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Jurors at Wells, 1798

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 87 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1933).

[p. 205]
Jurors at Wells, Me., 1798.—The following extract from the town records of Wells, Me., gives the names of men selected in November 1798 to serve as jurors in the Supreme Judicial Court and also the names of those selected to serve as jurors for the Courts of Common Pleas and Courts of General Sessions of the Peace. The names of jurors for the Supreme Judicial Court were arranged in three parallel columns, while those of jurors in the other courts were arranged in four parallel columns.

"At a legal meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Wells qualified according to the law to vote in Town affairs held at the meeting house in the first parish in said Town on monday the 5th day of November 1798

"John Storer Esqr was chosen Moderator The Select Men of said Town

[p. 206]
presented a list of persons by them judged suitable to serve as petit Jurors out of which the Town voted to select the persons heafter [sic] named viz.

"Benjamin Titcomb
Alexander Maxell
Aaron Clerk
Amos Littlefield
Jeremiah Hubbard
Jedediah Jepson
Nathan Clark
Joshua Eaton junr
Richard Gilpatrick
Jeremiah Paul
Joshua Littlefield
Nathaniel Gilpatrick
Isaac Kimball
Eliphalet Walker
Samuel Gilpatrick
Nathaniel Cousens
Pelatiah Littlefield
Abraham Littlefield
John Maxwell junr
Samuel Mitchell
Samuel Curtis
William Perkins
George Perkins
Jonathan Hill
"Jacob Fisher
Dimon Hubbard
Oliver Keating
James Kimball
Isaac Emery
John Witham
Daniel Heard
Nahum Morrill
Samuel Howard
Isaac Bourn
Hans Patten
John Taylor
John Staples
Thomas Hobbs
Joseph Barnard
Samuel Gooch
Joseph Littlefield
Robert Wells
John Tibbets
Tobias Lord
Daniel Wise
George Gatchell
Eleazer Clark junr
John Low
"John Taylor junr
Daniel Wheelwright
Benaiah Clark
Nathaniel Stover
Dependance Wells
Joseph Moody
Nathaniel Wells junr
Joseph Bourn
William Jefferds
James Snow
Ezekiel Wakefield
James Treadwell
Moses Chick
William Hobbs
Benjamin Bourn
Samuel Burnham
Thatcher Goddard
Daniel Winn
John Butland
Samuel Meldrum [?]
Nathaniel Frost
Abraham Annis
Stephen Larrabee

"to serve as petit Jurors in the Supreme Judicial Court of the commonwealth and as grand Jurors and ordered the same to be put into a separate Box they may be drawn accordingly — Voted that the remainder named in the list of Petit Jurors be put into another Box to be drawn as the Law directs to serve as petit Jurors in the Courts of Common pleas and Courts of General Sessions of the peace viz.—

"Abiel Kelly
John Fish
Enoch Peasley
Samuel Wells
Eliab Stevens
Naman Perkins
Jotham Allen
John Gowen
Daniel Littlefield
Jotham Clark
Thomas Hobbs
David Wells
Capt. John Walker
Abraham Burnham
Joseph Gooch
Thomas Chick
William Eaton
William Cole
William Moody
Benjamin Morison
Isaac Storer
Solomon Stevens
James Donnell
James Maxwell
Daniel Penney
Ezekiel Varney
James Boston
Jesse Hatch
Samuel McJefferds
Joseph Hill
"Moses Furbish
John Brown
Moses Hemmenway junr
John Kennard
James Rankin
Samuel Hill
Thomas Varney
Moses Hubbard
Pomiret Howard
Jacob Perkins
John Shapley Maxell
Obediah Hatch junr
Jedediah Jepson
Benjamin Hatch junr
Joseph Littlefield
James Osburn
Ebenezer Day
Joshua Wells
Josias Littlefield
Nathaniel Hill
Dependence Littlefield
Phinehas Cole
Jacob Storer
William Hatch
Benjamin Littlefield junr
John Hatch
Benjamin Littlefield 4th
Joshua Chick junr
Jotham Mitchell
Job Emery
"Joseph Ross
Abraham Courier
Thomas Boothby
Daniel Robinson
William Robinson
John Storer junr
Barak Kimball
Joseph Day
Capt John Hovey
Reuben Littlefield
Daniel Shackley
Jonathan Hill junr
William Storer
Samuel Black Littlefield
William Sayer
Richard Thompson junr
William Taylor
John U. Parsons
Roger Littlefield
Jonathan Hatch junr
Samuel Curtis junr
Stephen Ricker
William Boston
Jacob Littlefield
William Lord
John Ross junr
Jonathan Clark
Joseph Wheelwright junr
Matthew Lindsay
William Wormwood

[p. 207]
"John Elwell
Daniel Hatch
Parker Webster
John Jones
Elisha Hatch
Ebenezer Coboarn
Daniel Littlefield
John Goodwin
Joseph Hobs junr
Samuel Treadwell
Gershom Maxell
Joseph Bourn junr
John Gilpatrick
Stephen Tucker
Tobias Stone
Joseph Taylor
Samuel Taylor
Nehemiah Annis
Jacob Town
James Gilpatrick
Ebenezer Taylor
Samuel Gooch junr
Jorn Morison
Solomon Clark
Samuel Lord
James Kimball junr
"John Low junr
Benjamin Penney
Noah Littlefield
Elias Stevens
Jedediah Gooch
Benjamin Larrabee
Jonathan Maxwell
John Shackley junr
Joseph Maxell
Nicholas Littlefield
Stephen Littlefield
Samuel Waterhouse
Samuel Jefferds
Joseph Gatchell junr
Samuel Gilpatrick junr
Elias Jacobs
Jeremiah Storer junr
Benjamin Dighton
Capt. Thomas Bragdon
Ebenezer Littlefield
John Rankin
Joel Stevens
Capt. William Hubbard
Daniel Ross
Thomas Jones
Johnson Littlefield
"Jacob Furbish
Pelatiah Littlefield
David Little
Levi Littlefield
Nathl Kimball junr
William Goodale
Isaac Pope junr
Caleb Thompson
Samuel Witham
Daniel Littlefield junr
Josiah Littlefield
Michael Wise
Joseph Hatch
William Boston junr
Amos Stevens
Seth Littlefield
Samuel Wheelwright
Thomas Wormwood
Moses Littlefield
Samuel Cousins
Nathaniel Sayer
Joseph Littlefield junr
Daniel Goodwin junr
Jonathan Perkins
Samuel Kimball
Daniel C. Little

"Voted that this meeting be dissolved and was dissolved accordingly.
"Attest Nathl Wells junr
"Town Clerk"

Lawrence, Mass. Edith Webster Mank.