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Belfast Marriages, 1875-1880

Source: Joseph Williamson, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine. (Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913), Vol. 2.

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A List of Marriages from 1875 to 1900—Marriages of Former Residents Elsewhere
The following list comprises all the marriages solemnized in Belfast from 1875 to 1900, both inclusive, and those of residents or former residents which took place elsewhere, so far as ascertained from the city records and newspapers. Where no city or town is named, Belfast is to be understood as the place of marriage and of residence. The State is indicated only in the case of places outside of Maine. The original form of entry has, for the most part been retained. The Index of the Marriages will be found beginning on page 631.

Jan. 1. In Boston, Frank A. Caswell, of Boston, and Miss Ida Grace Hayter, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 2. At Tenant's Harbor, William O. Marshall and Miss Antoinette N. Wales, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 4. Edwin Cleale, of Sherborn, Mass., and Miss Clara E. Stinson.
[Jan.] 9. John H. Adams and Mary M. Small.
[Jan.] 12. Isaac M. Burgess and Miss Flora A. Marshall, both of Islesboro.
[Jan.] 12. William H. McCarty and Ella F. Downes.
[Jan.] 13. Charles F. Robinson, of Somerville, Mass., and Fannie J. Dunnells.
[Jan.] 23. Dr. Arthur Childs Ellingwood and Miss Faustina R. Clements, of Waldo.
[Jan.] 27. George A. Linnekin and Ada S. McKee.
[Jan.] 28. Charles A. Merrill, of San Francisco, and Miss Clara A. Shibles.
[Jan.] 31. Alfred Ginn Ellis and Miss Annie M. Wilson.
[Jan.] __. In Revere, William B. Eaton and Mrs. Ada Mitchell, of Belfast.

Feb. 3. George O. Beckwith and Miss Lucy A. Cross.
[Feb.] 24. Leander S. Frost and Miss Georgie E. Ryan.
[Feb.] __. Silas L. Woodbury and Miss Julia A. Walker.

Mar. 7. William E. Bowler and Sarah J. Shaw.
[Mar.] 7. George Pattershall and Miss Effie Patterson.
[Mar.] 7. Edgar Luther Smith and Miss Augusta Elizabeth Worthing

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Mar. 12. Lorenzo Patterson and Mrs. Annie S. Foss.
[Mar.] 21. William C. Adams and Mrs. Mary K. Dow.
[Mar.] 22. Peter H. Monroe, of Troy, and Mrs. Celia V. Richards, of Waldo

Apr. 7. William Henry Hall and Miss Mary Elizabeth Tuft, of Sullivan.
[Apr.] 10. Arthur Kane and Miss Rosa Higgins.
[Apr.] 11. Isaac A. Flagg, of Belmont, and Miss Sarah E. Grady.
[Apr.] 19. John W. Lang, of Brooks, and Miss Myra C. Whittaker.
[Apr.] 22. Isaac Clark and Mrs. Prudentia A. Clifford.
[Apr.] 25. John Sullivan, of Searsport, and Miss Julia Donovan.
[Apr.] 27. I. E. Jackson and Miss Mary E. Keen.
[Apr.] 28. Freeman T. Crockett and Miss Emma T. Tilson, both of Northport.
[Apr.] 29. Frederick Wording Brown and Miss Jennie S. Thompson, of Montville.
[Apr.] 29. In New York, Oscar W. Pitcher and Miss Hattie M. Carman, of New York.

May 5. In Ellsworth, Francis M. Staples, of Belfast, and Miss Prudence E. Wooster, of Hancock.
[May] 15. George H. Duncan and Miss Carrie E. Gardner.
[May] 18. In Prospect, Francis J. Hunter and Miss Ella C. Hassell, both of Belfast.
[May] 24. Melvin J. Staples, of Boston, and Miss Lida M. Crawford, of Belfast.
[May] 28. Z. L. Ellis, of Stockton, and Miss Martha D. Wing, of Morrill.
[May] 29. Albert L. Hall and Miss Lucy R. Small.

June 17. William A. McLean and Miss Julia A. Rowe.
[June] 20. In Kansas City, Mo., Walter E. Parker and Miss Annette S. Householder.
[June] 23. J. P. Williams, of Fergus Falls, Minn., and Miss Emma F. Stephenson.

July 3. John F. Robinson and Ida M. Bates.
[July] 24. In Northport, James J. Mellen and Mary E. Bird.
[July] 25. Annis T. Richards and Miss Della Brown.
[July] __. Charles L. Walker and Miss Rose A. Curtis, both of Swanville.
[July] 25. William H. Staples and Julia E. Baker.
[July] 29. Vincent W. Ames and Miss Emma S. Larrabee.

