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Marriages in Norridgewock, 1786-1849

Source: William Allen, The history of Norridgewock: comprising memorials of the aboriginal inhabitants and Jesuit missionaries, hardships of the pioneers, biographical notices of the early settlers, and ecclesiastical sketches (Norridgewock Me.: E.J. Peet, 1849).

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In 1786.
Amos Shepardson and Rebecca Winslow ; Charles Foy and Roanna Keith.

Henry Bickford and Jane Witham ; John Leighton and Lydia McGraugh ; Seth Spaulding and Judith Richards ; Benjamin Kitteridge and Ruth Richards ; Simon Pierce and Hepzibah Wood ; John Brown and Minerva Keith ; Moses Martin and Anna Parker.

William Sylvester and Polly Brown.

Bryce McLellan of Canaan and Betty Sampson of Norridgewock ; Jonathan Russell of Barnardston and Polly Nutting of Norridgewock ; James Fairbrother and Rebeccah Moore ; Abraham Moor and Betsey Spaulding ; James Bickford and Zeruiah Piper.

Samuel Richards and Dorcas Brown ; Charles McKenney and Mahala Keith ; James Smith, and Nancy Davenport ; Luke Withee and Margaret Walton ; Levi Sampson, and Polly Varnum.

Amos Adams, and Hannah Smith ; John Davidson, and Jerusha Cook ; Thomas Laughton, and Polly Adams ; John Longley, and Elizabeth Heald ; Wm. Thompson, and Sally Warren.

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Stephen Weston, and Martha Gray ; William Farnham, and Hannah Varnum ; Henry Bickford and Polly Witham.

Joseph Vickere, and Mary Spaulding ; Goff Moore, and Betsey McKinney ; William Ward, and Martha Bullen ; Benjamin Richards, and Alice Adams ; David Rowell, and Sally Spaulding ; Ebenezer Crosby, and Lydia Longley ; Sampson Parker, and Sally Parsons ; Luther Pierce, and Susannah Gray.

Charles Witherell, and Susannah Emerson ; Oliver Wood, and Lucy Tarbell ; David Russell, and Betsey Smith ; Jeremiah Russell, and Polly Smith.

Asa Longley, and Betsey Parker ; William Adams, and Eleanor Crosby ; Sampson Parker, and Rachel Coburn ; William Withee, and Sarah Longley ; Nathaniel Withee, and Lydia Fairbrother ; Charles Whitcomb, and Sylera Davenport.

James Waugh, jr. and Sarah Manchester ; Charles Pierce, and Abigail Ayer.

Abijah Nutting, and Emma Adams ; Ephraim Heald, and Polly Steward.

Joseph Longley, and Polly Whitcomb.

Levi Willard, and Anne Whitcomb ; John Eveleth and Sally Hale ; Josiah Crosby, and Lucy Shaw ; Samuel Cook, and Hepzebah Cook ; Luke Robbins, and Sally Brown ; John Harlow and Nancy Greene.

John Longley and Judith Searle ; Caleb Gilman and Fanny

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Farnsworth ; John Moore, and Betsey Hooper ; John Whitman, and Polly Pratt ; Josiah Heald jr. and Mercy Baker ; John Davenport jr. and Asenath Emery ; Samuel Beckey and Patience Adams.

Sylvanus Sawyer, and Sally Crosby ; Sylvanus Whitney, and Polly Lancaster ; Ezekiel Gilman, and Fanny Marshall ; Daniel Woodman, and Lydia Gilman ; James Dinsmore, and Deborah Patten ; Charles Fairbrother, and Sukey Turner.

Edmund Warren, and Polly Goodwin ; John Clark and Deborah Patten ; Levi Robbins, and Jane Gilman ; William Dinsmore, and Abigail Farnham.

Edmund Parker, and Margaret Powers ; Jonathan Parlin, and Anne Nutting ; Benjamin Cleaveland, and Lydia Young ; Benjamin Adams, and Fanny Gilman ; Eben Lancaster and Betsey Russell ; Samuel Searle, and Betsey Witherell ; Asaph Thompson, and Polly Wood ; Josiah Warren, and Eliza Searle.

