since their first appearance on the records of the town: Morse for Moss, Knapp for Knap, Thompson for Tomson, Sampson for Samson, etc., etc.