Aug. 3. In Swanville, Eliakim Ellis and Mrs. Eliza Chase, of Searsport.
[Aug.] 7. In Montville, Fred H. Gilmore, and Miss Sarah E. Murray.
[Aug.] 9. Samuel J. Clifford, of Stockton, and Miss Georgia A. Knowlton.
[Aug.] 11. In Lowell, Mass., Hiram Paige and Miss Addie E. Eastman, of Belfast.

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Aug. 14. John E. Scruton and Tamson D. Heal, both of Lincolnville.
[Aug.] 21. D. E. Nason and Miss Fannie Chase.
[Aug.] 21. In Searsport, Charles H. Brier and Miss Ella L. Linscott.
[Aug.] 23. Pliny M. Jones, of Bloomington, Ill., and Fanny S. Levenseller.
[Aug.] 24. George Washington Richards and Miss Williette Wentworth, of Waldo.
[Aug.] 28. In Northport, Frank G. Swett and Miss Hortense E. Pendleton, of Northport.
[Aug.] 29. Lewis E. Pitcher, of Lincolnville, and Miss Edna E. Patterson.

Sept. 6. George Wesley Stoddard and Miss Sarah Benson Harriman.
[Sept.] 21. Edward W. Bradford, of Plymouth, Mass., and Miss Janet A. Ellis.
[Sept.] 22. A. W. Crockett, of Rockland, and Miss Eliza Mahoney.
[Sept.] 29. In Augusta, Lucius Lee Hubbard, of Cambridge, Mass., and Miss Frances Johnson Lombard, of Augusta. Miss Lombard is a granddaughter of the late Judge Alfred Johnson.

Oct. 2. W. O. Cunningham and Miss Abbie J. Clary.
[Oct.] 2. Willson P. Hamilton and Miss Rose A. Freeman, both of Dexter.
[Oct.] 3. Wilber Osborne Colby and Miss Augusta Jane Patterson.
[Oct.] 9. Frank H. Orcutt, of Northport, and Mary S. Moody, of Thomaston.
[Oct.] 23. Fred A. White and Miss Jane Boynton, of Rockland.
[Oct.] 30. Peter Laughran and Mrs. Jane Brown.
[Oct.] 30. Fred S. Crosby and Miss Grace U. Hollis.
[Oct.] __. In Bangor, Elisha Linscott, of Belfast, and Mrs. Mary J. Nickerson, of Bangor.

Nov. 6. Henry S. Black and Addie A. Newell.
[Nov.] 10. Ira A. Cammett, of Belmont, and Miss Cora E. Eastman.
[Nov.] 14. In Sacramento, Cal., John L. Bryant, of Sacramento, and Ellen S. Wells, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 14. Ephraim H. Small and Miss Laura E. Ryan, both of Waldo.
[Nov.] 17. Arthur W. Robinson and Miss Nellie W. Carter, of Northport.
[Nov.] 18. Samuel N. Rackliff, and Miss Mattie A. McIntosh.
[Nov.] 25. Mark B. Elwell, of Northport, and Miss Georgie I. Gilchrist.
[Nov.] 25. Frank Delany and Clara E. Norton, both of Bangor.
[Nov.] 29. William Robbins and Miss Ann Maria Brown.

Dec. 4. Hudson C. Brown and Miss Clara A. Yeaton, both of Northport.
[Dec.] 15. Henry Foss, of Brooks, and Miss Azemiah F., (sic) of Knox.
[Dec.] 15. In Cambridge, Mass., Benjamin Prescott Hazeltine of Columbis, Nev., and Miss Camilla A. White.
[Dec.] 19. Daniel J. Roberts and Mrs. Laura Jane Collins.
[Dec.] 21. In Boston, Lieut. Joseph Marthon, U. S. N., and Miss Lizzie T. Doak, of Belfast.

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Dec. 23. Llewellyn Wood and Miss Mary E. Patterson.
[Dec.] 25. Henry E. Cobbett and Mrs. Eugenia L. Tufts, of Knox.
[Dec.] 25. Nathan E. Brown, and Miss Maria M. Colson.

Jan. 1. In Bucksport, William Franklin Triggs and Miss Augusta J. Emerton, of Bucksport.
[Jan.] 1. Frank H. Stephenson and Angelia F. Mace.
[Jan.] 27. In Orland, William L. Hayford and Miss Ida E. Newman, of Orland.

Feb. 7. Waldo B. Washburn and Miss Cynthia Ellen Dinsmore.
[Feb.] 24. Oliver P. Chase and Miss Dorcas A. Hatch.

Mar. 6. Nathaniel S. Davis, of Abbot, and Miss Emma F. Burr.
[Mar.] 19. Noah Brunswick Harford and Miss Susan Ellen Hall.
[Mar.] 30. In Portland, Horace M. Thurlow and Miss Etta M. Mathews, of Portland.

