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Cushing Marriages, 1789-1847

Source: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 90 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1936).

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Cushing, Maine, Marriage Records.—The following records were copied by the late Judge Frank B. Miller from the town records of Cushing, Maine, a town incorporated 28 Jan. 1789 and divided 6 Feb. 1803, when the town of St. George was set off and incorporated.

June 26, 1789 Joseph Graftin [Grafton] of Meduncook Plantation to Lucy Adams of Cushing.

August 29, 1789 Peter Hall of Cushing and Mary Peason [Payson] of Cushing.

August 29, 1789 Archibald Robinson of Cushing and Sarah Hutchens of Cushing.

August 29, 1789 Anthony Dyear [Dyer] of Cushing and Hannah Heasey [Hussey] of Cushing.

August 29, 1789 Simon McLellan of Thomastown and Elizabeth Robinson of Cushing.

October 29, 1789 Rev. Thurston Whiting of Warren and Beatrice McCobb of Cushing.

December 23, 1789 Moses Kalloch of Cushing and Hitty Heasey [Mehitable Hussey] of Cushing.

May 22, 1790 Thomas Robinson of Cushing and Polite Collimore of Meduncook.

June 12, 1790 Samuel Annes [Annis] of Cushing and Joanna Jerish [Gerrish] of Cushing.

July 26, 1790 Adam Willey [Wiley] of Cushing and Hannah Farnsworth of Waldoborough.

October 12, 1790 Giddeon [Gideon] Allen [?] of Cushing and Marthy [Martha] Henderson of Cushing.

October 15, 1790 John Curtis of Cushing and Joanna Hall of Cushing.

November 27, 1790 Samuel Peason [Payson] of Cushing and Peggy [Margaret] Lewis of Cushing.

March 19, 1791 Joseph Dolf of Cushing and Isabel Rivers of Cushing.

April 23, 1791 Simeon Robinson of Cushing and Hannah Hiller [Hyler] of Cushing.

April 27, 1791 James Wall of Cushing and Merce [Mercy] Sterling of Cushing.

June 20, 1791 Daniel Collins of Cushing and Susanna Colby of Cushing.

January 19, 1791 William Henderson and Betsey [Elizabeth] Crocker both of Cushing.

March 5, 1791 Richard Martin of Cushing and Mary McCarter of Cushing.

June 28, 1791 Paul Jameson of Meduncook and Sally [Sarah] Parsons of Cushing.

November 12, 1791 Ephraim Willey [Wiley] of Cushing and Susanna Collemore of Meduncook.

January 5, 1792 William Jameson of Meduncook and Hannah Cook of Meduncook.

January 5, 1792 Levi Hors [Hawes] of Union and Polley [Mary] Bradford of Cushing.

August 4, 1792 Jonathan Nutting of Cushing and Mary Butler of Edgartown in Marthers Vineyard.

October 13, 1792 William Lenekin of Cushing and Hittie [Mehitable] Foster of Ipswitch.

October 16, 1792 Laurence Parson of Cushing and Sally Jemerson [Sarah Jameson] of Meduncook.

November 24, 1792 William Young of Cushing and Liszy Euwel [Elizabeth Ewell] of Meduncook.

December 21, 1792 Nathaniel Woodbury of Cushing and Caty Rawf [Catherine Rolf] of Cushing.

December 21, 1792 William Young, junr. of Cushing and Nelly Sprowl of Bristol.

February 16, 1793 Joseph River of Cushing and Mariah Jenerson [Maria Jameson] of Meduncook.

April 8, 1793 George Lish of Cushing and Polley [Mary] Hendley of Cushing.

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May 3, 1793 Moses Fogerty of Cushing and Peggey [Margaret] Watts of Cushing.

August 1, 1793 Benjamin Marchel [Marshall] and Phebee [Phoebe] Young of Cushing.

August 3, 1793 David Bickemore [Bickmore] of Meduncook and Margaret Dicks of Thomaston.

September 14, 1793 William Robinson of Cushing and Cetey Peckard [Packard] of Thomas Town.

December 21, 1793 George Young of Cushing and Anne Johnson of Bristol.

July 21, 1794 John Jemerson [Jameson] and Nabe [Abigail] Cook.

August 2, 1794 Adam Boyd of Buthbay [Boothbay] and Polly [Mary] Kelloch of Cushing. (Again published August 21)

August 10, 1794 William Biscay of Cushing and Kety [Catherine] Long of Cushing.

March 7, 1795 Samuel ______ of Meduncook and Susanna Green of Vinalhaven.

July 11, 1804 Lebias Collemore and Nancy Cook both of Meduncook.

January 2, 1805 Benjamin Burton of Meduncook and Lole Jameson of Cushing.

January 9, 1805 Henry Davis of Cushing and Sally [Sarah] Morgan of Meduncook.