John Patten, and Betsey Hilton ; Ralph Farnham, and Lucy Parlin ; John Whiting and Margaret Fairbrother.

Isaac Robbins, and Nancy Ward ; Union Spaulding, and Sally Harvell ; Eleazer Eddy, and Deborah Moore ; Israel Danforth, and Sally Wait ; Joseph Titcomb and Dorcas Dinsmore ; Edmund Parker, and Margaret Farnsworth ; Obediah Witherell, jr. and Phebe Spaulding ; Jonathan Young, and Eliza Leathers ; John G. Neil, and Eliza Leavitt ; Eben Heald, jr. ; and Lucy Warren.

Lorell Fairbrother, and Lydia Bragg ; Jonas Farnsworth, and Maria Gould ; Abishai Handy, and Zipporah Laughton ; Abel

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Adams, and Sally Kitteridge ; Abijah Davis, and Pricilla Harding ; Eben Heald, and Anna Dinsmore ; Abel Wood, and Mahala Bickford ; Job Parsons, and Sally Spaulding.

Francis B. Lane, and Roxinda Parlin ; William Waugh, and Patty Sampson ; John Kidder, and Nabby Huston ; Abiel Lancaster, and Maryana Burrell ; Wm. W. Dinsmore, and Lucy Gould ; Thomas Wood, and Jane Barron ; Ephraim Ward, and Olive Turner ; Daniel Rogers and Susan Gilman.

Abel E. Hackett, and Mary Spaulding ; Charles Pease, and Hannah Washburn ; Benjamin Nutting and Susannah Foss ; John Ulrick, and Betsey Leeman ; David Gilman, and Polly Cook ; Moses French and Sarah Patten.

Henry Weeks of Canaan, and Anne Howard ; Thomas Heald jr. and Polly Rogers ; John Townsend, and Deborah Ingalls ; Daniel Steward, jr. and Olive Patten ; Ezekiel Heald, and Susannah Kidder ; Samuel Philbrick and Betsey White ; Stephen Chafin, and Sybil Spaulding ; Joseph Adams and Lydia Kitteridge ; John Ellis, and Lois Leathers ; Reuben Dinsmore, and Nancy Bisbe.

Washington McIntire, and Betsey Spaulding ; John Church, and Esther Richards ; Mark S. Blunt, and Polly Felker ; John Davenport, and Hannah Howard ; Samuel Mace, and Mahala Moore ; Eli Steward, and Betsey Blagdon ; Jesse Harding, and Eunice Morton ; John Laughton jr. and Amity Greenleaf ; Augustus Taylor, and Mary Emerson.

William B. Shaw, and Cyntha Witherill ; Thomas Cook, and Lucy Pease ; Calvin Heald, and Maria Gould ; Isaac Kidder, Jr., and Sally Tarbell ; Asa Longley, and Rhoda Taylor ; Witham

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Brooks, and Anna Cook ; Edmund Parker, Jr., and Persis Robbins.

Joseph Gilman, and Lucy Pishon ; William Soule, and Betsy Fairbrother ; Jessy Stone, and Lucy Emery ; Melzar Lindsey, and Belind Cannon ; Oliver Sewall, and Betsey Sylvester ; Lovel Fairbrother, and Jane White ; Cyrus Kidder, and Mary Sylvester ; John Smith, and Lucinda Whittier.

Silas Turner, and Esther Walker ; Luke Robbins, and Mary Hebbard ; Jotham Chase, and Mary Gould ; Luther Heald, and Pheba Kidder ; Warren Preston, and Mary Francis ; Calvin Selden, and Harriet Sawtelle ; Rev. J. Peat, and Sarah A. Herrick ; James Walker, and Lucy Kidder ; Wm. Farnsworth, and Susan Tarbell ; Ezekiel Emerson, and Amanda Leeman ; Wm. Weston, and Mary Pinkham ; David Gillman, and Lucy Bixby.

Peter Gilman, and Susan L. Coffin ; Laban Lincoln, and Sybel Squire ; James McGuire, and Leah Warren ; Patrick McGuire, and Phebe Washborn ; Tilley Emery, and Esther Spaulding ; Cyrus Heald, and Pamela Oakes ; Joseph Baker, and Betsey Taylor ; Joseph Patten, and Joanna Harlow ; Mark S. Blunt, and Martha Drew.