Apr. 1. Lincoln Blanchard, of Stockton, and Sarah J. Young.
[Apr.] 13. Isaiah W. Cross, of Morrill and Mrs. Sarah S. Foss.
[Apr.] 22. Aaron Lear and Hannah J. Burgin.
[Apr.] 26. In Springfield, Mass., Rev. George Warren Field and Mrs. Lucy L. Humphrey, both of Bangor.
[Apr.] 29. Jones E. Davis and Miss Mary E. Lewis.
[Apr.] 29. Frank E. Davis and Miss Hattie M. Spiller.

May 1. John M. Simmons and Miss Lois G. Littlefield of Waldo.
[May] 7. Warren Johnson of Waldo, and Miss Lovene L. Gay.
[May] 13. Enoch B. Heath and Miss Martha J. Brown.
[May] 14. Altanus E. Stevens and Miss Celia Stimpson.
[May] 17. William W. Rogers, of Hampden, and Mrs. Eunice S. Berry, of Stockton.
[May] 27. Daniel Higgins and Miss Violet A. Martin, both of Morrill.

June 10. Andrew Green and Mary Perry.
[June] 13. In Bangor, M. E. Wording and Miss Hattie S. Haney, of Bangor.
[June] 14. John Haugh and Miss Mary A. McLaud.
[June] 15. Albion King Pierce and Miss Mary A. Brown.
[June] 22. Edwin A. Brooks and Miss Abbie F. Prescott, both of Appleton.
[June] 27. Horace A. Toward, of Skowhegan, and Mary C. S. Gray.

July 3. Leonal H. Tibbetts and Miss Mary H. Dyer.
[July] 21. Willis E. Wight and Miss Martha A. Wood.
[July] 30. George W. Knights and Miss Isabel S. Pierce, both of Belmont.

Aug. 9. William Marshall and Mrs. Sarah E. Abbott, both of Montville.
[Aug.] 13. Robert Sprague and Miss Abbie L. Packhurst, both of Unity.

Sept. 9. Ambrose A. Hall and Mrs. Lavinia S. Card, both of Searsmont.
[Sept.] 14. Fred E. Beane, of Readfield, and Miss Orella G. McGilvery.

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Sept. 16. Charles L. Austin and Miss Lizzie M. Clifford, both of Brooks.
[Sept.] 23. William M. Brown and Vesta E. Frost, of Montville.
[Sept.] 26. Charles T. Elwell and Miss Venie M. Drinkwater, both of Northport.
[Sept.] 27. In Verona, Allen L. Mathews, of Verona, and Miss Emma P. Perkins.

Oct. 7. Charles O. Hunter, of Boston, and Miss Olive Hammond.
[Oct.] 15. In New York, William Hyams and Miss Emily Harris.
[Oct.] 25. Edward J. Morrison and Miss Clara A. Mathews.
[Oct.] 26. Herbert W. Woods, of Thorndike, and Annie Leonard, of Knox.
[Oct.] __. In Swanville, Edmund W. Thompson, of Searsport, and Miss Ella J. Ames.

Nov. 8. George D. Loring and Annette W. Moore, both of Portland.
[Nov.] 13. Lendall Tyler Shales and Emily Pierce Woods.
[Nov.] 25. George E. Mayhew and Miss Lydia Johnson, of Waldo.
[Nov.] 28. Charles H. Danforth and Mrs. Mary A. Kirby.
[Nov.] 30. William L. Tripp and Isabel R. Page.

Dec. 2. Aubrey G. Spencer and Mrs. Sarah A. Eaton.
[Dec.] 5. In Rockland, William J. Colburn, of Toledo, O., and Miss Carrie P. Anderson.
[Dec.] 10. George R. Sweetser and Miss Helen M. Nason.
[Dec.] 10. John R. Ryder and Miss Eliza E. Dunbar.
[Dec.] 10. Edward T. Ryan and Miss Abbie E. Dunbar.
[Dec.] 16. John F. Cross and Miss Ida May Hatch, both of Morrill.
[Dec.] 26. Franklin A. Towle and Miss Bella Pitcher.
[Dec.] 26. Harrison B. Chase, of Fairfield, and Miss Annie D. Harvey, of Swanville.

Jan. 1. Francis Whitmore and Miss Mary A. Clark, of Bangor.
[Jan.] 1. Thomas R. Ellis and Mrs. Catherine Carney.
[Jan.] 9. Ambrose B. Hanson, of Palmero, and Miss Hattie A. Dickey.
[Jan.] 31. George H. Hatch and Miss Orilla B. Cross, both of Northport.

Feb. 3. Oliver Otis and Mary S. Frohock, both of Rockland.
[Feb.] 20. Edward H. Durell, of Lowell, Mass., and Miss Abba Waterman.
[Feb.] 24. Frank A. Patterson and Miss Ida M. Garland.

