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Taxpayers in Falmouth, 1777

Source: The Maine Genealogist and Biographer, vol. 1. (Augusta, Me.: Maine Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1875).

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The following is a transcript of the names on the Collector's book of the town of Falmouth in 1776, from the original now in the possession of Winslow Hall, Esq., of Waterville, late of Portland :

Falmouth, February 26, 1777.

To Daniel Hall, Collector for said Town for the year A. D. 1776 : The following is the original Rate or Assessment on the Inhabitants of that part of the Town Living in the first and third Parishes in sd Town, containing thirty two pages : in Order to raise their part of the State, County and Town Tax for said year amounting in the whole to Seven Hundred and forty two Pound, which you are to collect and pay in manner following, viz : To Henry Gardner Esq. Treasurer of the State of the Massachusetts Bay or his Successor, Four Hundred and fifty two Pound : to the County Treasurer nine Pound, the remainder to John Wait Esqr. Treasurer for said Town or his Successor in said office on or before the Last Day of April next, agreable to a warrant you have received of us this 26th Day of February, A. D. 1777. [Signed] John Waite, Humphry Merrill, Joseph Noyes, Nathaniel Wilson, John Johnson, Jun., Assessors of Falmouth.

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Jacob Adams, Thomas Anderson, John Archer, Benjamin Austin, Stephen Austin, John Burnham, Robart Barton, Anthony Bracket, Thomas Bagley Jun., John Bracket, Joseph Bagley Junr., Hudson Bayley, John Baker, John Baker Junr:, Josiah Baker Junr., Samuel Bradbury, Theophilus Bradbury Esqr, Joshua Bracket, Harrison Brasier, Joseph Berry, Joseph Bean Barber, John Bradbury, Jabez Bradbury, John Brooks, William Brown, David Bradish, James Bayley, Cornelius Brimhall, George Burns, Zebulun Bishop, Jonathan Bryant, William Blaisdel Junr., Nicholas Brown, Benjamin Bagley, John Baysey, Joseph Bayley, Zachariah Baker, George Bishop, Rowland Bradbury Junr, Ephraim Broad, Josiah Bayley, George Berry, John Blake, Josiah Berry, Obediah Berry, Adams Barber, Peter Babb, William Babb, John Barbour, Abigail Bracket, Thomas Bracket, Judith Bracket, Joshua Bracket Junr, Hugh Barbour, Benjamin Bayley, William Bracket, David Bayley, James Bracket Junr, Anthony Bracket Junr, John Snow Bracket, Jeremiah Bracket, Daniel Bayley, Thadeus Broad, John Blair, Abraham Bracket, Samuel Bracket, Josiah Bracket, John Bayley (Barber), Thomas Child, Joseph Chellis, Ezekiel Cushing, Smith Cobb, Nathaniel Coffin, James Cox, Martha Cotton, Reuben Clough, John Cox, Paul Cammit, Dudley Cammit, John Colby, William Crocker, Aaron Chamberlain, Isaac Child, John Clough, Paul Cammit Junr, Philip Crandel, Rebecca Child, John Cushing, Peter Cobb, Peter Cobb Junior, Benjamin Cobb, James Cobb, Ezekiel Cushing Junr, Bartholomew Conant, Joseph Conant, Samuel Conant, William Conant, Nathan Chick, Eleoner Chapman, Jeddediah Cob, Joseph Cobb, Benjamin Crocker, Nathaniel Dearing, John Dole, Abnor Dow, William Davis, Samuel Dow, Jabez Dow, James Dillworth, Joseph Dearing, Joseph Dow, Daniel Dole, Thomas Doughty, Thomas Doughty Junr, James Doughty, George Doughty, Isaac Deane, Joshua Eayr, Paul Ellis, John Frink, Enoch Freeman Esqr, Samuel Freeman Esqr, James Flood Junr, James Flood, Peter Ferris, John Fox, Pelatiah Fernald, Enoch Freeman Junr, John Frothingham, Joshua Freeman, William Frost, Joanna Frost, Charles Frost, Pepperell Frost, James Frost, James Godard, James Gowen, John Greenwood, John Gooding, Ebenezer Gustin, Simon Gooking, Samuel Gooking, William Green, Allice Greele, Samuel Gooding, Richard Gooding, Daniel Green, Lemuel Gooding, Joseph Gooding, Thomas Greele, John Graves, Samuel Graham, John Gould, William Gibbs, Edward