Stephen Hibbarb, and Jane Rollins ; Henry Sewall and Mary Witherill ; Daniel Marston, and Lydia Pratt ; John Robbins, and Susan Skoofield ; Isaac Hagget, and Mary Gilman ; Seba Smith, and Sally Lancaster ; Otis Spaulding, and Betsy Emery ; Eliakim Tobey, and Dorcas Clark ; Daniel Spaulding, and Susan Palmer ; Ephraim Washburn, and Climena Luce ; Samuel Cook, and Joanna Patten ; Elisha Jewett, and Hannah Cowan ; Hosea Washburn, and Hannah Maxim ; D. Farnsworth, and Charlotte Carter.

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Samuel G. Tuck, and Diantha Heald ; Eben Steward, and Betsey Webb ; Robey Marston, and Alice Pierce ; John Palmer, and Betsey Nichols ; Samuel Sylvester, and Charlotte Heald ; Richard Gilman, and E. Harding.

Francis Allen, and Polly Taylor ; Steven Hibberd, and Mary Stephens ; Zebulon Gilman, Jr., and Eliza Chandler ; Nicholas Kimball, and Mary Beedle ; Alden Fuller, and Melinda Gould ; Ezekiel Heald, and Sally Tozer ; Solomon Bates, 2d., and Asenath Spaulding ; Wm. Lawry, and Submit Richards ; Geo. B. Weston, and Abigail Hight ; Artemas Heald, and Jane Cook ; Phineas Whitney, and Mary Emerson ; Thurston Heald, and Lydia Gould ; Jonathan Hibberd, and Elizabeth Greenleaf ; John French, and Charlotte Hibberd ; Daniel Ladd, and Abigail French ; Stephen Weston, Jr., and Rebeccah Webb ; Gowen Riggs, and Pamela Pratt.

John Brown, and Sally Smith ; John R. Philbrick, and Hannah White ; Joseph Russell, and Mary Kimball ; Oliver C. Blunt, and Sarah Fletcher ; Reuben Whitney, and Lucy Sawyer ; Lucas Brown, and Polly Bosworth ; Samuel Pierce, and [Lucy] Baston ; Rufus Bixby, and Betsey Weston ; Amasa Bixby, and Fanny Weston.

Samuel K. White, and Cynthia Barrett ; John Loring, and Hannah Faulkner ; Ephraim Fairbrother, and Polly Grant ; Wm. H. Rogers, and Lydia Metcalf ; Freeborn Ellis and Eunice Withee ; Isaac Cook, and Charlotte Ferrand ; Francis Baicher, and Elizabeth Tripp ; Charles Staples, and Mary Fickett ; Ziba Russell, and Hannah Moore ; Wm. Spencer, and Betsey Richards ; D. H. Tuck, and Sally Witherell ; Eliphalet Lane, and Lydia Trask ; John Pierce, and Elizabeth B. Harding ; Crosby Mitchell, and Mary Fling ; Arthmas Heald,

[p. 176]
and Diadama Bixby ; Joseph Baston, and Lucinda Heald ; Isaac R. Pierce, and Loisa Chute ; Rufus J. Woodward, and Leah Witherell.

Joseph Pratt, Jr., and Betsey Wood ; Asa Dutton, and Lucy Spaulding ; Luke Withee, and Sophia Pollard ; Sherborn N. Marston, and Lydia Baston ; Dr. Zebulon Gilman, and Susann Mitchell ; Nahum Brown, and Agnes Gilman ; Charles Gifford and Mary Reed ; Samuel Smith, and Dolly Whorff ; James Pierce, and Mercy Heald ; Samuel Taylor, Jr., and Lydia Boardman ; James Allen, and Naomi Sylvester.