Mar. 12. James H. Cunningham and Mrs. H. M. Moore.
[Mar.] 15. John M. Clifford and Miss Mary A. Toothaker.
[Mar.] 16. Collins McCarty, Jr., and Mrs. Sarah D. Walton.
[Mar.] 20. Fillmore M. Gilmore and Mrs. Sarah D. Walton.
[Mar.] 21. Capt. Enoch Perkins and Mrs. Mary R. Rendall, both of Searsport.

Apr. 4. Francis Darby and Miss Nellie A. Lane, both of Northport.

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Apr. 5. Albion H. Bradbury and Mrs. Martha E. Henderson.
[Apr.] 10. Charles F. Beckwith and Miss Lottie E. Keith, of Waldo.

May 12. In Morrill, Ambrose J. Dodge and Miss Verena Mixer, of Troy.
[May] 13. Edwin W. Davis and Miss Georgia E. Nash.
[May] 16. Charles Haraden Field and Miss Bertha F. Chase.
[May] 19. Llewellyn Gay and Mrs. Mary R. Hinckley.

June 3. James D. Tucker and Miss Nettie J. Knowlton.
[June] 9. Leonard L. Gentner and Miss Williette Clements, both of Waldo.
[June] 10. In Plymouth, W. Adelbert Lincoln and Miss R. Ella Strattard of Monroe.
[June] 12. Jeremiah J. Hennessy and Miss Lucy E. Walton.
[June] 12. Charles H. McCarty and Miss Esther Curtis.
[June] 14. James B. Crocker, of Boston, and Miss Mary A. Doak.
[June] 21. In Northport, George Washington Frisbee and Miss Drusilla Louisa Packard, of Northport.
[June] 30. In Boston, George E. Braley, of W. Falmouth, Mass., and Miss Jennie S. Cottrell.

July 4. John F. Rogers and Miss Nettie L. Wellman.
[July] 5. In Englewood, Ill., Jeremiah Musselman, of Naperville, and Miss Nellie F. Wording, of Englewood, formerly of Belfast.
[July] 12. Melville C. Percival and Miss Alberta F. Coombs.

Aug. 10. Herbery L. Gray and Miss Luette Pitcher.
[Aug.] 11. Albert Leslie Mudgett and Miss Alice R. Smalley, of St. George.
[Aug.] 12. J. Leslie Adams and Miss Josia A. Wellman.
[Aug.] 13. In Sharon, Wis., George W. Hersey, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Anna E. Geraw, of Sharon.
[Aug.] 22. Melvin G. Ayer and Miss Mary A. Crocker, both of Vinalhaven.
[Aug.] 29. John F. Vickery and Miss Annie L. Storer, both of Morrill.
[Aug.] __. In Monroe, Benaiah Guptill Marden and Mrs. Mary J. Smith, of Monroe.

Sept. 12. Frank E. Hanson, of North Berwick, and Miss Mary E. Frederick.
[Sept.] 13. In Lincolnville, Charles R. Andrews and Miss Anna M. Sprague, of Belmont.
[Sept.] 17. John Atwell Mace, Jr., and Miss Ina Collins.
[Sept.] 21. In Boston, Abner G. Gilmore and Mrs. Ann E. Gilmore.
[Sept.] 22. Henry Bright Cunningham and Miss Vannie Harriman Crocker.
[Sept.] 24. In Fitchburg, Mass., Hervey E. Wood, of Fitchburg, and Lennie E. Merrill.

Oct. 8. John Sumner Fernald and Miss Almania M. Patterson.
[Oct.] 11. James W. Patterson and Miss Cora B. Walker.

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Oct. 20. Nathaniel G. Clifford and Mrs. Sarah E. Rich, both of Stockton.
[Oct.] 20. George A. Flowers and Mrs. Lydia J. Rich, of Searsport.
[Oct.] 21. Alexander N. Graisbury and Miss Eveline Pattershall.
[Oct.] 22. Cyrus R. Davis and Miss Mary E. Sleeper.
[Oct.] 24. William Leslie Littlefield and Miss Carrie I. Hilton.
[Oct.] 25. True P. Pierce, of Rockland, and Miss Addie S. Clark.

Nov. 3. Fred Eames and Miss Abbie H. Keen, both of Stockton.
[Nov.] 6. In New York, J. B. Smith, of New York, and Miss Bertha Harris.
[Nov.] 7. Ami Cutter Sibley and Miss Margaret T. Ritchie.
[Nov.] 10. Cyrus E. Tibbetts and Miss Clara D. Grant.
[Nov.] 10. Hollis F. Curtis and Miss Mary E. Adams, both of Searsport.
[Nov.] 18. Alpheus Rowell, of Knox, and Miss Sarah T. Morse.
[Nov.] 20. Hartwell Leon Woodcock and Miss Alice White Faunce.
[Nov.] 20. Henry J. Loso and Miss Faustina L. Hicks.
[Nov.] 29. In Quincy, Ia., J. P. Munger, of Malvern, La., and Miss Julia Newcomb, daughter of Mrs. I. E. Hill.
[Nov.] 29. In Belmont, Herbert E. Frohock and Miss Frances S. Ames, of Belmont.