February 18, 1805 Moses Rivers of Cushing and Sally [Sarah] Howard of Waldoborough.

December 9, 1805 Capt. James Creighton of Warren and Jane McIntyer of Cushing.

February 1, 1806 William French of Thomaston and Lucy Robinson of Cushing.

April 28, 1807 Joseph Adams of Thomaston and Nancy Hyler of Cushing.

July 27, 1807 Arch Robinson and Betsey Vose both of Cushing.

July 30, 1807 James S. Currier of Thomaston and Elizabeth Nutting of Cushing.

March 22, 1808 Joshua Rivers and Sally Wylie both of Cushing.

August 8, 1808 Benjamin Litchfield of Thomaston and Nancy McLellan of Cushing.

August 21, 1808 William Page of Cushing and Sally [Sarah] Parker of Friendship.

August 12, 1809 Stephen Seavey of St. George and Jean Harthorn of Cushing.

March 11, 1810 William Malcom and Elizabeth Killeran both of Cushing.

April 20, 1810 William Smyth and Elizabeth Higman both of Cushing.

August 5, 1810 Elias Storey of Thomaston and Catharine Hyler of Cushing.

December 15, 1810 John Robinson of St. George and Nancy Robinson of Cushing.

June 28, 1811 Arch Robinson of Cushing and Mary Vose of Thomaston.

November 9, 1811 Curnealous [Cornelius] Bradford of Friendship and Hannah Gay of Friendship.

December 8, 1811 James Geilchriest [Gilchrest] of St. George and Debborah Robinson of Cushing.

February 27, 1812 James McCarter and Betsey [Elizabeth] McLellan both of Cushing.

August 29, 1812 James McLellan and Polly [Mary] Rivers both of Cushing.

November 26, 1812 Samuel Payson and Sally [Sarah] Robinson both of Cushing.

December 23, 1812 Thomas Burton of Friendship and Lydia Young of Cushing.

August 7, 1813 John Petman T. Fry (a transient) to Sally Robinson of Cushing.

August 28, 1813 Ezra Sawin of Warren and Agnes McIntyre of Cushing.

September 27, 1813 Abram Conet [Abraham Conant] of Hope and Emily Wintworth [Wentworth] of Cushing.

November 8, 1813 Isaac Burton and Nancy Parsons both of Cushing.

December 26, 1813 John L. Robinson of Cushing and Hannah Burton of Friendship.

January 22, 1814 Thomas Seavey and Polly [Mary] Kerby both of Cushing.

March 19, 1814 William Vose and Jane McCarter both of Cushing.

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July 9, 1814 John Robinson and Abigail Parsons both of Cushing.

July 16, 1814 Joseph Bucklin of Warren and Calista Gardner of Cushing.

July 16, 1814 John Vose and Mary Hyler both of Cushing.

September 2, 1814 Elijah Cook of Friendship and Rhode Harthorn of Cushing.

October 1, 1814 Bartholomew Killeran and Betsey [Elizabeth] Henderson both of Cushing.

October 8, 1814 David Rivers and Polly [Mary] Fogerty both of Cushing.

November 19, 1814 Furnis Kerby and Martha Rivers both of Cushing.

December 23, 1814 William Hall of Warren and Lucy Willey of Cushing.

December 31, 1814 William Henderson of Cushing and Lucy Vose of Cushing.

January 7, 1815 David Seavey and Watey Jameson both of Cushing.

January 15, 1815 John Pendleton of Camden and Jane Henderson of Cushing.

April 20, 1815 James Bradford of Friendship and Lovina Higman of Cushing.

June 17, 1815 Dunbar Henderson of Cushing and Sarah Burton of Friendship.

July 22, 1815 William Burton, Jr. and Elizabeth Parsons both of Cushing.

October 6, 1815 Samuel Harthorn of Cushing and Mary Singer of St. George.

October 7, 1815 Henry McIntosh of Thomaston and Cynthia Collins of Cushing.

December 14, 1815 Job Gay and Lowly Burton both of Cushing.

January 11, 1816 Charles Robinson and Alice Robinson both of Cushing.

January 26, 1816 Moses Rivers and Elizabeth Robinson both of Cushing.

February 21, 1818 Jacob Robinson and Hannah Carney both of Cushing [by Joseph Robinson].

February 21, 1818 Haunce Hyler of Cushing and Mary Shibles of Thomaston.

May 14, 1818 Darius Norton and Nancy Gay both of Cushing.

May 9, 1818 Silas Nutting and Elizabeth Gardner both of Cushing.

July 12, 1818 Mathew Burton of Cushing and Margaret Robinson of St. George.

July 20, 1818 Henry Robinson of Cushing and Mary Jameson of Friendship.