Ephraim Currier, and Betsey Pomroy ; Luther Laughton, and Patty Nutting ; Wm. McKechnie, and Catharine Bradbury ; Allen Barston, and Betsey Marston ; Ephraim Washburn, and Louisa Harvell ; Emmons Whitcomb, and Lydia Smith ; Josiah M. Haines, and Bathsheba Waugh ; Foster T. Palmer, and Orpha Woodbury ; Arthur Spaulding, and Sarah T. Thompson ; Hanson Hight, and Caroline Ferrand.

Amos A. Richards, and Betsey Witherell ; Stephen Morton, and Betsey Parlin ; John H. Withee, and Mary Washburn ; Ichabod Russell, and Philena Sawyer ; John S. Longley, and Jane Crosby ; Abel Davis, and Betsey McGlathery ; Caleb Jewett, and Caroline R. Fairfield ; Samuel Woodman, and Charlotte Heald ; Nathaniel M. Stevens, and Betsey T. Hinds ; Zachariah Withee, and Polley Longley ; Seth Laughton, and Lucy H. Wood ; J. C. Bigelow, and Eliza B. Pishon ; Hollis Whitcomb, and Mary Frizzell ; John Parker, and Lucy Longley ; William Nichols, and Fanny Nutting ; B. E. Cayford, and Sophia White.

Asher Adams, and Eliza Pollard ; N. W. Morse, and Mary

[p. 177]
Montague ; Levi Flint, and Abigail Brown ; Asa Clark, and Sophia Bates ; David Withee, and Clemena Kelley.

Benjamin Howe, and Polly Wells ; Allen Baston, and Mary Marston ; Daniel Bowden, and Frances C. Smart ; Samuel Searle, and Catharine A. Wilson ; George V. Edes, and Susan Witherell ; Jonathan Davis, and Eliza Dunlap ; Eben H. Neil, and Mary Fletcher ; Rufus Merrill, and Martha Woodman.

James Trench, and Mary W. Nutter ; John Adams, and Mary J. Townsend ; Peter Merrill, and Lavina Bowden ; Samuel Emery, and Hannah Baston ; Jesse Richards, and Susan McNelley ; Jesse Withee, and Lois Blackwell ; Alvan Nutting, and Lydia Longley ; Israel Wells, and Cynthia Baston ; Otis Mitchell, and Mahitable Preble ; Harlow Getchell, and Anna Whitcomb.

Winthrop Norton, and Betsey Gould ; Alfred Leathers, and Thankful Frizzle ; Horace Dagget, and Jane Coburn ; Justus Kirby, and Mary Chapen ; Thomas Spaulding, and Almira Spaulding ; Calvin Boyd, and Elizabeth Parlin ; James Bigelow, and Loisa Abba ; Joseph Leeman, and Eliza Gilman ; Obadiah Baston, and Betsey Decker ; Jason Hinds, and Celia Tobey ; Peter Gilman Jr., and Lydia Allen ; Solomon Bixby, and Achsah Wyman ; Jesse Tarbell, and Betsey S. Sturgess ; Bethuel Burgess, and Mary Sturdefant ; Samuel G. Tuck, and Almira Dudley ; Samuel Whitman, and Hannah Jones.

Calvin Laughton, and Serena Haynes ; Samuel B. Witherell, and Martha G. Stevens ; Henry Wilder, and Sabrina Baston ; William Palmer, and Lydia Mack ; Gorham Greeley, and Harriet B. Holoway ; Israel Brown, and Almira Trask ; Niran

[p. 178]
Bates, and Charlotte L. Dennett ; Joseph Baker, and Charity Blackwell ; Elihu W. Withee, and Naomi Adams.

Charles Folsom, and Elizabeth Judkins ; John W. Sawtelle and Caroline Sylvester ; James M. Haynes, and Sarah Jewett ; Aaron C. Bigelow, and Lucinda Robbins ; Jabez Trask, and Hannah Cook ; Nathan Laughton, and Sarah Adams ; Harvey Vickere, and Elizabeth H. S. Longley ; Cyrus Fletcher, and Martha Sawtelle ; James Phillips, and Rachel Davis ; Edward Rowe, and Adaline Butterick ; Da[n]iel Adams, and Naomi Steward.