Dec. 1. In Mobile, Ala., George W. Chase and Miss Florence E. Herriman, of Cambridgeport, Mass.
[Dec.] __. In Providence, R. I., James W. Hodgdon, of Boston, and Miss Isa L. McDonald.
[Dec.] 8. In Newport, R. I., G. E. Stevens, of Newport, and Miss Orah Adelle, daughter of John E. Blake, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 24. Franklin A. Jackson and Mrs. Hattie E. Merrill.
[Dec.] 24. Bancroft Huzzy Conant and Miss Mary Augusta Johnson.
[Dec.] 25. Otis W. McKenney and Mrs. Josie H. Dow.

Jan. 1. In Norfolk, Va., David M. Drinkwater and Miss Laura J. Scoville, of Norfolk, Va.
[Jan.] 3. Henry G. Robbins, of Boston, and Miss Nellie A. Forbes.
[Jan.] 5. George A. Collins, of Morrill, and Miss Flora A. Ellis.
[Jan.] 10. Frank W. Collins and Miss Carrie J. Bassett, of Bucksport.
[Jan.] 14. Hosea B. Rackliff, of Corinna, and Miss Helen O. Littlefield.
[Jan.] 17. In Boston, Charles L. Wood, of New York, and Ada E. Hall.
[Jan.] 21. Wallace B. White and Mrs. Hattie E. White.

Feb. 3. George Dickey Mahoney and Miss Ida A. Wilson.
[Feb.] 24. Alvah H. Redman and Miss Alice N. Hinkley, of Lowell, Mass.

Mar. 1. Libbeus B. Chapin, of Isle au Haut, and Miss Etta M. Mathews, of Searsport.
[Mar.] 2. Daniel W. Hanson, of Jackson, and Miss Emma M. Johnson, of Waldo.
[Mar.] 25. John L. Panno and Miss Ellen M. Crockett, both of Stockton.
[Mar.] 28. J. W. Collins and Miss Rose E. Jackson.

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Apr. 24. Charles H. Fleming and Miss Fannie E. Briggs.
[Apr.] 27. Eli W. Adams, of Monroe, and Miss Lovina B. West, of Searsport.

May 13, In Searsport, William S. Keen and Miss Celia Harris.
[May] 28. Edson L. Morse and Miss Frances A. Marsh, of Deer Isle.

June 5. In Searsmont, Robert Franklin Dunton and Miss Elizabeth Mabel Farrar, of Searsmont.
[June] 6. James H. Robinson and Miss Maria A. Wescott.
[June] 8. In Kenduskeag, George A. Polster, of Deering, and Miss Arbella F. Pillsbury, of Bangor.
[June] 10. George W. Crockett, of Prospect, and Mrs. Sarah E. Robbins.
[June] 13. Emery Boardman and Miss Caro A. Kaler.
[June] 17. Stephen A. Estes, of Lisbon, and Miss Emma Stevens.
[June] 22. Edgar M. Heath and Miss Georgie A. Greer.
[June] 29. In Bangor, William Reeves and Miss Sarah L. Hammons
[June] 29. John F. Smalley and Miss Nettie G. Stevens.

July 3. James Waldo Shorey, of Waldo, and Letitia Ellen Hatch, of Swanville.
[July] 3. Henry W. Ames and Miss Viola M. Wellman.
[July] 5. Ivory Herbert Harmon and Miss Eliza Thurlow.
[July] 6. Edwin L. Stickney and Miss Nellie A. Conant.
[July] 20. In Bremen, Joseph W. Monroe and Miss Lucy E. Robinson.

Aug. 10. Henry T. Smith and Mary E. Howard.
[Aug.] 17. Charles P. Fernald and Mrs. Evie M. Richards, of Northport.
[Aug.] 17. Charles F. Russ and Miss Cynthia E. Johnson of Waldo.
[Aug.] 30. Ambrose F. Hatch and Miss Helen A. Coombs, both of Islesboro.

Sept. 9. M. Clarence Niles, of Cicero, Ill., and Miss Sarah E. Hinds.
[Sept.] 15. Clarence H. Smith and Miss Mary A. Parker, both of Waldo.
[Sept.] 18. Augustine P. Mansfield and Miss Mary L. Carle.
[Sept.] 29. Freeman T. Wentworth and Miss Flora E. Erskine.