August 6, 1818 Solomon Bigemore [Bickmore] of Friendship and Rachel Jameson of Cushing.

August 25, 1818 Richard Davis of Cushing and Mary Davis of Friendship.

October 11, 1818 Elezer Gay and Elizabeth McIntyre both of Cushing.

October 16, 1818 Moses Robinson, Jr. of Cushing and Jane Thomas of Camden.

November 21, 1818 Boyce Copeland of Warren and Hannah Malcom of Cushing.

November 22, 1818 James Parsons and Sally [Sarah] Killeran both of Cushing.

February 4, 1819 John Copeland of Warren and Lucy Malcom of Cushing.

Feb. 12, 1818 Arthur F. Kelleran to Mary Norton, by Edward Kelleran.

Sept. 15, 1824 William Parsons to Rachel R. Robinson, by Edward Kelleran.

Nov. 4, 1830 Daniel M. Payson to Jane M. Wallace of Waldoboro, by Rev. Isaac Smith.

Jan. 13, 1831 Orket Fogerty to Mary Seavey, by Rev. Isaac Smith.

Jan. 5, 1819 Boyce Copeland of Warren to Hannah Malcolm, in Warren, by James Malcolm.

Oct. 21, 1813 Abraham Conant to Emily Wadsworth, by Samuel A. Flagg.

Dec. 31, 1829 Andrew Copeland of Warren to Eliza Young, by William Malcolm.

Oct. 11, 1830 Gilbert Copeland of Union to Hannah Hyler, by William Malcolm.

Dec. 30, 1830 Artemas Wiley to Nancy Storer, by William Malcolm.

Oct. 16, 1831 Waterman Sumner of Warren to Hannah McCarter, by William Malcolm.

Oct. 20, 1832 James Grant of Thomaston to Mary Robinson, by William Malcolm.

Feb. 2, 1832 James Burton to Lucy Vinal of Waldoboro, by William Malcolm.

April 8, 1832 Caleb Levansaler of Thomaston to Harriet Gilchrest, by William Malcolm.

Nov. 18, 1832 Mason Robinson to Rachel Hyler, by William Malcolm.

Jan. 10, 1833 James F. Vose to Sophia Andrews of Warren, by William Malcolm.

Jan. 10, 1833 Joseph Smith to Eleanor Davis, by William Malcolm.

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Jan. 17, 1833 Marius H. Young to Eliza Ann Harthorn, by William Malcolm.

April 29, 1833 John Hyler to Lydia Wiley, by William Malcolm.

Oct. 4, 1840 Joseph Grafton to Lydia Montgomery, by Rev. Amariah Kalloch.

March 5, 1837 Robert Bradford of Friendship to Mary Thomas, by John McIntyre.

Dec. 24, 1837 William L. Hupper of St. George to Sally Payson, by John McIntyre.

Oct. 24, 1839 John Burton to Lydia M. Bradford, by John McIntyre.

Oct. 27, 1839 Henry Guardhouse to Eleanor Seavey, by John McIntyre.

Dec. 22, 1839 Edward B. Bucklin to Abigail Thomas, by John McIntyre.

July 16, 1840 Thomas Rivers to Elizabeth Davis of St. George, by ______.

Aug. 29, 1842 William Kelleran to Julietta A. L. Comery, by William Malcolm.

Oct. 23, 1842 James Jameson to Elizabeth Seavey, both of Friendship, by William Malcolm.

Nov. 20, 1842 Hiram Wight of Windsor to Mary Elizabeth Kelleran, by William Malcolm.

Feb. 5, 1843 Edward Robinson to Margaret Seavey, by William Malcolm.

Sept. 29, 1844 Cyrus H. S. Chadwick of St. George to Nancy Stone, by Charles P. Bartlett.

Jan. 1, 1845 Capt. John Horn to Sarah Allen, by Charles P. Bartlett.

Jan. 5, 1845 Arthur Robinson to Rebecca W. McLellan, by Charles P. Bartlett.

April 4, 1845 Isaac L. Montgomery to Martha H. Orn, by Charles P. Bartlett.

April 26, 1867 [sic, read 1846] Benj. P. Robinson to Eliza Ann Burton, by William Malcolm.

June 14, 1846 David Coates of Thomaston to Rebecca Hyler, by William Malcolm.

August 22, 1846 Jacob Crouse to Harriet Webb, by William Malcolm.

March 28, 1847 Levi Seavey to Margaret Wiley, by William Malcolm.

June 27, 1847 Elbridge Burton to Eliza Hyler, by William Malcolm.

Sept. 5, 1847 William H. Hyler to Lucy Robinson, by William Malcolm.

Oct. 21, 1847 James Grant to Elizabeth Hoffses, by William Malcolm.

Rockland, Maine.
             Edward K. Gould.