Simeon Robbins, and Roxana Allen ; David Harding, and Susan Woodman ; Thomas C. Jones, and Judith Spaulding ; Joshua Johnson, and Frances E. Moore ; James Stinson, and Martha Russell ; Solomon W. Bates, and Mary Ann S. Niel ; Amos Adams, and Sarah Hackett ; Cullen Sawtelle, and Elizabeth Lyman ; Thomas J. Copeland, and Julia E. Townsend ; Edward Jones, and Roxinda Steward ; Elias Works, and Margaret Sheaf ; Levi McIntire, and Judeth Woodman ; Joseph Pomeroy, and Eliza Patten.

Seth Parlin, and Nancy P. Tufts ; Francis B. Longley, and Deborah Blackwell ; Nathan Wood, and Anny Waugh ; Bely W. Betts, and Sarah Russell ; William B. Knight, and Irene Nutter ; Edward G. Sturgess, and Eliza Kelsey ; John Nutting and Elizabeth B. Gray ; Alvan McIntire, and Susan B. Rogers ; Reuben Foster, and Rebecca Walton ; Eusebius Heald, and Philena Dinsmore ; Jacob Littlefield, and Joanna Pomeroy ; James Trench, and Ruth Shaw.

Amos Shed, and Sybil Longley ; John W. Mitchell, and Fanny Morton ; George Prescott, and Charlotte Searle ; Ira Loring, and Betsey Eaton ; Lovel F. Withee, and Lydia G.

[p. 179]
Frederick ; John C. Page, and Fanny A. Gould ; John Brown, and Sarah Livingston ; Sumner Bixby, and Lucy Heald ; Henry Preble, and Olive Bowden.

William Kidder, and Philena Gilman ; Hon. D. Farnsworth, and Meroe Sylvester ; Jonathan Bigelow, and Milissa Abbee ; John E. Knight, and Sarah Morse ; Ira Town, and Elizabeth B. Kilgore ; Wm. Tobey 2d., and Ruth Norton ; J. C. Bigelow, and Thankful Bowden ; Jones Parlin, and Nancy P. Bodfish ; Augustus J. Rowe, and Sybil W. Fletcher ; Dominicus Mitchell, and Christiana Dunlap ; Amory Prescott, and Hannah W. Searle ; George Warren, and Rebecca Prescott ; Eben. E. Russell, and Abagail Waugh ; Charles Loring, and Elizabeth Emerson.

James Withee, and Hannah H. Rogers ; Ira Searle, and Amanda M. Osborn ; Aaron Bickford, and Rosilla Preble ; Miles Leathers, and Betsey W. Rogers ; Charles S. Weaver, and Mary Trafton ; Moses Littlefield, and Caroline R. Parker ; James Mellein, and Eunice Withee ; Zebulon Butler, and Sophronia Philbrook ; James P. Longley, and Mary Ann Dudley ; Matthias Whaland, and Charlotte Pomeroy ; Benjamin Baker, and Mary Adams.

Amasa Cobb, and Betsey S. Tarbelle ; Johnson Bowen, and Jerusha Woodward ; Stephen Bowden, and Matilda Bickford ; Solomon Bates, and Anstes Allen ; Augustine W. Cromwell, and Charlotte Yarney ; James P. Withee, and Sophrona Pease ; Barney Harny, and Ruby G. Colburn ; Ephraim Withee, and Deborah Grant ; Artemas H. Wood, and Sarah C. Wosson ; John S. Abbott, and Elizabeth T. Allen ; Albert P. Warren, and Mary W. Shaw ; Melzar Lindsay, and Elia G. Marston.

Samuel B. Witherell 2d., and Alathea Keen ; Samuel Jewett,

[p. 180]
and Lydia E. Drew ; Abraham T. Tilton, and Lucy Parker ; Edmund Smith, and Emma Nutting ; Solomon Low, and Olive R. Hill ; Jesse Maxim, and Louisa Pratt ; Warren Preble, and Philina Bowden ; William Trafton, and Emaline Baston ; Daniel M. Baker, and Mary J. Gillman ; Wm. S. Savage, and Nancy B. Ferrin ; Jonas Davis, and Eliza Robinson ; Thomas Cook, and Abigail Butterfield ; Albert G. Manley, and Sarah H. Hill ; Levi Powers, and Mehitable H. Boardman ; Moses T. Emery, and Clarissa Staples.