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Gillman Junr, Daniel Gould, Andrew Gibbs, William Gooding, Daniel Hall, William Hustin Junr, Shadrech Ham, Silas Howell, Nathaniel Hale, William Hix, Samuel Hodskins, Seth Hinkley, Ephraim Hyde, Mattathias Haines, Charles Hassick, John Haux, Nicholas Hodge, John Hoit, David Hoit, Robert Hustin, Solomon Haskill, Benjamin Haskill, Paul Houstin, George Houstin, John Houstin, Lemuel Hix, Sollomon Haskill Junr, William Harper, Saml Hemingway, Daniel Ilsley, Jonathan Ilsley, Pearson Jones, Enoch Ilsley, Benjamin Jenks, Richard Jenks, Joseph Ingraham, William Jenks, John Jones, Joshua Ilsley, John Jacks, Robert Johnson, James Johnson, John Johnson Junr, John Ingersol, John Kent, Benjamin Knight Junr, Samuel Knight, John Kenny, Zachariah Knight, Thomas Kenney, Enoch Knight, Job Knight, Merrill Knight, Joseph Knight Junr, Joshua Knight, Enoch Knight Junr, Enoch Knight 3d, Nathaniel Knight, Moses Knight Junr, Nathaniel Knight Junr, George Knight Junr, Saml Knight Junr, Mark Knight, Henry Knight, Moses Knight, Richard Knight, John Knight (Moses' son), Thomas Keinard, Jonathan Lowell, William Lunt, Nathan Lord, John Lunt, Job Lunt, Paul Little, Abner Lowell, Benj. Larrabe Junr, Joshua Lawrence, John Larrabe, John Lowther, John Lowell, John Lyde, Michael Lunt, John Lewis, Moses Lunt, Amos Lunt, Daniel Lunt, William Lamb, William Lamb Junr, Benjamin Marston, Samuel Motley, Benjamin Moody Junr, Enoch Moody, Bracket Marston, John Motley, Anna Moody, John Mussey, Daniel Mussey, Jonathan Morse Junr, Joseph Mclellen, Nathaniel Moody, William Mclellen, Samuel Merrill, Peter Mountfort, Simeon Mayo, Daniel Marble, John Majory, Thomas Motley, Daniel Marston, Levy Merrill, Isaac Marshall, Arthur Mclellen, Samuel McLellan, Thomas Minot, Jacob Morrill, Stephen Morrill, James Morrill 2d, John Morrill, Duncan Mcintosh, Thomas More, William McMahon, John Marshal, Joshua Moody, William Moody, James Merrill, Edmund Merrill Jun., Anthony Morse, John McFarland, Isaac Marshal, Peltiah March, Peter Noyes, Amos Noyes, Josiah Noyes, David Noyes, John Nichols, Joseph Noyes, Ebenezer Newman, Zachariah Nowell, Jonathan Norwood, Uriah Nason, Thomas Oxnard, Ebenezer Owen, James Owen, Thomas Oliver, John Pettingill, Moses Plummer, Benjamin Pettingill, Abijah Pool, Thomas Poole, Jedediah Preble Esq., Benj. Prockter, Moses Pearson Esq., James Purrenton, Jonathan Pain, Robert Pagan, Jeremiah Pote, Stephen Polen, Wm. Pitman, Samuel Prockter Jun., John Preble, Thos. Pain, Samuel Prockter,

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Elijah Pope, Joseph Priest, William Portifield, John Prockter, John Procktor Jun., Ruth Pennel, Daniel Pettingill, Joseph Pride, John Pride, Joseph Pennel, Jotham Partridge, William Pride, William Patrick, Jesse Partridge, David Partridge, Nathan Partridge, Wm. Portifield Jun., Mary Patrick, William Prockter Jun., Mathew Pennel, Samuel Prockter, Wheeler Rigs, Josiah Rigs, Joseph Rigs Jun., Thomas Ross, Isaac Randall, Daniel Rigs, Benja. Randall, Samuel Rawlins, James Rodick, John Ramsey, John Robinson, William Robinson, Samuel Robinson, Benjamin Rand, Joseph Rigs, Jeremiah Riggs, Enoch Riggs, Stephen Riggs, Benja. Quinbe, Joseph Quinbe, Joseph Quinbe Jun., Thomas Quinbe, Caleb Shaw, Robert Sutherland, Ebenezer Snow, Micah Samson, Wanton Stover, Abraham Stevens, David Starret, Somers Shattuck, Joshua Stone, David Stodard, Barnabas Shearman, Josiah Shaw, Arthur Shattuck, Joseph Silvester, John Scot, Joseph Sweetser, Joshua Stevens, Zachariah Sawyer, Anthony Sawyer, Thomas Sawyer, Benjamin Sawyer, Moses Shattuck, Isaac Skillen, Stephen Swet, William Slemmons, Robert Slemmons, Joseph Small, James Small, William Slemmons Jun., John Starbord, John Starbord Jun., Thomas Starbord, Nicholas Smith, John Sawyer, Solomon Starbord, Joseph Storer, Isaac Sawyer, Thomas Slemmons, Isaac Stevens, Obediah Sawyer, Jonathan Sawyer, John Thorlo, Josiah Tucker, John Tukey, Benj. Titcomb, Samuel Tobey Jun., Benjamin Trott, David Thrasher, Peter Thomas, William Tobey, Luther Tappin, John Thrasher, Turner Thomas, John Tukey Jun., Jeremiah Thrasher, William Thompson, Stephen Tukey, Moses Titcomb, Andrew Titcomb, John Teale, Samuel Tobey, James Torey, Daniel Twombley, James Thomson, John Thomas Jun., John Thomas, Samuel Thomas, Miles Thomson, Nicholas Thomson, Robert Tate, Jonathan Thomson, David Thomson, Bartholomew Thomas, George Tate, William Tate, David Trickey, Bartholomew Thomson Jun., John Veasey, John Waite Esq., William Waterhouse, Jacob Waterhouse, Edward Watts, James Willdridge, Thomas Wyer, David Wyer, Daniel Wyer, Peter Warren, George Warren, Benja. Woodman, Nathaniel Woodman, Benjamin Winslow, Oliver Winslow, Job Winslow, Benjamin Waite, Ebenezer Winslow, John Winslow, Samuel Winslow, Nathan Winslow, James Winslow, Joseph Winslow, William Walker Jun., George Walker, John Warren, Nathaniel Willson, William Webb Jun., John Webb, John Webb Jun., John Webb 3d, Amiloammi Wise, James Webb, William Webb,

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Ichabod Willson, John Wright, Henry Webb, Mark Willson, Stephen Waite, James Winslow, Zebulum Noyes, Benja. Knight Jun., William Slemmon, John Wright.