Oct. 9. John E. Craig and Miss M. Blanche Sanborn.
[Oct.] 10. Daniel W. Sutcliffe of No. Andover, Mass., and Miss Hattie E. Wentworth, of Lawrence, Mass.
[Oct.] 13. Marcellus R. Knowlton and Miss Ada Trussell.
[Oct.] 19. George H. Forbes and Miss Annabelle Wight.
[Oct.] 20. Walter H. West and Miss Annie G. Abbott.
[Oct.] 22. In San Francisco, Joseph F. Matson, of San Francisco, and Miss Grace B. Baker, daughter of Mrs. Charles Parsons, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 22. Lorin Cross and Miss Annabelle Ryder.
[Oct.] 26. Orin F. Stimpson and Miss Angie Hall, of Searsmont.
[Oct.] 30. Elmer M. Lucas, of Union, and Miss Abra E. Sukeforth, of Washington.
[Oct.] 31. Charles G. Proctor and Clara I. Brown.
[Oct.] 31. In Guilford, Castanus A. Morrill, of Glenburn, and Mrs. Araminda D. Webster, of Washington, D. C.

[p. 533]
Nov. 6. Thomas. G. Small and Annie M. Shaw.
[Nov.] 10. Lafayette Baker and Miss Annie I. G. Snowman.
[Nov.] 19. James Haney and Mrs. Ellen Pillsbury.
[Nov.] 26. Oliver W. Laine, of Frankfort, and Miss Nellie S. Walker, of Brooksville.
[Nov.] 28. In Chicago, Henry Dean Osgood and Lenora J. W. Pierce, formerly of Belfast.

Dec. 15. In Brooksville, George Porter Cottrell and Miss Sarah Y. Bakeman, of Brooksville.
[Dec.] 21. Ernest E. Clark, of Northport, and Emma F. Wellman, of Belmont.
[Dec.] 23. Eugene A. Boulter and Miss Clara P. Vickery, both of Unity.
[Dec.] 24. Charles H. Twombly and Miss Ella M. Partridge.
[Dec.] 25. W. H. Thomas and Miss Isabel A. Larrabee, of Jackson.
[Dec.] 29. Emery A. Sprague, of Belmont, and Miss Rose A. Gay.

Jan. 5. Albert T. Worthing, of Clinton, and Miss Lizzie B. Doe.
[Jan.] 13. Edward Henry Colby and Miss Ada Sophia Miller.
[Jan.] 15. In Winthrop, Alfred Alden Small and Miss Della Amanda White, of Winthrop.
[Jan.] 21. Fred G. Carter and Miss Geneva E. Riggs.

Feb. 1. Walter Gilmore Hatch and Miss Ida M. White.
[Feb.] 1. Joseph Curtis Townsend and Miss Verena A. Cottrell.
[Feb.] 4. W. Henry Wiggin, of Skowhegan, and Miss Bertha V. J. Conant, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 5. In Shanghai, China, Edward J. Deegan, of Shanghai, and Miss Isabelle J. Flowers.
[Feb.] 6. Frank Alpheus Lane and Miss Emily Frances Havener.
[Feb.] 6. In Newburyport, Mass., R. L. Thatcher, of Brockton, Mass., and Miss Nettie E. Hervey.
[Feb.] 12. George E. Wadlin and Miss Belle Knowlton.
[Feb.] 20. In San Francisco, Alexander Leith, of Bombay, and Miss Cora J., daughter of Capt. Robert Hudson Coombs, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 22. In Bangor, Roscoe S. Whiting and Miss Sarah F. Priley, of Bangor.

Mar. 4. George Daniels Hopkins and Miss Annette Ott.
[Mar.] 4. Walter L. Aldus and Miss Eliza E. Robbins.
[Mar.] 8. Oscar L. Staples and Miss Nettie S. Cunningham, of Boston.
[Mar.] 15. William McCabe and Miss Leonora Wellman.

Apr. 12. Frank A. Wagner and Ella C. Moore, both of Belmont.
[Apr.] 19. Frank E. Trundy and Miss Lenora M. McCorison.
[Apr.] 20. Joseph R. Winters and Miss Lucinda H. Monroe.
[Apr.] 20. James E. Marden, of Searsport, and Mrs. Ida Rivers.
[Apr.] 24. In West Oakland, Cal., H. Y. Baker, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Emily E. Mace, of Chicago.
[Apr.] 29. George Woods and Mrs. Eunice Hopkins.

[p. 534]
May 15. In Troy, N. Y., W. H. Horton, of Saratoga, N. Y., and Miss Fannie A. Patterson, of Belfast.
[May] Benjamin Roe, Jr., and Hattie L. Gibbs, both of Brooks.
[May] 27. Frakn H. Cleves and Florence K. Clifford, both of Stockton.
[May] 31. Judson E. Cottrell and Miss Nellie M. Linnekin.

June 14. Woodbury D. Roberts and Evelyn H. Cheney, both of Stockton.
[June] 22. A. L. Fowler, of Monroe, and Miss Nellie A. Trask, of Etna.
[June] 22. George B. Holmes and Miss Abbie S. Gentner, both of Waldo.
[June] 30. In Richmond, Va., Ralph Cross Johnson and Miss Martha Waller, of Richmond, Va.