Silas W. Thompson, and Maria Hussey ; Joseph Taylor, and Ruth J. Morton ; James H. Stevens, and Sophrona Barker ; Henry Butler, and Mary A. Farnsworth ; Orrin Gibbs, and Clarissa Bessey ; George A. Fairfield, and Eliza Warren ; Horatio N. Page, and Hannah Page ; Charles Lander, and Sarah Arnold ; Joshua E. Taylor, and Lydia Eaton ; Stephen Savage, and Sabrina Wood.

Sumner Chapin, and Lucinda Adams ; Samuel Tobey, and Nancy Hollbrook ; Charles D. Farren, and Mary A. Savage ; Wm. Trentham, and Catharine Withee ; Charles Barker, and Fanny Gilman ; Warren Nutting, and Sarah Sally ; George Sawtelle, and Sarah H. Peet ; Nathan Wood 2d., and Mary Gilman ; Abner Kirby, and Mary Garland ; Joshua Gilmore, and Amelia Howard ; Cornelius N. Butler, and Mary Sawyer ; Caleb Strong Searle, and Mary A. Ward ; Sumner Bixby, and Sarah H. Carlisle ; Charles N. Bodfish, and Mary A. Wyman ; Almiran Tozer, and Lydia Dunlap ; Ward S. Hutchins, and Cynthia Mitchell.

Washington Woodman, and Lucinda Bradbury ; Thatcher Heald, and Susan L. Crosby ; Gustavus L. Wyman, and Julia Ann Cummins ; H. G. O. Lindsey, and Mary Anderson ; David Sturgess, and Harriet Mason ; Albion S. Dudley, and Lydia F. Manley ; James S. Manley, and Caroline G. Sewall ; Eber Davis, and Emily Powers.

[p. 181]
Simon Dinsmore, and Sarah J. Longley ; Ephraim E. Prescott, and Nancy Morse ; George E. Freeman, and Polina A. Drew ; James B. Farnsworth, and Lydia C. J. Bates ; David D. Blunt, and Lucinda G. Bishop ; Richard Bigley, and Anny Cook ; Isaac Haggett, and Seviah Davis ; Edward Selden, and Mary Merrill ; Reuben Robbins, and Charlotte Sawyer ; Patrick McCooley, and Ami McCooley ; David M. Barker, and Mary G. McIntire ; William Heald, and Esther Cutter ; John Kilgore, and Fanny Young ; James Wood 2d., and Elizabeth Blackwell.

Levi O. Savage, and Mary Benson ; Ezekiel Emmons, and Olive W. Taylor ; Orren L. Farnsworth, and Clarissa A. Tobey ; Elmer Lathrop, and Lucetta Dinsmore ; Charles Russell, and Susan Smith ; John McGuire, and Esther Mason ; William K. Barrett, and Eliza A. Russell ; John H. Loring, and Ann B. Trafton ; Charles D. Ferren, and Mary Walker ; Abel Adams Jr., and Mary C. Blackwell ; David Sylvester, and Susan Wood ; Oliver Huff, and Cordelia Boine ; Jonathan Spaulding, and Judith Walton ; Moses M. Gould, and Helen L. Hinkley ; Samuel Beckey, and Eleanor Kennedy ; Allen S. Davis, and Pheby Greene ; Charles A. Bates, and Margaret J. Farnsworth.

Levi Parker, and Catharine R. Searle ; Heman Leathers, and Sarah Rogers ; Wm. P. Longley, and Roseann Heald ; Silas W. Turner, and Eliza H. W. Hill ; John Loring, and Clarissa Lothrop ; Aaron Ring, and Mary T. Toundy ; Thomas C. Jones, and Mary L. Tower ; Ebenezer Vaughan, and Loiza Piper ; Jonas Hilton, and Louisa F. Heald ; Aaron Bickford, and Mary A. Bowden.