July 1. Alvin V. West and Miss Sarah A. Porter, both of Searsport.
[July] 20. Alden L. Page and Miss Ella L. Jackson, of Northport.
[July] 20. Eben S. Clark and Miss Sarah E. Perkins.
[July] 29. Albert T. Harvey and Lois J. Seekins, both of Swanville.

Aug. 2. In Lowell, Mass., Charles Edman Johnson and Miss Jennie R. Perkins, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 2. Ben Wood, of New York, and Miss Elizabeth C. Glidden, of Springfield, Mass.
[Aug.] 4. Robert H. Marshall and Lizzie I. Cottrell.
[Aug.] 6. In Rosita, Cal., Samuel Rideout Chase, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Mary A. Walter.
[Aug.] 13. Thomas Haugh and Miss Frank A. Walker.

Sept. 3. Capt. Adelbert J. Hichborn and Miss Lizzie Rendall, both of Stockton.
[Sept.] 9. Henry L. Clifford, of Prospect, and Etta Larrabee, of Swanville.
[Sept.] 14. Samuel W. Davis and Ardell R. Clifford.
[Sept.] 21. Rev. Theodore Scott and Mrs. Ann S. Andrews.
[Sept.] 25. In Rockland, Milton F. Carter and Mrs. Amelia G. Randall.
[Sept.] 26. John M. Clifford and Armeda E. Smith.
[Sept.] 27. William A. Monroe and Miss Annie H. Hall.

Oct. 4. In Jackson, Josiah Curtis, of Jackson, and Miss Vesta A. Curtis.
[Oct.] 9. Joshua R. Whitmore, of Verona, and Miss Emma O. Luce, of Bucksport.
[Oct.] 16. Henry Leonard Kilgore and Miss Helen M. Hussey.
[Oct.] 16. In Malden, Mass., Bertram L. Smith, of Bangor, and Mrs. Charlotte L. Patterson.
[Oct.] 18. Dana C. Raymond, of Poland, and Lucy M. Harris.
[Oct.] 21. In Bangor, Frank H. C. Reynolds and Miss Mary D. Smith, both of Bangor.
[Oct.] 25. Horatio M. Welch and Clara E. Clough.
[Oct.] 25. In Searsport, Fred N. Savery, of Searsport, and Miss Etta E. Piper.
[Oct.] 29. Frank Oliver Critchett and Miss Abbie Ella Doe.

[p. 535]
Nov. 7. George M. Gillam and Eliza M. Maddocks, of Swanville.
[Nov.] 15. Lewis E. Fernald and Miss Drusie F. Billings.
[Nov.] 19. Daniel W. Rowe and Ellen F. Young.
[Nov.] 24. Fred R. Downes and Miss Ardell Brier.
[Nov.] 24. In Morrill, Henry E. Patterson, of Waldo, and Miss Sarah E. Sheldon.
[Nov.] 25. William Kinsman Keen and Bertha Creamer Pillsbury.
[Nov.] 25. Frank E. Tufts, of Everett, Mass., and Hannah L. Flint.
[Nov.] 25. Moses W. Ford and Mrs. Mary L. Adams, both of Lowell, Mass.
[Nov.] 26. Elisha Douglass, of Knox, and Mrs. Lydia Larrabee, of Jackson.

Dec. 10. In Boston, George Hill, of Japan, and Miss Florence Giles.
[Dec.] 25. Ivory S. Cornish, Jr., of Boston, and Miss M. Alice Wales.

Jan. 4. Charles W. Lancaster and Miss Etta B. Curtis.
[Jan.] 7. In Winthrop, John L. Davis, of Readfield, and Miss Grace U. Crosby.
[Jan.] 7. In Lynn, Mass., Herbert A. Pendleton and Eva A. Patterson.
[Jan.] 13. Eli Cook and Miss Harriet L. Bramhall.
[Jan.] 14. Frank Clark and Alvina Etta Doe.
[Jan.] 14. John M. Burleigh, of South Berwick, and Miss Lucy A. Dickerson.
[Jan.] 19. Edwin D. Curtis and Miss Mary A. Dwelley.

Feb. 1. Jairus C. Coombs and Abbie M. Smith, both of Waldo.
[Feb.] 14. Fred L. Carter and Miss Fannie Turner.
[Feb.] 15. Melville Cox Hill, of Northport, and Miss Emma S. Smith.
[Feb.] 16. Frank M. Staples, of Somerville, and Lillie G. Clifford, of Stockton.
[Feb.] 18. In Boston, George A. Hodgdon and Nancy Mayo, of Provincetown, Mass.

Mar. 15. In Boston, George W. Cole, of Boston, and Miss Jennie McKinley.