Sewall Nutting, and Sarah Jane Nutting ; Wm. W. Morton, and Abigail B. Blackwell ; Howland B. Ramsdell, and Lydia

[p. 182]
Adams ; Samuel Brown, and Sarah Washburn ; Edward C. Selden, and Mary Ann C. Bates ; George W. Witherell, and Sarah W. Savage ; Franklin Danforth, and Eliza A. Rogers ; Jotham S. Bixby, and Mary Wood ; Jonathan S. Longley, and Lucy L. Heald ; Silas T. Longley, and Frances Sturgess.

Noah Woods, and Sarah W. Ballard ; E. M. Coffin, and Sarah Myrah ; Prescott Nutting, and Sarah W. Rogers ; Clement Bell, and Sophronia Dunlap ; Winthrop Norton, Jr., and Harriet Gray ; B. F. McIntire, and Lydia W. Taylor ; Daniel H. Linscott, and Harriet N. Mills ; Loring B. Jones, and Samantha Hilton ; Isaac W. Page, and Dolly Parkman ; Lewis Allen, and Julia Ann Purrington ; John Richardson, and Betsey Hilborn ; Selden Wade, and Harriet Blackwell ; Solomon W. Bates, and Elizabeth D. Dennis ; William T. Haynes, and Lavinia Wasson ; John Holbrook, Jr., and Lydia Hall ; Caleb Wood, and Mary Foss.

Charles Danforth, and Julia J. Dinsmore ; David Sturgess, and Betsey Taylor ; George W. Taylor, and Elizabeth Bigelow ; Sylvanus Morse, and Emily E. Blackwell ; Sanborn Dinsmore, and Nancy D. H. Boardman ; James B. Wood, and Ruth Cutler ; Luther E. Allen, and Sarah R. Baston ; Zachariah W. Nutting, and Seviah Nutting ; Charles A. Bates, and Ellen A. Drew ; Alfred Stackpole, and Phebe W. Hackett ; John Kilgore, and Rebeccah Arnold.

Charles K. Turner, and Lucinda H. Page ; Amory Prescott, and Lucy P. Blackwell ; George Farnsworth, and Susan B. Farnsworth ; George Rogers, and Clarissa N. Taylor ; Wellington Hale, and Eliza Ann Hussey ; Eusebius Heald, and Lucy M. Dinsmore ; Henry E. Haggett, and Paulina S. Wade ; Albert H. Parks, and Eliza A. McIntire ; Cyrus Bosworth, and Mary A. Parker.

Seth Cutler, and Sarah J. Larnard ; Joshua Jewett, and Mary Jane O. Hara ; Joseph D. Gilman, and Florilla D. Folsom ;

[p. 183]
William Q. Wheeler, and Martha J. McRillis ; Wm. H. Taylor, and Julia Ann Kilgore ; George W. Barker, and Elmira Waugh ; William W. French, and Sophia A. Otis ; Hugh Dempsey, and Maria Wheeler ; Simon N. Taylor, and Martha H. T. Rogers ; Daniel Ayers, and Irene Kigers.

Freeman Sawyer, and Elizabeth M. Anderson ; Cephas R. Vaughan, and Lucinda Bosworth ; Isaiah A. Pierce, and Maria Thompson ; Charles B. Barker, and Mary J. Boynton ; Elisha W. Barker, and Lydia Sawyer ; Lucas Brown, and Sarah Ward ; Orrin Tinkham, and Dolly W. Crane ; James B. Wheeler, and Clarina McIntire ; Abraham W. Freeman, and Nancy Parlinn ; Justin E. Heald, and Caroline Witherspoon ; William C. Rogers, and Fidelia Brooks ; John S. Hall, and Rosanna Murry ; Ezekiel Jones, Jr., and Lavinia Emerson ; Marshall Spaulding, and Frances T. Lynd ; Charles H. Weston, and Susan A. Laughton ; Edward W. Tobey, and Emeline Holway.

Joseph Crossman, and Winneford Peters ; Isaac H. Perkins, and Lydia Cook ; Jason L. Taylor, and Clarissa J. Morton ; James B. Brown, and Philena D. Savage ; Orville W. Tinkham, and Clarissa Holbrook ; Owen B. Taylor, and Martha J. Taylor.