Apr. 2. Hiram E. Harvey and Laura F. Pray.
[Apr.] 4. In Northport, Edgar Brown and Evie L. Mahoney, of Northport.
[Apr.] 5. In Searsport, William Kenniston Morison and Miss S. Evelyn Pendleton, of Searsport.
[Apr.] 10. William P. Bicknell and Lillian Mariner, both of Belmont.
[Apr.] 18. Elbridge G. Burrill and Clara E. Smith, both of Waldo.
[Apr.] 21. Samuel Norton and Annie E. Washburn.
[Apr.] 25. Charles T. Seavey, of Frankfort, and Miss Georgianna H. Graisbury.
[Apr.] 25. John M. Simmons, of Knox, and Mrs. Angelia (Hutchins) Boulter.

May 22. Edwin White Heath and Miss Minnie Lily Nash.

[p. 536]
June 4. Charles E. Dunton and Miss Hattie E. Mayo.
[June] 24. In Boston, Charles Albert Pilsbury and Miss Blanche Ann Sutherland, of Halifax, N. S.

July 5. In Ellsworth, Fred Waldo Brown and Miss Hester M. Pierce, of Ellsworth.
[July] 20. In Waldoboro, William B. Conant and Mrs. Sarah J. Wentworth, of Waldoboro.

Aug. 3. Earl M. Cate, of Boston, and Miss Ellen H. Clarke, of Lawrence, Mass.
[Aug.] 7. In Woodstock, Vt., Thomas W. Gates, of Woodstock, and Miss Alice J. Thompson.
[Aug.] 15. In Swanville, Lewis Armon Brown and Miss Eliza Jane Keith.
[Aug.] 16. Freeman O. Roberts and Miss Mary O. Larrabee.
[Aug.] 21. Fred L. Hall and Miss Ida E. Littlefield, both of Waldo.
[Aug.] 25. Frank Kenney and Miss Mamie Fairbanks, both of Monroe.
[Aug.] 29. In Belmont, Simon Watson Peirce and Miss Cora Nettie Allenwood, of Belmont.
[Aug.] 30. Francis M. Howard and Miss Margaret C. McDonald, both of Harbour-Au-Bouche, N. S.
[Aug.] 30. Z. Judson Emery and Miss Lillian R. Stickney, both of Athens.

Sept. 12. Fred A. Yeaton, of Indianapolis, Ind., and Miss Georgia N. Drinkwater, of Northport.
[Sept.] 16. Leander L. Davis and Miss Clara A. Wescott, of Castine.
[Sept.] 19. Alvin Frost and Miss Georgia A. Meservey, of Morrill.
[Sept.] 22. Amos Clement and Miss Mary Rice Caldwell.

Oct. 2. In Brooks, Sidney A. Carter and Mrs. Fannie Nason.
[Oct.] 2. William Pitt Thompson and Miss Emma J. Hilton.
[Oct.] 13. Frank Edmund Wiley and Ada V. Riley.
[Oct.] 25. Llewellyn Mahon, of Wrentham, Mass., and Miss Florence M. Shibles.

Nov. 10. Dwight P. Palmer and Miss Mary E. Patterson.
[Nov.] 11. Simon C. Knights, of Bridgton, and Miss Georgia Durham.
[Nov.] 11. Wellington R. Holmes and Miss Nealie S. Pote.
[Nov.] 13. Charles C. Stephenson and Miss Mary E. Bean.
[Nov.] 13. Willis O. Brown, of Knox, and Miss Mary A. Cram, of Brooks.
[Nov.] 21. Seth E. Blake and Sarah A. Andrews, both of Brooksville.
[Nov.] 22. Charles B. Farrar, of Searsmont, and Mrs. Abbie Roix.

Dec. 6. In Rockland, Frederick Stevens Walls and Mrs. Lucie E. Miller, of Vinalhaven.
[Dec.] 6. John W. Cook, of Braintree, Mass., and Miss Jennie L. Grindle, of California.
[Dec.] 7. In Winterport, Charles R. Hill, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Annie B. Crocker, of Winterport.

[p. 537]
Dec. 16. In Cambridgeport, Rev. F. W. Ryder and Miss Harriet C. Hayden, of Cambridgeport.
[Dec.] 22. In Warren, Alexander Jackson and Mrs. Rebecca S. Peters, of Warren.
[Dec.] 23. Albert W. Gordon and Mrs. Emma B. Mathews.
[Dec.] 24. Harvey S. Cunningham and Miss Carrie A. Shuman.
[Dec.] 25. In Waterville, James Woodbury Burgess and Miss Lucy F. Ellis, of Waterville.
[Dec.] 25. Lewis A. Maker, of Concord, N. H., and Miss Josephine H. McFarland.
[Dec.] 25. Ernest T. Cottrell and Miss Mary M. Russell.